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[ Pick up the mic-- ]

I thought this was going to be a joke. This is stuff from kid's shows. Books. Comics. It doesn't happen, not unless you're some obsessed weirdo guy in a costume. Maybe a girl's costume. Who can even tell with those kinds of people.


[ Drop the sass-- ]

But I guess it's not.

[ --and then, in a different tone of voice, after a minute or so of contemplative silence: ] I thought, maybe a dream...

[ It's quickly followed by a sigh and the anger and irritation he'd been stewing in deflates abruptly as Aoba realizes he was a couple sentences away from making a complete idiot of himself. He dials it back, posture and expression changing to a worried, tired-looking young man that takes a breath and tries again.

Off camera, he's rubbing his wrist with his thumb, over and over. ]

Sorry. I'm having a hard time, uh -

[ Finding his house, for one. ]

...I'm new.
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[ The audio feed starts, buzzing idly for a few seconds before a male voice manages a very dignified harrumph. The voice in questions sounds incredibly British once it starts to speak, and positively oozes with pretentious arrogance. ]

My dearest fellow “imPorts”,

Such an impersonal term, is it not?

No matter. If I might have a moment of your time, there is a story I would like to tell you; a fable so to speak.

[ A beat. ]

Imagine, if you will, a very large and very diligent pack of wolves. Their leader, though stalwart and fearless, if not all that intelligent, was deeply troubled, for hunger was rife amongst his loyal followers despite their efforts.

Adamant to find a remedy to this ill, the brave leader sought out the fortune-telling seer of the forest, an ancient blind owl. Unfortunately, the avian mystic only increased his concern, as she merely foretold him the imminent arrival of an ominous evil. How was he to solve this issue then, feeding his people whilst preparing for battle?

It was then when the pack ran across a cunning, intelligent, and fiendishly handsome fox. You see, over the years this charming canine had amassed a wealth of knowledge concerning the forest and its inhabitants, including prey. In his boundless generosity, he was willing to share this knowledge in exchange for the minor favour of becoming the leader's secondant. The leader, obviously seeing the immense wisdom in this humble offer, agreed to it.

Thus so it went. The fox would lead his new subjects to their targets, and in return be free to gorge himself upon the finest of their spoils; all choice pieces and any captured voluptuous vixens thrown his way.

[ He pauses for a moment. Might’ve tried a little too hard on that last one, oh well. ]

He was, as I have heard some of the locals mention, “living the life”, so to speak.

Now then, how would you imagine this innocent fox feels when all of this is suddenly taken from him? [ His voice begins to rise. ] Brought out of the forest - without his consent no less! - to be branded as some pet and forced to perform tricks he quite frankly does not want to do? Did it ever cross your dimwitted minds, that he really has no interest in being your hero!?

[ A drawn out sigh, and he is calm again. ]

Ever so curious for your thoughts.


Mar. 4th, 2014 08:21 pm
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Where I'm from, our powers tended to manifest themselves as magic-- in fact, the only powers one could have no matter the method was magic. Magic that made you stronger. Magic spells for healing injuries and some illnesses, and even creating those ailments in the first place. Magic solely for combat. Even magic that called for creatures to aid you. It's structured, tiered even, and the more you used what magic you had with you, the more spells you learned and the stronger you became. It comes from within you and in your hands it can have an elemental affinity, if you wanted.

And yet here... it's different. Here, it's not all magic. [Hope pauses to think of how he's going to properly describe what he knows of the powers here. To be honest, he doesn't even know how to do that, so he's just going to give up, since he'll just be asking people to describe their abilities anyway.] It's... well, words fail me, to be honest.

What are your abilities like? What can you do? What are your limitations? If you had them before you arrived here, how did you come by them, and are they any different here?

I hope you don't mind me asking. I'm honestly curious, really, because magic itself is rare and in my youth, the stuff of either legends or fairy tales to scare children into behaving. Here, I imagine, powers could be anything. [And there's a small note of wonder because yes, this is all new and weird, but exciting too.]

Good morning. My name is Hope Estheim-- or Alexander, if you prefer aliases.


Mar. 3rd, 2014 11:47 am
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[The barking order and picture come through simultaneously, revealing (to some of you) a familiar face. However for those that do know him there are a few things different. Namely his cropped hair and rat tail have been replaced by a full mane of blue hair, tied back into a loose ponytail. Not to mention his usual blue body suit has been changed out for a set of light and functional armor.

And per usual, the feed is coming from an elevated position. Namely a shot of "Lancer" standing, arms crossed, on the ledge of what is most certainly a skyscraper with a gorgeous view of Heropa.

I've got a lot to say and I'm only saying it once.

First off, there is a strange concept in this day and age that heroes should act from behind a mask. Well, its not that I'm incapable of understanding why people would choose to live like that.[He smiles, planting his hands on his hips.] I just think its ridiculous.

No one should have to fear retaliation for acting with honor and living in the service of others. And to prove that I'll remove a "mask" of my own. Those that know me do so by the name "Lancer". But that is only a mask forced upon me by a life that is no longer mine to bear. It was given to protect my identity from those that saught to end my life. Though designed to protect me it served more as a chain to bind my fate.

[And with that he slams his gauntleted fist against his breast with an impact so loud it could be mistaken for a hammer blow.]

I hereby declare myself by my true name. I am Cu Chulainn! (Coo-hull-en) Son of King Lugh of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and First Knight of the Red Branch of Ulster. Know me. And know that I stand before you born anew. The lives I have lived before coming here are no longer of consequence. I shall not be bound to the fates or the rule of another without my consent.

As such, I declare all past slights against me, all rivalries and enemies hereby pardoned. I, who has conquered death itself, name myself as a true ally of the ImPorts of this world. I would have you know me as brother and know that my spear is yours if you should desire it.

Speak if you have a need and know that in this dark time, I shall be looking out for you.
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[For a few moments there's nothing but silence, as if the user hasn't realized the device is recording. Once they do, however, a clearly young feminine voice begins to speak.]

Oh, it's--

[She clears her throat and tries to sound professional, trying to put her best foot forward but that probably won't last long.] Hello to anyone listening, my name is Ysvali Zoaramstar. I understand that we were given this strange device to communicate with each other, that's very kind of them.

[There's a pause as she considers what to say next.] I do have some questions, they didn't seem too willing to answer. So busy, rushing me off to this house. I've never seen a house like this before. It's so strange and confining and--

Ah, I'm getting distracted. Um, so this school thing? I'm expected to go yes? What do they teach there? And this job? Did everyone get a job when they arrived? Do they really expect us to accept it? Do I have to accept it? [There's a bit of a whiny tone creeping into her voice but she seems to realize this and quickly switches gears.]

Does the word Bangrahr or djinn mean anything to anyone? If not it's not big deal. [She just wants to know if there's anyone from her own world here. Although she doesn't realize that djinn is a pretty common term to multiple worlds.

She gives a thoughtful hum before deciding that's it for now.
] Thank you for your help.

Now how does this--


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