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[These days, when Alfie gets on the network to make a post - not just a comment, but a full post - it's generally because he's at least a little bit drunk. Today is no exception. He's also even more grumbly and mumbly than usual, and that combined with his thick accent means he's also probably even harder to understand than normal, so apologies for that, world.]

Twelve months I've been here, now; that's edging toward outlier status, isn't it? Mm, yeah. I've seen people come, I've seen people go, I've made a call to invite someone over for dinner during the holidays only to find out they've fucking vanished into thin air overnight.

[Pour one out for Dr. Eldarov. He grunts, irritably, and then abruptly changes the subject.]

Right - but I've decided to quit my job. Yeah, that's gonna be my gift to myself for my one-year anniversary, and for the new year; my people's new year. And as such, I'll be taking bets on how long it'll be before they notice.

[Because of course he's not just going to call up and let them know he's leaving. He's made a hobby out of being irritating at work, so why stop now?]

It was a weekly thing, my radio show, so I'll take guesses at one week, two weeks, three, and so on. Winner, I'll buy a drink; whatever you like. Unless you're a kid or something, I dunno; then I'll buy you a lolly. I'd suggest getting your bets in before Sir Robot makes headway on his surely-doomed plan to destroy the porter and fucks everything up for a bit. Shanah fucking Tovah.


Sep. 18th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Tell me of these holidays. Why are Men so fixated on them? I can understand the necessity for lifting spirits if that is indeed the reason for them. Living in these dreary cities has left me diminished.

{His modeling schedule doesn't help. Thranduil is not accustomed to being expected so many places - only to have bright lights flashed before his eyes. Then there are the commercials...}

If I were to take a..."vacation"...where would you suggest I go? I am fond of nature, unspoiled by the touch of Man.


Aug. 5th, 2017 09:07 pm
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[The com video opens to a man in his thirties; clean cut and in civilian clothes, smoking a cigarette. He seems to have avoided the throng of fans and news reporters looking to interview new imPorts, and has instead sequestered himself alone somewhere. He touches his hand to his ear, as if it'll help him hear the communicator's audio better, and keeps a suspicious eye out for any passerby.]

Can anybody read me on this thing? My name's... David. Sorry if I kept you waiting, huh. But I want some information first.

I'm looking for someone who's been involved in this exercise from the beginning. What do you all want from me? And since when has the government run a covert op under the old CCAFS base? What the hell is this place exactly?

Whoever's running this thing, you've got the wrong guy. I'm no hero. Just an old war vet. Not that I'm complaining about Florida, but if it's all the same to you, I've got fifty dogs back home that I've got to take care of. I don't work for the government anymore. If it's all the same to you, I'd like to get back home to Twin Lakes.
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[The video comes on, revealing a very unsteady view of what appears to be the inside of an elevator shaft. As the video comes into focus again, it centers on one Lance--and the back of Keith's head. Lance is in blue, Keith in red.]

Hey everyone. I'm Lance--[The video shifts enough to catch Keith's profile. A scowl clearly present--achieving the angle for this shot is probably not comfortable. It shifts again to highlight the fact that they are in fact climbing up the elevator shaft ala Emperor's New Groove...just with actual clothing on.]And this is Keith...Welcome to Jackass.

Lance are you serious? Put that away you need both your hands for this!

[The feed pans back to Lance, an amused and easy going grin present on his face.] Lighten up Keith! We're perfectly--[And that statement is cut off by a sudden slip in footing.] Okay we were perfectly balanced...

[Keith groans, and leans his head back against Lance's.] Look we're not going to get out of the elevator shaft if you don't stop filming and put that away.

All right all right...[Lance takes a glance over his shoulder before pulling the camera in close, taking the chance to stage whisper.] For the record--Keith's the real jackass...

LANCE! [The feed finally goes dead, either from a hasty attempt on Lance's part, or Keith finally managing to make a grab for it--it's a mystery.]
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OOC translation for people who don't hate themselves )
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[ We interrupt your regularly scheduled network yammerings to bring you this super duper top secret important bulletin. Brought to you by an excited Chico Libre on the beach and ready for some cryptid investigations!!!

It starts with a poorly focused picture of some sort of creature that's breached the ocean's surface. Then it slooowly zooms in for dramatic effect as Chico starts his monologue. ]

For years, a secret has been swimming through the oceans of Heropa unseen. Until now. This is the only known photo taken of this so-called "Sharpedo"—Half shark, half torpedo. Apparently. Little else has been discovered, but what we do know is it is something like a familiar in service to a witch!

[ Then the camera turns around to Chico in his patrol cap and a plain drab olive shirt as he stands on the beach. Behind him is an oblivious Alfie Solomons who eventually slinks out of the shot to avoid being part of this nonsense. ]

I am Chico, and I will find out the truth about this legendary UMA that prowls the Heropa seas! Stay tuned for updates!

(( ooc: This entry will be updated in a few OOC days with the revealing truths behind Sharpedo and his trainer Archie. So keep an eye out! ))
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I need advice on how to safely encourage an alligator to leave.

[While this is anonymous, anyone who's looking in the direction of Heropa 32 can see there's a fairly large alligator chilling on the sidewalk close to the front door. That might be what this is about.]
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Mm. Let me ask you something, all of you. Has an imPort ever been sacked from their assigned job?

[Alfie has been lowkey trying to test the limits of his employability at the radio station for a while now, generally by being rude, confusing, and/or terrible on-air - especially now that he has a good amount of money socked away, thanks to his criminal dealings. But since he's neither quit nor been fired, his ridiculous show stays on the air, much to the delight of the small but loyal cult following it's amassed.]

I'm asking, right, because I've worked this one for over six months now, and I should think that'd be a long time to keep on someone who clearly isn't the radio host type.

But it's lucky I'm still here, isn't it, because I'm considering doing a special for April Fool's Week--

[He knows very well that it's just April Fool's Day.]

-- and that should be great fun. Yeah, you've brought me around on your incessant holidays; congratulations. What's up next, then? May Day?
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[ Faith's been pondering this broadcast for a while, mostly the best way to go about it. She also wanted to wait for at least one more round of new arrivals to show up, to make it more difficult to narrow her identity down. Now seems as good a time as any. ]

how many got some kind of ability they didn't have @ home? —don't care what it is
—how'd you learn to use it?
—is it something actually useful?
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[The post was supposed to be voice only and private to Newton. But Daryl wasn't in a state of mind to be careful when he clicked the feed on and sent it live. The mistake was likely obvious to anyone watching, however, as the camera was angled in an awkward manner where Daryl could glance at the screen and see what was on it, but not so it really got a good view of anything but the tops of his knees, his face beyond them, the edge of the bed past that, and then the ceiling of his bedroom.

The ravens he'd adopted a few months ago were hopping around trying to get his attention, to get him to play, but having little luck past him slowly pulling his head to one side so his hair was tugged out of their beaks or his hand slowly petting a feathered body that got pushed up under it. He looked like he'd mentally checked out at some point and was only going through the motions.

He sounded like it, too. Voice dull and nearly emotionless. Like a part of him had broken and he'd just shut down.]

Mako left this mornin'. Early. Ain't sure if she'll be back in time for the wedding.

['Left' meaning the world and him with the port out, not the house. He figured he didn't need to be that specific though.]

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Mar. 6th, 2017 03:07 am
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I can't believe this! Audio and video in one small device! This is so much better than our radios back home!

[ This kid is definitely excited over his new toy; it makes his Nicaraguan accent a little more pronounced. He's chipper despite the rough shape his face is in. Looks like someone clocked him across the forehead real good. ]

So this really is America? I have always wanted to come to the country where the infamous Big Foot lives! [ He looks around the sunny neighborhoods of Heropa. ] You know, it's a lot warmer than I imagined... Humid, too. Not as hot as Costa Rica, though. But you don't even have a rain forest! Where does it all come from?


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