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Mar. 26th, 2015 12:07 am
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This is Major-General Olivier Armstrong. If you can ignore the bevy of Imports wasting our time with their age-changing frivolity, I have an announcement to make.

It's no secret that whatever their other feelings towards us, the natives of this world recognize that we Imports pose a threat to them. For how could we not? We have powers they can scarcely conceive of, let alone match. Even a single Import could outclass a regiment or more of this nation's army.

Therefore, I am hereby announcing the formation of RISE: the Rogue Import Suppression Enforcers. We Imports shall police and judge our own, apprehending those among us who would prey on the most vulnerable of this nation's native population and passing sentence as necessary.

Those among you who wish to lend your aid to the RISE mission are welcome. I await your questions.

05 | Voice

Mar. 22nd, 2015 09:16 am
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Uh... hey.

[He clears his throat.]

So, listen. I wanna apologize for anyone lookin' for me for the past month. I... was stupid and wasn't thinkin' straight. Yeah, yeah. I know, 'Moses not thinkin' straight, must be every other day'. But, look.

[He grumbles, trying to get to his point here.]

We've all done some shameful stuff back home and maybe even here. I'm sure all of us have done somethin' that may have broken the law. I know I have and I'm damn well sure I ain't the only offender here.

...But shame ain't the way to go through life. Feeling ashamed of what you are ain't the smartest thing to do and I would know about things that ain't smart to do!

[And you can ask him about that.]

Maybe I'm the only one who didn't get it. But if you ain't sure, just know that whatever you did in the past, before you got here, is just part of who you are. And if you let someone shame you from trying to move on from that, don't listen to them.

You're better than anyone who treats you like you're a terrible person.

...And if you ain't sure, or wanna talk to someone who might know what you're goin' through, I'm always here! I can always listen and I ain't gonna judge you if you ain't gonna judge me.

...I guess that's all I gotta say about that. Uh... yeah.


Date 2

Feb. 27th, 2015 10:33 am
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[The video opens with one of the most obnoxious sighs, and quickly reveals the culprit. One Roy Mustang is at his desk at the police station, surrounded by a few piles of paperwork that threaten to topple. His communicator is in his hand as he sighs again.]

Well, well, this place certainly knows how to keep someone busy. With everything that's been happening, it's hard to believe it's been a year since I first came here. To anyone who's just arrived, my apologies. [For being brought here? For not introducing himself? It's vague what he means, but he continues with an introduction nonetheless:] The name is Colonel Roy Mustang. If there's anything you need, you just have to ask.

Which reminds me. Considering the circumstances of recent events, it's been difficult to keep in touch with a few dates of mine, specifically a woman by the name of Portia. [Porter, he means Porter. Which can be gleaned from the attachment of his notes on the Porter here.] Despite being a bit shy, she was quite a popular woman, and enjoyed spending time with old and new Imports alike. From what I've heard, it sounds like she's been going through some difficult times. If anyone has any news from her, I'd appreciate it if you informed me.

[He's about to say something else, but there's a rather loud voice off screen that shouts, "Hey! Get off that phone, those papers aren't going to sign themselves!! What do you think this is, a resting zone?" With another loud sigh and rather pointed look at the comm, Roy reluctantly turns off the video.]

Private to Lieutenant Hawkeye )
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Okay. Obviously quite a few of you are aware of the bombings that went down in Washington DC and De Chima. And I believe I know who is responsible for it. Witnesses and someone else I talked to confirmed it, aside from my own experience with said suspect. Before I do name him, I want everyone to be careful not to underestimate him. I know there's the police but I don't want them getting hurt or killed trying to bring him in with his alchemy.

But, backing up here. It's Kimblee. Witnesses another imPort questioned mentioned him by description even if he was using the fake name of Karl Yatsov. He was seen talking on the phone in another language - presumably Russian and was seen later on, the 'marks' on his hands are pretty identifiable. They're alchemy arrays. Without those, he can't perform any transmutations. At least, not without drawing the array elsewhere to make up for it. In theory. I won't go into detail about alchemy unless someone asks for specifics, but all you need to know is he claps his hands with said arrays, and makes things blow up. In a nutshell.

The point is, the name is obviously fake, there are no records of any imPort here with the name 'Karl Yatsov'. If you have any questions about the witnesses, what Captain Ananke said on the matter, ask Edgeworth. If it's about the alchemy, then I'm probably the one to ask of the two of us.
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[Jacob appears in portrait on the video, visible from the chest up. He’s wearing a button-up shirt and stands almost like he’s reporting for duty on a parade ground: shoulders rolled back, head upright, spine ramrod-straight. This is more of a formal thing than most of his previous Network talk.]

Hey. My name’s Jacob Taylor. Some of you already know me, but only a few of you really know about me. I figure it’s time to fix that. There are too many secrets around here as it is. So this is me, coming clean.

Back in my own world, I spent two years working for a human splinter group called ‘Cerberus.’ An illegal group. Terrorists, really. This post would last all day if I started telling you all the things they've done.

[Jacob closes his eyes for a moment, shakes his head, then opens them again with his face set and his voice steady.]

Cerberus fought for humanity. I thought that with them, I could protect people, and somehow keep myself from getting too dirty. But you know the saying about lying down with the dogs: you're going to get up with fleas on you, every time.

I've cut my ties since then, and I’m doing what I can to make amends. I’m sorry I served with Cerberus, and I’m sorry I wasn't honest with the people I've gotten close to here.

[He stretches his neck side-to-side for a moment, cracking out the tension. And then he’s done- no big speeches for this guy.]

That’s about all I've got. If anyone has questions about Cerberus and me, I’ll answer them. And if you still trust me enough to work with me? Let me know. I'm planning to get some atoning done while I’m here.
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[The feed begins with a catch of a door handle. A broken chain hangs haphazardly to the side, its links pried apart with some force. A few pieces still litter the floor, the metal holding them together looking as if they've been sliced right through. On the recording, there's a flash of a wood floor as the angle sways. This way, that way. Leaving blurry images to shift across the screen.]

[But for anyone who's ever been to the 'Falls, the click-clack of clipped heels and the heavy walk should be obvious. Almost as much as the audible grin that follows. A voice sounds outside of the recording - sultry, a-purr:]

Now that's surprising.

[The phone hits the surface of the bar with a plastic-thud. Spinning 'round once in a slow, drawling motion. And as if on cue, the lights go on - the eerie stillness breaks. As red pulses and toxic-neon bulbs struggle to find themselves again. A bottle springs into view; knocked beside the recording as it continues its steady stream of the ceiling above. A thumb chases the cap at the top, forcing it to spin through the notches.] It's been a while.

[Finally, the owner comes into view. Greed splays his arms across the surface of the bar, one hand propped up by the crook of his elbow. He presses his index into the spinning bottle cap, stopping it just before gravity takes it for a plunge.] Missed a few things since last time, but it doesn't look like this place changes very much. [His smile widens - grinding up one side of his jaw and it's just teeth. A deadly set of daggers that slice into a tightly-knit row. The Sin's shoulders rise and the fur at his neck follows. Fanning out in a wild display as it finds the thick of his throat.] The Devil's Nest is open for business. 10% off for tonight - call it a one-time deal.

[A pause. Greed's eyebrows dip together and his thumb snaps. Releasing the choke-hold on the cap to finally let it fall flat-first onto the top of the bar.] Ah, right. That's a little rude, isn't it?

[Colors spin in his sunglasses; from the muted notes of the bar lights above as they crackle and blink. From the looks of it, it's been a while since they've been on. A month, longer. He isn't even sure.]

[Not that it really matters.]

[Instead, he swipes his fingers forward. Scissoring his index and middle to skirt across his collarbone. The bow he gives is a mockery; a lazy dip as his back slumps.]
The name's Greed - it's a pleasure.

6, Video

Jan. 17th, 2015 06:57 pm
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[The tall woman is sitting down, one leg crossed severely over the other; she regards the camera with an icy blue stare.]

I am Major-General Olivier Mira Armstrong, of Amestris' North Army. By now, you've seen posters and heard ads, all from people professing to work and bring peace and harmony to this nation's population and her ImPorts, if only you vote to put them in power.

I will not be running for the available positions.

Politicians speak honeyed words, but it is the strength and fortitude of the soldiers in the trenches that wins a war. Is it not the duty of the strong to protect the weak? Is it not the duty of the shepherd to guard his sheep? Is it not the duty of the sentry on the wall to stand guard for those who live behind it, safe, happy and oblivious? We here, we who have been granted superhuman powers- we are the strong. We are the shepherds.

Cast your ballot as you wish, but don't fool yourself into thinking that a simple bureaucrat can affect change more than your actions can.
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[ abigail is at the bait shop, sitting behind the counter. beside her is a rack of fish themed valentine's and little pink stuffed fish. ]

I was unaware there were so many fish puns that related to Valentine's Day. So... Hook, Line and Tinker is having a sale. By sale... I mean sale. Everything must go. Please take these off my hands. This was a horrible mistake and I regret my life choices.

[ /stares at camera like jim halpert. boy, does she ever. she will probably give them away free if you buy a pack of gum. how are she and will in business still? well, she's actually a really good saleswoman when it comes down to it.

just not right now. when cutesy fish are making cutesy faces at her. ]

Unrelated to flirty flounders, someone asked me about... well, basically about this place and I realized I've been kind of willingly ignorant to anything that's going on around me. I've read the FAQ, but is there anything else I should know?

[ you'd think after three months in a basement she would want to know more, but nope. at least she does now. only took six months. shut up, she's dead. she had to deal with that for a while. ]

Also, small show of hands -- I hope it's small -- who else is dead in their worlds?

[ so casual. she gives the camera a brief, wry smile and cuts out. ]
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[Keeping a low profile is necessary in hostile territory, and though there has been no outright attack on her person being kidnapped and deposited in an unknown area certainly qualifies as being placed in hostile territory.

Watching alone, however, hasn’t done enough. It’s time for her to ask questions; calmly. While many likely panic, the woman on the video feed appears calm and collected. Though her expression is calm, she appears somewhat disheveled. Her long hair is just untidy enough to signal to those familiar to her that she's a bit out of sorts, and though her focus is clearly on the phone she's unconsciously pressing a hand to her neck.]

Seeing as I’ve just arrived, I can’t quite figure out what I’ve done to have so many people so interested in me. As soon as I walked outside, there were people interested in taking photographs and getting autographs. Frankly, I think they’ve got the wrong person.

Unless there’s something that you all know that I don’t, anyway.

[The woman looked away from the camera.]

I suppose if I’m going to ask for information, it would be wise to introduce myself. Good afternoon; my name is Riza.

[008] VIDEO

Jan. 7th, 2015 11:32 pm
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[Not that he needs to ask with that power of his to get the attention of anyone with his voice. Kind of makes it easy. Also- loud.]

That said, I assume many of you have guessed by now- hearing the start of my announcement, that I am beginning my campaign for ImPort Ambassador of Nonah! These elections will occur on February 5th in government provided booths and well be held for MAURTIA FALLS, NONAH, and DE CHIMA!!

Florida Congresswoman elect, Justine Alemu, and re-elected Senate member Oliver Brody have given us a respectable opportunity to take more interest in our group and better support each other in this like situation we share! I have been at the head of a group struggling to make means and find direction in their lives before, [Middle school.] and have taken a role as Disciplinary Chair on my Student Council afterwards. I find myself feeling confident and fully prepared to take part in these elections as well as to support and properly manage all imPort affairs and issues in my sanctioned city!

Should I be elected I will immediately relocate to Nonah and take up residency. I am familiar with the city as many of you might be aware, seeing that I do monthly patrols in every imPort sanctioned city!

Upon arriving there and settling, I will then take it upon myself to gather those imPorts there for an assembly. I cannot know what is best for us there at the start until I have spoken to all of you in person! Together we will set a new beginning, only then- after I've heard your concerns and ideas- shall I know how to best prepare Nonah for changes that will make residency there easier on those living and to be brought there in the future! Once we have reached an agreement and I have been made aware of the issues you would like to approach, means to adjust and amend them will be looked into and put into action. I promise to do my best to steady any problems we should have and to do my best under Captain Ananke- under who each Ambassador shall be working.

I am prepared to speak for and place myself as a shield for not only the imPorts here, but for the city I would be given responsibility to look after! It is in my best interest, and all of ours to have a voice than can be heard and walls that cannot be crumbled!

[A breath, all that said loud and in his gold, black, and white Goku Uniform. Shoulders back, chest out, the usual Gamagori M.O.]

Thank you for you time and attention. Please direct any questions or comments you may have here or to my private voicemail. [Bow.]
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[His massive castle city of cards that takes up almost his entire cell is finished, and visible. Infact, that's all you see is towers and towers of cards to the point that it's difficult to tell this is a Government Holding Cell at all. Quite the feat, one of utmost patience and concentration. Perhaps it- and the few visitations he's had are all that's keeping him from going over the edge in here. Though, that's pushing it. Were his Nen active and his aura accessible, his bloodlust would be felt all around him and over a wide distance. You can hear it in his speech, how tired and strained he is, though it's obviously he's speaking through a slim smile.]

What is your New Years resolution? [Something he's learned is quite a thing in this world, though doesn't everyone make goals for themselves? Guess people need a reason for everything they do- effort is quite difficult to come by when disinterest lingers around.]

I'd like to know what sort of things people here work for. [Like how he worked to finish this ridiculous town of cards, for example. Certainly showing a lot of effort there- or boredom.]


Dec. 21st, 2014 08:28 am
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[ This? This is, for the very first time, an actual honest-to-god face. It’s the face of a very pretty girl, eighteenish, with dark hair and heavy eyebrows and a very intense expression. Here she is, Kitty Jones, at long last, in all of her fierce revolutionary glory. ]

Don’t get excited when you see the network ID. I’m not new. The Porter hasn’t started bringing in new people yet.

[ Her accent is South London. Her voice is confident, bordering on bossy. Passionate, but not crossing the line into angry. Definitely not the terrified squeak that would be more representative of how nervous she is right now. (This has been rehearsed many times, and sounds better right now than it did the first few.) ]

I’ve been around about a month now, but I’ve going on the network by Lizzie Temple. It was a fake name. My name’s actually Kitty Jones. I had reasons for lying, but those reasons are gone now, so this is really me. A pleasure meeting you all.

[ That last part is said with a hint of irony. But that irony drops away immediately, because who has time for it! Not Kitty Jones, scared but pretending to be ferocious. ]

So why was I hiding?

My world, my London, is dominated by magicians. Which, yeah, sounds like it ought to be a joke, except magic where I’m from isn’t card tricks and taking rabbits from tophats. It’s enslaving spirits to your will. It’s using those spirits to keep a particular sort of order, where commoners - non-magicians - aren’t allowed to vote, to speak up in dissent. It’s hurting those spirits, and hurting commoners too, if any of us step out of line.

I’m part of the commoners’ resistance against magician rule, and have been for years. The trouble is that we’re making no progress. Commoners haven’t got any power against magicians ourselves; all we’re able to do is lob a few bombs, then suffer when the magicians crack down, get angrier, get more violent, suffer more - go around and around like that as more and more people die. The way we're fighting right now - people are dying, but we're making no progress. For that to change...We need help.

[ Her smile is quick, tight, determined, and mirthless. ]

In my month here, I've learned two things about all of you. First: you love freedom, and you hate oppression. You believe strongly in the rights of the people, that the voiceless should be given voices, that the weak should be sheltered. Second: you all have power that’s far, far beyond what the magicians can muster. That's a combination that's led me to think that there are some of you who might be willing and able to help us back home.

So who will? If I lead you to my home world, who will help fight tyranny?

[ She sits forward in her seat, hoping that call to arms was sufficiently dramatic. Really, really hoping. Inspiring speeches, leadership, all that - she hasn't really had to lead anyone since she was a kid, and that was just a couple of other kids. And she very much doubts that she’s ever inspired a single person in her whole life.

But people’s lives are on the line. Self-doubt is a luxury for times of peace. ]

This won't be bloody. I know magicians; they're cowards who will back down soon as it's clear they won't win. And it won't be forever; I'm working on a way that'll get you to my world and that'll let you leave again. It will take bravery, and strength, and goodness. And success isn't guaranteed. But if any of you are willing to take this chance, if any of you are willing to help to free my people - if any of you think that there might be something that will lead you to be willing - speak up.

[ And then she sits back again. She lifts her chin, all poise and confidence. ]

I'll answer questions now. Don't ask me about the travel between worlds; I know everyone will be curious, but you'll have to wait for details - but I will give them, I promise. Ask about anything that sounds wrong, or anything you're not sure of. I'll answer anything. No lies this time.
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[Locked from Edward Elric]

Have Winry, dressed in comfortable Mid-Florida clothes, sitting outside in the sun, with a cute black and white dog running around her. Winry is throwing a tennis ball inside of a sock - kind of a home made fox tail toy - and Zoey is retrieving it with some discussion via dog barking involved.]

Hi. Can anyone explain to me about Christmas? I mean traditions, besides the Santa and the gifts. Are we supposed to feast again? Tell stories? Do we make up our own?

I didn't really understand Halloween, or Thanksgiving. I'd like to understand Christmas.

We had some local solstice celebrations back home in Risembool, for the seasons, but I lived in a farming community.

[Maybe Christmas is something that's done in the cities?]

We'd light fires on the longest night of the year, and try to stay awake all night to watch the dawn. I guess it's different here.

And, uh. [She rubs the back of her neck, blushing cutely.] What kind of gifts do you give to people [best-not-boyfriends, she means], anyway?
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[Kimblee has his usual smile in place when the video begins, leaning back casually in his chair. There's a notebook on the table beside him and somewhere in the background there's orchestral music playing quietly. The pieces range in style and period, varying from gentle, classical tunes to bold, thundering symphonies. Just in case he doesn't manage to be pretentious enough on his own.]

Good day. I am aware many of you are quite busy, all the same I hope you won't begrudge me a moment of your time to satisfy my curiosity. I've been reacquainting myself with some hobbies that I have neglected of late you see. Whilst doing so I found myself contemplating the sources of inspiration I have drawn from in the past and now.

In that vein I wish to ask then what inspires you all? Be it artistically or in a more motivational sense, what it is that rouses your passions?


Nov. 30th, 2014 10:28 pm
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[Klarion's sitting on his bed, glowering into the camera. His basement room is dim, the only light coming from the small windows and the screen of the communicator itself. It makes Klarion look even paler than usual... although that could also be because he's spent the entire long weekend holed up in the basement. After a moment or two, Teekl wanders into the frame and curls up in his lap.]

For the record, I'm well aware that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, and the next person who asks me why I'm still dressed like this will severely regret it.

Christmas is the next holiday coming, isn't it? How does one avoid it? It seems more... pervasive than Thanksgiving. Certainly more jolly.

[He actually wrinkles his nose at the word, as if it brings up a bad taste in his mouth. In Klarion's dictionary, 'jolly' is synonymous with 'disgustingly, tooth-rottingly saccharine'.]


Nov. 21st, 2014 06:32 pm
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Hello, again. [ A vaguely self-depreciating smile and a wave goes here, as Chrollo leans over a table toward his propped-up communicator. ] I've found myself in sort of a tricky situation, and I could use some advice.

Have you ever... tried to redeem someone? Someone you know could do a lot of good, if they applied themselves. Maybe they've gotten off to a rocky start, but you know there's potential.

If so, how did you do it? Did you have a strategy? Were there any approaches you found useful? I'd be happy to take any tips or general advice you might have. I've never done this kind of thing before, so I'm all ears. Even if you haven't been in a situation like that before, and it's just hypothetical advice, I'm still happy to listen.

[ One more smile, as he reaches to end the feed. ]

Thanks in advance.


Nov. 15th, 2014 06:52 pm
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We don't talk much, Network. I should be blogging more. After all, they gave us these comms for a reason. They want us to chat.

I've been thinking a lot about names lately. They tell more about your parents than they do about you. I never asked mine about my name, but I think "Robert" means that my dad won that particular argument so I got a name that would look good on a business card. Robert J. Baldwin, attorney at law. If my mother won, I'd probably be Dakota or Jaden or something else offbeat.

There's always that one kid in every class, though, who gets saddled with a name so awful that you have to think the parents are outright sadistic. Crazy consonant clusters, random zs, silent letters all crammed into one word, sometimes with a "helpful" apostrophe to sort it all out. Is it unique? Is it traditional? Does anyone stop to think if it's fair to give a kid a name that they won't be able to spell until they're in high school?

Codenames aren't much better. Everyone assumes that you pick them yourself, but I didn't pick mine. It just stuck. I think it's that way with a lot of people. No one sits down and thinks "I need a cool moniker if I'm going to fight crime!" ... well, maybe some people do, but I don't think names like "Marvel Boy" took a whole lot of though, especially since there was already a Marvel Girl.

Thoughts? Complaints? I know, really deep stuff getting talked about here. Take your time. Incidentally, if you do have a crazy first name by New England standards, I found something that belongs to you, but, since I can't figure out how to say your name to save my life, it's on you.

[Individually privated to Peter Parker, Valeria Richards, Kate Bishop]

So if I strip a file of some of its content, can you still find out anything about it? You being yourself or a more experienced hacker. Because I'm not sharing it as is.
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[ Unlike most interactions with Armstrong, the characteristic loud, friendly smile that he usually portrays on his face is replaced with a more serious and grave look. His shirt is, like most occasions, turned off as his eyebrowless face squints and glares at the feed with alternating forms of intensity.

He's trying to set a mood. Emphasis on trying. The alternations of intensity underneath his brow look inconsistent at best and like he accidentally squirted lemonade in his eyes at worst. ]

It appears now that, for some time, justice has taken a more passive role in both the eyes of the U.S. government and imPorts. Political reasons aside, there is no justification to injure civilians on the behalf of a government that is now cutting our funding. We remain each other's valuable resources for both fighting injustice from wherever it may be. We cannot remain reliant on a system that has no intention on looking out for us.

[ A close observer will notice that wherever Armstrong is right now, it's really cold. His breath is visible, creating tiny clouds of vapor as he shivers from time to time. ]

I expect all who take the term Hero to stand against injustice and perform true heroic values! [ His voice booms before a smile slowly erupts on his face. The more familiar side of Armstrong takes over. Good cop, bad cop. ]

Now, for the real reason I'm talking on here...! I wish to ask, does anyone have abilities that change seasonally? [ He remains still and focused. ] It appears that, for summer, I was given the talent of producing Hawaiian shirts by thought but now that it is fall....

[ He starts to triumphantly flex before a bright light envelops his torso. It fades to reveal an American Flag turtleneck. ]

It appears Heropa wants me prepared for the seasons, as now I can make turtlenecks! Would anyone want one?


Oct. 23rd, 2014 02:30 pm
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[ Freddie...is totally recording this in her car (which, for the curious, is a used piece of shit that couldn't have cost more than $400.) ]

First of all, for those in Orlando, Tattlecrime always pays for photos. Of course, you've got to save the civilians and all that jazz, but if someone just so happened to snap a picture of the chaos...well, we've got to spread the word, don't we? [ said with a small little smiiiirk, Freddie you massive shit. ]

And for those of you back home, as well as the ones who can catch a break, I managed to find something interesting during a little trip to Colorado that me and my partner went on [ her partner being Jayden. a+ job, Fred. Reaching into her glove compartment, Freddie pulls out a business card in a zip-loc bag, with the emblem of a labyrs over a bull. The card's a deep purple background and, as shown by Freddie turning it over to show the back to the camera, just has the pretentious symbol on it. ]

Remember that summer camp? Terror in the Mountains, as I've been calling it. Well, the two of use decided to explore the former site of the arenas and found this thing. It belongs to Daniel Punnett, genetics mogul, and creator of those tiny little foxes that all the celebrities have in their purses. I had a lovely, if brief, interview with him and I'm fairly certain I'm on the blacklist for any future events Mr. Punnett has. Still, you can't deny that a business card for a guy who works in genetics found at the site where you had to face mutated animals? Suspicious.

[ She pauses for a moment, smirking, obviously enjoying just how awesome she is at her skills of blind luck and fucking Google before Freddie realizes something. ]

Oh yeah, obviously not dead. The interview went great and it's up on Tattlecrime as we speak. Thanks for those who had concerns about me--you really didn't need to worry, though. I know what I'm doing.

[ the camera clicks off! and, before she hits post, Freddie embeds a link to Tattlecrime as a not-so-subtle promotion of her website, go and get her photos you guys. ]


Oct. 14th, 2014 07:21 pm
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All this talk of oh no what if there'll be a war. Super cheerful, isn't it? Real inspiring.

So let's say these [don't say meatbags] unevolved primitives [nailed it] do end up breaking out into a full on war with each other. Would you stay and fight?

If you do, I can only wonder why.


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