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Mar. 8th, 2017 07:23 pm
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[ The video starts in Baelish's ambassadorial office which is currently a mess of books, glorious books. ]

Greetings, my fellow imPorts.

Many of you should have received letters by now in regards to the new library within Maurtia Falls. If you have not, it's either because you are a new arrival and I did not want to burden you, I could not find a proper address to deliver the letter to, or I somehow missed your name on the list. My apologies if it was the latter.

[ He gestures toward the mountain of books within view. And that is only a small fraction. ]

I am pleased to announce that with your aid, we were able to raise approximately 12,089,855 US Dollars and counting, roughly three thousand books were donated, and many of you offered your time toward the construction efforts with many more offering time toward programs when the project is complete. I am sincerely grateful for the outpouring of support from the imPort community and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the project. As a token of my gratitude, I will be holding a celebration when the library opens. Unfortunately, due to recent events, the date of which has been pushed forward to April.

[ And hopefully it won't have to be pushed forward again due to any more unforeseen imPort blunders. But Baelish folds his hands on his desk, his expression growing curious. ]

I do have a question for those imPorts who are politically inclined. Which party do you most associate with? It seems the list goes far beyond simply Democrat or Republican, and I'm interested to see where many of us fall -- particularly those of us who are new to democracy. And for those who are not quite new to the system, has this world changed your opinions at all toward your original party?

I suppose that is all. I do extend my greetings to the newest arrivals. My name is Petyr Baelish and I serve as the ambassador for Maurtia Falls. If there is anything you need during this time, do not hesitate to ask.
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[ A little bit of a strange... thing appears on the network today, though at least it explains itself pretty quickly. Still, it doesn't seem like it was meant to be broadcast -- not in its entirety at least. ]

Diagnostic: Test voice to text protocols.
Diagnostic: Hello Galaxy!
Diagnostic: Test Succeeded.
Diagnostic: Switching to voice protocols.

[ A moment passes, before the communication switches over to voice only, as promised. ]

Diagnostic: Testing audio only protocols.
Diagnostic: Hello Galaxy!
Diagnostic: Test Succeeded.
Diagnostic: Switching to video protocols.

[ And as promised, a video feed pops up, only the person -- or thing? -- responsible can't be seen. In fact, imPorts can probably easily tell this person is in the porter people pop in at. ]

Diagnostic: Video functions within parameters. Ending diagnostic.

[ There's a long pause, before... ]

Exclamation: What?! You meatbags couldn't even program a simulated image for the video feed? What other electronic butchery have you inflicted on me?!

[ Well, now whoever owns that electronic voice sounds pissed. ]
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I've been thinking for some time about volunteering during the weekend. Ideally at a medical center or hospital. But I wanted to check on the network first and see if there were any imPort run places that might need an extra pair of hands.

The blackout sort of reminded me of home and I can't quite shake the feeling that I should be doing a lot more to help than what I'm doing right now.

[Usually she would use video but she's still feeling a little rough./small>]


Jan. 15th, 2017 10:18 am
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[OOC: The following message will be sent approximately 6 hours after the prison breakout of the 417. As always, telepathy posts from Charles are OPT-IN, it is completely your choice to have your character "hear" him or not. Also responding to this post is NOT considered permission for him to read your character's mind in any future encounters.

His range allows him to reach all 4 porter cities, so this is open to all characters who wish to opt-in.]

telepathy )
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[She's on her break at work and she's been listening to her co-workers talk about the holidays and what they would be doing. She was asked and almost felt put n the spot and it got her thinking.]

With it almost being December, I'm curious about what people do during the holiday season, is there a tradition you have back home? What are your plans for this year?


Nov. 3rd, 2016 06:13 pm
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[The video opens with not only one Reyes, but two, in the kitchen of Heropa 16. Both Bianca and Jaime are visible, and it's initially coming from Bianca's communicator.

Bianca begins to speak first. She at least looks more rested than the last time she had made a post to the network.]

Hi, everyone. I'm Bianca Reyes, and this is my son, Jaime. [In the background, Jaime waves dutifully at the camera, though he remains silent. Hi, imPorts!]

Thanksgiving is coming up, and we know not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends from back home here.

[Something that certainly hit home for Bianca, last month when Alberto disappeared. She looks over at her son.

Now it's Jaime's turn to pipe up, though he's certainly not as skilled a public speaker as his mother is. He doesn't even bother stepping forward.]

So, I know not everyone knows what Thanksgiving is. It's got a long history with, um, pilgrims, and how America was founded, but that isn't really what it's about anymore. Mostly, it's about spending time with people you love, talking about what you're thankful for, and most importantly, eating a lot of food. A lot of food. [He has to grin at that.

Bianca turns a bit to glance at Jaime, with a smile, before returning her attention back to the camera.]

Because of that, we want to invite anyone who doesn't have anyone here or has never celebrated Thanksgiving before to come and celebrate it with us. We might all be stuck here for the holidays, but we don't have to be alone for them.

[Jaime glances over at Bianca a little uneasily because this is a big get-together she's talking about - come on, supervillains, give this one a rest - but instead of voicing those concerns, leaves everyone with a parting request:] Oh, and, uh, since we don't know how big this will get… please bring something if you're coming! We can potluck it up. How big is this grocery list going to get?

[Bianca looks back over, knowingly. They'll have this under control!] It might take a few trips, it'll be fine. [That's not fine at all!]

We'll make sure there's enough space for everyone. If nothing else, the weather will be nice here.


Nov. 1st, 2016 08:20 am
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[ It's late at night when Cullen makes the post, the time of night when people would probably text something like this. But typing on the phone is still too much of an unnatural struggle for him to default to it.

He sounds relatively normal. Maybe just a tiny bit tired. ]

What is it you do when you cannot sleep and there is no work to be done to better utilize the hours you spend awake?

[ There's a tiny pause. ]

I am no stranger to sleepless nights, yet in coming here, I've now naught to do with mine.


Oct. 11th, 2016 06:54 am
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[ Someone's looking thoroughly fed up for once. Gone is the charming, casual demeanour that usually comes with Hunter's videos; someone has ruffled his feathers.]

This place is a joke. I've been here long enough to know better and yet it just keeps on messing around and to be honest my patience is starting to wear thin. So what if I wound up on some Scottish island, that is none of this place's business so the whole AWOL thing can shove itself as far as I care. Don't test me or I will start taking it out in a more permanent manner.

Good to know that this place is essentially just a prison at it's core. You get dragged here against your will, set up to fight for the country against your will, and if you leave the country? They'll be on you like white on rice. And everyone so far is just sitting down and taking it. Don't you heroes have things to save back home? Don't the villains have things they need to destroy? Or are you just simply happy to sell out for a free apartment?

Now here's an off the wall suggestion. There's enough scientists here that if the Government won't send us home, we should just start looking into building a porter of our own. I mean why the hell not? Isn't like it's impossible huh?


Sep. 21st, 2016 06:23 pm
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[ This was not the route Charles wanted to take with this. But his attempt to handle it privately and internally had been met with the same level of dismissal as the conversation he and this version of Tony Stark had back in April.

Which was to say, complete dismissal.

After speaking with Peter, Charles had spent a few hours on the top of the roof considering his next move. Tony was … Tony had been his friend. One of the first he’d made upon coming to this new world, second only behind Erik and at times a support for him when Erik had been … Erik.

He didn’t want to have to do what his gut was telling him needed to be done, but if Charles had learned anything from tangling with En Sabah Nur; if he’d learned nothing else from Raven, Hank and Erik … he’d learned that he couldn’t just bury his head in the sand and hope for the best. Hope was important, hope was vital but it could be just as destructive when not balanced with the resolve to do what needed to be done, when innocent lives were on the line.

Though he had now been awake for almost two days straight, a fact that might be noticeable to anyone who knew him well, the professor was sharply dressed (three piece suit and all) and looked resolute from behind his desk. He had been busy, from well before dawn and up to this point.

He had shifted pieces all across the chessboard and while he did not delude himself in to believing that Tony was even in check, Charles knew the next moves would require aid from the imPort community as a whole. ]

Good morning.

It is with great regret and sincere apology, we must announce to the world that an internal investigation has revealed that the StarkTech “4” application is an abomination and an expression of the weakness and failure of its creator; Mr. Anthony Edward Stark.

[ Peter Parker is standing behind Charles and to the right, leaning slightly on the desk to keep himself in frame. Where Charles is dressed to the nines, Peter looks like he’s come straight from the lab--rolled-up sleeves, goggle hair and all. He sways forward as though he’s about to cut in, then just as visibly bites it back before he waves Charles to continue. ]

Non IC cut in which it comes to light that Tony Stark is an ass. An even bigger ass than usual )


Sep. 17th, 2016 04:39 pm
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[Bianca is looking just a bit stained- nothing too bad, just tired, and she's recording this in what looks to be a large classroom, a variety of people behind her listening to an instructor give direction on how to perform CPR.

Several CPR dummies are visible, and there's one on the table next to Bianca.]

Hi, everyone. I was hoping to do this after I went through all the certification processes here, but with everything happening now is as good a time as any.

I don't think there aren't very many of us here who have medical training, or at least the kind that's up to date and useful as an emergency responder. Paramedic work isn't the same kind of thing I'm used to doing in the ER, for example.

[She's been keeping busy. The training for paramedic and the job she was assigned to is keeping her busy.]

I ended up in a discussion last month with the director of emergency services at the main hospital here in Heropa because of this and it went from there.

While they can't grant certification that hasn't been earned, they can waive the fees for everything from basic first aid and CPR classes to the paramedic course.

With everything that's going on- especially right now- if anyone can spare the time, you should consider doing at least the basic courses.

It can make a big difference at the end of the day.

[Along with the video, there's also a bunch of links to various organizations and schools that provide all of those classes in the imPort cities,  as well as what each state has for their basic  requirements. She did the research!]
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[ The video begins with a weird vibe to it. Floating betwixt the shadows and the ghostly moonlight flitting through a window there lies a vivid bright V accompanied by green orbs-- as the camera adjusts to the light and auto focuses, the orbs become solid rings and the white light of the moon pick out a helm. More than that, in fact. Though silvery is the outline of the figure, the emerald loops and V are so striking that he knows he should have probably done some kind of video during the day. But he had spent the day planning the video. Nothing was really going according to plan however-- he didn’t mean for his first appearance of himself to be shrouded by dark as a barely visible silhouette of a ominously luminous creature. The preview image on the communicator didn’t show much. There is the softest of sighs that is displaced by a metallic tinge.

The lights were clearly off for a reason.

Ah… greetings. [ There is an attempt at a patient tone and a slow nod, visible by the V shape bouncing. His Japanese accent is ridiculously heavy and he tries to at least speak slower than usual so his words don’t roll and merge in the usual way that they do when he speaks in English. ]

Fellow… heroes? Vigilantes? Villains? One moment I am at the fringes of snowy Nepal and the next moment I am enlisted in a foreign military…? I do not speak harshly but rather, truthfully-- this illusion feels like everyone is a part of a show and we are being given parts to play in some kind of fantasy.

It will become clear upon any physical meeting with me that I am a tool for murder, but I refuse to take part in senseless death. If anyone of government is perhaps watching I wish for them to know this. I may be enlisted as a 'hero' but I have been a hero before and am above senseless violence. A militia that steals its members cannot be so innocent, regardless of the facade you paint your cities with.

What can we gain from being here?

[ Friendship wasn’t something that was ever high on any of his lists. There is a long pause of silence where he ponders what he just said, finding it to be depressingly off key when his master’s teachings echo around his head about silver linings and the darkest skies. If he needed to clear his throat to not appear awkward he would, but with the coming of metal vocal chords came the loss of natural human perks like that. ]

Apologies, [ Murmured softly as he turns his helmet a little to look once more directly at the camera. ] I do not mean any offence; I am merely troubled and I wish to understand more. My name is Genji. It is an honor to make your acquaintance.

[ The cyborg places a fist against his other hands open palm and bows to the camera though sitting down. The action is no longer a highlight, it’s visible now as the night rolls on and the moon casts its gaze upon him. Whether he liked it or not, this seemed to be home for now… but every human inch of him already ached to leave. ]
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[Behold, Loki, hunched over a desk looking uncharacteristically introspective while performing dexterous feats of incredible skill with an inking pen. The mellifluous tones of Daft Punk can be heard coming from somewhere in the background as he opts to ignore the video for a moment more in favor of his deep contemplation.

And once the moment has passed, he stops with the finger tricks and fixes his gaze directly on the camera.]

Contrary to my usual M.O. I may require some help with a pressing quandary. Set-backs are usually temporary for me, granted some set-backs are walls while others are hurdles, but this one has me boxed. A boxed Loki never bodes well…oh, if I didn’t introduce myself last time? [Because there was another him, was there not? He looks vaguely sour for a moment.] Loki Laufeyson, though I’m under the impression that some of you have already met me before.

[For what it’s worth he’ll do a flourishing bow for the sake of theatrics.]

Back to the dilemma at hand. Your help will require the ability to tap into a time when you were below the legal age of majority. Your inner child. Sadly, my inner child and I had a disagreement, we're no longer speaking. [siiiiiigh] If you can get in touch with yours, or if you’ve never been one, but you possess a vivid imagination and are able to relate, or if you are, in fact, a child then here’s your mission--

[He’s getting to his point, patience is, after all a virtue. The question you should really be asking yourself is “what is Loki’s newfound preoccupation with the inner child?” Is he having a Freudian moment?]

Our exercise is this. I’m going to show you three pictures, yes the pictures have words, just ignore the words. I want to know, from the perspective of children, which picture would they most identify with and why.

[He’ll hold up picture number one. Take a minute to process that.

Picture number two.

And finally number three.]

Just in case you’re curious, this is the Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology, and these are the nine realms that are presented. There were ten, but a war happened, a baby was involved, Odin flipped his Skittles, and he disowned Heven completely. Cut it clean from the rest of the realms!

Thoughts? Feelings? Expressions of outrage?


Aug. 20th, 2016 07:21 pm
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[ The Doctor gives the camera a grin and a little nod. ]

Hello network! Just have a quick question here, time to take a roll call! Who's got magical creepy healing powers?

[ this is "being subtle." Sorry Clara. There's a big grin before, ]

Oh! Also, how do you own a shop? Apparently I got promoted. I've worked in a shop before but I don't think I've ever owned one.


Aug. 20th, 2016 04:35 pm
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[There's a shot of the sky, the edge of a building, then Silk's foot. Finally, she turns the camera on herself, scratching at her cheek under her trademark red scarf.]

Okay, so I know it's just a knock-off, and the little monsters don't look the same at all, plus the names are kind of dumb but... I'm addicted. I don't even have the excuse of nostalgia since I'm from another universe! It still just... feels the same.

Maybe I already bought some of the stuffed toys.

Anyways, what I'm trying to ask is, is anyone else playing MonMon Walk? You'd better be on the zappy team.

...Also, if the devs see this, please make it so I can hatch eggs while I'm swinging. Please?

[There's a long pause, before Silk gives an awkward wave and shoots out a webline, the video cutting out just as she steps off the building.]
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As seen on Tech Blogs, news outlets, Faux News, Grudge Report, SMN Money:
Stock prices fell today when the official word is in about the new StarkTech app called the "4". After a surge in purchases these past few weeks, surrounding the mysterious new product, but after a few testers released scathing reviews of the app's functionality, it looks as if the surge of new clients may be over for the Import Tech Giant. The testing website StarkWatch reported that the app was "...altogether disappointing..." and "...had no real functionality changes from your average calendar application."

When provided this information, some StarkTech diehards echoed the company line, which was that it's going to be used for futher hardware upgrades later, but we have to ask ourselves: why didn't wait until the inevitable upgrades, then?

As seen on national news:
As temperature records shatter across the nation in an unusually hot heatwave, certain corners of the internet and talk radio are targeting imPorts as the cause. Ronald Chump has been quoted, from his Bwitter accounts, suggesting that if imPorts are the reason for "hot temps rising then maybe we need to use 'em for energy source. Smart idea! We'd save bigly!"

As seen on PAGE SIX ad section of major published newspapers:
.... . .-.. .-.. --- --..-- / -.. --- -.-. - --- .-. .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .. -. / --- ..- .-. / ... .. --. .... - ... .-.-.-

As seen on national news:
General criminal trends have seen a downturn drop in De Chima, Nonah, and Maurtia Falls. The decrease in reported crime has been in part attributed to the successful imPort Ambassadorships of those respective cities. Public opinion among local residents is at an all-time high of 87% (collectively, when polled across the three cities). This may well be a golden era for imPort Ambassadors!

As seen on Rumblr, Deddit, TMI magazine, and celebrity gossip blogs:
Deddit user "kittygalore", who claims to be a disgruntled insider of Ronald Chump's branding circle, has said that Chump has designs on Kitty Jones and her public persona.

"Chump is practically in love," writes kittygalore. "He seeks to market and conquer a new property. That's orgasmic to him."

True or false, the trend of interest in imPort personalities has skyrocketed over the past few weeks. With the apparent exportation of Lucifer, more advertising companies are sweating the reality that imPorts can be a temporary, and highly popular, commodity. The demand is immediate, and market watchers predict that soon companies will start reaching out for individual imPort sponsorships.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from VERY WORRIED BERRY to CAUTIOUS PATRIOTISM because fans have been thrilled over the sporting imPorts of this August Swearing In! But you never know what lies in wait shortly after fun events.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[Angela looks exhausted, dark circles are starting to show under her eyes, her hair is up in a messy ponytail with lots of fly away bits and she’s sighing as she pinches the bridge of her nose.]

My Valkyrie suit is damaged, I think it happened during the attack last month. I can summon it fine but the wings don’t extend fully and I’m pretty sure the right knee is close to just locking up. Normally this isn’t a problem, but then again, normally I’m at home with access to the correct technology and a team of engineers that can help me. Apparently my power just summons it in whatever state it was in when I let it go.

[She sits back at her desk and takes a drink from a very large mug. The suit is partially in view behind her.]

Does anyone have a lab or workshop I can use that has…better technology that what seems to be standard for this world? I don’t mind paying for the time spent and…the help I’d need.


Aug. 12th, 2016 01:25 pm
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I'm looking for individuals to lend their voices to navigational technology.

Any genders capable of speaking clearly and maintaining a calm, professional tone. Particularly interested in multilingual individuals. This is temporary paid work.

If interested, please respond using the audio function or upload a voice sample.

-Dr. H. Gottlieb

[ooc: feel free to link a character clip or provide a description!]


Aug. 10th, 2016 02:29 pm
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Do all names have meaning?

I thought they were only sounds. Things you knew to answer to. I was wrong.

What meanings are there? To... anyone who reads this?

[He really could have phrased it better, but "what does your name mean" sounds too informal for his liking, so there you go.]


Aug. 8th, 2016 11:53 pm
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[ Klarion's grinning into the camera like a maniac, and even Teekl, who is curled up in his lap, looks satisfied and very pleased with himself. This can't be good. ]

Alright! I've decided that today is my birthday, and as such, according to your surface traditions, I believe that we are owed cake! I don't care about presents, we're going to go traveling anyway, and those will just be cumbersome.

[ Yep, Klarion just picked the date out of thin air because he's in the mood for some cake. How old is he? Was he actually born in August? Who knows, who cares!

He's just about to put the communicator down and turn the feed off when he grimaces a bit, and the cat glances up at him with an unmistakable, 'I told you so' kind of look. Klarion's expression instantly goes back to normal. ]

... Incidentally, if anyone knows of any spells or herbal remedies for aching teeth, they would be appreciated.


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