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[The young man on the video feed gives the communicator a casual, easy smile, only interrupted by a ugly scar running down his face. He's leaning on one elbow and looks for all the world as if this whole situation is really funny.]

So, from what I'm getting we're here to save the world from another part of the world and all that. I'm not gonna knock that; it sounds like a good deal.

It's just, you know, the file left out something really important to the whole do-gooder atmosphere: a superhero name. I know. You're probably as shocked as I am. That's everything with franchise rights. There's action figures at stake here. Card games! [Checks something on another screen, quickly.] And ... donuts, apparently.

Not that I've got any great ideas, but I'll take suggestions if you've got em.
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[The voice that comes over the feed is distinctly English, and despite her mood, Peggy is polite. She wasn't going to reveal her status as an agent or indeed the SSR because Peggy didn't know who was listening.]

My name is Margaret Carter and like some of you, I am a recent arrival. It hasn't been easy, trying to adjust to my new circumstances and- [there's a pause.] - abilities. After reading the file I was given and speaking to others, I'm no closer to getting to the truth of this place and whom or what is behind it; if anyone has any more information or even a theory, please share. The more I know the better prepared I am for what's to come.

[Bringing people from different universes, both good and bad, and bestowing incredible powers upon them is a recipe for disaster in her mind. Already, Peggy has heard worrying details about the Swear in ceremonies.]

But I do know one thing for certain. I have no desire to stay here and I am determined to try to get everyone who wants to go home back to where they belong.

[There's a fire in her tone, like something has awoken inside of her and came rushing to the surface.]

You have my word.


Aug. 7th, 2015 11:27 pm
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Hey, okay, so... question: if I'm understanding Kate Bishop's guide correctly, we're v2.0 of this and there was a separate world before this that Lachesis imported people to...and then moved them from? Right? Anyone with more info on that?

For that matter, any clue who's been here the longest?

And speaking of being here a long time, anyone know the rules and regulations of modifying one's apartment here? Specifically the Maurtia Falls Govt. Apartment Complex. I mean, I don't want to do anything drastic--just to be clear, definitely NOT talking about knocking out walls here--just a nice coat of paint and stuff. (Hermann: see attached file)

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002 - Audio

Aug. 3rd, 2015 12:21 am
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[It's time to play the 'who's awake at 1 AM' game! If you're not, Tetsuo's talking softly enough that it might not wake you. If you want to see or answer this later in the day when normal people are awake, feel free, but please specify.]

Everybody's got powers, right? That's why they want us to stick around...

[You can just hear how much he likes that prospect. He all but spits those last two words out like it's a curse.]

So anyway, I'm curious.

How many of you have 'side effects' from them? Anybody know? I know there's gotta be more than one... but it's not all of you, is it?

I - nnghh. I wanna know why that is... why's it only some people?
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[ It's been a little time since the attack on Angel's Rest; Steve has waited until now to address what happened because he wants to handle this right. There's a pause on the audio before he finally speaks. ]

This is Captain Steve Rogers. You might have worked with me out in the field; you may've seen me at Angel's Rest, before it was the target of a police raid. You may not even know me at all. That's fine -- you're about to.

Not sure how many of you were there when Angel's Rest got hit; I was, and I stuck with Taylor as long as I could. He could've taken off and been in the clear -- there was enough time, and we'd found an exit -- but that would've meant sacrificing Archangel to keep his name clean. So he stayed, along with a few other loyal operatives, and took the fall. He knew what Archangel was doing, what we're all doing, is more important than any one person. And I agree with him. That's why I'm not gonna let this organization fall apart, and together we're gonna see this thing through. No matter what it takes.

[ He gives that a moment to sink in before he continues. ]

Effective immediately, I'll be assuming control of Operation Archangel. I don't disagree with how Taylor did things -- but it's clear that, despite precautions, somebody sniffed us out. [ He's pretty sure that's thanks to someone on the inside -- but he won't be mentioning that. ] That's why things're changing in how we handle ourselves, and how we handle the public. Long story short, we're going underground. The less people know about us and our work, the better off this organization, and the people we're trying to help, will be. Recruitment stops now; if you've got somebody you think would be a good fit, you need to discuss it with me first. That's not a suggestion; that's an order. There's other changes you should expect, but I plan to deliver that information to each of you personally. I want to meet with every one of you; you're the reason this operation exists, and you deserve to have your voice heard. I want to hear what you have to say.

If you've got a problem with me, or anything I'm planning to do, you can walk away from this no questions asked. But I'm hoping for the sake of the people of Maurtia Falls, you'll consider reaching out to me first. For the rest of you, I'm looking forward to the day we chase every last piece of scum out of the city. When we do, first round's on me.

Over and out.

private to kaidan alenko; voice
I need to see you in private. You got any free time?

private to scarlet witch; text
We need to talk.

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Assigned jobs, assigned homes. All necessities and what have you just... provided for us.

On the basis we play nice and all be heroes. Now... does anyone here think that's a bit odd? I mean, there's so much anonymity possible!

Who's to tell if one of us -- oh, I don't know -- strays from the path?

I mean, you can't even see my face! If I started running amok with these magic powers, but never said a word? How would you know? [Ultron laughs, right there, though.] Of course, there's not much a college professor could do, is there? Except fail students.

I suppose that's terrifying enough.

[Fishy, fishy Ultron. As much deadpan snark as there is in the words, every answer will be cataloged. Noted down. What better way to gather information than by mocking the system?]

Anything of note, yet?

02 | VIDEO

Jun. 18th, 2015 12:27 am
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Good evening, everyone. I hope you're doing well.

If we haven't met before, I'm David Xanatos, founder and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. I have a couple of things to discuss tonight, so please bear with me.

Firstly, I'm happy to announce that I've taken over the role of Director at Xavier's School for Imports outside of Heropa, filling a more financial-oriented role with the always-capable Robert Callaghan as Headmaster. Import youth of all ages who would like to learn more about controlling their powers or who simply want a student body filled with people like them are welcome to enroll at any time, and we're always hiring for teachers and staff positions.

Secondly, I'm looking for science-minded individuals to collaborate with myself and Tony Stark in the design and construction of a state-of-the-art, multi-billion-dollar research facility near De Chima. The sole stipulation is that any discoveries made there be made available for others to build on, for the advancement of all.

I'll be happy to take any of your questions in the meantime.


Jun. 17th, 2015 08:54 pm
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Names, names, names.

[This is a girl who hasn't been seen on the network in-- well, in months, actually. But she's just lounging back in a chair, looking bored and disinterested, her fingers drumming against the arm of the couch.]

They're interesting things, aren't they? Out there for everyone to see, here. Unless you have the means and desire to keep them hidden. But then again, why would you? It seems to be a common theme here- that so many worlds view names as nothing more than a way to identify one person from another.

[The girl grins, and her lips stretch maybe a mite too far.]

But for some of us, there's power in names. True names. If you know how to wield it. So I wonder, just how many names have you managed to give me these last few months?

[Someone's a little pissed that a certain someone else went home. Which is why he's acting like a C list villain.]


Jun. 9th, 2015 07:09 pm
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[His ID currently reads Hulkling, and there's not much point being in audio to talk about something that's in a video clip, but he can't really deal with being visible right now. He hates drawing attention to himself, he's always preferred to be part of the group whenever possible. And yes, he knows this is going to draw possibly more attention. But he can't help wanting to apologise, even if intellectually he can understand it wasn't entirely his fault.

He also doesn't want people getting a look at the room he shares with his boyfriend. The room he hasn't left much for a couple of days.

When he talks, he sounds a little tired. Sleep hasn't been the easiest thing for him, the last couple of days.]

You know, one of the last things I said to anyone before the whole... random anger thing was that I wasn't usually subject to uncontrollable rage despite the name. Irony, huh?

[Although he isn't sounding very amused by it. Not the funny kind of irony, clearly.]

How do you get over knowing someone- something else got in your head and messed with your thoughts? Because if anyone has a suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

[He hesitates, and then adds-]

Sorry. Just give me another couple of days, I'll be fine.
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[ The alias attached to the entry reads only Scarlet Witch, no name given. The alias is a relic, a token from the old days when she and Pietro shouted revolution from the rooftops. After HYDRA, Wanda didn't think she had anything to fear anymore. No cell could hold her, no bullets could touch her. Together, she and Pietro were invincible. No one could hurt them again.

Then, she came here. ]

today i have learned that in america, a hero is someone who grows fat and lazy off the praises that are given to him, but he has not earned. for this, a hero will give away his freedom.

[ Though she does not fear as she once did, Wanda doesn't accept the tattoo on her wrist easily. Rather than being gunned down in the streets, the masses of "imPorts" allow themselves to be cataloged and controlled -- even those that profess to be unhappy with their enslavement. They say things like, "it could be worse," using that to justify their own slothfulness.

It could always be worse. That doesn't make it right. ]

where i am from, the avengers are so high in their tower that humans appear to them only as little ants. the complacency i see here is worse, i think.

where do i find a true hero?


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