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Hey, everyone!

[Cue Max! She's dressed in pretty casual clothes, with one difference - she's wearing a square academic cap and a huge grin on her face.]

Guess who's officially a high school graduate? This gal! [And here, she jerks her thumbs back towards herself.] I can't believe I actually did it. This feels awesome! It took a lot of pushing from Professor Callaghan to get me to stop slacking, but I'm glad he never gave up on me.

Anyway, I have some people I'd like to thank. Professor Callaghan, of course - I'm sure I would have graduated without your help, but I wouldn't have done such a good job. I'm gonna miss having you as a professor. Thanks for helping me. And Clara, who also pushed - really hard. [Yeah, she does that.] And the Doctor - you're the best! [You're just going to be Space Grandad forever, deal with it.] Also, last but not least, Chloe. You're amazing. I can't even put much more than that into words.

I've still got some time to think about college; I think I'm going to take the week off to relax and celebrate. Anyone with me?

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[Leonard Snart isn't the type to just blunder onto the network and ask confused questions, so by the time of this recording, he's already been busy getting answers.

This is further reconnaissance more than anything else. Oh, and puns. Mustn't forget those.

The camera comes on and he can be seen leaning back against a building's wall. Doesn't seem like it'd be comfortable, but he makes it work.]

So. The Cold War.


[It's possible that there's a chill running down the spine of anyone listening, but that might just be due to how terrible the pun is. Or perhaps his voice, putting just a little bit too much emphasis on everything. Possibly also because of his power.]

Where I'm from, we'd already dealt with that. Interesting times though. Got very heated.

So, this is a war. Who are we rooting for? Are the commies drafting random people too?

I've been inside a Gulag once, not really looking for a repeat there.

[The recording cuts off here, but as he packs the device away, he actually walks inside the building and enters Heropa #020, to see whatever expects him there.]
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[ The video starts with a blurry shot of grass and Matthew, speaking from behind the camera, in the middle of a sentence. There's also shouting in the background, laughter--the event being (rather inexpertly) filmed is a party involving five teenage boys, cake, and a giant slip-n-slide. ]

--got it, I got it!

[ The feed shakes as he tries to get the camera pointed where he wants it, revealing a number of the people involved. Here's a glimpse of a rather smudgy boy, eating a piece of cake with something like reverence on his face. There's Adam Parrish, cupping his hands around his mouth and hollering-- ]

Gansey, take off the damn sunglasses!

[ And then the camera fixes on the ridiculously long slip-n-slide itself, and coming down it right now? Yes, that is Richard Campbell Gansey III. That is Richard Campbell Gansey III wearing swim trunks and rocketing down the slip-n-slide from hell (more accurately, the slip-n-slide of dreams), and he's smiling like a king and somehow manages to make this look almost dignified. Though he did, in fact, fail to remove his sunglasses first; think of that what you will.

This is raven boys having fun. Matthew gives a shout of delighted laughter, and Chainsaw chimes in from offscreen but close by with a loud kerah!, which snags Matthew's attention.

The camera turns when he does and someone else comes into view--shaved head, tattoo clawing up the back of his neck, fierce-eyed raven on his shoulder. But this is Ronan Lynch as rarely ever seen--relaxed, unguarded, all posturing abandoned because who needs posturing to throw their little brother a birthday party?

Matthew sounds very excited. ]

Hey, hey, Ronan, I just realized. Since I'm old enough now, do I get to drive the Camaro?

It's up to Gansey, shitheel. If he's okay with it, I don't care.

[ "Shitheel" is in fact a term of affection, and you can tell because the easy smile on Ronan's face is one reserved for very, very few people. ]

Yes, I'll ask him if-- Huh? Oh.

[ Matthew laughs again, this time at himself, and the video shakes again as he pulls his communicator closer to his nose. ]

I must've hit the wrong button. I think everyone can see this.

[ Ronan's expression changes abruptly and his shoulders square up, because being video broadcast to a shit-ton of strangers absolutely does require posturing. ]


No, no, I got it. I'm just gonna-- Sorry, guys!

[ That's an apology to you, imPorts. Matthew's laughing again when he shuts off the feed. ]


May. 9th, 2016 11:01 pm
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My name is Kim Wexler, I'm an attorney.

[ The beginning is sort of abrupt, but there you go. Silence follows, until Kim sighs, slowly and loudly. ]

That's- that's pretty much it. That's me, that's what I do. I'm no- not a superhero or even a regular hero, unless you need a lawyer, I guess. Does anyone need a lawyer? Otherwise I have no idea of what I'm doing here, but it's certainly not worrying over the crapload of work I just left back at home.

[ Leave it to Kim to fret about paperwork out of all the things that should be making her worry after finding herself in a different world altogether. ]

Anyway, yes. I'm just- I need to go lie down and probably get a drink before I can even start reading these files and what not. Did someone notice the hover cars. They have hover cars. I- this is a little too much.

[ She doesn't want to talk about the stupid pseudo Cold War thing, please don't mention that to her. ]

So I'm going to- yeah. Kim Wexler. Lawyer... and I have a Beauty Salon? Okay...

Lying down now.


May. 9th, 2016 11:20 am
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[And cue Max! She's looking more cheerful, and her hair's grown a bit longer, but apart from that, she's still the same old dorky hipster people know and love. Well, mostly.]

Hey, guys! I've been M.I.A. for awhile - you know, work and stuff. But I got a lot done last month! I learned more Russian and ASL, went ghost hunting, snapped some pictures. The usual. [Blame the Doctor for her ghost-hunting shenanigans.] We just got done with a huge Mother's Day rush at work, so hopefully things will be less hectic over there.

Also, I think I'm slowly taking an interest in photojournalism. I'm already really passionate about photography, and this way, I can really help people. It's just a thought, though; I don't actually know if I could really do something like that. [Because she's a loser.] And I still haven't gotten my ears pierced. Major wimp alert.

Anyway, how have you all been? I missed you! [Well, some of you - LOOKING AT YOU, CRANE.]


May. 8th, 2016 09:14 pm
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[It's a little odd to see an audio post coming from this ID; the Pines are usually all about the video evidence. What's even more strange is that Dipper's voice sounds a little... squished?]

Hey uh, we're back! I mean, me and Mabel and the grunkles and Pacifica. Lots of stuff happened and there was a giant robot and some demons, but we're all fine. Me and Mabel got to celebrate our 13th birthday again, so now we're double 13. Or something. Sorry if we worried anyone!

Kind of off topic, but does anyone know how to turn your powers off? Pretty urgent, would really like an answer soon, okay bye.

[The Pines family and Pacifica have returned!]


Apr. 17th, 2016 08:29 pm
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Hey, everyone. Listen. I had an idea. See, I've heard those... heroes running around have special names for themselves. Different names. Like... super man or something.

So. I've decided.

[Whoa now, he sounds proud of himself. That's probably not a good sign, where Iron Bull is concerned. And this is something everyone can thank the one and only Sky High for, since the nice man has been filling Bull's head with talk of Hero Names.]

Get this. Instead of the Iron Bull, how about we go with... The Iron Dragon?

[There's a pause. Like he's waiting for a reaction.]

Yeah? Huh? Intimidating enough? I figured it would be. It has a better, scarier ring to it.
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[ It's not particularly noisy wherever Karen is. There's a lot of heavy footsteps and movement where she is, some chatting in the background that fades as she moves along.

Somewhat flatly: ]

You ever get one of those weird feelings in the pit of your stomach? The kind where you get the sense something is amiss? I mean, I assume lots of people do.

[ Guess who got a bad feeling when she found herself in the Porter lab without warning? ]

On top of losing about a week and some, I have to admit I did do a double-take looking at the network just now. It is April Fools, so I had to wonder if this was some elaborate prank people were in on until I did some back-reading and realized something's gone awry with imPorts again.

[ There's just a sigh from her. A quiet, but long and exasperated one. ]

So... do we know who or what did this? Somebody please tell me my employees at Starrware still have their minds. Or ages? I have no idea.

Also I hope somebody's been feeding my cat while I've been gone.

[002] Video

Mar. 6th, 2016 08:18 pm
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[ Rick appears plain exhausted on the video. He's had a hell of a time recovering from the whole LACKEY ordeal and it shows. For a moment, he stares into the camera and debates turning it off. But instead, he rubs his face with his hand and goes forward. ]

I got a few things to say. You ain't gonna like 'em. But I think you need to hear 'em.

[ There's a pause as he mulls over which one to start with. ]

First off, I was a part of the team that put LACKEY in a human body back in Lithuania. 'Cause of that choice, the Soviet Union was able to have their porter here an' put us through hell. Maybe we didn't make the right call, but I still felt responsible for the him. So much so that I wound up gettin' imprisoned alongside LACKEY for the duration of the Soviet occupation.

When you people came up with your plan to extract LACKEY, no one came to me. Shouldn't have been hard to find out that I was there. To communicate with me. But I promised LACKEY I'd protect him an' that's what I did until I was killed by someone I thought was on my side.

[ A beat. ]

An' that wouldn't've been so much of a problem except for one thing. I got a virus inside of me. A virus that when I die, I revive an' turn into a....guess the term most of you I talked to have called it is a 'zombie.' But we call 'em walkers. They're jus' walkin' corpses, no life left to 'em except to eat living flesh. No one put me down in that room for good. An' it coulda been a disaster. This virus is in every single person from my world. So if ever there comes a time where you have to kill any of us or one of us dies, make sure you destroy the brain. If you don't, well -- it don't take long for the virus to spread through a single bite.

[ He lets out a prolonged sigh. ]

I get it. Why you did what you did an' took me out. Which also leads to the other thing I wanna say:

I come from a world where the dead outnumber the livin'. Every day is a struggle to survive. Food is scarce, resources even moreso. I understand war better than many of you can imagine. I understand the horrible things you have to do in order to survive. Hell. I did 'em myself.

People died in Debrecen. That's the reality. There ain't a damn thing we can do to change it. It's just the way war goes. I've lost a lot of people along the way. Good people. People who didn't deserve the die jus' like those civilians. But it ain't realistic to think it won't happen in war. Gettin' angry about it ain't gonna change things. And doin' somethin' stupid definitely ain't gonna change things. What it all boils down to when you're in a war, what you gotta remember is: there are no good guys, no bad guys. There're jus' people, tryin' to fight to protect themselves an' their own, doin' whatever it takes to do that. The Russians wouldn't've done it any different if the situations were reversed.

[ He rubs at one of his temples as though he can sense the indignation he's about to stir up. ]

Guess what I'm ultimately gettin' at is we have to live here. Don't go on an' do somethin' stupid that reflects on us all. 'cause trust me on this much: when you go on an' do somethin' stupid, it only leads to way more people bein' killed. That is a reality, the only reality, you have in your hands to control.

01 | VIDEO

Mar. 6th, 2016 07:11 pm
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[ Here's a video of a teenage boy, young and square-ish, new to these parts.

Anyone who knows Ronan Lynch might pick up on the similarities in the face before them--the same shade of blue in Matthew's eyes (though his are round with anxiety), the same perfect teeth (though Matthew's are worrying at his lower lip in a way that Ronan would never allow for himself), other shapes and lines in his face that suggest they might have come from knockoff molds of the same man.

The hair is very different though, a full head of golden curls as opposed to Ronan's edgy, close-shaved skull. Also distinctly different are his general mannerisms--Matthew has manners, for one.

His voice is strained, like he's trying very hard not to freak out. Which he is in fact doing. He's just recently been dropped off at his new government-provided apartment and even after all the explanations, he's not feeling super settled. ]

Can anyone tell me the best way to find somebody here? Somebody specific? He's not answering his phone.

[ He gives a short-lived, nervous laugh, a very pale imitation of a normally infectious and beautiful thing.] I mean, that's normal. But--

[ He draws a slightly shuddering breath, stopping himself before he has to try to explain. Obviously calling his brother's number is not working but he doesn't know what else to do. This has been kind of a crazy day and he's not so well equipped to deal with it on his own, sorry everybody. ]

Look, Ronan, Declan, if you guys are here, I'm-- [ Have a pause in which he is briefly replaying the events of the day to himself and trying to figure out what to say. ] --here, too.

I'm ready to go home.
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Rhaich! [An arrow is fired with impressive speed and precision from the top of a building. It hits and eliminates its intended target, causing angry shouts and bullets to be propelled in her direction. Tauriel is quick, however, and soon she is leaping to a neighboring roof, grumbling in Sindarin.] Dôl gîn lost!

Why must Men cause one another such ill? [She ducks just in time to avoid another shot, her face flushed with irritation.]

Pedin i phith in aníron, a nin ú-cheniathagir!

[No, she isn't feeling particularly kind today, but her eyes are set on the forest. If there is anyone she can aid on the way, perhaps the madness would be worthwhile.]

I am leaving Maurtia Falls on the fastest route I can find. Look to the skyline if you wish to follow me. I am not hard to spot.

[Fighting and hiding have become a way of life since her arrival. No more.]

What is the point of this war? For power? For weapons? I have seen a great battle fought over one jewel! When does it end?

[OOC: Curses! / Your head is empty! / I can say what I wish, and you won't understand me!]
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[The video comes on and Jim Kirk is looking around at the screen, not focusing on the camera yet--he's examining the layout. His piercing blue eyes look even more vibrant because of the redness rimming them. He hasn't slept much the past couple of nights after getting there between stressing about what was happening right before he got pulled here and the poor sleep quality one associated with heavy drinking. Nightmares didn't help either. Kirk was not taking this well at all. His anger has faded by this point into restlessness and exhaustion and when his restlessness wasn't able to be channeled, his self-destructive habits tended to make a showing. He hasn't felt anywhere close to this in quite a while.

When he finally focuses on the screen itself and speaks, his voice is somewhat raspy, but he puts on a shadow of his usually bright smile. If you've seen him before, he definitely looks like hell.]

Hey. 'M new around here. Jim Kirk.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a library with or someone that has any texts on advanced quantum mechanics, let me know.

[It was something to do. If he could be pulled into this place, technology had to exist to get him back. He'd find it, and the first place to start was to see just how different the physics between this universe and his were.]

Also, anyone up for a spar? Or street fight, I don't care which.

[He knew he didn't want to try out his laser power, but his matter manipulation? He was interested in how he could use that in hand-to-hand. Plus he needed to blow off some steam in a way that wouldn't end in a hangover at some point. In fact, he'd welcome the physical exertion and pain. He pauses a little longer, thinking of how he wanted to phrase something, but in the end, scraps it.]

Let me know.

[He turns the feed off.]

[ooc: If anyone wants to interact with Jim his first night there at a bar drinking, check out his test drive thread here!. I will still be tagging it!]
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[ The message is brief and to the point: ]

A member of my team recovered an encrypted data drive during the military operation in Antartica. This was on it:


It's not much, but it's what we've got. Most of the data's either corrupted or still being decrypted. I don't know if it actually means anything, but someone thought it was important enough to hide.

If anyone's got any theories on what it means or has information that matches up to this, I'm all ears.
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IMPORTANT! Before you post, remember: The imPorts taken hostage have had their comm handsets confiscated, which puts our overall information security at risk. The Soviets may be able to view our communications, even on Mirrornet.

With that in mind, I've developed a geocryption algorithm that anyone can install and use on their handsets. Anything encrypted with this shouldn't be visible on devices outside the United States. You're welcome.

[Attached is the "qgeocrypt" executable. The remainder of the post is geocrypted using it.]

I think we can all agree, priority one is that we rescue the hostages. Breaking that task down gives us the following objectives -

A. Secure our lines of communication.
B. Locate and disable the Soviet Porter / "Lackey". If we don't do that, there's nothing to stop them continuing their "confiscations."
C. Locate the hostages. A number of people are fielding discussion on that already, but ultimately we need exact coordinates.
D. Disable or circumvent power nullification at hostage location.
E. Extract the hostages.
F. Don't start a global thermonuclear war in the process. The "war" part it's a bit late for, so we'll need to focus on the "global thermonuclear" part.

I propose we form a few small teams to handle each of these objectives. If you think your talents are well-suited to one or more of them, reply with your name, powers, and experience, and we'll go from there. And yes, experience is important here. I don't need to tell you a lot of lives are at stake. Failure's not an option we can afford.

I'll start.
    Name: Qubit.
    Powers: technokinesis, teleportals.
    Experience: 4 years coordinating a large superhero team. Many more spent resolving high-stakes crises on various worlds, inc. supernova, hostage situations, and yes, wars.

((ooc: Full details on qgeocrypt are here! All it means is handsets outside the US (as defined in that comment) can't access geocrypted posts/comments. Nanites aren't included, so hostages can still see them unless other measures have been taken to keep them out. Sorry about any confusion!))
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[ Good evening, Masks and Menaces. Tonight, you will be treated (or possibly, weirded out or perplexed) by a video feed of a ~mysterious~ hooded woman, sitting at some dimly lit place with her elbow resting on a table and her chin resting on her hand. She's not looking at the camera directly -- she rarely ever does, because she's obviously too cool for that, but she does have the slightest hint of a smile across her lips. ]

So, I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I figured at this point, anything's fair game.

--and no, I'm not here to read more smutty literature out loud. A girl's gotta have some secrets.

[ said resident secret enigma lady of mystery, Kasumi Goto. ]

Anyway, to all the newbies: welcome. I don't know what you all have been told about this place so far by other people, but all I can really contribute is that it's a wild ride, being here. You may inquire below for more details if you so wish.

To the rest of us: happy new year. And I do mean that sincerely, despite the terrible start we've been off to, so far. I want to say that maybe we'll get a lull again, like we have the other times that something truly offensive has happened -- but word on the street is that the Russians are yelling angrily about something, so I kind of doubt that's going to be the case.

For now, let's just all try to relax, alright? I'm pretty sure stress is bad for your complexion.

... Also, fun fact, but I-- [ she sighs. So maybe she didn't really mean to make this post to address the general masses, because who does that? But because she's so Conflicted about the Worst (or Best?) Anniversary Ever that she needs. Something. Drinks. People to feel all bitter and/or nostalgic with. Mostly she doesn't want to be alone. ]

You know what, I've been here a year, as of today. Officially. So...

I think I speak for most of us -- whether it's because all the pandemonium [ get it? ] has got you needing a little pick-me-up, or because you've also just realized you've been stuck here for a year -- when I say: I need a drink. Or soul food. Or both. I guess that's what I really meant by relax. Let's see if we can actually enjoy something around here, for once. Maybe have a do-over of New Year's?

What're the best bars and food joints around the Porter cities? I've got my favorites picked out, mostly in Heropa and Nonah, but I'm always open to new experiences.

[ come party with space thief, y/n? ]

01 | Video

Jan. 8th, 2016 06:11 pm
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[There are a few clicking noises.]

Hm, modern technology is far too modern... [the video feed turns on, displaying a blonde Japanese girl who looks like she didn't mean to turn the video feed on, but she quickly replaces that with a wide, friendly smile.]

Hello there! Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Fuu Hououji. I have read through the official pamphlet, but... I still believe that there's been some kind of mixup.

I'm not intimately familiar with American law, but I had thought that the minimum age to join a military service was seventeen, and I would have assumed that drafting foreign nationals would be out of the question... to say nothing of taking them out of the past.

I'll be looking for a Japanese consulate, but I've never been involved in a diplomatic incident before. I don't suppose anyone has advice?
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[There is a thin, angular man with dark neat hair and intensely focused hazel eyes on the screen. He clears his throat when the vid starts; he's had to swallow down his nerves and put on his calm political mask to speak. His accent is a gravelly, guttural sort of Russian, as if Russians went into space and were fast-forwarded a thousand years. Which they did.]

Hello. My name's Greg. I'm adding to your barrage of new arrivals. It's still very surreal to be here, if for no other reason than that I'm on pre-space travel Earth.

[He does look honestly bemused by that.]

I was wondering what the regulations are for obtaining jobs around here. They've assigned me one, but I was hoping for something... low key. Normal, menial work. [A quirk of his lips.] I have experience putting in lights, if that's relevant, and as a navigator.

I was also looking for confirmation that all of the, ah, abilities listed in our files are real. I'd prefer not to test something like this to find out.

Thank you.
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(A certain man has awoken a strange side of Lord VoldemortTom Riddle. A large serpent is resting on his shoulders, draped over the back of his chair and there is a...game controller in his hands. Long, pale fingers move over the buttons stubbornly, learning different combinations through trial and error.


These are infuriating. (And not because he's bad at them. He's not.) So many look forward to Christmas, yet I thought to give you a friendly reminder.

The days that bring you joy or stand out especially are the very days fate could intervene. She would need to be blind, deaf and dumb to not know of Christmas and the enthusiasm it breeds.

(He drops the controller and strokes over his serpent's triangular head.)

Do you like to be obvious targets?
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[If there had ever been a reason to cut Joker off from alcohol forever, it is now.]

[When the feed clicks on, it's fairly obvious that he's in a bar-- there's a certain bar-like quality to the area behind him, which is what fills most of the screen. He's apparently not very good at aiming when he's at this stage of stupid drunk, and he's pointing the camera mostly at about half his hat.]

[Ladies and gentleman, this man helped save the galaxy.]

So, y'know what?

[No, but he's going to tell everyone, regardless of whether they want to know.]

The video equivalent of shitposting. )
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[ When the video switches on, there's a woman dressed in black and dark green army gear, divested of weapons but clearly comfortable in uniform. Sharp viewers may recognise the outer facility area of one of the army bases, and there's a table next to her with obscured objects.

There's evidently someone else behind the camera, because there's an obvious pause as she waits for a signal to begin, before focusing directly ahead of her. Still wearing the protective helmet borrowed from the army, protective shades cover her eyes and the fabric of her balaclava is pulled up over her mouth. Someone doesn't want to be recognised on the network today - not her real face, anyway - and when she speaks, surprisingly clear, those who've had a chance to meet Agent Carolina in person will recognise her voice.

(Just don't ask about the power armor..)

I'm Agent Carolina. I believe some of you are already acquainted with some of my former colleagues from the UNSC space corp. The Government approached me with some intel that a few of our fellow Imports managed to dig up, intel that they wanted verified - and I did.

Congratulations. Thanks to you, we now know exactly where our neighbourhood party crashers came from.

[ She nods to the camera, and for a moment the screen goes black - followed by a series of black and white photographs of an island; first approaching from the sea, followed by a sequence of images leading off the shore, including a shot of a dead lemur spattered with poisoned darts, half collapsed over a device concealed in the sand.

Carolina doesn't speak again until there's a shot of a patrol group: an armored troop of humanoids, wearing a very familiar set of skullmasks, accompanying a heavy duty armored jeep as it trundled along a very well travelled path through jungle scrub.

They call the island 'Enoch'. It's just off the coast of Florida. [why is it always Florida?] I was under orders to keep my visit brief.

[ The image flickers again; this time? Video, initially shakey and lit up as though showing the world through night-vision goggles. Behold: the main enemy complex at the center of the island, the central building formed of a huge round dome, with the exterior formed out of an unusual-looking composite. The entire thing gives off the appearance of a huge human skull -- someone was paid well to emphasis a very specific aesthetic. ]

I couldn't see any aerial sweeps being done, but I don't think they were particularly worried about eyes in the sky. [The camera stops panning, instead zooming in on the local anti-aircraft artillery. Then the footage ends, and Carolina returns to the screen] There was a lot of troop movement, but how many there are was unclear, I couldn't get close enough for a better reading of numbers.

Either way, this place is well fortified, and they're well armed. They've obviously been here a very long time building a small army off the coast. They mean business. And until now? No one noticed. [...feels almost painfully familiar, actually]

I lacked the tools and time to hack their radio network, so I planted a device to track and decrypt transmissions on and off the island. Also picked up that lemur on my way out, and the trap it set off - might help to know just what kind of poisons they plan on injecting into trespassers. Anyone who's good with either? Get in contact.

If we're going to make a move, we should consider doing it soon. [her arms fold over her chest] I'll answer any questions best I can.


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