Jul. 10th, 2016 01:31 pm
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Hey, I know it's late but thanks to the seven people who knew I deserved to beat Ikki-kun in the election. I can't blame anyone who didn't vote for me either. Who the hell really wants some teenager speaking for them, right?

Anyway. I've been thinking about something for a while. About what I want to do here. How...do people decide that?

I guess I would have tried if I got elected. I would have done my best, but I don't think it would've made me happy. I guess I don't know if anything here really will... I mean, not like a job or whatever is supposed to. It's not like I'm depressed or anything. Training and learning about my powers is still fun, but I don't know what I'll do with it once I've got them all figured out. But it isn't that way for everyone here, is it?

So...I want to know how all of you did it—if you did. How did you figure out what you really wanted to do? Was it an accident? Did you just know? Did you have to try different things until you figured it out? I just... I don't know where to start, and I'm tired of just feeling frustrated with things all the time.

( voice )

Jun. 23rd, 2016 11:25 pm
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[ There's a moment of brief silence before he speaks, his voice even-toned and Russian-accented. ]

Some of you might know me as one of the candidates for De Chima Ambassador. Some of you have probably missed my involvement altogether, as it has been unfortunately minor. I'm announcing that I'm stepping down from candidacy, in an effort not to fracture the vote. If my opinion means anything to you, I'd like to encourage you to vote for Queen Lucy or Ms. Yayoi in my place, as both seem estimable, forthright women to me who will keep your best interests at heart.

Thank you.

[ And... that's it. He ends the transmission. Gregor really does hate public speaking, even if he's not bad at it. He's also lying completely about his reasons for stepping down, but none of the truth is a matter for the public. ]
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[The video cuts on on a sweeping view of the city of De Chima spread out below the camera. The viewpoint doesn't change, but the scene does slowly pan across the city. At the very edges of the screen it's possible to catch flashes of bright blue and orange as feathers dip in and out of view, and there's the sound of heavy wings beating in the background.

The view shifts suddenly, the city still coasting past below, but now the camera's being held so anyone watching can see Yayoi while she talks.]

Hey. I'm pretty sure all of you are real sick of hearing a bunch of long speeches. Or dumb speeches if any of you listened to that idiot crow the other day. Speeches are boring; I get it. So all I'm going to say is that's De Chima down there, and that's the thing that matters most in this stupid mess. That city—those people. What they think of us. The whole point of an ambassador is to make them like us, right? Something like that anyway.

So don't waste your vote on some useless idiot who just wants to crown himself emperor of a city, or people who only care about being a leader for imPorts. Elect someone who can make those natives down there think we're worth more than being whatever their government wants us to be.

[There's a long pause, and then, almost as an afterthought.]

Uh. I guess I can do that. If you elect me.
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[The video feed opens up with an almost dizzying view of the ground below. The buildings look like toy models and the people are barely specks. Sunset draws heavy shadows, oranges, reds and blacks splash in dramatic lines across the De Chima cityscape.

Among those dramatically backlit by the setting sun, a single man stands atop of the tower, balanced almost casually against the topmost lightning rod. The wind fans his black jacket out like wings behind him.]

Listen up, De Chima!

THIS IS MINAMI IKKI! Emperor of this universe and yours! And I'm...

[The commanding presence is somewhat broken by him fishing out a printed paper.]

Running for ambassador of De Chima. But I'm not stopping there! A vote for me is ALSO a vote for Heropa, Nonah and M-Falls! That's right! Four votes in one! A single lord and god to rule them all. With me we're doing parties WITH alcohol and hot babes, none of this Russian bullshit and of course, fucking awesome tricks.


[And at that, the pre-recorded message cuts and Ikki awaits his accolades.]
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[The feed clicks on to an extremely high view, focused partly on Tetsuo's face, the wind blowing his white hair erratically around. He's perched vulturelike on the support structures of one of the taller buildings in downtown Nonah, above the top floor, waiting for the wind to die down enough for him to talk.

And that's not even what he's here to talk about. Both hands are visible, and the camera is held very still; he's either got it perched on something or is holding it up with his powers.]

So, I've been thinking... We're all made out of elements and stuff, right? Carbon, nitrogen and water, things like that. All that boring shit they make you learn about in school.

[Apparently water's an element now. He pauses.]

But that's what I don't get. Ever since I really started to think about it... I keep coming back to it, you know? How we're all made out of a small list of ingredients...

[Sorry to anyone with a fear of heights - he reaches out to tap the comm and the camera moves dizzyingly downwards, providing a nice scene of lower building roofs, cars no larger than colorful beads, some trees... It pans out out to give a dramatic view of the rest of Nonah as he continues.]

But that same list makes all of this, too! What's the difference? How's something alive the same as stuff that can't be?
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[ Finally, finally, here's someone on the network taking credit for this mess. Spoiler alert: it's Hiro. Again. The camera shows him in front of a badly damaged machine, with one arm in a sling (but mostly healed thanks to his brother). He look ... frazzled. To say the least. ]

Okay - okay. I messed up really badly. And I need some help. Trust me, this wasn't what I was trying to do. I think. I can't remember either ...

I really need some help fixing this machine. And - more importantly, I need help keeping Callaghan away from it. He doesn't know where it is yet, but I know he's gonna find out and come after it any time now. And if he breaks it again, none of us are getting back to normal.

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Mar. 11th, 2016 08:35 pm
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[The video opens on a view of part of Nonah's skyline in the setting sun. It looks like it's being shot from the roof of one of the taller skyscrapers in the city.]

It's pretty, isn't it?

[The camera turns to focus on a teenaged girl—apparently the speaker—gazing off at the horizon in silence for a few long moments. Finally, she inhales deeply and turns to look sidelong at the camera.]

I thought I'd come up to clear my head, but I don't think it helped much. There isn't a place high enough to get out of this cage yet. It was probably dumb to think that there was, but . . . I guess I can't just leave it at that. Which means I've got a lot of work to do.

[She picks up the camera, view panning wildly for a moment, and sets it down in front of her so she can look directly at it. The somber look is gone, replaced with something more serious and intense.]

So I've got some questions. First the most important one: If an Import practicing their powers causes a . . . scene but doesn't hurt anyone, could they get into trouble with the cops? I need to know for . . . for some idiots I know. [Definitely not herself. Probably.]

Second: Does anyone know where I can get recording equipment? Audio recording, specifically. It needs to be pretty high quality.

Third: Are there any . . . like, sparring groups? I could just practice fighting with my friends, but . . . [She trails off, exasperation clear on her face just thinking about getting hand-to-hand lessons from her friends.] They can get intense.

And last, [Her expression softens here, the first hint of a smile creeping in at the corners of her mouth for the first time in the whole video.], what's the tallest building you know about? It might not be high enough to escape a cage, but the views are always the best from up there.
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[A fan of the 5 o'clock news? Tuning into your favourite drama or sitcom? That's too bad, because the Soviets have something in mind. Abruptly, every single channel will go blank, only to be replaced with a single news channel. Some may recognize Tara Lynn Shaw, the All-American sweetheart from Channel 6 News with tastefully dyed red hair, dimples, and a big old smile. Her usual job is to reassure the American people that everything will be all right, from stories about rescued puppies to stories about heroic nurses going above and beyond the call of duty.

Her trademark dimples aren't on display today; her mood is distinctly somber, and the American flags in the background of her news station have been taken down, the backdrop replaced with a solid red. She stares into the camera, then looks down at the place cards in front of her.]

Good evening, citizens of America. This is the Soviet Union speaking. You have been left to run rampant for far too long, and we have seen great irresponsibility and suffering as a direct result of your actions. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to intervene.

We have established control over Nonah, Heropa, De Chima, and Maurtia Falls. You may not enter, nor may you leave, but you needn't worry. This is but the first step towards a more peaceful world. Provided you maintain the peace, no harm will come to you; you are instructed to simply continue going about your daily lives. You may find this change startling, but we assure you, you will feel used to it soon enough. If you do not maintain the peace, however, measures will be taken, measures that your previous government wholly failed to take.

ImPorts, you are to attend a 5-day Seminar at Cape Canaveral's Royal Mansions Resort beginning tomorrow at 10 AM sharp. This is not negotiable. You will not be harmed, but appropriate measures will be taken should you choose to be tardy or absent. The Porters will be available to you all, Registered or not; there are absolutely no excuses for your absence.

You will be weapons of the United States of America no longer.

[With that, the broadcast comes to a halt. No American news stations will be playing, but all non-topical entertainment will continue playing as normal.]

[OOC: While this post takes place on national television, please feel free to use this post to have your characters discuss this exciting new development!]


Feb. 14th, 2016 10:09 pm
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Who decides what jobs we are assigned to? This is ridiculous and I want to demand a new one.

[As a Jedi he feels he shouldn't have to do this kind of petty work. Besides it's terrible.]

The sand ... it's everywhere and keeps getting into everything. My skills are best used somewhere else. Somewhere with purpose.
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[Shatterstar has been to a lot of strange places, and seen a lot of strange things, but this device is new to him. He's been told that the similar devices back from the version of earth he's from are called "smartphones" (he assumes this is ironic, as they don't even have the barest A.I. capability), but the ones he's seen before don't have functions like this.

What ends up being broadcast is: first a recording of what seems to be several seconds of silence followed by the muffled sound of something like the snapping of fingers. Then there's a video, footage of a few seconds of what looks like a deserted alleyway. He's testing out its functions; he's not dumb enough to let himself get recorded while he does it. At least not until he knows the nature of his enemy.

Then, finally, there's text.]

This is Shatterstar. If my teammates are out there and can respond, do so. I'll find you.

To the villains behind this farce, know this. If you think you can control me, you are laughably mistaken. I have bested far more capable than you. Your "government" does not intimidate a warrior born.

[Okay, that last bit he just threw in for fun. Let them come after him. He could use a workout, if they even proved to be that skilled.]
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Everyone who knows me knows I suck at this announcement shit, so just deal with it.

Xavier's school is open to the scientifically-inclined nerds of the imPort world.

Akito's busy trying to figure out how to block LACKEY from accessing our nanites, since that's the only commonality he can figure out between all the kidnapped people. If anyone else is working on the same thing he'd like it if you could contact him since he's having trouble pinpointing the frequency the nanites or LACKEY runs on.

The old geezer is working on... something. Fuck if I paid attention to whatever he said. [ spoiler: he fell asleep ] But he could use some help too before he gives himself a stroke.

The Russian servers are being blocked by that Lackey fucker. I'm not the best hacker around, but I'm not shit at it either. Everything I try fails. [ mutters something super uncomplimentary and crude about lackey's lineage despite lackey being. you know. an ai ] Anyone else have any luck with it yet?

And Xavier's isn't just open to science nerds. If anyone is scared or feels unsafe where they are they can come to the school and stay for a while, since it's being better protected than basic housing.

[ a pause here as he considers how to phrase this-- ]

Anyone in contact with their missing people know if the guards are wearing watches? If they are and they can see the time set on them it might be able to narrow things down to a timezone, especially if multiple guards are wearing watches and the times deviate slightly from each other.

[ private to his loser friends. ]

I'm going to assume you're all safe, since if something happened to the idiot crow the whole country'd have heard of it.

And when the hell were you planning on telling us that Sumeragi was here, huh? What the fuck! When did our world become a fucking interdimensional buffet!? Fucking bullshit! [ shh this doesn't mean he's worried about all of you assholes. really. ]


Mini Crow-Head, Akito's got some ideas he wants to throw at you in person. We're in room 210 now. [ a proud chuff. ] Just wait until you see the new work station we set up. Bring an extra pair of pants for when you shit yourself.

12, Video

Jan. 21st, 2016 12:49 am
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[Major-General Armstrong is standing in her small, Spartan office, her back to the camera. As always, she's in her blue Amestris army uniform, though this time, she's also wearing a long, dark coat lined with fur at the collar. She very deliberately reaches up to grab a long, ornately decorated saber from where it hangs on the wall.] So it's come to this.

How many of you know war, I wonder? Not the violence of a brawl, or play-acting at being heroes, but war. I know it far too well. Back where I come from, I command a fortress at the border my nation shares with its greatest enemy. Amestris and Drachma have been at varying states of war for decades.

[She turns to the camera, resting the tip of her saber on the floor.] What they do not tell you is that war is boring. If you were under my command, every day you'd sweep the battlements for icicles. You'd maintain our weapons, our tanks. You'd ensure our supplies are sufficient to withstand a siege. War is drudgery, day to day.

And then, one day, you're awoken by artillery shells exploding twenty feet from your head. You scramble for your rifle, to get dressed in the pitch black of night, wondering if the next shell is going to be twenty feet closer. You're too scared to even piss your goddamn pants. And even when your orders cut through the chaos, you won't stop being scared. But you damn well do your duty, as you've been trained.

The sound of bullets... it's a curious sound. Quite beautiful, in its way. Bullets whistle, coming past your ear. [She mimicks the sound, a little thwip, with her own mouth.] In that instant, you don't realize that hearing the bullet means that if you'd been standing six inches to the right, your brains would be over the floor. [A tiny, cold smirk tugs at her mouth.] Hearing the bullet is good, because it means you're still alive to have heard it.

This declaration of war is a declaration of war not just on this nation, but on imPorts. We are under attack, and if they want war I damn well mean to wage it.

The courageous, join me. The rest, stay behind our backs. War is no place for the weak-hearted.
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[Or rather, one new arrival in particular. The video feed switches on to a dark-haired girl looking at something off screen with a look of confused amazement. The angle shifts to show a fairly generic looking set of storefronts and a glimpse of a hover-car driving past on the cross street—apparently the source of her distraction.

She looks back towards the camera, brows furrowing as she fiddles with the device. It takes several more long seconds before realization dawns on her and she actually looks at the camera.]

Oh— Oh! It's on? Well . . . [She trails off and takes another quick glance down the street, then back at the camera.]

Okay. Okay, I'm— I thought I was going to be asking about things like powers and registering and whether or not this is all a dream. [Another pause, this time to bite her lip and mutter something like "maybe it is" to herself.] But I think right now I just want to know . . . Is it normal for a whole city to be sealed off? They told me I'd be in Heropa, but now I've been sent somewhere completely different and it's all supposed to be temporary and I just—I . . . What is going on?


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