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[The face that pops up on the screen is young, pale, and composed, although Sabriel's at least learned more about how to use electronics since her first post.]

So, since there have been many new arrivals- I'd like to welcome all of you. My name is Sabriel and I arrived about a month ago. [And Sabriel's smile slips slightly as she says this. A month was longer than she was expecting to remain here- and February was more eventful than anything she'd expected from a world like this.]

Hopefully your first month here will be less eventful than mine was. Has everyone who was effected by the Hornets returned to normal? I know Cure Princess and I helped most of the affected people- did we miss anyone? In any case, if anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer them to the best of my abilities, although someone else has already assembled a "FAQ". [And with a great deal of fumbling, Sabriel manages to post a link.]

I'm also proud to announce that my friend Manfrea and I will be hosting a panel on magic at the upcoming imPort convention. Whether you have experience in magic yourself, or are simply curious about it, we'd love for you to attend.

And as a final note, does anyone know where I can purchase a sword? Something I'd be able to actually fight with.

[Then, Sabriel posts a separate entry on the Mirrornet.]

Everything that happened last month made me realize- we don't have many doctors, or people with healing abilities among us. And the fact that all imPorts have powers and no one from this world does will often lead to divisions. But I think I might have a potential solution to both of these problems. Why not teach anyone who wants to learn- either Native or imPort- how to heal with Charter magic? It doesn't require any inborn power, simply baptism, and using it to heal is simple enough, though it does require some training. And I understand that teaching people magic comes with some risks, but I'm willing to accept them.

[ooc: More information here Or PM this account or pp me at [ profile] sarahthesilent Despite what Sabriel wants, she will not be able to teach magic to NPCs.

EDIT: Actual teaching log HERE.]

002; video

Feb. 21st, 2015 12:50 pm
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Listen up, y’all!

[The ID reads Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline’s back, sitting just outside a supermarket in Heropa. She's leaning on her ax bass and wearing the green campaign hat that comes with her Troop Leader job. Just to her right? Mabel Pines, wearing a green vest covered in puffy stickers. Behind them? boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies, and a few local girls in vests setting up a table.]

I know there’s some big stuff going on lately, but whatevs. [She just shrugs. It's not her problem, she really doesn't care.] Here’s the deal. Girl Scout cookies go on sale in Heropa today. And sure, you could go to other troops...but we’re the ones with imPorts. [All of two. Not that...she needs to be up front about that. Right?? She gives a winning grin.] You’re gonna make some kids reaaaaally happy if you buy these... [Said very theatrically and sing-song.] Like my girl Mabel here! Some of you know her. Say hi, Mabel.

Hi guys! Do you know what the actual greatest part of cookie season is, besides eating tons of the best cookies ever made? It’s making dreams come true. And it would definitely make a whole bunch of dreams come true if you bought cookies from our troop when you see the tables outside of stores every afternoon this week! [Mabel makes her best doe-eyed hopeful face.] We’d really appreciate it!

You can always buy some from me or Mabel, too. Get in touch. I’m gonna have some for sale at that convention coming up, over at my booth... and if any girls want to pitch in or whatever to help us push this sugary biz, that’d be killer. The council says we’re doing this until the 14th, if we don’t run out first. [Is she eating red velvet oreos while she’s talking about selling other cookies? Yes. Yes she is. She looks contemplative for a second, before she glances to the girl next to her.]

Mabel, anything else?

Just remember, if you buy from our troop, you'll make dreams come true and some kids really happy. Way happier than any other troop, probably! At least two hundred and five percent happier. [Mabel nods, solemnly.]

You heard the lady. And... hey, another thing. Are any of you musicians? Like, seriously? I didn’t want to put out an open call or something, but I need bandmates. Drummer, guitarist and a keyboardist, at least. Bonus points if you can do guitar and bass. Just - hit me up if you’re not completely lame with an instrument, guys. We’ll talk. ‘Kay?

[And then, practically on-cue, the indistinct sound of young girls shouting off-screen. Marceline groans, getting to her feet and grabbing her communicator.] Zoey! Jen! Break it up, you bozos, save it for-- [She ends it there. What a professional.]

[ooc: cookie season in heropa! there's more details about this whole thing over here. marceline's in the default color, mabel's in blue. as you probably guessed. responses will come from either or both of them! if you've got any questions, hit me up or comment to the ooc post.]
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[When her messages begins, Anna has her best smile in place. In spite of the recent problems Heropa has faced she aims to bring a little bit of cheeriness to the feed.]

Hi everyone, Anna here again. Most of you saw my face a little while ago?

[A small wave.]

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, tomorrow even, I thought I'd offer my services to those who have yet to come up with something for their special someone! Services being, um, chocolate. My understanding is most people like chocolate as a traditional sign of affection. And, while I know the stores have it, I've noticed they really mark up their prices this time of year and the day after tomorrow it'll be cheap again?

Anyways! It's just the chocolate I can make, but it is really great, better than average, powers-made chocolate! Anything you or yours might want even. If you bring fillers like fruits and nuts, I can go wild. Any combinations, chocolate cake, truffles, bars, you name it. I've practiced a lot and gotten pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I'm not asking for much in return beyond a little bit of money or maybe some kind of trade? Whatever you think is fair! [That earlier smile broadens.] And hey, even if you don't have a date or a friend, you can always treat yourself!

[Anna ends her self-promotion with a cheesy wink.]


Feb. 12th, 2015 07:49 pm
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[There were plenty of adults teaching students at his school about the dangers of the world wide web and giving your identity away to people you don't know. Honestly he doesn't know if this network is the same as the Internet in that way, but since he was told that superheroes were involved in this, this can only mean one thing: secret identities.

Which is how he comes to the conclusion that it is the best choice to keep his face off the network and use audio for this, even if the topic itself is pretty harmless.]

Uh, hello. [The voice on the network is really young-sounding. A boy that's maybe ten or eleven years old, twelve at most.] My name is Ken. I got here the other day, and I... guess I'll be working with everyone here, as a 'hero.' [The last part comes out as an embarrassed mumble, trailing, off followed by a couple seconds of silence.]

Um, I actually arrived here with my friend. He's a dog, and I was wondering if there were any parks to take him on walks, or anywhere to meet other dogs. He doesn't get to play with a lot of other dogs back where we're from, so I want to do something for him.
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[ the video is clearly accidental - it first starts out with a simple view of the generic heropa bedroom. a bed and a door make for a cinematic masterpiece. it takes a whole two minutes, maybe even more, before the director finally realizes the camera has even been on at all.

she listened intently to the whole explanation of the phone, yet she still hardly understands it.

slowly but surely, a tiny girl with her hair styled in the shape of a pretzel (yes, a pretzel) garbed in traditional dress pops up in the bedroom scene. she looks like she's quite obviously struggling, and when she's satisfied with the camera angle, her expression only shifts to something like mousy, jumpy trepidation. ]

Umm... [ she makes a noise as if she's about to say something more, but her stage fright shines through and makes her hesitate. the camera is moved again for a brief moment but is soon back on her face. ]

I-I've been told that there's a neat-work to speak to other people on. [ she's assuming this is it. ] I've also been told that I'm a 'hero,' but that isn't right. This isn't my home, and I don't live in Flow-ridda. [ if there's one thing she's sure of, it's that she's being bad right now by speaking to all of these supposed people on the network. she shouldn't be speaking so familiarly to strangers. she shouldn't be speaking to strangers period. ]

Have I... been bad?
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So. It's come to my attention that we are like-- [he squints off-camera for a moment] three days away from Valentine's, and I've only got two questions: Where's the party, and who's in the market for a date? For the record, I am a Capricorn with exceptional taste in music, poetry, cars and alcohol.

[-- a slight pause.]

And, I mean. Come on, look at me.

[The most ridiculous, devil-may-care grin imaginable. Hear ye, hear ye, ladies and gents, Jim Kirk has the floor. But after a moment it fades and he clears his throat, going back to 'business', so to speak.]

Name's Kirk! Friends call me Jim. I'm new, but don't worry about the welcome wagon. Got that sorted out on my own. My kingdom for a good hamburger.

[And with an airy little wave, he disconnects.]

[ooc; 4th walling info for the curious!]


Feb. 12th, 2015 12:50 am
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[ The feed flicks on to show bright blue eyes and a wide white grin. Chuckling, the seemingly eighteen-year-old culprit tips the phone back so it can catch most of him (staff slung over a shoulder, perched somewhere hideously high and whoops, sorry if you get vertigo!) on the viewer. He's had a really terrible Easter weekend back in his own world but this, this place? This is incredible. (He might have taken several dozen selfies with people on the street already. No regrets.) In the past hour, all three cities have suffered a bit of a chilly spell; frost on windows and even light snow in the south as he explores.

Then again, with an ID reading Jack Frost | Spirit of Winter the mystery is somewhat at an end, if you've been wondering where the sun went. ]

Hey, people! Can everybody see this? Hear it? Kids, old fogeys, the whole nine yards — you don't even have to believe in what you're watching, you just can? [ Barking out an excited laugh, Jack's eyes crinkle. ] Oh, man, you've gotta be kidding me.

Anybody want to talk? I've got three hundred years to make up lost time for.

[ Chinning a hand, he settles in a perched crouch. Evidently, for those who pay attention to details, Jack is only frosty in name and powers, old-old, and completely at home with technology. ]


Feb. 10th, 2015 08:34 pm
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Shit, so. Let me get this straight...

[Well, for one thing, you need to straighten out your camera there, Bull. The big Qunari is holding it upside down, affording viewers a lovely look at the underside of his scruffy chin. And a couple scars -- one that looks a little more picked at than the rest.]

[Oh, and the horns. Did we mention the horns? And the fact that, as he's walking down the street, he's a good head and shoulders taller than everyone else.]

All this... metal crap. The stuff that moves. The... thing here, in my hand. This is all normal to you guys?

I can't be the only one who doesn't know what he's doing. Please say that. It looks really bad if anyone saw--

[Like if he was being recorded.]

[He squints his one eye down at the screen. Like he's waiting for an immediate response. Then when nothing immediately pops up, he starts mashing buttons. Or trying to hang up. Those huge fingers aren't good with tiny buttons.]

-- oh come on. You're magic, aren't you? Work.
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[ the girl on screen is blurred around the edges, as if she's fading out of focus, though the more she speaks, the more solid she becomes. she's at a bus stop, holding a large coffee, file crammed under her arm as she huddles inside her leather jacket. ]

Alright, mates. Now, passing over the part where I’ve somehow ended up in America inexplicably, among other confusing things, let’s talk food. I’m starving and a tourist, so let’s have it, people. I want recommendations for everything. Including perhaps where to find a winter jacket, yeah?

[ and alex looks dead serious. she tilts her cup, coffee sloshing, slouching back against the bench. ]

I'm meant to be in Residence Four around here, or that's what the file said. Maurtia Falls in bloody Pennsylvania. I've no luck when it comes to travel, do I?

[ there's a pause while alex takes a sip of her coffee and grimaces. ]

Let’s revise the earlier bit, shall we? Restaurants and food recommendations first, then someone fill me in on this whole registration piece while I wait for the bus. That’ll have me sorted out, I reckon.


Feb. 10th, 2015 11:12 am
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[The frame is centered in the center as if in the middle of the desk looking towards Revan sitting in a high backed office chair. As the picture comes to life, Revan folds his hands, interlacing his fingers and regards the screen with a pleasant smile.]

Hello and good day. As some of you are aware, my name is Revan. For those of you that don't know, as this month I have been elected your Ambassador for the resident imports of Maurtia Falls.

I just want to take a quick momet to say how deeply touched that you have placed your faith in me. You honor me with your trust, and your devotion to progress and virtue is inspiring. I know that with your help, together we can make a home for ourselves here. ...At least until we can find a way to return to our own.

While I have many irons in the furnace, trying to make that so, I'd like to take this oppertunity to take stock of my Maurtia Falls charges. To say hello and get to know you better, but also to hear what you have to say.

My first goal is to get a sense of the current situation in Maurtia Falls and gather from you what is currently your concerns. Be it for Maurtia Falls itself, or more far reaching issues. I hope that if we speak openly we can begin to work towards an immediate solution for some of the larger, pressing matters.

I encourage you to come forward so that I may help you. Please feel free to reach out to me, either by responding here, my personal commuicator, or by giving me the honor of an invitation to meet with you personally. At this time I'm making plans to hold a forum in the near future but I don't think that should stop up from getting started now.

005 [Video]

Feb. 9th, 2015 07:04 pm
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[Oh hey, it's this guy again, wearing a little bit of concealer to hide the fact he hasn't slept well over the past week. People expect him to look fairly fresh and energetic, after all, especially since they've got one less killer roaming the streets.

Up until now he's made these types of videos while donning his powersuit, so he decides to keep up the tradition. Some people might think he looks like a pink Iron Man, but that's okay. His ego can take it just fine.

Naturally, his face plate is open, revealing a fair-skinned man wearing a polite smile.]

Hi, this is Barnaby. I've noticed some new faces lately, so now seemed like a good time to do this.

First of all, I'd like to once again thank everyone who helped apprehend the masked vigilante Lunatic, also known as Yuri Petrov. For privacy's sake, I won't mention anyone by name, although you are welcome to step forward and identify yourselves in response to this message so your fellow imPorts can properly thank you.

[Things are far from over back home, unfortunately, but...well, that isn't Barnaby's problem anymore, so he presses on without giving it another thought for the time being.]

Second, I want to remind people that we have an Emergency Notification System in place. Registered imPorts who sign up will receive a small device that lets you hear information from dispatchers. Unsettled imPorts who are interested can also sign up through any registered imPort who owns a device. In either case, people are welcome to sign up through either myself or Wild Tiger. Any other device-holding imPorts are also free to help people sign up.

Additionally, we have a communicator-based app that lets you send out a distress signal to any device-holding imPorts. Anyone who needs help learning how to use the Distress Signal Application, please let me know so we can arrange something.

Third thing: although Petrov is behind bars, I think most of us are well aware of the potential dangers both the imPort and native communities currently face. To anyone lacking concrete combat or rescue experience: please refrain from jumping onto the front lines. No one gets saved if you die, and you'll likely hinder other people's attempts to apprehend criminals or evacuate citizens.

There are other ways to help, though, which brings me to my next point: is anyone interested in receiving certifications for CPR and first aid? If enough people say yes, I could try to arrange something.

Anyway, I think that's everything. People who have questions or concerns about the Emergency Notification System, the Distress Signal Application, or possible first aid and CPR certification classes, feel free to ask in response to this message or in private.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[People who want their characters to sign up for the Emergency Notification System, check this link out!]


Feb. 9th, 2015 01:02 am
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[ Oh, christ on a cracker, this is seriously painful. Ray’s peering at his comm like it just insulted his mother, halfway between confused and seriously pissed off. He’s been at this for way too long and he’s not sure he’s even got a grip on it now - shaking it didn't help. His annoyance might be showing, just a little. Or a lot. ]

You guys know that video killed the radio star, right? Nothin’ good about plastering my face all over this bulletin board of woes, but hey- I can go with the flow. Me and the flow are best buddies, in fact. Go out for beers every friday night. Shoot pool. That sort of thing.

[ Yeah, okay, that’s enough running with that. Ray clears his throat, scratching at his neck uncomfortably. ]

But seriously, dudes, guys- folks, there’s something wrong with this. Communication wasn’t supposed to go in this direction. Telephones I understand, I get those, Edison sure knew what he was doing on that front. [ It was totally Edison, right? ] But whoever made these is laughing from the bowels of hell. I mean, c’mon, there’s more than enough ways to talk in person, when’d we start deciding we were never gonna leave the house again?

How’re you supposed to get real information outta anyone when they’re hiding behind a screen?

[ Call him old fashioned, but Ray is shaking his head, judging the hell out of the future he’s crawled his way into. ] But fine, okay, i’ll move on, no biggie. Other shit worth worrying about. Like how’s a guy just supposed to deal with the, uh- whole new shebang they hand you? I can barely manage my own shit, how am I, uh- supposed to cope with all sorts’a newfinagled powers?

… Guess i’ll worry about that once I gotta deal with it. Until then, I’ll just be… explorin’ the territories.

o1; video

Feb. 7th, 2015 08:26 pm
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[ about as brief as it comes, her face level the whole time ]

I've been given to understand this is a different universe from what I've known. I request independent verification.

If anyone knows the names Chaiva Egloff or Andrew Hussain I would ask for immediate contact.

Thank you.


for maurtia falls #004 residents.

[ she might hate everything about this, but she's been given a place to stay so she's here, a bag strung over her shoulder and her face and body set to rigid. over the next few days she's mostly to be seen either cooking in the kitchen (things she leaves in the fridge afterwards) or vanishing into her room.

you have a great roommate, guys. ]

for others.
[ she can be found around the city, hair pulled up tight and communications always in her hand as she searches. what she's looking for exactly, well - that can't be found. doesn't meant she isn't trying.

her look is always a little sharper than she means it to be. ]

001 | Video

Feb. 7th, 2015 06:01 pm
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[The video opens up to absolutely no one on the screen at first; it's just filming some activity in the background, people walking around, kids playing...

It stays that way for a few seconds before a face suddenly swings in from above, upside down, with an accompanying, screechy, very, VERY loud voice.


[It's practically a scream, and will probably catch anyone monitoring the network by surprise. The colourful individual laughs and drops down from whatever he's hanging from to face the screen properly, right-side up.]

Guess what? I'm a human~! [Yes, that much is obvious from the video feed, but he talks as if he hadn't been one previously.] I've got elbows and knees and five fingers. [He shoves a hand into the screen and wiggles his fingers, cackling gleefully.]

So what are fun things humans like to do here that don't involve the net? Tell me!!


Feb. 4th, 2015 11:30 pm
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[It's been a few days since Locke's arrival and he's spent them busy, meticulously combing through every bit of information he can find. The network he learns in and out, the world less so but thorough enough to start a ruse, his power-well. He learned the basics. Times have been busy after all and in-between research, he's spent the majority of his time picking pockets, slowly gaining enough money for a suit.

The very suit he's wearing as the video flashes on. It's an inexpensive suit, tailored a bit too tight around the shoulders. The face he wears is of a wannabe handsome, black hair slicked back and teeth well-cleaned. The face of a sleazy salesman, if his research proved right. After that all the transformation required was a quick restructuring of facial features. Shapeshifting, Locke was learning, had it's charms.

Smiling broadly he spreads his arms wide in greeting and a crossed leg bounces in delight.

Ladies and gentlemen! You'll have to forgive me for any ignorances I may show. I'm new to this fine city-or set of cities [He grins and winks]-and am still fumbling my way around. I'm aware it's nothing particularly new so I'll spare you the details save one: people have an incongruous habit of staring at us when we pass! [He claps his hands, laughing as if this were a startling revelation. Then it's mock-serious, legs uncrossed, one fist on his hip as he leans forward.]

Now, usually? I'd take offense to that. Not this time-these beggars got me thinking. [He grins again, leaning back.] What's a crowd without an artist? What's attention without a business? Wasted, I'd say. Damn well wasted. As newly-ah-imported people, we hold a duty to redirect that attention to more productive efforts. I've heard whispers of a few businesses? An election? What better fuel to those fires than the kind we receive for free?

Now, I'm a humble man. I don't assume to be the first to think of this. By the gods, I may not be the first to implement it-[he slams his hand down on the arm of his chair.]-but I am the only bastard worth your trust.

[It's a bit dramatic, but that's part of the character. Steepling his fingers, he smirks over his fingertips.] My name is Leocanto Kosta, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to be your first publicist.

[Yet, despite his claims, his phone still labels him as Locke Lamora]

[ooc: Locke is using his shapeshifting powers for this post. He will be unrecognizable except in voice to those who know him.]


Feb. 4th, 2015 09:00 pm
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[ Kitty's smile is firm and no-nonsense. Her voice is more than a little bit bossy. She has an announcement to make. (An announcement that, for once, has nothing to do with bloody uprisings or anarchy. Hooray! Or boo?) ]

Right. Listen up. Friday is Hiro's birthday. I'm sure you know Hiro. If you don't, meet him. He's brilliant. In every sense of the word.

[ She crosses her arms. ]

So, five o'clock, at Gini's Cafe in Heropa, we're having a get-together. If you know Hiro, or if you want to hear some really amazing talk of ridiculously advanced robots, or just learn at the knee of a complete genius, stop by. Since I expect his idea of a good birthday will be to consult on some new project or another. My boss is giving us all the leftover bakery items from the day, and there'll be cake, but if you want to bring food with you, you should. Bring presents, too. And some low-denomination bills, because I talked my coworker's band into playing for tips and cake, so don't be stingy.

Anyone who wants to help out on buying food and drinks and the like, let me know. No alcoholic drinks. No drugs. This is going to be a party for brilliant people, not something like that.

[ A nod, and then: ]

Okay. Thanks.


Feb. 4th, 2015 08:17 pm
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[The first thing that flashes on screen is the top half of Toothiana's face and the rest of her gorgeous feathered 'hair'. There's also a huge blur of motion behind her - her wings fluttering frantically to keep her hovering a foot or so off the ground] Oh! Oh! It's working! Wait. Let me-

[the angle shifts and now there's a better frontal view of her face and part of her upper body, which, apart from her face, seem to be entirely covered in shiny green feathers. As far as expressions go, she looks excited and nervous all at once]

There. Much better. [A delicate hand appears in frame and waves at the phone.] Hi there! If- [she looks briefly hesitant before continuing cheerfully enough] anyone's out there. Sorry. [here she chuckles] This is all new to me. It's hard enough not to leave this thing behind when I fly. [She shrugs her shoulders once, sheepishly.] Anyway, I'm the Tooth Fairy. It's very nice to meet you!

I actually have a very important message for everyone. If you lose any teeth from now on, remember to put them under your pillow before bed! It's strange that there aren't any tooth fairies around but I guess that's why I've been brought here. I usually only collect children's baby teeth but, since I'm starting from scratch here, I'll collect the adults' too, so don't forget!

That's all. Thank you for listening and don't forget to floss!


Feb. 3rd, 2015 10:02 pm
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[Because surely you haven't seen enough new faces, there's another one. The elf is saying something that's clearly him cursing.]

Fenedhis lasa, "it's easy to use" they said! Well, I'll have you know, I'm no expert in tiny little things with blinking lights that are, apparently, not enchanted in some way.

Yes, well, I think the next time a bunch of men in strange clothing cram me into the oddest caravan I'd ever seen, I'll decide perhaps to take what they say with a grain of--

...Wait, is this working now?
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[ Though it had taken some time, she had eventually found someone to give her instructions on the queer little device she'd been given, how to keep to voice, for fear she did not fully understand the strange common tongue written here- at least not enough to use it comfortably. The idea of a video image, some mirror like form of projection, was just too strange to even consider just yet.

Audio would be fine. She'd .. get used to it. Even if there seemed very little she would want to actually 'get used' to. This world was not her own, not by a long shot. ]

Umin hanya... Night falls here and yet even my eyes struggle to see the light of the stars. Is this common on stormless nights?

[ Because why talk about more important things when this is clearly the only thing she can bring herself to say. Hell if she knows if anyone is even listening, let alone will respond. It felt vaguely as if she were walking into a crowded tavern and speaking aloud, waiting for an anonymous voice to reply.

Not that she was nervous. Much. ]

[ IC EDIT after 11pm. ]

My given station is strangely fitting as an archery instructor. I will take on whomever wishes to learn, and shows promise.


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