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I always liked the fall. Nice scenery, good food, cool nights and mild days. Holidays right around the corner. Things always feel a little cozy in the fall. I died in the fall, too, so I guess I've got a special attachment to it.

I think people are getting a little out of control with the pumpkin spice thing, though. Was it really that good?

[That's your Manipulator: your occasionally poetic villain who occasionally makes thoroughly pointless network posts because he's eternally bored.]

I was a big fan of Halloween too. Nothing more fun than dressing up in costume and eating candy until you puke. Of course, that was a long time before I knew that ghosts were real.

By the way, you should probably keep that in mind before you cut holes in sheets and start running around making oooooo-noises, jerks.

In any case, I had a conversation the other day that got me thinking. Do ghosts exist where you come from? And if they do, what are they like?

If there's not ghosts, maybe there are monsters or something kind of like that. Whatever kind of spooky-type creatures you might have in your own dimensions. I'd kind of like to hear about what they're like in other places.

[You know, just in case someone has an idea he hasn't thought of yet.]

In before "ghosts don't exist anywhere." You're going to have a hard time convincing me of that.

((All replies to this message will come from "The Manipulator," and will only be in text or audio format.))]


Aug. 21st, 2014 12:36 am
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Is there a proper procedure or something for handling sudden species changes? A few weeks ago I was human, and before that I was Cybertronian... and now I'm Cybertronian again! I really hope I stay Cybertronian this time because it wasn't fun being small and squishy.

But hello everyone! My name is Tailgate and I'm not happy to be here at all, but I'm happy to meet new people! So. Hi! I hope that wasn't too eager.

I don't have much experience with organics to be honest, but I'm willing to learn if you don't mind teaching me a thing or two.

[Translation: Someone please be my friend.]

Are there any other Cybertronians out there? Hello?
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( most people would certainly be shocked or in a very dismal state at finding themselves in a place like this. where the government just plucked them from their homes and slapped a job and power on them and told them to go forth future hero. ferris......he was confused, there's no doubt in that, but the truth was he was rather happy about all this.

it meant he no longer had to go back to school, for the time being. it also meant he had a chance to be someone here. of course whether that was a good thing for everyone else was unknown.

introductions were perhaps the greatest things in the world. it meant ferris could be anyone or anything to the people here. he could be a well cultured man [not that he wasn't in one way or another], he could be a cowboy for crying out loud. he could be anything he so desired.

of course he didn't have much time did he? before others showed up and took the spotlight out from under his feet.

so before all those who were watching, ferris sat in his room wearing a suit, with her dark hair slicked back. before him, his nightstands were arranged to look like a table, and behind him was a large, poorly colored on, canadian flag.

he looked straight ahead with an expression full of confidence and smugness. )

Greetings my fellow Americans. My name is Ferris, Ferris Bueller. I am the Canadian Ambassador and I'd like to say thank you for welcoming me into your lovely state. Flo-Rida.

( he was clearly going to leave out the part where he was actually the intern to the canadian ambassador.

no one needed to know that. )

I found the hot, sweltering sun to be comforting in comparison to the icy lands of Canada. And the football? Much better than the dumb hockey games that could be found back in Canada.

Now I don't want to waste anymore of anyone's time, but I'd like to ask everyone help with two things. One, any information about this....this state that I can receive, whether it be about the heroic duties I have to complete or the best beer in town would be welcomed. Two, if anyone can tell me if they know a Cameron Frye or Sloane Peterson, that would be just great.

( he coughs a bit before he holds up his hand. )

Thank you for your time America. Stay safe or be forced to have free health care. Oh and the residents of residence number one, please excuse the dog in the living room.


Jul. 14th, 2014 09:33 pm
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welp. guess what i never want to do again?

(if you guessed going into space on a shuttle hijacked by evil russian dudes, congratulations. you're right. good job.)

since space travel's out and regular travel was never in, i need more stuff to occupy my summer. i'm running dangerously low on fun and whimsy. i'm just fixing cars every day in between events that are apparently just going to end horribly every time.

suggestions? i'm willing to stoop to arts and crafts at this rate.

how y'all feel about paracord bracelets?


Jul. 2nd, 2014 01:43 pm
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[ This video is obviously taken at an office, at Hans's desk, in a moderately sized office. Hans gives the camera a little wave...and man oh man, does he already seem way too proud of himself. Oh dear. ]

About a month or so ago, I asked Lieutenant Ananke for some information about former heroes. Since then, I've been doing a little bit of research and emailing with some people who knew them. Most people have accepted the fact that their relations may be dead--there's a lot of gravestones for former heroes. Reactions to their deaths really run the gamut. Some are proud of the heroes, some are worried that they're in a bad place, some don't want to talk about it, but pretty much everybody thinks that they're dead.

[ Which is honestly worrying considering that the government wants them to be heroes, but Hans is keeping up appearances and not mentioning that at ALL. ]

Anyway, I just thought that it was something people should know! I've got a few more names to look into but feel free to ask me any questions. Though, you should know... [ there's an annoyed pause here, as Hans frowns. ] I didn't find any information about whether or not they were members of that Hornets group mentioned. Unsurprisingly, most people seemed unwilling to talk about it. And to be honest, I couldn't find any information about these Hornets--they seem to be an urban legend over anything else.

[ Of course, Hans did find some information about a couple of heroes whose parents were worried they had fallen into the wrong crowds. But he's not going to tell the communicator that, not when he's got more work to do to find specifics and can possibly use the information for himself. Then his annoyed expression fades, to a bit of a worried frown. ]

On another note, is everybody okay? I know that paintball game must have been absolutely horrible. At least, I know I hated it. [ a siiiigh, as he crosses his arms over his chest. ] I'm certain the stress of the game wore on the nerves of some people, including one of my poor housemates. He was hardly behaving like his normal self.

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Hey, everyone. [He clears his throat because talking to a network like this is definitely still not something he's very used to and he feels awkward, but that's being a teenager for you. He's a confident teenager though, so ultimately he just flashes a grin.]

Chad here. I know this might be bad timing, given paintball adventures, but as some of you might already know, I'm into basketball.

[Or as everyone with eyes might know, given there's a basketball on his bed in the background of the video. Why is there a basketball on his bed? Hell, who knows.] So I'd like to play some, if anyone's interested? Maybe we can even put a team or two together.

And on that same line, I've been thinking about combining basketball training with training my powers, so maybe we can even do some superpowered games. Kinda like Space Jam!

[No one has ever sounded this enthused about that movie. Even Chad seems to realize that, given his slightly sheepish expression now.]'s a movie.

[He clears his throat, glances off to the side and then just ends the feed before anything more embarrassing happens.]
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incredibly important announcement pertinent to all existing imports *citation needed )


May. 23rd, 2014 07:49 pm
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Hello? [ A beat. ] I'm not just...talking to myself, right?

I think I remember hearing about the Cold War in the history files they used to give us to read growing up. I don't think it was supposed to last this long though, if I remember right. So either I'm really that bad at my history, or something's wrong with this place. [ His tone seems to suggest that he knows it's not him that's wrong. ]

The problem is that I'm in the middle of my own war, and it doesn't seem that they really give much of a damn about that, no matter how many times I tried to tell them that I have someplace more important to be. [ A pause. ] There's no place to make my case, is there? To go home?

[ It's just wry enough that it's obviously a joke, but just serious enough that there's an edge to it, the desperate hope that maybe something will come out of it. ]

If I'm stuck here, though, I suppose this is where I'm going to go for company, right? No extranet message boards, no videos posted everywhere? [ A pause. ] It's almost the technological dark ages, isn't it? Or almost, although this is pretty close to doing it with letters and a pony express.

I don't know if this means anything, honestly, but this is Major Alenko of the Systems Alliance, and they told me that this was the place to go to talk to people. So since I'm assuming I'm going to get a response to this, and assuming that everyone else has been brought in like I was...

What kind of places are people being pulled from? Is anyone else kind of in the middle of something important? Or a war? What kind of people were they looking for with this kind of kidnapping?
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[ Today's exploration of Miami has taken him the way of a bakery, which he's just leaving as he starts up the video feed. He has a pastel hanging out of his mouth, and its fellows are sitting in a paper bag he's holding at his side as he walks down the street. Of course, he should have probably thought this out a little more before starting up the video. He's not going to talk with his mouth open (this time), so instead, he just makes a face as he manages to open his mouth wide enough to pull the entire pastel in with his tongue. The boa constrictor mouth is not a speedster ability; it's all Wally.

The pastry's devoured in a matter of seconds and he looks to the video with a big ol' grin.

Sorry about that little delay, everyone. Name's Wally West, sure the pleasure's all yours. [ He laughs, so it should be obvious that he's not that conceited. Hopefully. ]

But anyway, introductions out of the way, someone please tell me they've found a good place to catch some good music around here. I mean, it's Miami, there's gotta be some hot clubs full of smokin' babes, right? [ Priorities, this one. Never mind that he's only fifteen. That's never stopped him.


Heck, just point me to a dance-off or something where I can get my krumping on.
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Are one of those hovering vehicles easier to maneuver than the usual cars you see here? Are they easier or harder to get for yourself?

[Inumuta's logical words or not, he still can't get his mind of a car. He has a good amount of free time here- there's no real- plotting in his down time just yet. Just work, getting used to the area. And he- just got that damn car back home, he's itching for some road time. Besides, he's just asking, right?]

[He's got a few more questions too- curiosity mostly. How does one take out a loan in this place and what account history does he need for it to be viable? Are imPorts allowed those benefits?]

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[It's pretty early in the morning and Kenzi looks a little tired, the comm in her hands isn't exactly steady but she doesn't look distressed. To anyone who has been there they'll recognize that she's in Chilton's office. The mess she found can't be seen and she's not going to show it just yet.

She runs her hand down her face before heading for the door as if to leave with the camera focused on her face.

I had plans with Fre-- Chilton earlier tonight...last night, whatever, but he never showed. He didn't even return any of my texts which he usually does, quite quickly I might add. So I decided to check up on him. Y'know, thought maybe he'd been sent home or just got too tied up with work and forgot.

[She stops in the doorway, turning to face the interior of the room.]

Yeah, def not thinking that's the case. [She turns her comm so everyone can get a good look at the mess she found. There's blood, for those looking close enough, and it looks like a struggle took place. She lets it linger for a moment before turning it back to her, she does not look happy.]

I don't know what the hell happened but... [She trails off and bites her bottom lip to keep from making threats over the network. But the threat is still there, silent as it is. She looks like she might say more for a moment before turning off the feed.]
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Attention all imPorts, this is Ira Gamagori speaking! New arrival and recently appointed bootcamp instructor of Cape Canaveral! I require answers and attendance by those that know me and are from or know of Honnō City and it's Academy!

[The voice is LOUD and well- okay no it is really loud because it's not just coming from a man. It's coming from a giant, or steadily growing man into a giant. Anyone nearby the city they were first all dragged into can see, as if a building growing out of thin air, a figure appears. Huge, larger and larger till he's more edifice than man as he makes his announcement. He's tanned, blonde, and massive in his own right, built like a damn truck even without this size growing schtick he seems to have. Dressed in a black and gold uniform with spiked shoulder pads that he's hoping is familiar to some...]

[Seems to really mean business too. That size is for show as well as the way his voice seems to quake the damn ground. So you may hear this over the network- and then you may just hear this in general.]

I realize there is still much to be doing and I expect all of you to be keeping busy being a part of the community- whatever your priorities may be. But I need the response of anyone that falls under those categorizes to report to me HERE and NOW!

For anyone that these do not apply to- for you have I separate inquiries- If you have the time to answer them, speak now! My questions will center around this place and those that you have come from. While I intend to take my new occupation seriously, I still desire information!

[Crosses his arms, face stern, those twin peaks of blonde eyebrows not relaxing once.] -Speaking of this- Bootcamp troops! I am expecting nothing from you but your attention! You are unmolded clay 'til I have you in my presence and you will be made into perfect spectacles of soldiers! BRING YOUR PASSION AND SPIRIT YOU PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTHING! HERE OR THERE- YOU STILL ARE NOTHING WITHOUT PROPER DISCIPLINE!

[Gotta make sure those NPCs bootcamp grunts know he's on this too after all.]

[Also, he will start to shrink back again after his announcement is made.]
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[So T'Challa's been here a day or so. He gets the gist. Time to address the public like all noobies do! People who know T’Challa may notice he has grown a beard in recent times, and is also wearing glasses. With how many people here that likely recognizes him, there’s little point in having another identity, so he won’t use the fake name he was given in Hell's Kitchen. But for now, he doesn’t see much of a point to change his civilian appearance.

If anything it will let others know what period of time he is from.]

Making network posts seem to be one of the more common ways to introduce ones self in this universe, so I have decided to not stray far from the normal routine. My name is T’Challa and I have been in this world for about a day. And despite a lack of... subtlety--[Such as HEROpa.]-- there doesn't appear to be many large differences between my universe and this one.

But even so, I do have a few questions. Questions mainly for those who have likely been here for a couple of years. Over the network I have seen talk about a world that took place before this one. “City” is the name I keep hearing. I am curious as to what this other “City” was like. How similar is this world to that one? Were these same laws still in place as well as the tattoos?

As for everyone else... [...] Tell me. How has your day been?

[THAT'S what's missing from the network! Polite behavior gawd. Everyone's so busy arguing and stuff they never ask the small things!]

1 | VIDEO.

Mar. 25th, 2014 05:04 pm
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Okay! So. Alternate universe. This is really happening. [Stop. Sigh.] Okay. Wish I could say it's the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Guess I should introduce myself--?

I'm Katie. Hi. I'm not sure who's running this place after all, but bringing in people like me is a really bad idea. Like - I'm happy to help and all, but cutting me off from my resources is gonna do everybody more harm than good. Unless anyone's heard of Madame Klein's school?

[D'er. A little too hopeful, maybe. Another sigh.]

Back home I'm a dancer in New York. I was actually moving up to Broadway, so. Thanks for taking that dream away from me, big machine.

[And. She figures she's been dancing around it long enough. No pun intended.]

I'm sort of possessed. Which is only a big deal if you think it is - but that kinda makes me one of the bad guys. Unless demon-gods are a problem one this side of the universe, too - then I can probably help. I mean - I don't remember much about taking care of that problem, but I remember enough.

Promise I won't Hulk out or anything; it's under control. [Most of the time. Not awkward. nope.

She then seems to realize something else she wanted to mention, lifting a finger--]

Oh, yeah - if anyone sees a strand of red hair for sale on eBay, please let me know. I've got a kid's ass to kick.


Thanks. Excelsior, or something.

two; video

Mar. 15th, 2014 12:05 am
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[Hans clicks on the video. He's sitting, shock and surprise, at a desk and is wearing a simple oxford shirt.]

I've only been here about a month and I'm already moving up! [a tiny pause, then he breaks out into a wide grin, obviously proud of himself.] You're looking at the new liaison for imPort Public Relations!

[because he is just massively done with the idea of being a waiter. serving others? utterly ridiculous. He was a prince after all.]

Part of my job involves putting together publicity spots promoting registration. I know that for some of you, you've only been here for a short while but if anybody has any success stories of how the government has helped them out, then I'd greatly appreciate it if you told them to me!

[someone should also probably teach him how to use an actual video camera or how to type with more than two fingers but hey, baby steps.]
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[After getting somewhat settled into her new home, Eiko had spent an hour or so playing with the communicator she'd been given. She was told that she could use it to reach out to others like her so she fired it up to look at what all could be found. Admittedly, it wasn't quite as promising as it'd originally sounded. A few bits rather disturbing.

Once she was confident in the devices uses, and made sure she looked presentable, she'd start the video recorder. It was set propped up while she sat on her bed.]

I'm not real happy about being taken from my home without being asked either, but it's not really as bad as some are making it out to be. At least they're being responsible and giving us places to live. Haven't any of you been willing to do anything to help someone you cared about?

[Naive? Maybe a little. Her friend Shiiko's influence starting to rub off on her. Shiiko could never say no to a person in need, especially if they were crying. Eiko's not that bad, but she wouldn't want Shiiko to think badly of her. Besides, what could be so bad about helping people?]

Sorry, I didn't mean to lecture anyone. Lets try again. My name is Eiko Magami, age seventeen. It's nice to meet all of you.

[She says the last bit with a bow of her head and a smile before the video ends. She hopes she didn't make anyone upset with that first bit.]
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That didn't take long, did it?

[ Unsurprisingly, Kate sounds tired to some extent. What is surprising, to her at least, is that she isn't as tired as she had anticipated being after finally being cured of her mania. No longer are her words bursting with vigor, her voice tempered and quiet. ]

Something was bound to happen not too long after imPorts began to show up here again. [ A beat. ] Just like the City. I wonder what comes next.

[ There are footsteps in the background, padded and soft; not hers, for anyone with good ears. ]

The more things change, the more they stay the same, hm? A pessimistic expression, I'm aware. Maybe I need to change it up a little for my own pleasure. Familiarity is nice, but repetition gets boring quickly. [ Another pause. ] The fifties was known for its experimentation with culture and style.


► 040.

Feb. 28th, 2014 09:12 pm
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Has anyone else been given a job that they never thought they would have, but they have ended up liking it? I don't think these job assignments were such a bad idea. It's been a nice way to try something new. For me, at least.

And what are some activities that children would like? I need to think of some for Monday.


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