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[ The voice sounds a little creaky and crusty, like he's not entirely awake and there's even the light swishing sound of someone rubbing at cheeks with a bit of stubble on them. Clearly, he's doing other things while he makes this message, including... pouring something or other. ]

So apparently you can completely remove me from my home, my team, and my coffee maker and some things never change.

I came in beginning of the month and, uh, still kind of finding my way around this place. This place being the city I'm in, my new job, the new housing, new coffee maker-

[ A faintly awkward pause. ]

Sorry, it's kind of a necessity. Anyway, I've been kind of browsing around and I've seen what MIGHT be some, uh, familiar names? If so, I'd, uh, well, I wouldn't mind chatting with you. If not, uh... alternate universes and time travel and people not knowing who I am is not something I'm unfamiliar with.

So hi. I'll... try and be a little more awake next time. Have an ice breaker or something ready.


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