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Apr. 4th, 2017 09:04 pm
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[ It's taken Jean a couple tries to actually get the hang of this since technology like this doesn't exactly exist in 1983 but... she thinks she's got it, seeing her face appear on the video screen suddenly.

Or at least... she did a couple seconds ago. Now it's gone and left with a black screen?

A little more fiddling and she discovers she accidentally pushed the button to the lock screen on the thing. Getting it back up, there's a redhead looking into the camera now, holding it back some since she feels like it's a little too close. ]

Hi, sorry. [ She smiles a little and gives an awkward sort of wave. Yeah, really cool, Jean. ] Gotta say this is a little weird to be talking into a camera like this.

[ There's a bite to her bottom lip and she glances off camera for a second before she looks back with a sigh, fingers running through her red hair. ]

Anyways, I don't suppose someone could recommend the best thing for sleep? It's just been a little... difficult lately.


Jan. 15th, 2017 10:18 am
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[OOC: The following message will be sent approximately 6 hours after the prison breakout of the 417. As always, telepathy posts from Charles are OPT-IN, it is completely your choice to have your character "hear" him or not. Also responding to this post is NOT considered permission for him to read your character's mind in any future encounters.

His range allows him to reach all 4 porter cities, so this is open to all characters who wish to opt-in.]

telepathy )


Oct. 19th, 2016 09:26 am
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[ Oh, look, it's Kitty Jones. She seems a little tired - though you'd only know it by looking at her. Her voice is unchanged from normal. Indeed, she speaks with her typical firm bubbliness - a cheerful, kindly tone and an adorably youthful London accent obscuring the fact that her speech is (as usual) a bit on the manipulative/calculating/forceful/aggressive side. ]

Hullo, all. First, a job offer. I run a charity garage. It does pretty good work - we fix up and build really, really good cars, and sell 'em to the richer members of the local populace, and then the proceeds go to fund public transit in Heropa. Anyway. I recently... [ Just a little flicker in her smile. ] Lost an employee. So if there's anyone out there who's good with cars or mechanics or whatever, I definitely want you.

[ And now to the less businesslike portion of her announcement: ]

Anyway. Obviously there's been a lot of talk of elections lately, and there's also been a lot of cynicism about the whole electoral process. For obvious reasons. Since there are some politicians who are lunatic idiots. So I guess I just wanted to throw this out there, 'cause all of you have so much different experience from different worlds.

Who had power, where you're from? What was the government like? And were they good - just - or unjust? What do you think's the best form of government? How much power should the people in charge have?

And if you could build a government, build a country from scratch, what would it look like? Would you limit the freedom of the press, or would everyone have the right to speak? Would you build social programs, or would you leave people to fend for themselves? Would you go after warfare and expanding your borders, or would people live in peace?

[ These questions are a little bit leading. Perhaps. ]

Anyway. Share your thoughts, please.


Sep. 21st, 2016 06:23 pm
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[ This was not the route Charles wanted to take with this. But his attempt to handle it privately and internally had been met with the same level of dismissal as the conversation he and this version of Tony Stark had back in April.

Which was to say, complete dismissal.

After speaking with Peter, Charles had spent a few hours on the top of the roof considering his next move. Tony was … Tony had been his friend. One of the first he’d made upon coming to this new world, second only behind Erik and at times a support for him when Erik had been … Erik.

He didn’t want to have to do what his gut was telling him needed to be done, but if Charles had learned anything from tangling with En Sabah Nur; if he’d learned nothing else from Raven, Hank and Erik … he’d learned that he couldn’t just bury his head in the sand and hope for the best. Hope was important, hope was vital but it could be just as destructive when not balanced with the resolve to do what needed to be done, when innocent lives were on the line.

Though he had now been awake for almost two days straight, a fact that might be noticeable to anyone who knew him well, the professor was sharply dressed (three piece suit and all) and looked resolute from behind his desk. He had been busy, from well before dawn and up to this point.

He had shifted pieces all across the chessboard and while he did not delude himself in to believing that Tony was even in check, Charles knew the next moves would require aid from the imPort community as a whole. ]

Good morning.

It is with great regret and sincere apology, we must announce to the world that an internal investigation has revealed that the StarkTech “4” application is an abomination and an expression of the weakness and failure of its creator; Mr. Anthony Edward Stark.

[ Peter Parker is standing behind Charles and to the right, leaning slightly on the desk to keep himself in frame. Where Charles is dressed to the nines, Peter looks like he’s come straight from the lab--rolled-up sleeves, goggle hair and all. He sways forward as though he’s about to cut in, then just as visibly bites it back before he waves Charles to continue. ]

Non IC cut in which it comes to light that Tony Stark is an ass. An even bigger ass than usual )


Aug. 10th, 2016 12:13 pm
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[ The video clicked on to show a man, sitting behind a large desk with a bright smile on his face. He was dressed in a sharp three piece suit and a mug of tea sat beside his hand. ]

Good morning.

Many of you know me but as we've had some new imPort arrivals, please let me introduce myself; my name is Professor Charles Xavier. For those of you who are familiar with me, I promise I'll try to make this short.

[ He grinned, obviously well aware that sometimes he could ramble on. ]

One of the projects I'm involved with, along with several others in our community, is something called the Maria-Francis Foundation. If you live or work in and around De Chima some of you may be aware of the building currently under construction or you may already be assisting with it. If the latter, you have my sincere gratitude.

I merely wanted to take this time to remind people of the Foundation's function, which is to provide imPorts with opportunities and support in offering humanitarian aid, not just within our own cities and country but globally as well.

[ His smile grew, widened with an expression of pride as he continued. ]

We've had excellent response to the initiative so far and we are always looking for more volunteers and contributors. Our abilities are varied, unique and this is an opportunity to help the world understand that they are not to be feared; that we are not to be feared.

If you have any questions about the Foundation, some of our previous projects or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am available over this device or if you'd like to speak in person, I'll be at StarkTech in De Chima, all day.

[ With another warm smile, Charles reached forward and disconnected the video. But as promised, his device was set to receive for any questions. ]

[OOC: Okay!

So the Maria-Francis Foundation is a low key, mostly handwave project that was ICly conceived as a way to show the native population, both in the US and abroad, that imPorts and their powers weren't all about destruction.

ICly the Foundation has been mentioned here in this kick off post as well as on the Majority Report.

OOCly there was a quick run down about how this works and there is a housekeeping post where we keep track of who has volunteered/been involved/etc.

Also OOCly there is the building effort for the foundation and as mentioned on that post the September Swear-In will involve a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building. ]
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[The video that opens up on the network offers a scene of opposites. Aral Vorkosigan was a stout older man, square jawed and dark eyed. Wearing a pressed uniform, and sitting in formal attention, he's far more used to public address and time-lag communication than the casual back and forth of the network.

Sitting beside him in a bright and airy sundress, with vivid, curly red hair and bright grey eyes, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan leans against him, smiling and elbowing the stern man in a teasing fashion as he begins the ... incredibly formal address.]

The Vorkosigan House will be seeking a small number of employees for residential aid. In particular, those with skill in organization, cleaning and cooking are encouraged to reply. Pay will be equitable to market, though up for negotiation, live-in accommodations provided and not docked from salary should the applicant wish to remove themselves from government housing.

Please direct inquiries and offers within.

[He's clearly got this talking to the kids thing down.]

((OOC: HELLO looking for new CR to drag in, enjoy the country life, horses, dogs, espionage and bad decisions. Certainly nothing could go wrong with this.

Both Aral and Cordelia will be replying to this post!))
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[The wayward spell hit Qubit early in the morning, when he was still groggy enough not to notice anything awry. But at first glance, it didn't seem to change anything... except his plans for the day. Originally he was just going to go to work, like usual, but now... He's put this off long enough. Longer than makes sense, actually. Why didn't he do this back in August? There was a need for it then, and there's a need for it now. And that settles it. He'll put out the call at once.

The post is a video, which is unusual for him, but for some reason people tend to think you're not on the level if you stick to text. Which is ridiculous, but whatever, he's got nothing to hide.]

Good morning, imPorts. I know many of you know me, but for those who don't, my name is Qubit. Now, I'm not one for superfluous chatter, so I'll get right to the point.

The Earth I'm from, like several others represented here, is home to a fairly large number of superheroes. In particular, I work with a team called the Paradigm. It's a group of extraordinary people, dedicated to defending the planet and its people from threats both supernatural and mundane. [And he is so proud of them, you guys. They are so alive right now, you don't even know.]

Sadly, thus far, none of them have joined me on this ... extended jaunt. [He waves one hand vaguely, as if this whole thing is little more than an inconvenience to him.] But our mission still applies. And to that end, I've decided to extend a call for new members, effective immediately.

[Sternly, he holds up his index finger.] Before you reply, though, a few things you ought to keep in mind. First, and most important: the Paradigm does not kill, full stop. If you have a problem with that, don't bother applying. Second: no children, for reasons I dearly hope are obvious. And third: this is going to be a small team - no more than six to ten people - at least for now. Mainly due to logistics. If everything works out, perhaps we'll expand the operation in future, but one thing at a time.

[With those ground rules out of the way, though, he's back to a confident, inviting smile. He has no reason to believe it won't work out. Why wouldn't it? The last time he put out a call like this, he turned up more volunteers than he knew what to do with.]

I've set replies screened by default. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you.

Qubit out.
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What is justice?

[From behind an unblemished wooden desk in his home office Yuri addresses the network for the first time since his return to this world seven months ago. Behind him, the shades hanging in the window have been drawn and little of the day's late afternoon light seeps through. Before him, his hands are folded neatly together and a mask with wide, lidless white eyes sits front and center gazing at the camera.

It is silent confirmation for those of you who did not already know or perhaps did not wish to accept the truth: he is Lunatic.]

Legally defined, justice is the moral administration of the law and the fair and impartial treatment of all individuals who fall under it.

It is a concept in which one man's understanding of what is right and wrong has no place and must instead remain separate from human will. It is a concept which I have disregarded for some time in favor of pursuing my own idea of justice or, more accurately termed, vigilantism.

[His pause there is subtle, a nearly nonexistent hesitation to proceed that only those more familiar with him might perceive.]

You may be wondering why I've thought to mention any of this. Allow me to explain.

On the night of April twenty-third, acting on my own and entirely separate from the knowledge of my imPort peers and from RISE, I took the law into my own hands and pursued with the intent of executing one Ken Kaneki for the crime of obstructing justice. I failed to subdue him and, as a result... [The admission is bitter and heartfelt at the same time, ridden with the guilt he feels at having inadvertently caused so many to be put in harm's way, as well as a modicum of fear for what may follow in the wake of his confession.] ...as a result of my carelessness and personal quarrel with immorality, many innocent bystanders' lives were changed forever—some nearly lost—when my actions pushed a young man over the brink.

[Even his own life had hung in the balance that night. All the lives that shouldn't have been in peril had been jeopardized because of him...]

I wish to accept full responsibility for what happened.

[Because Haise Sasaki has given him no other choice. But also because his conscience has been like a noose about his neck ever since.]

Whatever consequences the law sees fit to levy...this time, I will not run.
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OOC: The following return shenanigans is entirely Opt-In ONLY. Even opting in feel free to have your character experience as much or as little of what Charles' bellowing. Here is his updated Permission Post there are some mild spoilers on it, nothing huge. As always, an exchange here does not give blanket permission for future psychic shenanigans.

[ Today’s trick question; what happens when you take an angry telepath, gearing up for the fight of his life and yank him across an inter-dimensional portal into another world?

Answer? ]

Beneath the cut, with the potential for SPOILERS )

[ooc: Feel free to respond to him telepathically OR devices will also work. ICly, responses will be delayed on his device due to the scolding he'll be getting for this. ]

[ Voice ]

May. 24th, 2016 08:14 am
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[ Sasaki will be using audio for this because it's much easier when you can't see his face. ] ... I think I'm done running from the elephant in the room.

Three years ago, SS rated ghoul Ken Kaneki was captured by the CCG and lost his memories. And from that, I came to existence. I'm legally a human, but not biologically, and I have no memories beyond the three years I've lived. [ so yes. Haise is technically Kaneki ] I know that this body is Kaneki's, and I know that Kaneki is somewhere inside my head I don't really remember anything about Kaneki's life; I don't know who his mother is, I don't know how he met his little sister, and I don't know what he felt when he woke up after being turned into an artificial ghoul.

But ever since I stepped out of the Porter, I know everything that Kaneki felt and lived while in this world. I know the people he met here and matter to him, I know his sadness and his loneliness, I know his happiness and I know his feelings. It's as if these are my memories, even though I'm not Kaneki. I'm not; I'm just... a dream. With two years worth of memories.

[ there is a moment of silence as sasaki tries to gather his thoughts ]

I know Kaneki will slowly take over, and with time all of the memories will return and I will no longer be Sasaki. I will be replaced with the real thing. And yet, I really want to exist. I don't want to fade away, that's why- it was really scary when I arrived here, when I looked at your faces, everytime you called me Kaneki, everytime you expected him.

I still can't tell you what is happening. It's a mess. [ he sighs, defeated ] About that night when Kaneki went crazy and attacked people- I remember it all as if I was the one doing it, so I want to apologize. I'll be visiting the native victims, and the imPorts he hurt and attacked, I'm terribly sorry for what has happened. And the person who triggered that whole mayhem- [ sasaki isn't going to say the name; he knows who it is ] We are going to talk.
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Hello, imPorts. I'm sure that you all remember the curious event that occurred last April. Some of us were slung into the future while others were dragged back into their past. While life has returned to normal, there are people who remain children, despite outward appearances.

For example, there's Jonathan Crane, that weedy little boy in the monster mask. He was always more interested in books than in people, pouring over the classics while other children played their games, but there was no one to respect his intellect. The children around him tortured and tormented him. The girl he loved saw his affections as a joke, and strung him along for nothing more than a cheap laugh. His home, which should have been a refuge, held nothing but violence and hatred. Instead of nourishing his growth, it only held him back, and attempted to beat his few, remaining virtues out of him. Is it any wonder that he craves control now? Is it any mystery why he lashes out against a world that's done nothing but hurt him?

The scars remain. They remain in his mind, in his heart, and underneath his suit. Perhaps there is a lesson here. We should not give into our anger and fear. If Jonathan had been shown patience, kindness, and love in his younger years, he could have become a different, better man. He could have become someone who isn't still controlled by his peers and his family's legacy. If we remember this, then we can prevent the weaker among us from succumbing to their mental frailty.

-Sincerely, Prufrock

[OOC: So this post is an attempt to manipulate Crane/knock him down a peg or two. Replies will either come from an anonymous Edgeworth or an infuriated Crane]


Apr. 19th, 2016 08:48 pm
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If someone were to discover that they possessed an ability that had the potential to endanger the lives of those around them, what sort of options would they be looking at?

Other than resorting to criminal detainment of course, and where learning control is not an option, as it simply doesn't function in a controllable manner.

So essentially what I'm asking is, is it possible to voluntarily arrange for import abilities to be suppressed? Are there any non-permanent options? What sort of side-effects could one expect from undergoing such a process?

You'll have to forgive the lack of details I'm afraid, as they aren't mine to share.

[He's asking for a friend okay. Yeah when's the last time anyone bought that. Still though, it's true.]

Feel free to list any contacts you may have regarding this issue.

Thank you.


Apr. 11th, 2016 01:06 pm
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[ While it can be easily argued that his fashion sense was occasionally, lacking, Charles looks to be dressed up for office life. At least, he's wearing a button down shirt, with a suit coat over it and he's sitting at a desk with paperwork strewn all about.

The paperwork, for anyone paying close attention to such things, look like some sort of outer space globe like schematic. That or a really odd looking hat.

Never mind the paperwork. Have a warm smile instead, as he reaches for a mug of tea. ]

Good morning.

I have a quick question, which I suppose I could have just looked up in the yellow pages [ ssshhh, he comes from the Seventies, when yellow pagers were still a thing ] but I was hoping for some more personal recommendations.

Now that things have calmed down a bit I am hoping to start spending time at a gym. [ He'd actually been wanting to ask this question for awhile now but ... Russians. ] Preferably one with a pool.

I live in Nonah, work in De Chima, so either area would be good, if anyone knows of something. I would be most appreciative.

[ He starts to reach over to switch the video feed off but pauses. ]

Oh! Ah, one more item. Does anyone know of a good general medical practitioner? Or do most of us utilize the local medical professionals?


Mar. 20th, 2016 10:41 pm
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[ So hello, Imports, many of you have seen some parts of Starktech before, but Tony Stark's office is a little different. There's a moment of discomfort, when the hand pulls back -- actually using the communicator is obviously not natural to Stark, who pulls back after a moment to show he's not alone. It's also Charles Xavier in the shot, but other than a tip of his head, he doesn't acknowledge him at first. ]

There we go. Alright, evening everyone.

If I haven't introduced myself to you personally, that's a shame, and we should change that. I'm Tony Stark. My friend here -- [ A gesture backward ] is Charles Xavier.

But before we get started on why we're here, I want to give a little bit of a history lesson. And excuse my missteps, I'm not a professor by any stretch of the imagination. [ An eyeroll in someone's direction. The someone in question, merely smiled serenely but wasn’t about to take Tony off the hook. Not in this instance. ] I'm better at doing than explaining. Always have been.

But that's just the way things are, and since I'm something of a relic here -- [ A grimace. He recently just had an anniversary. ] -- and since I've been ported away from home for a long while, I want to talk a little bit about what I've seen. You see, this whole thing with Russia? It's a bit like watching an old show remade -- kind of. We're used to being disliked -- whether as Superhumans, mutants, metahumans, or imports, or whatever it is you go by back in your own world. That's just how it is, when people suddenly start manifesting with more power than we know what to do with. It's natural to fear us. I've known people who could destroy the world if they wanted -- I've even seen it come close a time or two. To put it mildly. To go from normalcy to the verge of a disaster movie? It's difficult for the best of us, and not everyone is the best of us.

Back before -- in the City, we spent a long time dealing with this. See, when I first arrived, we weren't easily controlled, or well regulated. We...did things. At one point, Godzilla took over, someone summoned a fleet of demons -- and cthulhu, and then an import defaced the moon. [ It was a dick. The rumors about a dick on the moon were true. ] See, people didn't like that, and they stepped up, and started an organization called Vulcanus. They infiltrated us at one point. Then they started going to other worlds in an effort to stop us. They even used Sea Turtles as guinea pigs to give themselves superpowers. We even went to a world where they took control, and us imports were essentially their property.

I won't lie, it's bad, and we shouldn't be treated like that. By any stretch of the imagination. But everything that's happening, the way Russia kidnapped some of us, and tried to brainwash the rest of us... we've been through it before, and come out the other side. Hell, Lachesis saved us that last time, but we still persevere every time. But I don't know about you, but I'd rather it not be a battle every time. And we need to do more, we need to be better at convincing the world around us that we should be welcome. Which, actually, is why we're talking to you today.

[ Alright. Tony had taken care of the history lesson, so now it was Charles’ turn to pick up the professor baton.

Rolling his chair slightly more into the frame, he nodded towards Stark before turning his attention to the camera feed. ]

‘May you live in interesting times” I believe is a quote that many of us have heard and I have to admit that since arriving here three months ago I feel as if I’ve been living in very interesting times indeed.

[ He offered the words with a smile, before sobering and continuing. ]

One of my first encounters with a local here in this world was a woman who was expressing her concerns over imPorts and some of the destruction that has been caused over time. One of my first experiences was when the city of Heropa was overtaken by a jungle and from there, the situation with the Soviets came to head.

When the Soviets first kidnapped imPorts, I was one of those who traveled to France, to talk with the French about aid. It was an eye opening experience for me, as the French had a number of questions and concerns when it came to imPorts.

[ Lifting a hand, he motioned towards Stark. ]

As Mr. Stark explained from his first hand experience of previous situations, the unknown factor surrounding imPorts, is allowing a fear of our abilities to take root in people's’ minds, particularly when they are getting sensationalist media reports about imPort activities.

So we’ve come up with an idea.

We want to try and adopt a more proactive attitude in reaching out to the international community and offering humanitarian technology and innovations that can come from imPorts. To this end, StarkTech has already committed funds and tech innovations in the fields of medical equipment and infrastructure; such as clean waterways and stable electricity.

I do want to be clear that we are only pursuing humanitarian innovations and technology. Nothing military, even in a defensive capacity. The goal here is to show the world that while we are powerful and/or come from worlds vastly more advanced than this one, our abilities need not be looked upon as merely weapons and feared as such.

[ Don’t know about anyone else but Charles had taken a little exception to the Soviets’ claims that imPorts were little more than weapons for the United States. ]

We’ve only just started to toss these ideas around and our hope is that there may be other imPorts who would like a chance to contribute to this effort? I understand that recent events have given us reason to feel cautious. But as a community, we have such a wide range of experiences, skills and abilities that the chance to offer our assistance on an international level, could afford us the opportunity to help show the locals of this world that they don’t need another Vulcanus.

[ Stark leans forward then, a bit more self-satisfied smile on his face than is strictly necessary, but then again, it’s Tony Stark. ] We want the community’s input, at the very least, but more than that, I’d personally like to see more people involved, no matter what your expertise is in -- there’s a place for everyone. So don’t hesitate to speak up, or ask questions, if there’s something that comes to mind.

[ It was Charles’ turn to nod in agreement with Tony’s words, before he continued. ]

This is an initiative that will work best if it comes from as many of us as are willing to offer time, ideas, and assistance. Large or small, it only needs to help show the international community that they don’t need to believe the Soviets’ insistence, that we are no more than weapons of the United States.


Mar. 13th, 2016 03:26 pm
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[Sabriel's standing in front of her desk at RISE headquarters, wearing her hauberk and surcoat. Her tone is clear and confident, and she holds herself still as she speaks.]

For those of you who may be new- greetings! my name is Sabriel, and I'm a member of RISE. We're a group of imPorts sanctioned by the government to both apprehend imPorts who choose to threaten the natives of this world or their fellow imPorts, and bring them to trial, under the leadership of Major General Armstrong. Some of our other duties involve acting as security at swear-ins, and acting to protect both imPorts and natives from other threats the police can't deal with- groups like the Cain Cabal for example.

We're seeking new members- both those skilled in combat to act as field agents, and those whose skills are less martially inclined- investigators and lawyers to both gather evidence and prosecute cases- any imPorts captured by RISE will be judged by a tribunal of their fellow imPorts, although we cannot pass down any sentence harsher than what the government allows. [Frustration slips over Sabriel's face as she says this.]

Unfortunately, due to certain... restrictions imposed by our hosts, field agents must be registered, and applicants are required to pass both a physical and psychological evaluation.

Let me stress- if you want to help protect people, and you're willing to work as part of a team, RISE can provide you with the resources to do so. And even if your skills do not incline towards the physical, there's still a need for them. Bringing imPort criminals to justice takes more than just arresting them.

If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to ask. Or you can contact Major General Armstrong, if you'd prefer.

Later, on the Mirrornet

[Sabriel's no longer at RISE HQ- instead, she's sitting on a chair in her home in Nonah. She's quieter than she was in her earlier post, and her expression is thoughtful.]

I understand why people chose to protest at the ceremony- imPorts should let the government know how we feel about their policies. But I wanted to know how government officials felt, and I had hoped to gain information about what happened to former Secretary Chases, and find officials who might lend a sympathetic ear to imPorts. [Sabriel sighs.]

Instead I learned something else. I received several contradicting answers regarding Chases whereabouts- various officials claimed she was sent to Belize, to the 'Federal Correctional Institute', or possibly the Cayman Islands- that particular official also claimed that the Soviets were engaged in money laundering, or possibly unethical experimentation, in the vicinity. I'm not sure if any of the information is valid, and it's... disturbing that a government official could just vanish.

My attempts at finding sympathetic officials who could help imPorts also failed. People were angry and frightened by the Soviet invasion, and they don't want to be accused of spying. Some of them have said that they feel like they can't trust anyone. [Sabriel frowns, and drums her fingers against the chair.]

We have a problem that's messier than America destroying one city in retaliation for the invasion. This fear, this paranoia about spies and being accused of spying, people vanishing... I'm not an expert in this world's history, but it seems disturbingly similar to the situation in 1984, right before the first imPorts arrived.

I'm not sure what we should do, but I suspect it'll be more complicated than simply protesting a bombing done in our name.


Mar. 12th, 2016 07:44 pm
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[ Naismith's beaming face is not a terribly unusual sight on the network. Still, something seems ... a bit different today. The camera angle is wider, framing him seated in a chair rather expansively, leaning on one elbow in a manner that is both relaxed and confident. Those who know him well - or have seen him in person and have a keen eye for this sort of thing - may notice what the change is: he's taller today, not dwarfed by his chair for once in his life. Perhaps the most obvious indication is a flicker of Gregor next to him, who is decidedly much smaller than Miles at the moment. They've swapped their heights thanks to Haen, and Miles mostly couldn't be happier.

But that's not what he's here to talk about. He clears his throat and brightens still further as he starts to lay out his proposal. ]

I'm happy to announce that the Dendarii Security Corporation is officially accepting new members. Our primary service is to provide protection to both natives and imPorts alike. Because quite frankly, things get entirely too exciting around here on entirely too frequent of a basis.

Currently we're looking for - well, just about anyone really. But we really need an in-house healer or medico, and at least a few who are more technically inclined. And of course we'll need plenty of muscle. Former soldiers, apocalypse survivors, et cetera and so forth.

[ A pause. He spreads his hands expansively. ]

What we are not is some sort of private army. Protection only, and I hope to funnel our resources into providing this protection to imPorts free of charge. It really is terrible that the only option for many of us is to register, if only for practical purposes. We ought to have a choice, yes? Especially in these troubled times.

Anyway. Contact Greg or myself if you are interested - and I do hope that many of you are. Naismith, out.

[ He also helpfully provides a link to this page, which has further information on applying and contracting the Dendarii. ]
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Warnings for graphic violence under the cut

[ Light hits the camera at an odd angle as it’s switched on, the low, shaded fluorescents providing little, but odd illumination. As the view is corrected, what is clearly one of the massage rooms at the Royal Mansions Resort comes into view, with all its spa resort accouterments lining the walls and countertops. Several scented candles add to the general reassuring aura of the room, which would make the whole scene seem like it were almost romantic if not for the fact that Kitty, bound to the massage table with electrical power cords, is absolutely not there by her own volition.

Kitty doesn’t seem at all relaxed--but then this isn’t your typical spa day. She’s bruised and bleeding, with what looks like edged burns on her hands. There’s sweat plastered in her hair, the best indication that she’s been here long enough for her pain to actually wear her down, and she’s clearly been crying, even though she’s swallowing it back now. As the camera is laid to rest, a figure steps into view, appearing first with his back to the camera before his face comes into shot. It’s Lucifer; Lucifer with his eyes catching red in the candlelight, as he comes to stand behind the table. Like this, the massage table’s similarity to a sacrificial altar is undeniable. Symbols are painted in what looks like blood around it, but they look black in the dull light.

The red light means we’re on air--which is just fine with me. Our Soviet friends should see what I’m going to do to you, Kitty. You’re a traitor. [ He gestures to the room, but he’s really gesturing to the facility and more besides. ] You’ve been playing our Russian hosts this whole time, making them think that you’re on their side just so you can undermine their work--just so you can steal from them. You shouldn’t have done that.

Again, warnings for violence, blood, gore and character death under the cut. )

[ooc: Details of the mission to get Kitty's information is being discussed at the ooc post here, while Lucifer will be going into Russian custody. Apparently the Soviets don't think killing traitors is a proportionate response, go figure.

Please use this post for reactions as well as chatting on the network! Lucifer will be around to respond for a short while, before he goes to let the Russians in, and characters are welcome to organize their response in the hotel/resistance here. Please feel free to threadjack with each other and go wild, arrange to hunt Lucifer down or whatever else jumps to mind!]
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[ There had been a discussion about the best way to go about making this announcement. They had tossed around disseminating the information to specific individuals verse a broader transmission but in the end had decided, despite the risks, to go with the mirror network.

When the video clicked on, it showed only Charles sitting behind a desk with no identifying marks behind or around him. Like many imPorts at this point, he looked grim but at the same time there was a definite air of determination about his expression. ]

Hello. Please forgive me for a regrettable lack of formalities for those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure of an introduction, my name is Professor Charles Xavier.

[ He'd rather envisioned his first transmission to the network as a way to inquire about his previous stay here in this world and perhaps ask after people he'd known back then. However, unfortunately now was not the time for personal conversations. ]

Since the Soviets began their occupation some of us, who are sensitive to such things, identified a curious fact about their troops and personnel. Those of you with psychic abilities have probably noticed by now that the Soviets are blind spots to those psychic abilities. We were unable to identify that they were here and up to this point have been unable to read, influence or in any way affect their minds.

Until now.

Working closely with Tony Stark, we have been able to identify the devices used by the Soviet personnel to protect themselves from those of us with psychic abilities and have developed a way to neutralize those devices. Unfortunately, this does nothing to counter act what the Soviets have done to reduce imPort powers or their method of punishing us for any refusal to obey their demands; but it may help us surprise the Soviets when they least expect it.

When activated, the devices we've developed should take down the shielding protecting the Soviets from any psychic influence. [ He paused, choosing his words carefully before he continued. ] This is a challenging time, for all of us. But I wanted it known, for what it might be worth and to whom, that we now have the ability to remove a layer of the Soviet personnel's protection and render them vulnerable to us.

[ That seems to cover the salient points, but he will also have communication to his device left open, for anyone who wants to talk further. ]

[OOC: This is the IC announcement of this plot. Further details here as well.

This only affects the psychic blockers the Soviets are using to block PC psychics from reading/affecting the NPC occupation force and will have a 35%-45% success rate. It does not affect anything LACKEY can do to PCs or the reduction of ImPort powers. ]
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[ Here's a perfectly innocent post. There's a brief shot of several strategy board game boxes - Risk, Axis and Allies, Twilight Imperium, several versions and expansions of Catan - all upended, their contents having been spilled across a large table set up for this purpose. They're all kind of melded together into some super game, or perhaps some other form of information storage ... Alas, the view is just obscured enough that the whole thing can't be seen. Just enough for a glimpse.

Miles' hand reaches into frame, adjusting a few of the brightly colored war suns from Twilight Imperium. ]

Is anyone else thoroughly tired of this whole Russian occupation thing? It's downright annoying by now. [ He taps the little red plastic figure against a Catan hexagonal tile. ] I've elected to stay in and play war games, personally.

Anyone care to join me? We're a bit cramped for a crowd, but I have a running bet with Count Vorkosigan that he can beat me even an army of fellow strategists giving me help on the internet. He insists it's all about timing and supplies; I disagree.

Or we'll take board game bits and new rules suggestions, if you have any of those to spare. I've dumped out everything I could find thus far.

[ This is Miles' extremely oblique way of recruiting ICly for sabotage! It may not get threaded out completely, but if you comment to this post and mention something here, assume that Miles got back to you with coordinates for sabotage antics! They will be delivered by touch-telepathic Jim Kirk, who will be going around (with some teleportation help from Miles) to transmit the info directly.

Alternately imports can message Miles privately for a more direct response. ]


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