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[The feed starts off covered up with a soundtrack of muffled "wait so it's on now?" "you have to move your hand off the camera" "ah, that's what that whatsit is? Thank you darlin'" And a moment later the view is cleared, and there's a man smiling like he didn't just make the least smooth debut onto the network that he could've possibly had.]

So our lovely hosts've informed this old man that I'm a late arrival and missed some wild party. You'd think if they have the power to grab people from all over the cosmos they wouldn't be stuck to a strict monthly schedule.

Anyway, the name's Raven. If any of you've got an idea what bars one'd go to ta find the cutest girls in Nonah, I'd appreciate the info. I'm told that's the name of the city I'm situated in.

[Once he gets dropped off, Raven does a quick survey of his immediate surroundings. The architecture was... different. Not so much as to be unfamiliar but it's definitely not like any neighborhood back home, certainly not like the houses in Dahngrest.

Walking inside the house unannounced, Raven wanders around the first floor to get his bearings before pausing in front the mantle to pick up an empty decorative vase. He considers it a moment before just trying to will flowers into place. To his delight it works and the vase fills with an array of fuschia roses with sprigs of baby's breath, lavender and lemon verbena leaves. He trots over to the kitchen to add water to the vase while yelling in the direction of the stairs.]

Hey, anybody home? [Seems like something that should've been checked earlier, Raven.]

[ Voice ]

Oct. 13th, 2015 12:26 am
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[ ALRIGHT! Communication, Internet, chat programs - this is what he lives for! He'd rather be in his world with his people, with actual physical contact, but he has come to appreciate the beauty of online connections ever since he arrived on Human!Earth. ]

Hey everyone. [ it's a jovial male voice with an accent, too ] I'm a new Hero, just like a lot of you - I'm so glad I'm not the only one. The attention would be cool, but kind of weird. [ a small "aha" ] So, I'll try not to bore you with the usual questions, since most were answered with this pretty crazy pamphlet. [ he is faltering. He hates this. It's the second time he is brought to a whole different world, and why must it be another human world? ]

Anyway! I'm Narmoluin, 19 years old. I came from a version of Brazil, specifically the city of Natal. That's why I have this amazing accent; it's perfect, I know. [ he is joking because he is stressed. ] I'm at the House number 32, Heropa. [ who calls their city Heropa, this is a terrible pun ]

As for specific questions, who can tell me about this whole registration thing. Worth it? Not enough perks? Is the government trying to lure us all? And what's up with the tattoo and the nanites in our bloodstream? It really screams "creepy".

... everything does.
[ and he sighs. No, he can't do this. Not today. Not ever. ]

You know what, just... where can I get tons of meat and milk, keeping in mind I just arrived. Which means I'm probably poor if I don't accept the Government of the United States as my overlord.

002; text

Sep. 30th, 2015 08:20 pm
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[ So with the beach trip out of the way, and finally progressing to the point where she can actually be allowed to go to other people's houses, there's one last thing Hinami's been thinking about. ]

theres schools here right? but not a lot of people go?

is it fun? i guess it's really easy to make friends if youre around a lot of people your age and working together

i only know what they actually do in one because of onee-chan and books. i do all my work at home.

[ it's curiosity for now. because lord only knows if cannidad and cannimom are ready for that request. ]
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[The video starts, and it's a face that might be familiar to some but not so familiar to others. It's a super ordinary, super smiley face, and Aunt Cass as she is known has attached her phone to a tripod for this recording. It's a good thing; considering how excited she is, looking like she's just barely holding herself back from bouncing in place, the recording would've had enough shaky-cam to give the first Hungry Games movie a run for its money.]


[But her excitement could only be contained for so long. Her hands make a nice, clear sound as she claps them together.]

Hi, guys! My name is Cass, for those of you who don't know me, and for those of you who didn't know about this, I used to run a coffee shop back home. That is, in San Fransokyo, which is kind of like San Francisco but also like Tokyo. Funny how that works, right? Anyway. [She reels herself back in before she goes on too much of a tangent, bringing her small body up to its fullest height and smiling even wider than before, if possible.]

I'm happy to announce today that at the beginning of next month, on October 2nd, my nephews and I will be opening up the second branch of the Lucky Cat Café here in Heropa! We'll be on the corner of [she names a couple streets here] ready to serve you hot coffee, pastries, and Japanese food if that's more to your taste. Come stop by!

And also... [Here, she chills out a little and relaxes, hands clasped in front.] I used to run the place by myself since our house was right above it, but this time, I'm looking to ask you guys for some help. So if you have any experience or interest in working at a coffee shop, let me know.


Sep. 24th, 2015 10:51 pm
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[ Junseo's got the camera a little too close to his face as he holds it above his head while he dramatically splays across a sofa in an apartment that isn't his. ]

Uhm so...

[ Twisting the communicator so he can show off the room around him, the image shakes heavily for a bit as he sits up. ]

This is Jin Jinseok's apartment, only he's not in it.

[ Back to his face. ]

He only just got here, so he can't be gone yet.

[ Boy is that a hint of desperation in his voice? It sure is! ]

Someone has to have seen him, right? He is really short [ or just a little under average. ], and he doesn't like to wear full shirts or any shirts if he doesn't have to, and he likes to talk about himself a lot.

[ He'll be staring down the screen now, a worried look on his face, hoping someone's gonna have some good news for him. ]
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[The video that appears in front of you is of a big red wolf, one of the eyes working fine with the other closed tightly. He's sitting outside around some trees with a big white signboard near his paws. He moves in closer and nudges it with his nose, getting a wet mark all over it before licking it off. Pulling back, he sits up, almost like a well domesticated dog before picking up the sign with his teeth and holding it up with his paws. In a very scribbled writing, it reads the following.]

My Master, Cu Chulainn, has been leaving me all alone with no one to play with.
I need someone to take me for lots of walks and play with me.
Currently in Maurita Falls.
Will travel for playmates.

[He drops the sign and wags his tail rapidly, looking pleased as punch with what he did. He's laying down on the ground and waiting for someone... anyone, really, to respond. And although he is a canine, he is a smart enough one to reach forward to tap on the device to turn it off.

Take that, Lancer.]


Sep. 7th, 2015 05:16 pm
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[ The video feed cuts on to the image of someone's foot in a sneaker, then it cuts off again, it's dark for a second before cutting back onto the same image, and after a couple seconds of the foot wiggling back and forth to the rhythm of some song no one on the network can actually hear the video portion cuts back off again.

Finally a voice can be heard, and it sounds a little dazed and in awe.

That was the last one.

[ And without any clarification he's moving right along to the next topic at hand. ]

Hey, do people not like to fire anyone that isn't from around here? I didn't go to my job for two weeks after that shitty party at the university, but they still haven't fired me. My old boss probably wouldn't have fired me either, but he would have gotten really angry at me, and I kind of always thought if you weren't a local mostly people wanted to get rid of you as fast as possible.

I don't actually like the job anyway, so it would have been fine if they fired me. But then I don't have anything else lined up, and they gave me a house to live in and money, but I don't actually know if you get to keep those if you stop working. I didn't go to work for a month before I ended up here by accident, but it wasn't because I didn't want to work, it was because I couldn't find my boss. And he paid for my apartment, so I'm pretty sure that I'm going to lose that soon too, since I haven't paid the rent this month, and I don't really want to go sleep in a public saunas, but maybe it'd be better than not sleeping in one, because at least they have mats for you to sleep on and a roof. Only I don't know how long I'd even be able to pay for that...

[ He trails off like he lost his train of thought there, which honestly he probably did.

After a few seconds of heavy silence he decides to cut to the chase and end this rambling stream of consciousness with what's really eating at him right now.

I don't actually want to be here.

[ The rest of his ramble was pretty loud and animated, this last sentence is said a lot softer in a flat tone. What he wants people to do about it is anyone's guess, since it's not like people can just take him home. He's already been told as much. ]

[ Video ]

Sep. 5th, 2015 03:27 pm
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[ It’s Kaneki’s face on video; last time he made a post he was having a mental breakdown GOOD THING HE LOOKS NORMAL NOW. He isn’t going to talk about what happened last month; it has been 3 weeks and a lot of people have mentioned it already. If anyone wishes to talk about it, fine – but he won’t be the first to start the conversation. ]

I know this will be a very strange question coming from someone like me. [ since he doesn’t eat human food ] But I would like to know what are your favorite dishes and food. What do you like the most that I can acquire or cook in this country?

It’s not for me, obviously, since it’ll only taste like rotten intestines to me, [ kaneki has a great and colorful vocabulary for human food, yeah ] but I would like to try cooking something.

I might need a taster... [ last time he cooked, he didn't need one, but- ]
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[Kaneda had been in Heropa for a day or so when he say Kazu talking to a certain missing psychic. Kazu was his only clue to where he could be, and Heropa was the last place he'd been. Well, he wasn't exactly wrong; Tetsuo was indeed on the move and causing trouble, Kaneda now in pursuit of him. How does he keep up? Well, he just looked for the trail of betrayal and bitterness (and destruction) and followed that. His bike was fast, sure, but Tetsuo had a good head start, not to mention Kaneda was actually trying to avoid traffic an pedestrians. SHOUT OUT TO STILL NOT HAVING HIS DRIVER'S LICENSE.



That's it. While in pursuit, and police sirens heavy in his ears, he pulls out his comm. Hello everyone! Don't use the phone and drive.]


[Why is he yelling? Well, the sirens in the background, as well as the wind whipping past him makes it hard for decent conversation. What can he say? He's doing this for all of you! He seems to be resting his wrist on his handlebar while holding the phone up with his fingers, eyes kept on the road as he surveys the situation.]

Figured now would be a great time to do a traffic report since some people [see: Quill] think I'm not dedicated enough to my job. Wanna see your traffic?

[His hand flicks the communicator up against the glass windshield of his bike, swirling around to show Tetsuo and a girl he can't seem to recognize off in the distance causing havoc, police just ahead of him in the chase. He knew those guys didn't stand a chance. Call it first hand experience from the Swear-In.]


[He weaves past a few of the cop cars, only one following over the overpass that lies ahead. If he can just get past it, it'd be easy to take him down. Tetsuo wasn't much further, close enough to see him do what would normally be too dangerous of a jump for his skill--Oh wait. That's a flying police car in his direction. There's no time to react, except swerve his bike in the least damaging way to impact this.]


[And the feed cuts to static, a scream and a loud, sickening 'clank'. It fritzes for a moment or two, and when it opens back up, despite the video having a few glitches, shows a nice overhead view of the street below the overpass. gravel and dust brushes past the screen as something starts to move it. Seems like Kaneda's still got a hold of it, fingers gripping it for dear life as his initial signs of life move it towards his face. You look like a car ran over you, kid.]

Jesus Christ...Ow.

[The impact had certainly done some damage to him, his yellow shirt with a nice tear at the shoulder to the armpit, and his head hurts like a motherfucker. Some bruising, too, naturally, because he certainly couldn't get enough of that! But for the most part, he's pretty okay, which is more than a lot of people can say from being hit with a police car. Most of them know. Dead. His one free hand reaches up to his hair, trying to get the constant wooziness out of his head before he turns, eyes cast down to--


HE CERTAINLY IS HANGING OVER THAT OVERPASS--there's a slight moment of panic, hands scrambling to cling to whatever stone lie still intact beneat him, before trailing his own body to see just what's keeping him from becoming a pancake on the freeway. Upon inspection, it looks like some twisted metal from the railing caught around his ankle, locking him firmly in place, albeit upside down. Bending up, the puts his hands on his boot ankle to inspect it. Bad, BAD idea. Needles shoot up his side, lacing his entire chest with pain as he attempts to Maybe that car did a little more damage than he realized...and his bike? Well, that's nowhere to be seen.

Slumping in defeat, he holds the camera up and throws his free arm across his eyes. Heads.]

Say, anyone want to help a guy out?

001; video

Aug. 4th, 2015 01:40 pm
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 [ she shouldn't show her face. it's not safe. hinami knows this. it'd been clear from the file they'd given her that the government here knows what she is. for all she knows, this is a trick.

but she doesn't know this world, and she's in this apartment all by herself and that's...terrifying. and the lady she'd spoken to her had told her that maybe she could find someone she knows if she tried, so... 

she's not easily visible despite this. the room she's in is dark, like she's holed herself up in it. (the door is definitely locked, she's been warned enough times about being careful.)

nonetheless, she sounds young, early teens at most. 

There's no one here and it's really quiet. I don't like it. I want to go home.

[ and then, quieter: ]

Onee-chan? Onii-chan? They said you might be here... Banjou-san?
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[Al feels like he's in a very surreal dream. He might have even believed he was dreaming, if he hadn't been wholly incapable of sleep for years now. He follows the strangers almost in a daze as they explain about his tattoo, give him a file containing information on alchemy, and usher him into a waiting car outside the facility.

He spends the car ride examining everything he's been given in detail. Reading the file back to front several times over, looking for codes, and then exploring each option of how this strange, cordless telephone thing works. When he's deposited outside Heropa #31, he simply sits on the doorstep for a long time, looking like a weird garden statue that's been displaced.

Only after a couple of hours of thought, of looking through everything he can find, does he finally decide that he is ready to talk to others. The voice that comes through the network is very young, has a strange almost tinny echo to it, and is - incongruously for someone new - almost vibrating with excitement.]

This place is amazing!

[He had sometimes suspected that it might not be out of the realm of possibility that other worlds could be accessed through the Gate of Truth, but this seems like confirmation of that. He is concerned, he knows he needs to get home, of course, but in the meantime he can't stifle his wild interest at such a breaking new discovery.]

Oh, um, sorry--! My name is Alphonse Elric, and I've just arrived here. I'm still not really sure what's going on, and I definitely think there's been a mistake somewhere, but I'd really like to meet everyone. I have so many questions, I can still barely believe what's happening!
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[the network ID attached to this post is, as ever, Marceline the Vampire Queen. it's early dusk in a park in Heropa, and Marceline looks vaguely annoyed, even with her ax-bass and a tiny muppet dog chilling in her lap. and her hair taking up like 50% of the frame. she gives him pets and scritches anyway though, tossing a stick for him to go after.]

Hey, creeps. That new zombie mess wrap up yet? [without even pausing--] Whatever, I don't care, this is way more important.

[people are dead, marceline]

You know, I could deal with Florida's whacked-out always-clear-and-sunny weather bull before, but it's not funny anymore. I think I'm gonna move... De Chima seems ok, I dunno. [She flattens her lips and hums in thought, leaning back and giving her new dog some more attention when he comes running back. The dog looks up to the camera, tilting his head.]

There you go, Ozzy, say hi to everybody. [he yaps at her phone, and Marceline laughs.] Yeah, man, that's the way!

[she is so fucking charmed with this tiny pupnik.]
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[The feed's gonna first cut in with the image of the sky--it's a beautiful day, and there's enough big fluffy clouds to give some shade cover in most places. Otherwise it's burning hot. There won't be a face on the video, at first, it's instead going to curve down to a swimming pool, alongside what looks like a Hotel. There are kids playing in it, and a few adults hanging around outside on the pool floor, as well.]

Man, if there's one thing you don't ever see in Tokyo, it's stuff like this. I mean, we get real nice days, sure. And if you go out into the country, you can go swimming, too. But an outdoor swimming pool? [The camera pans up, and it finally shows the image of a sunflower-haired teen, a squinty smile that beams sunshine perhaps just as bright as the sun itself. ...He's holding the phone up-side-down, so he is, too. Sorry.]

Saw what I think was an alligator in a pond, yesterday, too. Just chillin', people walking by it like it was no big deal.

Talk about your strange things and weird surroundings. Really makes you miss home, in some ways.
Or maybe it makes home seem boring.

[He'll finally right the camera; a grin still plastered on his face.]

Unless this sort of place is normal life for you guys. Was your home like this? Or was it way different? I'm a little curious to know--I can't be the only one feelin' a little outta place sometimes, Can I?


May. 17th, 2015 01:59 pm
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[There is no greeting, just a shot of Sabriel's face, all seriousness and barely contained fury. When she speaks, there is both calm authority and something deeply urgent in her tone. She's at the porter in Heropa, getting ready to step inside. She's dressed in the clothes she arrived in- right down to her surcoat, with the sword she commissioned from Revan at her hip.]

I need every imPort with experience fighting the Dead to come to Maurtia Falls- I don't know how many Dead he managed to raise, but hopefully the canal will keep them on one side of the city. If the Dead he's raised follow the rules of my world, they won't be able to cross running water. Their presence may cause technology to break- and guns will not be effective. If he's raised Dead with physical bodies, they'll need to be completely destroyed to keep them down. If he's managed to create Shadow Hands- bodiless spirits... we'll need magic to stop them.

I'm going to find Ma-Melkor, and take my bells back. Once that's done, I'll be able to put down whatever he's raised easily enough.

As for everyone living in Maurtia Falls- [Sabriel takes a deep breath, and starts reciting the precautions she'd recited in class, back in Ancelstierre.]

Be inside by nightfall. Lock all doors and windows. Deny entry to strangers. Shed light inside and out. Prepare candles and lanterns for when the electricity fails. Wear silver. If caught outdoors, find running water.

May the Charter be with us all.

[ooc: Sabriel will reply to comments, but may cut things short if she feels it's going nowhere.]

[ Audio ]

May. 7th, 2015 05:29 pm
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[ ID reads: KEN KANEKI ]

I can't find or contact Juuzou Suzuya, which leads me to assume he was ported back. If any of his housemates are around, let me know if he left anything behind. He has something of mine. [ which is one of Kaneki's organs. Yeah, an actual organ, not the instrument kind ] I don't think he will be missed.

Besides that, I'm off probation, back to being registered. [ like the good government dog. Woof woof. ] I suppose that part of my life is finally done with. [ ahahaha... ]

I have a couple of questions. One for those who have left the United States and visited other countries: what were the biggest differences from the Earth you know? I have no plans on leaving the country, I'm only curious. [ probably ]

Finally, I need fashion tips. Because apparently what I wear has been questioned a lot, lately. [ staring at you, Touka and Hide ]


May. 6th, 2015 03:47 pm
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Hey. Who knows about cats? Not me, that’s who! [And she’s not too happy about it.]

But there’re enough people on the network that someone’s gotta know, right? So- help me out! [It’s more of an angry demand than a request…

Touka leans off-screen to reach for something. There’re a coupe of ugly, high-pitched “meowing” sounds mixed in with a few things toppling over and falling onto the floor. After a few seconds pass, she finally produces a small, mangy-looking grey tabby in both her hands. Actually, this little scrap is barely an adult cat…more like he’s just out of kittenhood.

Some attempts at brushing have been made, but there’re still clumps of grime visible in the cat’s fur.]

I got this guy off the streets, so I figured he might be a pain in the ass. But he’s tearing my shit up, getting dirt everywhere, and I know cats hate water, but I’d really, really like to get him cleaned up.

[She gives an exasperated sigh as the cat continues to squirm in her hands.]

Just- I don’t know. Advice? Anyone? [Cats were supposed to be easy to take care of, weren’t they?]
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[Behind Riku, the scenery seems to be... Disney World?]

I decided to check out this theme park, since I've heard a lot of talk about it and the name "Disney" is familiar to me, but... I didn't really expect to see this guy.

[The camera pans to the left, and visible behind him is a Mickey Mouse costume actor, taking a picture with a couple of kids.]

Can anybody explain this to me, because I didn't know Mickey had a weird impersonator.

video | 001

May. 5th, 2015 08:53 pm
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[ The feed opens with the uncomfortably close view of a tan nose and one dark nostril, and then the owner leans back to reveal more of his face; bright blue eyes, messy blonde hair, three whisker shaped marks down both of his cheeks... He gives the camera a stumped look. ] Uhh- [ Just as he opens his mouth to speak, the feed suddenly swishes upwards to grace the network with the view of his ceiling, and after crying out a loud "Come on!" hands appear to rearrange his set up. For a brief moment there's a flash of some upside down instant noodle cup that he was obviously using as a stand, and then the feed is focused on his face again. ]

Alright, are ya done now, little box? If I gotta prop you up one more time I'm gonna throw you out the window, so you better behave, y'know! [ Enough talking to the device, Naruto, talk to the network instead. ] Hey. I'm.... Naruto. [ He squints and scratches his face; he's not used to talking to boxes, so it's an understatement to say he's a little awkward about this exchange. ] ...In Konoha we use birds to send messages -- like, carrier hawks and stuff -- but even then I usually just find whoever I wanna talk to if I have to tell 'em somethin'.... and I've never even seen one of these things- [ He gestures at the camera; waving his hand blindly at the screen. ] -before, so uh.. this is kinda weird.

[ He sighs like his words are apology he's reluctant to give, and then settles his arms folded behind his head to assume a thinking pose. He's been told to introduce himself to the network using this little magic box, but... where to begin? His story is a long one, and despite usually being so intent on sharing it with others, now he finds himself little lost for words. After all, these people won't know what a Hokage is, or what an honor it is to be a Leaf ninja... They might not even know what a ninja is! ]

I come from the Land of Fire. I know you guys don't know where that is 'cause it doesn't exist anywhere near Am-ri-ka... [ An excellent attempt, Naruto, but it might have been better if your attempt had sounded anything like the word it was intended to. ]... but I've been told it's kinda like your Japan? Anyways, I'm a ninja of the Leaf village there, and one day I'm gonna be the leader of that village. Just as soon as I get back home and straighten everythin' out. I got some promises to keep.

[ He pauses for a second, then his face splits in a grin. He can't help it. How can he be sad when he's thinking of home and all the faces that will be so happy to see him when he gets back? ] It's still kinda hard to believe this isn't genjutsu, y'know. Except genjutsu is usually pretty awful, and this place isn't so bad. I got a job and stuff to do, and one of my team mates even lives close by! [ A look flashes across his face, a twitch playing at the corner of his mouth... then his voice grows firm and his eyes sparkle with defiance. ] It'd be better if all my friends were here, but that's okay. I'll be back with 'em soon.

In the mean time, I guess we're all in this together, so if anyone ever needs me, I'll be around y'know!
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[Here's a face and voice that hasn't been seen for nearly three weeks or so. He doesn't look too great, either; not because he's sick (or formerly sick, for that matter), but because it's pretty jarring to go to bed on the second of April and then wake up in a Porter on May first to find out you missed a minor "zombie" epidemic and a dragon rampage. At least the last time this happened it had been a quiet month.]

...Hey, um. I'm back, I guess. Not that I remember going home, this time, but...looks like I lost about a month, anyway. Missed a lot, it sounds like.

[He hesitates a moment, as if he's unsure he wants to ask what he's about to ask, but then swallows and presses on:]

How--how bad was it? How many casualties...?

[He rubs at his neck, a little anxiously. Obviously he can't control port-outs, but he still acutely feels the guilt for not having been able to help. Not that he could have done anything if he had been here--he's no scientist, certainly--but the sentiment lingers nonetheless.]

If anyone needs anything, lemme know. I wanna help, if I can.

[That's everything he wanted to say, right? He doesn't think he forgot anythi--]

Oh, right, I'm Kotetsu, if you don't know me. Um, welcome, if you're new. Kinda late, but--anyway. Things aren't actually always terrible here, I swear.


Apr. 29th, 2015 11:49 pm
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[Some people don't appreciate being pinned down by quarantine. Edward's got a healthy enough appreciation for his own health and wellbeing, but it's been over a week now and this is getting beyond a joke now, and what you get on screen is a very frustrated looking ruffian who's never really enjoyed being told where he needs to stay.]

So if this whole city's been condemned to damnation by this outbreak and no-one's any closer to finding a cure, what's goin' to happen to rest of us who ain't sick but have to stay put? Are we all s'posed to stay here twiddlin' our thumbs until our rations drop off or we all wind up infected and die anyway?

[He sounds particularly unimpressed by that option.]

This is bollocks. I thought this technology stuff people keep harpin' on about was meant to be the savin' grace of this modern era. It's a joke. This is no different from what the British have been trying to do to Nassau.

[He takes a quick slug of something from a bottle and wipes his mouth.]

Well I ain't stickin' round here waiting to get sick, that's for sure.


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