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[ The video clicks onto Cure Princess, who is just griiiiiiiinning at a camera in a way that those who know her would be a little worried about. sitting in her living room but shhh, just ignore that. ]

Right! So for all the new people here, my name is Cure Princess and I've been a superhero here for...gosh, months now? Anyway, I've decided to restart the team we had back home and start it up again here! And sooooo—

[ she reaches down off screen, pulls out a party popper and just yanks it with a loud POP. Crappy tiny streamers fly everywhere, some of them landing in Princess's hair. ]

Happiness Charge Precure is back in business! [ griiiiiiiin ] Of course, we're probably gonna have to change the name cause not everybody on the team is a Cure. [ and also cause IT'S KIND OF STUPID. ] But my point still stands! I'll be accepting any sort of teammate, no matter your age or your powers...I think I'm the only Cure here after all, so it'd be kinda silly if the team was just Pretty Cure. And and and, if you wanna help out but already are a member of a superhero team, that's okay! Back home we had a system were different national Cure teams helped each other out, and I can start up something like that here if you want.

[ Princess pauses, frowning for a little bit, before she continues. ] This is my time forming a team and it's a lot...different from back home, so if you've got any questions just ask me! I'm gonna bother some people about Happiness Charge 2 at the swear-in so if you know somebody who should join the team but they don't check the network, just tell me their names.
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[Another day comes to an end, waning daylight spilling across the horizon when the screen comes to life, but Josuke doesn't stand in front of the camera. Instead, those watching will be offered a flawless view of the ocean far beyond where he stands. The golden Florida sun hangs low in the sky, its vibrant glow transforming the waves and the clouds both into a collection of colors any artist would struggle to recreate on canvas...

It's quite tranquil, and only made better by the silhouette of a breaching dolphin in the distance, its form rising above the surface of the water and sending up a large spray as it dives back down and beneath the rolling waves.]

Jotaro Kujo has gone home.

[Josuke's voice, and it sounds heavy. The teen remains out of view, content to let people watch what he is watching himself. It's better this way. Better that no one needs to see his pensive expression, that how this affects him remains telltale only in the words he chooses to speak, and the tone of voice with which those words are delivered.]

He was Ported out last week sometime, but...with everything that's happened, I thought it might be better to wait and see just in case. Not sure how many friends he had in this place or who they all were, but if you're among 'em...I guess you don't gotta worry too much. He's safe.

[More or less.]

I guess that's it.

Oh, uh...Hazel? If Jotaro's left any stuff behind, you should probably let me or Jolyne know and we'll take care of it. Thanks.

[You get to enjoy the ocean scene a little longer as Josuke falls silent. The clouds drift lazily overhead. The waves whisper against the shore. Slowly the sky begins to darken from a bright magenta to a velvety purple. And with another breach of the dolphin like a sendoff, the teen finally disconnects...]
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[The girl on the screen is sitting in a very elaborate, floofy dress. She claps her hands together in excitement when the video starts playing.] Oh, my! So it really worked, after all. I'm not sure what I was expecting...

Hello, everyone! This is a really exciting adventure, isn't it? To be in a brand-new place like this, with people we never could've met anywhere else! I don't think many people get an opportunity like this. At least, if they have, I've never heard of it.

My name is Euphemia li Britannia. [She pauses, and for a moment it seems like she's debating on saying something else] ...but you can all call me Euphie!

I found something really quite interesting when I was reading up on the history of this place. Did you know that in this reality, Washington's Rebellion actually succeeded? It's true! That's why this country is called the United States of America. And-- and Napoleon never invaded the British Isles, either, and the EU was only formed fairly recently!

Anyway, I've been asked to be a guest star on a history education TV program right here in the United States, so I hope to be able to bring you more interesting historical facts very soon!
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[Once again, the cheery face of the bun-headed school girl appears on screen as her camera blips to life. She may not be around the network as often as some, but that hair style isn't necessarily forgettable. She's seated at her desk, her cutely decorated room as her backdrop, smile bright as ever.]

I know this is a day late but… Happy spring everyone!

[Her excitement over the season change is genuine, despite the fact Heropa never got terribly cold during her stay in the latter part of winter. But after a moment, that happiness seems to falter a bit.]

Things have been… kinda nuts, huh? I know some of you are better at handling this sorta of… thing… better than others.

[It's kinda a weird moment, for Usagi to look more sullen. There's a difference between the cry-baby tears and this more serious tone she's fallen into.]

So, I also wanted to say… good job, to everyone. A lot of you have been doing your best to help out! I really respect you for that. Honest! There are so many of you out there who have a real sense of duty to help people. You're really strong and courageous! It's amazing…

[She is quiet for a spell, eyes straying from the camera. But then she shakes her head a little and pats her cheeks. When her eyes return to the camera, she's smiling more again.]

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!
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[The broadcast begins from a well-known selfie position, held aloft in one hand by one Josuke Higashikata, a marvelously pompadour'd Heropa youth...with the sky-scraping buildings of Nonah at his back.]

Lighting's pretty shitty out here, huh?

[He flashes the camera a cheeky smile before waggling a flashlight beneath his chin, casting a bright glow over the angles of his face and blacking out the cityscape behind him.]

Anyway, it's the last few days of spring break! But work's been kinda slow, so I haven't been able to afford doing all the things I wanna! Which means I've been stuck looking for a second job.

[Mostly to support his upcoming and lofty summer plans, but he's definitely had to bail on an all-nighter at the local laser tag center, and that wasn't cool.]

Which brings me 'round to a question I wanted to ask! I gotta wonder, there any imPort businesses hiring right now? Just lookin' for something part-time that's willing to work around school hours. Uh, something that can hire a sixteen soon-to-be seventeen year old? [Because legally the casino can't. Talk about a bummer.] I'm good at a lot of stuff, and great at fixing broken things.

And that brings me to the second thing I wanted to talk about.

[His brow furrows a little in concentration as he lowers the camera so that it's leveled out before him.]

I guess I've been hanging out in Nonah most of last night and today, checking out the shopping scene and chilling with a I couldn't help noticing that huge flash and all that shaking earlier! Thought maybe it was just some kinda freak storm, but after Mr. Gamagori's post about it and what he had to say, I had to go see for myself if it was all true.

[He twirls the flashlight around so it's pointing away from him now, followed by the camera itself. At first, all that can be seen is a lot of dirt. Slightly uneven ground, free of tracks, spotted by stones of different sizes all very pale in color under the assault of the flashlight. And then—

—a sudden

d r o p o f f

out of nowhere, sharp and steep, and blacker than black, the strength of the beam generated by the light Josuke's holding being nowhere near strong enough to penetrate that depth or diameter.]

...and sure enough, here's the pit he was talking about! It's hella big, even if it's hard to tell 'cause it's so dark out here. But it looks like it's close to...forty meters wide? Maybe fifty! Would hate to piss of the person who did this...

But I gotta say, it's gonna make for one hell of a place to board. Thanks for the free spring break hangout, whoever you are! Even if you kinda pissed off Mr. Gamagori in the process!

['Kinda' he says. But let's be real, here. Pretty sure Gamagori blew out some eardrums over this whole thing!]

[OOC: Branching off Lara's mini player plot for Uvo!]
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[When her messages begins, Anna has her best smile in place. In spite of the recent problems Heropa has faced she aims to bring a little bit of cheeriness to the feed.]

Hi everyone, Anna here again. Most of you saw my face a little while ago?

[A small wave.]

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, tomorrow even, I thought I'd offer my services to those who have yet to come up with something for their special someone! Services being, um, chocolate. My understanding is most people like chocolate as a traditional sign of affection. And, while I know the stores have it, I've noticed they really mark up their prices this time of year and the day after tomorrow it'll be cheap again?

Anyways! It's just the chocolate I can make, but it is really great, better than average, powers-made chocolate! Anything you or yours might want even. If you bring fillers like fruits and nuts, I can go wild. Any combinations, chocolate cake, truffles, bars, you name it. I've practiced a lot and gotten pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I'm not asking for much in return beyond a little bit of money or maybe some kind of trade? Whatever you think is fair! [That earlier smile broadens.] And hey, even if you don't have a date or a friend, you can always treat yourself!

[Anna ends her self-promotion with a cheesy wink.]
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[The camera blips to life to show a blonde, bun-haired girl's beaming face. She appears to be in her bedroom, seating at her desk with her bed in the background. Her room is tidy and decorated with cute accents. A stuffed animal on her bed; a string of star-shaped lights hung on the wall; pale purple curtains on the window barely appearing in frame; any sort of touch she could bring to the room that made it feel less cookie-cutter. Government housing was pretty bland in appearance, she was clearly doing her best to make the room assigned to her feel like it was hers.]

So! Valentine's Day is coming up!

[She cocks her head a little, thoughtful.]

Back home, that's the day when girls would give chocolates to the boys they like or like-like... Then, on White Day, the boys are supposed to give gifts back in return!

[She's all smiles.]

But apparently here, it's all mashed into one day? I think that's really wonderful! No month long wait to see if the guy you like, likes you back! I mean, not that I've dealt with that personally... but I know people who have!

[She shakes her head a bit. Don't fumble! With a soft clap of her hands together, she looks directly into the camera with a bright smile.]

I just think this is all really sweet and I hope you all have a nice Valentine's day this weekend!

[[Note: her comm tag reads "Usagi Tsukino," no mention of Sailor Moon.]]
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[Josuke gives the camera a sharp look.]

Got a couple orders of business, so listen up!

First thing's first—there's a lot of you getting involved in trying to take down that Lunatic guy, right?

Well, I don't plan on fighting, but I don't plan on letting anyone die, either. If you need help, I can fix up most injuries, so keep that in mind. It doesn't matter if it's just a tiny scratch or if you're hanging by a thread, just keep your communicators close and shout of you need help!

...should probably mention that I'm not Registered, though, so if anyone can help with Porter access, that'd be great.

[Go figure something like this would happen right after he decides to go the Unsettled route. Anyway...]

Second and last up—and way unrelated to the former...

My work's given me this Mardi Gras masquerade thing to organize! Sounds fun, right? But I got a whole ton of stuff to buy and put together and it's an insane workload for just one person. So...anyone wanna lend a guy a hand? Can't pay you, but if people are willing to take IOUs or something, I'm good for those. At the moment, I need help with shopping, making posters, building a stage, and decorating! Which is like, pretty much everything.


...any takers?

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Jan. 13th, 2015 02:48 pm
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[Flame Princess has been debating whether or not to post something like this for most of today... and some of yesterday evening, too, honestly. It's embarrassing, but she's not getting any closer to figuring this out on her own. Mostly, that just lead to being frustrated and more than a little bit confused. Besides, it won't be that weird as long as she doesn't actually name anyone. ... Probably

At any rate, she makes sure to use text this time, rather than the usual video. She'd prefer to not have everyone see just how brightly she's been burning.]

does anybody know how you're supposed to know if you like someone????? But I mean LIKE like someone. Not just knowing if you like somebody as a friend that stuff is way easier to figure out.


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