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Tell me about when you realized you were in love.
And then tell me about when you realized you weren't.

Both of those have an either-or element, too, of course. Don't think you have to have both to join in.

Alternatively, if you don't have either of those... Tell me about your siblings. Or your best friend. Or your worst enemy.

Everybody has these little pieces of personal history, but nobody new you meet will ever know those parts unless you choose to share them. It's like editing your own narrative. A lot of them probably seem innocuous once you have some distance, but I love hearing about things like that. I always wished that I could see the whole of people in an instant, or that I could read them as easily as I could read books.

I can't, though, so I have to ask and hope that people are willing to share bits of themselves with me.


Sep. 2nd, 2016 03:27 am
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[Bruce had spent the afternoon wandering De Chima-- he found it odd. It fed off of the presence of imPorts, a title given to him unceremoniously upon arrival, while at the same time rebuffing their presence entirely. He judged the city critically; it was too bright, its grasses too green compared to the noisy, dirty, troubled city he called home. Even more uncomforting to him was seeing a skyscraper with a large "W" emblazoned on the side standing statuesque in the middle of the city proper. 

He had thought about just walking in, maybe taking his chances, but he was dressed in the wrong sort of suit for that and his cuff links were expensive. In the end, he settled for the only other option he had-- he pulled the small phone-like device from his pant pocket and considered it critically. Essentially, he didn't have a choice; the small screen illuminated with a projection of his face, and he addressed whatever-- whoever-- was on the other end.]
Wayne Enterprises has been a part of my family and Gotham's history for as far back as anybody can remember. I didn't grow up with an appreciation for that, but an understanding that it and Gotham's foundations were intrinsically connected since the beginning. It's why I'm so curious to see a building with my name on it in the middle of Virginia.
In the late 19th century my ancestor, Alan Wayne, along with other prominent families undertook the project of modernizing Gotham Township. It all started with Wayne Shipping, sometime during the early Industrial Revolution. In time, small businesses became large corporations bookended by my father, Thomas, who created the Wayne Foundation.
My point is that this company couldn't have continued to grow without the help of family. You do what you can to help an idea grow, but as time goes on, for that idea to survive, you have to let other people share your dream with you.
I think it's something I've had trouble accepting for a long time... even as my predecessors had been doing it for centuries before me. Eventually, the people that you care about carry your torch when you can't do it any longer.
I don't expect this story to matter to any of you. Gotham doesn't even exist here, but my company... does. My point was to talk about the importance of family. It's why my next question is so important...
I'm looking for mine.


Aug. 9th, 2016 03:56 pm
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[Oh good, it’s Mabel Pines. This bodes well! What doesn’t bode well is that she’s outside the mess that is Heropa 18, wearing a sweet helmet and with two piles of junk sitting on the front lawn visible in the frame. Piles of junk that might, in a galaxy long ago and far away, be a “pod racer.” Except these definitely have more rockets attached to the sides. Like, an excessive amount of rockets.]

Hey guys! Mabel Pines here-- oh and Dipper! [Who waves distractedly at the camera as he puts the finishing touches on his racer.] We just wanted to remind everybody to save the date. The date being August 31st! ‘Cause it’s our birthday and it’s gonna be a celebonanzapalooza to be remembered. We’ll be celebrating being fourteen-- totally seasoned teenagers!-- in major style. And all of you are invited!

[In the background, the pod racers gently lift off the ground. There's a faint humming noise and a weird glow. This actually looks like it might work?? Dipper gives Mabel a thumbs up and adjusts his helmet, only for one of the racers to make an alarming pinging sound and suddenly list to one side. He smacks something and everything straightens out.]

We really do mean all, even you new people! Every imPort’s a friend of the Pines family, except for that one guy and he knows who he is. Come by, say hi, get cake! Bring presents.

[Dipper nods at Mabel, and the twins snap on some sweet goggles in synch. Several pigs with fire extinguishers in their mouths stand at attention. Mabel makes to turn off the camera before she remembers--]

--and if you’re in Heropa we’re sorry about the noise!

[Mabel gives a jaunty wave and the camera turns off as they hop in their racers. The people of Heropa will get treated to some alarming drag racing noises and some minor explosions in the next few minutes. Everyone else-- hey, you’re invited to a party! If the kids are still alive to host it!]
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[Up until now, Frisk has been a surprisingly low-key presence around Import spaces. Poking their nose in a few bits of business, learning their way around...pretty innocuous.]

[Until today, that is.]

[The feed opens to a brown snout and a very distressed sort of noise--somewhere between a child's groan and an animal's whine. It jostles for a few moments before the view pulls back, revealing...well, it is Frisk, just. Different.]

I-I-I dunno what I did! I was just sittin' an' thinkin' an' then I started t' hurt an'--

[They wave one clawed hand at the screen (complete with cute little pink paw beans!), distress written clear on their face.]

An' now I'm a monster! I-I dunno what t' do!

[A few flames flicker to life on the end of one long ear.]

How do I go back, I can't--

[Suddenly Frisk stops, sniffs twice, then looks down at their ear...and lets out a startled bleat and drops the comm, which cuts the feed once it hits the ground.]

001. Video

Aug. 7th, 2016 07:57 pm
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[ Hunk came here in his space gear, which isn't really appropriate and is basically torturous in the Florida summer. He's therefore acquired some less conspicuous clothing. So, here, Network. You're treated to some Big Beach Bro: sleeveless, cargo shorted, and bare feet buried in the sand. Because, yeah. Why not?

He's also leaning against the side of a yellow-colored, mechanical lion, kinda chunky for all her armor and with an adorable underbite.

He smiles a little awkwardly and waves at the camera. ]

Uh, hey. Hi, there. I just thought I should introduce myself, since the rest of my team kinda already has.

I'm Hunk. I'm one of the Paladins of Voltron. Specifically, I'm the yellow guy and the left leg. Though... [ He looks back at his lion, frowning slightly. ] I don't know how much of a thing that's gonna be here.

Anyway... I guess I still have a couple of questions. We've sorta confirmed the timing situation, but there's still... Okay. Lemme just-- Uh. How does the superpower thing work? How do you know if you really have them, and how do you turn that kinda thing on? Also, how do you suddenly get superpowers? Because I definitely didn't have them before.

And!! Um. If anybody could talk to me about the "'Porter" that brought us here, that'd be great. Just-- Anything, okay? There's kinda a huge lack of information about it, and it really seems like the kinda thing that just shouldn't be sitting around without some kind of understanding in place. Or in the works. I'd also appreciate it if anybody can give me information about where this world's at so far as, like, space travel is concerned. The old school vibe and the common use of hover-tech are kinda conflicting messages.

So, yeah. I think that's it. Thanks.


Aug. 7th, 2016 06:27 pm
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[ Have you ever wanted to see someone take apart a hoverbike? Well today's your lucky day. Holtzmann has set up an impromptu lab in Heropa #10 - and scattered junk absolutely everywhere in one of the downstairs common rooms, sorry roomies - and turned on the camera almost absent-mindedly, having remembered that she wanted to post to the network only after she's elbow-deep in this hover clutch. ]

So I had a question. [ She says, pulling out a friction disk and tossing it over one shoulder. A polymer d-ring follows suit a moment. ] Ghosts. Anybody seen 'em around? Had problems with 'em? I heard about this continuum stuff but nothing about the afterlife.

[ A few more discarded parts later, she decides it's time to take the more direct route. Namely going after the hover mechanism innards with an acetylene torch. Works pretty great ... until she lights the curtain behind her on fire.

There's another beat as she realizes she's forgotten something. ]

I'm Holtzmann. And I'm a Ghostbuster, so. Yeah. If you've got info, gimme a call.

[ The flames creep up the curtain in the background. ]

(( PERMISSIONS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS but here's the most important one: 4th walling is a-okay as long as you don't talk about the events of the 2016 movie to her face. Everything else Ghostbusters-related is fine. ))
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[ Bart's chilling on a swing in the park, although the swing itself isn't visible. The chains are pressed against his t-shirt, though, and the horizon is slightly swaying in the background. He's gone for a walk to think about whether he wants to make a Big Deal about this, because standing up on a soapbox and proclaiming a family member to be awesome is. Yeah, daunting. In the end, he decided that it's worth the embarrassment and whatever ribbing he might take for his sentimentality. ]

We interrupt your scheduled broadcast of humongous monsters, troll babies, and accidents to bring you this public service announcement.

As none of you know, today is National Aunts and Uncles Day. I know. You can't contain your excitement. It's OK to freak out.

[ Hang on. Is it okay to bring up something about family on the Network, or is it bragging that your family is here? He doesn't mind bragging about his family being awesome - on the whole, it is. But bragging about them being here, he doesn't want to do that. It's like rubbing salt in the wound, or something.

After a few seconds, he decides that it's probably more awkward to change the subject than to power through. He hopes people will understand.

Huh - actually, I'm kinda sorry I brought it up, because I know everyone's gotta be homesick, but my favorite uncle's here. It was only a three man race, sure, but he smoked the competition and this is the first year since I've known about this made-up holiday that I've been able to do anything about it. You all got Fathers Day and Mothers Day at some point. The universe owes me this one.

[ Getting so far off the track now. He better rein it back in before one of the more separation of name and codename types - like the one he's making the whole post about - has his head for naming specific relatives that aren't here. ]

So, uh. If you see Max Crandall today, be awesome to him even if he's being boring and cranky? I think I'm too old to make him a card, but I can try to give him a good day.

Oh yeah. I dunno if they'll never see this, but I'm giving a shout-out to my other aunts and uncles. Official and not. Even the one I've never met. I bet you're awesome; I know your daughter is.

[ He shrugs as if the statement is lighter than he means it to be. ]

You never know when people will turn up here, amirite?

All this needs is a BBQ, and it'll be my third favorite holiday. Hey, Uncle Max, you want to go get barbecue with me?


Jul. 24th, 2016 04:19 pm
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I'm curious, how many people here are gods or goddesses? Or other lesser deities? I know of one or two other than myself, but we can't be all there are here. I could divine it to find out for myself, but that would be rather rude of me.
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[ there are a string of short, aborted videos on the network, most of which contain a blurred image of a strange blue uniform and a series of creative, mumbled expletives. when the video finally stabilises, an agitated man in his mid-thirties leans back in his chair. there are some childish drawings pinned against a whiteboard over his right shoulder but, other than that, it's hard to discern his precise location until a woman wearing brightly coloured scrubs walks past and gives him a funny look.

arms crossed over his chest and a scowl fixed upon his face that can only mean he's new here, dr. leonard mccoy is not happy with his current situation. prime directive be damned, they've dropped him back into the medical equivalent of dark ages and he's going to let everyone know how he feels about this. ]

Now this damn thing has finally decided to work, the name's Leonard McCoy. I'm your new local paediatrician. It's a pleasure. [ the corner of his lips twitch in what might be considered a smile. ] Now before you start asking: I don't practice the dark arts these doctors of yours call medical treatment, I don't make house calls, and I don't do any of this mumbo-jumbo magic crap either.

[ they seem to be a bit of a sore subject for the doctor. ]

If you need any medical assistance, I suggest you ask for me specifically, unless you want holes drilled in your head. God help me, I'll be here all day.


Jul. 9th, 2016 10:09 am
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[The video starts off centered on a dark-haired teen boy, but the real star of the show can just be seen in the bottom left of the screen. The white forepaw of a robotic lion—lion sized rather than a giant spaceship sized behemoth—is pawing at his sleeve for attention.

Keith is trying valiantly to ignore it while it picks threads loose from his shirt.]

Hello, I'm— [Whatever he might have had to say is cut short when a second robotic lion, this one blue and white, pulls itself up on the back of his chair and drops its chin right on top of his head. Maybe it's looking at the screen? Still, Keith is determined to finish this.]

I'm...Keith Kogane. I wanted to ask if it's normal for—[The first lion, red and white, stubbornly pushes its head under Keith's hand. Someone off screen laughs and makes a muffled comment, and Keith shoots a sharp look at whoever it is.] To ask if it's normal for things that came with you from home to change in size. Or other ways. Thank you.
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[Crane is wearing clean clothes, new shoes, a new tie and frames. There is a clean-shaven appearance to his face. His eyes show rationality and sanity; he isn't staring intently at his captive audience. He's well-mannered, calm and polite - and doesn't wear that blackness that's special in the eyes of some.

Unfortunately, the people he'd spoken to this morning, those he had begun to find fascination in, had come over in a panic. Or a bad mood, perhaps. The reason for their avoidant behavior - and uncomfortable body language - is another matter.

A puzzling one.]

Good morning. This is Doctor Jonathan Crane.

I am a doctor of psychiatry. Psychopharmacology, to be precise.

Back home, I evaluate some of those brought to me by Gotham's finest, so it will come as no surprise to me to hear that some people here are mentally unwell.

[Awkward. He hesitates for a moment; then he crosses his leg and steeples his fingers, before angling his thumbs at the camera.]

My apologies. That is to say, I'm willing to lend a reliable ear if you wish to talk. About intimacy or anything else that scares you, really.

[He doesn't seem interested in talking about fear at all. His pull point is all wrong. The idea that he's a terrorist and an asshole hasn't been put to him yet. Someone has to drop the truth bomb. Also did he really just apologise?]

Moreover, if you're from Gotham, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Peculiar things have happened since this world spat me out.

I suppose talking to you will help, if you're even here...

[About? Uh, well, it's Gotham.]

01; video

Jun. 6th, 2016 12:26 pm
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[First things first. Alberto Reyes is new here, and though he's gotten his happy reunion with his family and all that, he still has a lot of questions about the new world he's been unceremoniously dropped into. He's far from a stranger to all of this superhero stuff, seeing as he's from a world full of them himself, but alternate realities? All of this Cold War business? That's definitely news to him.

But he's got another pressing concern right now-- one that he should probably deal with sooner rather than later. So howdy, Heropa (and all other associated locales), howyadoin': have a very perplexed man in his late 30's, dark eyes squinting quizzically into the camera.

Hello, everyone. I wasn't sure of where to ask this, so I thought I'd try the network. I was told that I was assigned to become a 'blogger'.

[A beat. Berto blinks.]

...What, exactly, is a blog?


Jun. 5th, 2016 10:37 pm
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[ Babs isn't quite beaming at the camera when it turns on, but there's an obvious excitement in her expression, even as she tries to play it oh-so cool. she doesn't love being away from home without notice, but there's a lot to be done here, so she's feeling pretty good about it. good enough that she's feeling up to posting to this big wide network of people, despite knowing perfectly well it'll put her out there in a much bigger way than just, y'know, showing up here in the first place.

she knows she's not the only Batgirl here, but she's prepared to handle that too. yeah. this is all going to be perfectly fine. and no, this optimism doesn't come easily to her, it really doesn't. but it's not like she's about to talk about that here, so. who cares, right? it's all good. mostly she's just hoping to see a familiar face.

Hello, --network! [ amazing start ] Does the network here have a name? That is definitely something I should know by now. But, not important. Hi. My name is Barbara Gordon, I'm still very much new here, but I am officially moved into my new place, and I'm feeling properly acquainted with the city itself, so-

Now? Now I'm in the mood for a giant cup of coffee and some small talk, if anybody would like to hang out. [ she holds up a finger ] Only a little small talk, please. Basic introductions, then we can skip all the awkward weather slash local sports team or celebrity gossip for something a little more interesting. [ i'd like to make new friends now, please and thanks. and she'll of course be doing as much network snooping as possible before meeting anyone, but hey. only way to get her social life back in order is to get.. one. so. ] That's it for me, I think. I'll- hopefully talk to you all soon.

[ she gives a short wave goodbye, then disconnects the feed.

... the only problem with that is that the transmission only lasted a couple of seconds, and she somehow kind of sounded like she was talking in fast-forward. her words babbled out way too fast, kind of like this, yeah. woo! guess who has superspeed and has no idea how to control it yet? this girl! somebody help her. please. or just watch her transmission in slow-motion, maybe. that'll work too.

001 | Video

Jun. 5th, 2016 12:37 am
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[ A Hispanic woman— olive-brown skin, glossy black hair pulled back into a pony tail—is visible, and looking very clearly unhappy; she's on the verge of anger, really. The area behind her is very clearly in Heropa.]

I would love to know what makes people think it's fine to go around kidnapping people and force them into helping with their own goals, especially when it involves giving them crazy powers and dragging them out of their normal lives. [Especially now that this seems to be a recurring thing for her family.]

I know they say they still have the Cold War going on here, but this? This is absurd. Throwing superpowers at people isn't going to do anything.

[She takes a moment to compose herself. She already got angry with a soldier when she arrived in the first place. Other people in the same position probably don't need it too.]

I'm Bianca Reyes, by the way. Normally, I'm just a nurse, but they can't leave that alone either.
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[One recognizes the signs, when he’s been here for a while.

Waking up in a different house and room? Check. Getting a new job? Check. Having to go through the explanation of the basics? Also check. So while there’s only one question left to ask. Clark Kent looks kind of sheepish as he faces the network, rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh.]

So, how long was I out? I hope it wasn’t that much. Sorry to anyone I worried- yes, I know it wasn’t up to me but I still don’t like it.

Also, let’s get it out so we can get it all at once: I am, apparently, a glasses model. Writing for the style section wasn’t enough.

So go ahead, let’s hear the jokes.

[Read: Please joke about it, please. Anyone who does means they are still around, and well enough to make cracks about it. Anyone who does hasn’t left back home while Clark was taking some sort of vacation he doesn’t even remember having.]
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[Bart Allen is standing on the border of Heropa, by the ubiquitous 'Welcome to (City)' sign that towns just love to put up on the umpteen different major roads that lead in and out of town.]

Yeah, welcome to sunny Heropa, where the small town folks are the salt of the earth. An Earth. One of many. Or maybe many of one, but it's been splintered over and over again by time travelers stepping on too many violets until people walk on their hands and marry dolphins.

You know. Man marries dolphin is a total Florida man story. Do they have Florida Man here? What am I gonna read on this thing without Florida man?

So. Um. Do I get to object about being in Florida? Look at this.

[Bart swerves the camera down to his free hand.]

The humidity pools in between your fingers standing still. Forget jogging. That's like a blind date with heatstroke with about 2 seconds notice.

I mean... the beach isn't far, so that's one up on Alabama and like 15 up on Kansas. I don't know what people do in Florida. You know. Gators in swimming pools, sweating, beach, tanning, drinking 10 gallons of water, peeing, nicknaming each other Pork Chop, pimping out their cars with cell phone jammers.

All of that's great, but I'm bored man. If they're gonna suck me into an alternate universe, they could at least hook me up with some video games.
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[Good old Jaime Reyes has been here for over a year and a half now, and what has he not done yet? That's right; an accidental post.

This one takes the form of a series of texts, each chunk of text being published as a new post as he blearily smashes at his phone's keyboard... complete with auto-correct and typos.]

Hey Wally wake up you wouldn't believe the dream I had
Okay so EVERYONE had a beard you had this giant ginger monstrosity
Ken had like this giant wizard beard and dick had those things what do you call them
giant sideburn thingies
minayos was freaky right blue and Kashmir wouldn't stop twirling hers and will's was beautiful
also milagro had one that touched the ground for some reason

if you know juicy nasty [yes, that's jyushimatsu] he was there too because I think he's haunting me

anyway EVERYONE was acting like it was totally normal and were like hey wheres your beard so I grew one but then all my teeth fell out which isnt fair because everyone else had their teeth AND beards

wally I answer literally every single one of your stupid texts
wake up or else I'm coming over there and dragging you out of bed

jk I'll ask dick to do it for me

[Expect mortified responses once his phone buzzes him awake, everyone... and if your character has CR with them, feel free to comment to find out what beautiful facial hair they would receive.]
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[There’s background noise for a few seconds before he speaks.]

I’ve been here before. I remember this place.

[He doesn’t sound happy, or mad. More resigned than anything. Kon takes a moment as he thinks. Last time he had been here, things were happening, they’d just saved the kidnapped imPorts from the Russians. Next thing he remembers are the memories of home are so much fresher in his mind, like he just watched a video on his life. There's a fumbling sound before the camera turns on and Kon had a slight frown on his face.]

So I need some major fillin' in on what's been happenin' here since I obviously vanished. Any volunteers? Last thing I remember from here was submarines and warships and happy reunions.

Also, uh, hey. I'm Kon for anyone that doesn't know me or remember.


Apr. 7th, 2016 02:38 pm
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[The video opens on a patch of blue sky, with some birds flying by. The camera turns and there's a surprisingly green girl giving a smile and a wave. And apparently holding the comm with no hands. She floats (??) peacefully for a bit, wind catching her cape before looking at the camera again.]

Hey, everyone! I'm Miss Martian. But you can call me M'gann. Just thought I'd introduce myself. A-and even though I am actually from Mars, I promise I'm not here to invade or anything! I mean, an invasion of just one person isn't a very good invasion. And I'd probably go all undercover so you wouldn't even notice... It'd be pretty easy actually.

[She actually appears to be considering the logistics of an alien invasion before remembering herself.]

Anyways! I'm really excited to meet everyone and I hope we can be friends!
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Hey! So. I'm Stephanie Brown, I'm from Gotham, New Jersey. [ Hint, hint! ]

Apparently I'm going to be a media review host! I don't really know what that means, but I'll improvise.

I'm new in town, so, any advice for a newb? Places to go, things to see, coffee shops to squat in? I wouldn't say no to any tips for media reviewing, either. I'm not sure why they thought this would be the job for me.

So, that's all! I just want to chat, really.

[ If you recognize her, or Gotham, or a combination she wants to talk to you privately please. Otherwise this is tOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE. ]


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