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May. 20th, 2014 09:59 pm
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Devil damnit. [ No1 isn't a happy camper. She has better things to do than to play hero somewhere in a strange human world in some other universe that she doesn't give a damn about. Sure, this Heropa place looks much better than the Hole, but it doesn't make her any happier for it. Considering the things she has to do back in the Hole, she definitively can't pay attention to some other war specially between humans.

In any case after fighting for a second with her communicator, finally to the video comes someone who is wearing a sort of really creepy mask and yes, she does look like a man.]

This is a load of bullshit. I don't care for their dumb war and they won't send me back. They even gave me some job I know nothing about - I'm a cleaner, not your busboy. [ that's not really the job they gave her, but might as well, she thinks they are all the same ] Who knows a way out? I have important things to do back home.

And where can I find a pig or a goat? [ she will try to contact Hell, at least. Maybe a Devil will answer, unless a Devil is responsible for all of this. ]

[ she huffs, angrily, until she remembers something ] Ah- that's right, I'm looking for someone.

SHIN-SENPAI ARE YOU HERE? [ oh yes, she is screaming. Don't like it? Too bad, because look at her go. ] SHIIIIIN. I ARRIVED TO THIS SHIT HOLE TOO, TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE.
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[A teenage girl with brown hair and a bright blue top hat fiddles with her communicator, pursing her lips this way and that as she adjusts the video. Once it finally seems to be working, she sets it down on the desk in front of her.]

I gotta say. That "porter" thing is a pretty neat trick. One minute I'm in L.A., then ta-da! Florida! I didn't even raise my hand to volunteer!

[Thoughtfully, she toys with the curl of hair alongside her face.]

Though you know, it's sort of irresponsible to just bring people places without asking like that. I've got a show to do tonight and all my fans are going to be disappointed when I don't show up.

I guess it is nice of them to get me a gig here too, though. I hope there's a demand for magicians.

[She hesitates a moment, then clears her throat.]

In any case! It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Trucy Wright, professional magician and CEO of the Wright Anything Agency. I'm available for consultation if you need a little magic in your life, or at your parties.

Oh, and could someone let me know if you see my dad around? His name is Phoenix Wright. He'll be really worried about me if I don't find him soon.

[Then, under her breath...]

I hope he's around.


May. 13th, 2014 10:41 am
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[Anyone who has run into Lucifer in person lately will be pleased to see that his clothes are blood free. He is spotlessly clean today, though a little tired.]

Some of you seem to think that leaving me angry messages will make me own up to various acts of vandalism that I had no part in. As for sharks, well. Why mess with nature?

[Aka: it wasn't him, and no he is not replying to any of those voice messages.]

If it makes you all feel better, that town over in Illinois was the last. Someone pass the news on to Fox that this isn't the apocalypse after all.

[ooc: this is it! Lucifer is heading underground for a week to prepare for: his exciting plot finale! That means no more killing this week, and next weekend A WHOLE TON OF MONSTERS 8D

There is still time to plot, so go go go!]
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[ The last thing Karla Sofen remembers before coming here is not, in fact, home -- or, rather, not the home of her time.. More specifically, the last thing she remembers is being captured by an alternate future reality’s clone equivalent to her home world’s Doctor Strange.

She remembers the revolting sensation of another’s will probing into her mind and grasping hold like so many intrusive, slithering psychic tentacles.

And being dressed up like Carol Danvers. (Of fucking course. And that’s how she came in -- red, blue, gold, sash and all -- though she’s back to her own white and gold now.)

It’s an awful lot of reality-hopping in quite a short span of time, but this one’s already vastly preferable to the last. Full control of her own mental faculties. She remembers again, then stops herself -- she’ll be too angry to do what she needs to do now if she dwells on it.

Her video switches on; Karla’s looking much calmer than she feels, her expression neutral. ]

Hello, everyone, I--

[ She pauses like she’s thought of something; before she says another word, she reaches up, peels the white mask from her face. It’s a completely surface gesture -- she certainly won’t be doing its metaphorical equivalent on here. ]

I’m sure everyone does this, when they’re new here? The… “does anyone know me, is anyone here from home?”... thing? I’m Karla Sofen, I’m on Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts team back home--

[ Hell no, she’s not above a well-placed name-drop! ]

--And. You know the drill, I’m sure. Is anyone here from my home world?
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[It's the middle of the night. She's been here for a little while now. As the video feed flickers to life. A woman fumbles with her device for half a second - until she realizes that she's already recording herself.]


[Rochelle props up the video where it's revealed she's sitting cross-legged on a bed. The glow of the phone and the street lights outside her window provide little light, but it's easy enough to at least make out the basic details. For one, Rochelle was battered to hell. Neatly-wrapped gauze and bandages poked out of her loose top and littered the rest of her body. There were also deep-colored bruises on her face and arms, but you'd have to look hard to see them in the dim light.

Bonus points if you can make out the fire axe and AK-47 in the corner leaned against the wall.]

... I couldn't sleep. A-aaand I figured I oughta try this thing out. I guess there aren't a lot of people awake right now, but. [She holds a hand up and flashes a weak, tired smile.] Hi. I'm Rochelle.

So. Uh. [Cue a nervous laugh. She honestly has no idea what to do or think.] I'm from Cleveland. I work in TV news--WORKED in TV news--before... actually, I don't know if you guys would believe me. I... really don't know how to tell you - save MYSELF - this without sounding three-hundred-percent crazy. [There's a pause in between as she mutters "not like that's anything new".] Me - we, I mean. A group of guys I was with. We JUST got our asses out of New Orleans and with the military. We were on the chopper when...

... when.

[She glances sideways.]

This happened. And I have no idea how it happened. You'd think I wouldn't be complaining about getting out of the goddamn apocalypse, but... then--then there's all this shit about super powers, porting, and--[She catches herself. Yet another pause. Rochelle took a deep breath. Her head dipped down and she stared at the floor.] Honestly? I'm just waiting for myself to stop sounding so calm. I don't know how I'm doing it either. This is the first real bed I've had in what feels like forever. You'd think I could sleep.

[God, she was exhausted. And bewildered. And confused. Way, WAY too confused.]

Coach? Ellis? Nick? If you can hear this, say something. I hope you guys are here. [Her tone goes quiet, sad.] Just. Lemme know if you're okay.

[Let her know that she wasn't completely alone.]
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[So T'Challa's been here a day or so. He gets the gist. Time to address the public like all noobies do! People who know T’Challa may notice he has grown a beard in recent times, and is also wearing glasses. With how many people here that likely recognizes him, there’s little point in having another identity, so he won’t use the fake name he was given in Hell's Kitchen. But for now, he doesn’t see much of a point to change his civilian appearance.

If anything it will let others know what period of time he is from.]

Making network posts seem to be one of the more common ways to introduce ones self in this universe, so I have decided to not stray far from the normal routine. My name is T’Challa and I have been in this world for about a day. And despite a lack of... subtlety--[Such as HEROpa.]-- there doesn't appear to be many large differences between my universe and this one.

But even so, I do have a few questions. Questions mainly for those who have likely been here for a couple of years. Over the network I have seen talk about a world that took place before this one. “City” is the name I keep hearing. I am curious as to what this other “City” was like. How similar is this world to that one? Were these same laws still in place as well as the tattoos?

As for everyone else... [...] Tell me. How has your day been?

[THAT'S what's missing from the network! Polite behavior gawd. Everyone's so busy arguing and stuff they never ask the small things!]

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Apr. 1st, 2014 07:45 pm
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[It’s twilight, and the figure that comes into shot is mostly an outline, blue-black against the sky. The white star on his chest still catches a little light, though, and the matching one centred in the circular shield held at his side. For certain people it might be kind of an iconic sight.

(For others, it's just a guy in bullet proofed spandex. Same thing, different day.)]

Okay, so speeches aren’t exactly my thing, but this is the first chance I’ve had to talk back since I woke up in your labs. Here’s the problem: I've heard the line about how random all this is, about how the folks in charge have as much idea as the rest've us about how to send anybody back. Not sure I buy it, but I've heard it. I listened to the speech on arrival. And then I opened my file.

You're pulling in kids, civilians, and maybe they've got some new superpower, but they've no chance in hell of figuring out how to live with that properly before you're suggesting they use it. Sending them off on missions. Fighting your war. You're calling yourselves America and sending refugees out as cannon fodder, with no support if they don't sign up for the cause. And I thought the America I came from had policy problems.

You know what soldiers fight for - the good ones, the ones worth having? Love. For a country, for a girl, the boys fighting at their side - whatever. It’s for love. So if you’re gonna take a guy away from the few things left he gives a damn about, you maybe need to watch that he doesn’t wind up fighting you.

[He pulls off one glove and shows the glowing tattoo to the camera.]

Look, all I’m saying is this may not be a serial number, but back where I come from, branding someone doesn’t say much about welcome.


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