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[ One tap, and then another on the communicator. A couple more to assure it is on and working. After confirmation of his, a dry gulp can almost be heard, which would be weird, considering that, on the other side of the video transmission is a ghost, one whose image makes itself seen on the screen of anyone watching the submission. His pale blue skin would easily make anyone mistake him for some sort of walking corpse, and surprisingly, the answer wasn’t far from that. Tilting his head, making it clear there would be a drop of sweat trickling down his face were he able to produce any, he addresses anyone who may be watching. Behind him, to those spiritually attuned, or for those who are often in touch with the supernatural, they may spot a couple of floating, purple blobs. ]

Um, hello?

[ A third, pointless tap on the device, almost like when you're 100% sure you've saved your game but save it again for good measure. Whim had seen many folks introduce themselves over the network when he went down the existing broadcasts, some very straightforward, some a bit questionable, and some just downright frightening. None of these apply to him, in the slightest, and the way his eyes dart from left to right as he tries to put together his next sentence outright reveals that immediately. So far, this doesn't seem like the safest place to be, so in the end, as hard as it is, it may prove better to introduce himself to the locals he'll be living with rather than just sneak by and keep a low profile. ]

Uh, um. Hi. [ The thought of all the people that will be watching this broadcast hits him once more, and there's a slight pause as a result. ]

M-my name's Whim. [ An awkward pause. ] I'm... going to try and skip along what I know everyone else is asking, to not be so much of a bother, and... and...

[ God, what is he going on about? He needs to wrap this up before he goes and makes more of an idiot of himself. ]

I, um, I was wondering, since there seems to be a big variety of things in this city, if anyone could give me a helping hand in traversing it, if it's not too much of a bother?

[ He was about to mutter a "thank you" to end his broadcast, but with his fidgety hands being the way they are, he drops his communicator, which, before landing, records a rather distressed yell from him, and it hits the ground, conveniently ending the broadcast. ]

--- TEXT -----

Also, I will be staying at Heropa#019
And working at Ghoulish Goods, so please do visit!


Feb. 10th, 2016 09:12 pm
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[Is it working? That's what the young man on screen seems to be wondering when he turns on the video on his communicator-- and then, seeing it's recording, smiles contentedly. With all the grace of a tourist, he greets the network with an amiable smile.]

Good afternoon! It's Totty!

[Is he sparkling. he sounds like he's introducing himself like he's on a dating show...]

I've been watching-- and it's a habit to make video messages here, isn't it? So I decided, I should make a video as well! I have to say, a trip like this to the U.S. is wild-- [ESPECIALLY for free] --and aha...

I think I've been checking out the wrong places! Tourism in De Chima... It's strange, isn't it? I had the hardest time getting in line at the mall, and there was litter even on the floor inside...!

Tourist's luck, mm? Maybe I just need better tour guides~!

Let me know where I should go!

[...Yeah that sure was an adult.]
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[Oh, he's been waiting for this. The moment he got back from Antarctica, the thought of getting somewhere warm enough and able to broadcast to the entire network had been on his mind. He wanted to show this off; HIS WIN. Proving himself where Pan had told him he couldn't. So the feed opens up to show Kaneda leaning back on a chair, using his feet to rock the back legs forward and back. Nothing's in his hands, and he doesn't speak right away--it's as if he's choosing his words for this.

Was he a little petty for showing this off publicly? Maybe, but damn if the asshole didn't deserve it. And hell if it didn't make him feel good.

Kaneda makes a motion, as if physically tossing this video onto a table like a hand in poker. He can't, but the image seems to pop up on the screen anyway as an attachment, leaning back in his chair to look at his fingertips.]


Just wanted to let you all know that Peter Pan seems to think I--we can't handle ourselves.

...Actually, no, just me. Guess he's been such a sore loser over his little jungle adventure that he has to chalk it up to luck, huh? And saying I couldn't handle the mission...or bring everyone back home in one piece.

How SAD is that?

[A hand runs through his hair, giving a laugh deep in his throat.]

Pan. I've got two words for you.

Fuck. Off.

[And off to the side,'d miss it if you weren't looking for it...


Looks like someone had something to add.]


Feb. 7th, 2016 07:14 pm
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[Today on the network channel twirling some sort of cyan and magenta cloth around her hand. Her cheeks are puffed out in a thinky-thought, disgruntled expression, and while she does seem to be holding onto her comm with the other hand, she's not yet looking at the camera. She looks off to one side, then around to the next.

Then tosses the cloth into the air and puts that hand to her hip. The cloth... doesn't reappear, at all. Like it vanished into thin air. And the girl turns her attention to the comm.]

Now, this just isn't right! [she declares loudly.] Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for taking on new jobs, but you can't just take a performer away from a show she already had scheduled. Now what'm I gonna tell the boss? And the audience! I bragged about the new trick I was practicing, magicians can't be liars.

[What's a girl gonna do?? But California is so, so far away, and she doesn't have a flight back. She used up fifteen years' of advance allowance last year, so she's stuck, fast! For a second it's almost as if she's planning to end the feed there, but suddenly, like she planned this whiplash of mood, she shrugs her caped shoulders with a cheery "oh well!"]

Well, Wonder Bar will have to wait for now. I have this show to perform at instead! So this is an advertisement -- if you'd like to come see me perform, keep your schedules open for dinner at the Now You Sea It--! in Nonah. Keep your eyes out for me, Trucy. Hope you like seafood!

[And now, announcement made, she takes another look around and frowns, scrunching her face up.]

By the way, I'm looking for a Phoenix. A Phoenix Wright! He always winds up wandering around... I better go find him before my show.
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ACTION: Maurtia Falls

[Later on, after settling somewhat into realizing this won't change any time soon -- that he really is stuck here, Kagerou sets about poking at his comm device. He doesn't activate the video feed -- no, he's not comfortable with that yet. He just wants to figure out what's happening here.]

[He's almost talking to himself as he speaks.]

I don't understand this...

[That's all there is for a few moments. As if he's trying to determine the right thing to say.]

Why me? I'm nothing like a... like a "Hero". I've never helped a human being. And why should I? None of you have ever done anything for me.

Why should I be a "hero"?

Why should I do anything for human beings?

Whoever decided this -- whoever brought me to this place. You shouldn't have.

[He ends the call abruptly, right there.]


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