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[ the network's being greeted by one (1) roy william harper, jr. it may be a roy that's not the one you remember knowing; maybe he's grumpier, or doesn't sport hippy hair, or is allergic to smiling, but this one certainly has no issue with the social side of things. he's in casual clothes - no hero suit - with a lame looking trucker hat capping his ginger-red hair, and looking brightly into the phone's camera with a lopsided grin. ]

Heeey there, kids. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jason Todd and his ugly-ass condom hat? No? [ there's a brief pause in which he gives an exagerrated frown, but bounces back off of it a moment later ] Shucks. Anyway, I need you to help me find my dog.

[ see roy holding up this picture in front of the camera for the moment. he is truly an art prodigy and nothing you say will convince him otherwise. ]

This is Jayjay. Innit he a cutie? [ roy should be bracing for getting shot at, tbh, if jason's actually around. ] He went missing about the time I went down the multiversal slip 'n' slide, along with my supermodel, alien princess, space-warlord girlfriend, who I do not have a stick figure depiction of, because I would never get laid again-- sorry, TMI.

[ he would also be getting set on fire. roy has the sweetest of friends. anyway, back on to the topic at hand, before he starts rambling off into space. he waves a dismissive hand, continuing. ]

Point being: Jason Todd, Princess Koriand'r. Have you seen, heard, sensed, smelled them? Honestly ready to take whatever I can get.

[ a beat passes. ]

Not gonna lie, Jaybird's prickly, but the man knows how to smell.

[ he's jussayin. the feed cuts.

aaaand immediately comes back on. ]

Oh, hey, PS! Apparently my new gig is 'food critic'. So if you're a food-maker of great renown, lemme know, so I can criticize your food. Thanks!
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[The video feed clicks on and shows a man with tidy hair, a clean face, a neat black suit and a pair of leather shoes. He doesn't speak immediately, but his gaze never strays - there's nothing behind it, no gleam in his eyes that betrays his fascination. He needs to understand the predicament he's in, and wants to hear what everyone has to say. Or perhaps he's just curious. He's a doctor and scientist, clinical and precise. He's not used to being away from his work. The people who'd brought him here had stripped him of his belongings, causing him to utilize other means - and he had to do it without drawing suspicion for as long as possible.

He offers a small smile. Witnessing facial expressions raises the level of group trust, he knows. He would rather have used audio, but this would give a better impression. Meanwhile, his blood bubbles under his surface; he wants to find those scared of being here. He has nothing else to keep him but work. His fingers were itching to insert themselves into everyone's dark places. He wants to understand them. He wants to see what makes them tick. He calmly hides his hands in his legs. His cold disappointment at being separated from witnessing the results of his fear gas flooding Gotham is nearly overwhelming.

He stares into the camera with sharp blue eyes. His tone has a slight lilt.

Anyway. Hello, you crazies in spandex. This is your unfriendly neighborhood psychiatrist. Perhaps you've met him before?]

I won't claim arriving here was my choice, but I'm aware that's not a unique situation.


I'm looking for participants in a clinical research study. My name is Jonathan Crane, and I need willing persons to discuss their experiences in this new... life... if you will. You will not be required to pay any bills, and will be adequately compensated for your time. I want to make this city safer. Whether or not you decide to volunteer is completely up to you.

[He's completely honest. Honestly.]

And it should go without saying that I wouldn't be so unkind as to ignore those in crisis. I'm a psychiatrist. In fact, I was a professor as well. Mental distress is something I am trained to deal with. Whenever you or somebody you know needs support, please let me know. I'm here to help.


Dec. 16th, 2014 12:46 pm
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[After the last few days, there is a single temptation in Kate's mind: to put this off. To let it rest. She's earned it. Then again, she'd end up guilting herself and worrying about it too much, so it's worth getting it out of the way. Besides, all of it is important, and she wants to help.

So, it's back to the daily grind.]

Hey, everyone, a few things of note! First, I've updated the FAQ to reflect a few questions from you guys, as well as the recent bills that passed (or failed to pass). Hopefully, this clears up some things, and as always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

On to the cleverly numbered points!

1. Shepard and I spent the last couple of months looking for information on some of the people from Annie's list. I call it Annie's list only in short hand.

I've compiled that information in this document here. Hopefully, that will add some light to things. Whether these people are Hornets or not is yet to be made clear, but I do want to draw everyone's attention to Eleni Wang and the fact that she might be in Greece. If you're up for going to Greece to ask her some questions, I think you should do it.

2. Unrelated to this, my team is looking for some new members! We call ourselves the Young Avengers, and we're a branch of a much larger team of heroes from back home. While this won't give you officially sanctioned Avengers-status due to the circumstances of being here, we are looking for a few extra hands.

The only conditions we have are that you're at least seventeen (though we can be a little flexible on this point), and that you're willing to work with us as a team to do some good. We all play to our strengths, and we'd love to work with some of the heroes here moving forward. As a team, we're a little less "you must do this" and "you must go here. Also, we're very fun, and you can annoy Loki a lot.

If you're interested, you can either drop me a line here or contact me privately with your credentials.

Oh, and I figure it's implicit in our name, but we're generally looking for younger heroes.


3. My twenty-second birthday is this Saturday, and I've gotten one of my favorite diners to agree to let me throw my party there. It's intended to be a less rambunctious gathering, especially with Christmas right around the corner. If you know me, you're probably invited. Please use your judgment wisely! Also, gifts are not required. Sorry for the short notice.

The location is [insert Maurtia Falls location that's near Loki's apartment.]

That's all!
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If the government ever decided that all of us would have to have a superhero name whether we like it or not, how would you choose yours? Or, if you already have one, why'd you choose yours?

Back home, my sisters and I were called the Paper Sisters, because we could control paper. We didn't make up names for each of us. Not that I want to, because we're not superheroes, and we don't have any secret identities or costumes or whatever.

"Paper Sisters" DOES sound superhero-ish though, doesn't it?
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[ Hello, again, fake world. Robbie is wearing a Santa hat with a bell instead of a pompom that jingles freely with every head movement. It's December and that's how he rolls. ]

What up, Heropa? Robbie B, back in the hizzy.

[ There's not a trace of irony. He believes he has enough street cred to pull that off. Straight outta Springdale. ]

So, the Porter is still working in both directions. I tried it out personally, just for you, my fellow imPorts. All systems are a go for getting ripped out of important life moments. I left a chili dog in the microwave there; I missed Cyber Monday here. Thanks, powers that be. I don't need food or cheap movies. That chili dog was a work of art though. It had the perfect chili -frank - bun ratio.

[ The tone is a mix of disappointment and laughter. He's managing to keep a straight face, but it's a struggle. ]

If anyone from home is curious, the new president is the guy from the Dos Equis commercial. It was a total landslide. Man, you shoulda heard his speeches. Truly a fascinating man.

So further questions welcome and so are instructions on how to decorate a palm tree in Christmas lights.

[ He holds up a peace sign, but does not say deuces. There was a moment where he considered it, but elects to turn the camera off. ]
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Hi! I’m Gon! [Nudges Killua. Introduce yourself. Killua makes an exasperated face before raising one hand out of a pocket for a slow wave.] Yo. I’m Killua. [Gon frowns at him.] What? That’s so lame. Are you trying to be cool? [At that, Killua bristles, jabbing a finger accusingly at Gon.] How is it lame?! It’s the same way you introduced yourself! [Gon snorts then turns to the camera like a robot and raises a hand, mimicking Killua in a bad robot voice.] “Hi, I’m Killua”.

[For that, Gon gets a heavy punch to the top of his head.] Stop being stupid, idiot! Yeah, I’m the idiot so stop being dumb! That doesn’t make any sense! [For a long few seconds, he stares at Gon in frustration, but eventually his shoulders sag and he sighs, looking to the camera. He gives up.]

Anyway, we’re in need of some help. [Gon nods gravely next to him.] There’s something very important that we need to get a hold of. [Gon nods again before cutting in.] It costs a lot though and we don’t have that kind of money right now.

Normally we wouldn’t bother asking for money like this, but this is something we need as soon as possible. We were hoping some of you could help us. We’re both really fast and strong and Killua’s short [they're the same height] so he could probably fit in small places. Who’s short?! We were hoping someone would have some extra jobs for us. We have our own but… They don’t pay much money, and it’d take way too long. So if you need someone to mow your lawn, wash your dishes, or catch really big fish, let us know!

[There’s a pause and then they both look at each other with a satisfied (and honestly kind of proud) nod before smiling back at the comm with their biggest smiles. In unison:]

Thank you for helping us get a hoverboard!

ooc: green is gon, blue is killua!
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[ It’s Clark Kent the one that talks to the network, pushing his glasses up in a nervous gesture. The file had both his names, along with a pretty basic explanation of his powers so he knows, at least, that he doesn’t have to play Cat and Mouse games with the government about who Superman really is. But he’s still going to keep things on the down low for a while.]

Clark Kent here, and I’ll already say I’m sorry in advance if you’re getting tired of new people popping up. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the first one to complain that ‘people are waiting for me back at home’, so I won’t bother.

We’re… fairly used to weird things happening all over Metropolis by now, and Lois- Lois Lane? Anyone ever heard that name?- happens to love finding herself in the middle of it far too often for my liking. So I get it, I do, but if what they were looking for were heroes to do this whole- [A vague movement with his hand.] well, “heroical” thing they should probably have gotten somewhere for the Justice League, or the Society.

I’m just- usually the one that writes about it, this is all a bit over my head. But if there’s any way people who aren’t used to do the heavy lifting could help, I’d like to hear about it.

[There, he’s probably left enough clues that people in his world will pick up. Hopefully also someone who actually recognizes him- Clark Kent just got here, so Superman can’t risk making an appearance so soon.

Before he turns of the feed, he adds something else:]

Oh, and I’m… apparently going to be talking about fashion. Unless ill-fitted suits I can pay of a reporter’s salary are suddenly in I’m afraid I’ll need some pointers on that, as well? I’m not sure why they thought I’d be fit for that job, either…

02 | Video

Sep. 15th, 2014 05:05 am
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[The wind is a bit much on the microphone when the camera feed first comes on. Desmond is heading indoors, though, recording as he walks. He's heading into a mall area, by the sounds and glimpses of storefronts behind him.]

Okay, so. When I first got here I was assigned a job like everybody else. As of a few weeks ago that fell out. And I'm officially down to my last fifty bucks. So I thought I'd put myself out there here, just in case. I figure I'll have a lot better luck than going place to place.

I'm offering a courier service. You got something that is too time-sensitive or delicate for the mail, I'll run it across Heropa for you for cash. I've also got bartender experience, if anyone knows of a place that's hiring.

By the way... call it a weird question, but...something's been bothering me lately.

[He hesitates, not even sure if he should even go through with asking it. Finally, though, he breaks his silence.]

When you get it normal to even miss the stuff that annoyed you, or pissed you off? Or people you weren't even friendly with?
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[ The video clicks on to show a teenage boy sporting a black eye and a letterman jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a big letter 'R' on it, as well as a mildly derisive expression on his face. It's a well-crafted guarded look, closing his face off from giving much away about what he might be thinking in the disdainful nonchalance it conveys. ]

So, I think one of my favorite things about this place so far is how I managed to show up just in time to start up school. Again. Some sense of humor someone's got -- but hey, I'm not complaining.

[ There's good reason for why he's not, but that of course he doesn't mention; better to play it like he's too mature for that kind of nonsense. He flourishes with his hand in a theatrical sort of gesture before he goes on, and briefly his tattoo is visible -- although instead of REGISTERED it just reads REG, the rest covered up with an adhesive bandage.

He continues in a tone of mustered confidence, approximating the appropriate smug punch his follow-up really calls for:

I'm Reggie Mantle, and I'm not gonna ask about superpowers or trans-dimensional whatcha-call-it because I figure, real or unreal doesn't matter much if we're livin' it anyway. I got a better survey question from a homework assignment:

What do you hate? With a passion?

01 | Audio

Sep. 5th, 2014 05:18 pm
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Sooo... government registered heroes, huh?

I have to say, I respect their weird superhero initiative thing, noted and all, definitely noted, but I’ve got my own superhero Team I’ve gotta get back to. We’re sort of in the middle of saving the world. And Nightwing’s not gonna be happy if I miss training, and I’ve got all this school work I’ve gotta catch up on , and…[He notices he’s drifting away from his original reason for posting and gets himself back on track.]

Anyways, has anyone seen a Martian? She’s like 5 foot something , green skin – like me—, red hair, kinda hard to miss. She’s probably my ride back home.

Or does anyone know how to get a hold of the Justice League? That would be good too, if M’gann’s not around.

01, video

Sep. 5th, 2014 09:54 am
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[Ted’s looking a little uncertain, as he stands outside his nice shiny new house. Granted, he appreciates the whole ‘new house’ thing, especially since his was destroyed by a giant crazy lightning bolt, but something’s on his mind. He might look a little familiar to some, but he doesn't have his cowl on. That got taken by everyone's favorite ex-boss, back in Switzerland.]

So, uh. Forgive me if I’m a little skeptical of the whole ‘secret army base and a nice shiny new house’ thing. Secret army bases in the middle of anywhere kinda tend to put a guy’s guard up. And considering I’ve just come from one of those, I’d -- well, I dunno if I can go home. But it’d be nice. [He frowns, briefly, and moves to lean against the wall of the house.]

On another note. Anyone from the Justice League here? ‘Cause I have something to tell them. ...Oh. Uh. This is Ted Kord, by the way. Hi.

1. Video

Sep. 4th, 2014 10:45 pm
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[ The coffee Kaneki holds in his hand isn't very good. No wonder, it was free, so he didn't expect anything amazing. But drinking it reminds him just how good the coffee at Anteiku was. With a small nervous sigh, he finally starts the video feed and pulls the best smile he can.

A kid with an eye patch on his left eye appears. ]

Hello. I'm Ken Kaneki, 18 years old and I come from Tokyo, Japan. [ that looks like a nice introduction ] I guess I was brought in to be a hero, like some of you. Though, in my world superheroes exist only in books... [ he laughs, but it's a short laugher and it's not even a sincere one. ] I wonder if it's even going to be like in the books. It sounds too surreal.

[ He is still smiling though, and his uncovered eye looks down while Kaneki tries to figure out what else to say. No, he knows what to say, but how to say it...? ] The registration- when will it happen?

[ he needs to register. He has to.

After all, he is hungry.

Nope stop thinking about that, Kaneki ]
Also, does anyone know where can I get good coffee? [ at least that might help a bit ] This one isn't so good. [ he lifts his cup ]
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[Starts and the video looks to be held at chest height with its owner leaning forward over something. You can see a bit of Akihiko's chin and upper body, shirtless, sweat dripping, and a painting of red marks and bruises here and there. Looks like he's using his communicator for this, propped it up on something, namingly a post of the ring he's currently standing in. Anyone that knows a little about boxing might be able to figure out what sort of place he's in by focusing on what's behind him, but they mostly see chin and shoulder right now.]

[He lifts a red gloved hand and rubs his wrist against the side of his chin with a sigh before continuing.]

Is it normal for American athletes to act this unprofessional? [He's not trying to sound pompous or anything, it's not really a national pride he's wielding right now. That and he knows who he's been fighting against mostly have been amateurs like him, but still... It's just- The way a lot of these other fighters talk? Their values? Everything's a lot less disciplined. He's got a feeling getting back in's gonna be easy but he's kinda getting sick the the type of 'bragging' these guys do. It's like they're all talk and no game.]

I'm not even sure what they're saying half the time... [A sigh, glancing to the side. Everyone else has really left...]

If anyone's got the time in De Chima and can put up a good fight, I think I could go for a real challenge without all the talk. [Smirks, ducking his head down to look into the communicator now.] Unless you've got what it takes, then you can spout off whatever you want.
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[This communicator has been hacked.

Attached to the broadcast is the alias LUNATIC, a name some of you may have come to know by now, though most of you will not have. Not to worry, of course. There will be plenty of opportunity in the future...]

I have been watching.

[The speaker's voice has been manipulated to sound both artificial and faintly hollow.]

There are sinners in your midst. [You know their names, don't you? Perhaps some of them even spring to mind: Lucifer, The Manipulator, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover...and so on. It's possible you even sympathize with some of them, though it's clear the speaker does not.] You answer their crimes with rewards of friendship, forgiveness...and freedom.


[What follows is clearly exasperated, but spoken in such quiet tones that it forces listeners to be all the more attentive.]

As expected, heroes...your idea of weak.

But that is why I have come.

[The speaker pauses, perhaps for dramatic effect, for when he begins again there is a certain zealousness to his tone.]

My Lunatic.

[Do not mistake him for a hero.]

I will strike down the evil that has arisen. For the wicked ones...there will be no escape. The time for them to atone for their atrocities is now.

They will hear the voice of Thanatos.

[Those listening closely may hear the crackling and hissing of flames in the grows louder and louder before the communication is suddenly cut and the line goes dead.]

[OOC: Please note that icon links have been broken. This broadcast in no way reveals the connection between Yuri and Lunatic.]

video | one

Aug. 8th, 2014 08:14 pm
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[ when the video starts, you will all be greeted by a blonde girl who is looking a tiny bit stressed. I mean, who wouldn't be, after suddenly finding yourself in a weird alternate reality and whatnot? obviously what she's here to talk about is something extremely important. ]

Is the humidity in Florida always this awful? [ or not. ]

I've been outside for like, twelve minutes at most? And I think a colony of birds can now live in my hair it has gotten so big? Are we sure there isn't some evil villain doing something nasty to the air here? I don't think this is normal. We should definitely investigate. Who's with me?

[ there's a lengthy pause after that, as if she's contemplating turning off the feed. but then she suddenly snaps her fingers like she remembered something (which she did). ]

Oh! Right. I'm Steph. I'm new here. I am about 90% certain people I know from home are already here, so I'll find you guys later. Or you'll find me. There will definitely be some finding happening.


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