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Mar. 10th, 2017 03:17 pm
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[There was too much to say right now. Too many questions to ask. Too many things to take in. Too many things to be put into perspective. Nike was having a difficult time with the serious of events that led her here. She needed to find somewhere quiet to contemplate, somewhere that her senses didn't feel they were literally on fire. This world was loud! So very loud and hot, and felt -- dare she say -- difficult and unknown. It felt strange, almost like meeting a stranger for the first time which wasn't normal. No matter which part of the world she goes to, the voices she find there will always feel familiar, even if it holds a different feeling. Whatever the case, she decided to use the strange device to communicate with "those like her", as they explain it to her as. Holding the camera to face an angry fox, as she didn't feel very comfortable showing herself at the moment. That is, if she is doing any of this correctly.]

I...I don't know if this is working or not! I'm just...taking a moment to center it all!

[She was yelling as loud as she can without her throat burning. Without having to breath too much of the strange air, even if she was facing the ocean, that should have cleaner air, which can be seen behind the arctic fox pup and heard -- it was clear she was in Heropa.]

Slan!! Are you here!? Can you hear me!? I have Ryuka with me right now! He's okay!! He was healed from the wasp stings from earlier! So don't worry! I promise he is safe! Just get back to me, okay!?

[All of this yelling made it seem as though she was either deaf or having difficulty in hearing, it was clear that Nike was overwhelm. Why does it hurt? The video feed will begin to shake until it lowers further to the ground, away from the scowling fox, showing she was sitting on the ground, hugging her knees.]

How do you turn down the volume!? I can barely hear anything! Livi! Livi!! Can you hear me!? Sense me!? I'm here!! I'm right here!!! [Wherever "here" was, but she was alive, taken against her will.] Don't be scared, don't cry or get angry; just be here, safe... [Said in a more normal tone, it was clear she was trying to whisper.]
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[Cut to a desk piled high with papers and schoolbooks. They block the view for a second---at least, until his hand pushes through the pile and starts shoving them aside. Doc finally appears in view, goggles askew atop his head.]

Now that the latest calamity's past, hello! I'm glad most of you seem to be safe and sound---though I will say that a better backup plan might be in order if that stunt gets repeated. And now that it's worked, I fear it will be. An alternative power grid, perhaps? Costly and impractical everywhere, but maybe a little...

[He shakes his head, reaching down to shuffle what appears to be a stack of cover letters. Time to concentrate..]

I'm losing the train of thought already. I come to you with two questions. The first: do you know of any educational institutions that would hire this late in the year? I can offer to assist with finals, of course, but I'm hoping to fill a more permanent role.

And the second, more frivolous question: most of us know what the resurgence of red and pink heart shapes means, though I've never paid much attention to it. This year, I'm afraid it's required of me. And I wonder: as I understand it, it's a traditional day for a carefully planned date night and gift exchange between romantic partners. Are there any other nuances one should know before planning such a date?
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[Cue Doc, seated in the largely empty living room of De Chima 3. There's a large fluffy dog sprawled over his lap and another curled against his side,, so he won't be doing very much moving here. A toy train sits on the table in front of him. His voice, when it finally sounds, is uncharacteristically serious.]

Once again, the Christmas season has arrived, and I see its commercial presence has only grown in the last thirty years. For those who've celebrated in the past, you know it's meant to be a time of great joy. But there's a certain pressure inherent in the celebrations. We're presented with endless images of joyful families, friends coming together...if there are holes in one's life, it's easy to feel forgotten. It's trivial to become bitter and hardened when what you're lacking is put on display every day.

The holiday wasn't universal on my Earth, and I'm aware it's foreign to an even greater number of you, so I'm hoping that eases the pressure on us. Still, I know that's not quite enough, so for anyone who's feeling lost and has some energy to burn, I have a proposal:

My clock business is still running, but on the side I've become Santa's elf for the month. I'm constructing as many toys as I can for local children, and if anyone wishes to donate or build, I'd be extremely grateful for the assistance. The spirit of giving might just be what's needed in the dark days of winter---Kepler, Christmas, please---all right, I suppose that's enough for now---

[The dogs are squirming against him now, so he laughs and pauses the feed.]
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[Someone looks excited. Probably because he saw some mention of Christmas earlier. Or, the general idea of it. Along with the inevitable obvious past time of spotting decorations around, hearing the carols as he is out and about at times.

Now, Christmas isn't so much a thing back home, but it isn't hard to figure someone like Sorey getting excited about it all the same.]

Hey everyone! I'm guessing this 'Christmas' thing is a new holiday, right? We didn't have it back home. Or, not quite this big, if we did have something sort of similar at Glenwood. I gather it's about gifts, right? And this Santa guy. But this is a good excuse to get presents for everyone! [And here, he looks a bit more sheepish, rubbing at the back of his head, his mop of hair that does seem to be growing out a bit again.] I mean, I feel kind of bad, for leaving before and stuff anyway.

But it seems like fun! So I want to try. I wonder if this 'Santa' would bring me one of those goblin carts....

[Sorey no.]

A-anyway, the kids seem pretty excited! Maybe I could help do something with them for Christmas. Any ideas? Or...more details? Either way. This would be my first Christmas, so.

[He may have missed a few important facts. Like how Santa is really just some guy dressed up in a suit. You know.]


Nov. 29th, 2016 08:04 pm
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[ The following content is blocked from A CERTAIN NERD ]

So. It's winter, which means it's the holiday season where you circulate those online shopping "buy me these things" lists, spend too long in retail shopping lines--and realize you honestly don't know what to buy people who you know REALLY well.

I don't say this often, and you probably won't hear it again, but HALP PLS.

Shopping for: Male. Mid-Thirties. NERD. Likes space and math and robots. Dresses like an academic dork (stuffy librarian). Significant enough other that a spending limit does not exist by default. Nor is a gift objectionable due to being "too personal" or "too significant." Does not need a new watch, nor a new winter jacket. Rarely wears ties. Does not wear jewelry.

Alright, and just because: What's the BEST gift you've received?
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Once, Thanksgiving was celebrated by proclamation. This nation was called to give thanks, to celebrate.

It transformed into tradition. Then an annual holiday. Now it is commonplace.

[ He pauses, purposefully. His voice is soft and calm. ]

We've been taken from our worlds. Our homes. Our times. I have been here for ten months, two weeks and four days. Some of you have been here for years. Others, much less.

In that time, is there anything in this world you are thankful for? People. Places. Things. Or perhaps thankful to be here. Or maybe you're not thankful at all. Maybe everything you're thankful for has been ripped away from you.

Regardless. Today is a day to give thanks. So tell me. What are you thankful for?
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[Oh hey, this face hasn't surfaced in a while. It's old Doc Brown, sitting comfortably in a section of De Chima 03 that appears to have become a store-room for clock parts of all shapes and sizes. A large grandfather clock ticks away behind him, smaller clocks of all shapes decorate the walls...he's always had a bit of a collection, but it's grown out of control now. Some of the smaller pieces have attached calculators, some have egg timers, at least one includes a compass...the recent departures from this house have given him plenty of expansion room.

He's wearing three of his brand new watches on each arm, his hair's wilder than ever, ]

Hello, Dr. Brown here again! I know it's been a while but I've been working on a new project. It's silly and pointless, considering all that the march of technology has brought to our fingertips, but if you have a touch of nostalgia for days gone by? Or you'd simply like to have a backup on hand in the event that your communicator device meets an unfortunate fate?

I'd like to announce the opening of Outta Time, my timepiece design studio! I have a catalog of basic items that you can peruse here and order by digital mail, and I'd be delighted to fill custom orders or take suggestions for new items!

Thank you all---and of course I'm still available for any other inventing endeavors you'd like to add a set of hands to.
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(As the video feed begins, Zoey seems somewhat apprehensive and yet inquisitive at the same time.)

Okay, I'm going to get right to it. If anyone knows of what Pokémon are, or know two people by the name of Ash or a blue-haired girl by the name of Dawn... Please contact me. My name is Zoey. Now on to bigger problems... has anyone been having issues with their new 'powers'? And another thing, I find the facts that the people who greeted me when I arrived to be a little...suspicious to say the least. And as for my job, wildlife intern and student? Are they kidding me? *she sighs*

Information would be a big help from others who are in my situation. I live some place called Heropa. Let me know as soon as possible if you have any relevant info. Thank you.

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Nov. 2nd, 2016 08:22 pm
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[The ID on the post reads “Anonymous”, though there aren’t any other signifying markers on the post itself.]

A situation going on as long as this, I have to wonder. How normal is it for someone to be gone for a long period of time and remember everything when they come back?

A lot of us talk about how to deal with watching people leave, but what about coming back to find them gone? What do you do then?

With the holidays coming up, it’s hard not to think about the family back home, or the family here that left. It’s hard not to feel lost.

That is the great thing about this place, isn’t it? A lot of us become close like family so it almost makes up for the loss.

Any family or friends in particular you want to talk about? Sometimes it’s easier to talk with others about things weighing you down.

Or on a lighter note, any plans for the holidays, network?

[tfw all your family and most of your friends are gone after you went to the store for 7 months]

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Oct. 2nd, 2016 01:23 pm
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[ One benefit of Hunk's moving to a mostly-empty house had been the mostly-empty garage. That's where he is now, sitting cross-legged in front of a still Yellow Lion with a rag and a can of compressed air in his hands. He's just doing some cleaning, mostly because it's something to do, and he works while the feed runs, propped up on a nearby tool box.

Well, wait. He gives a little wave, first, then it's back to work. ]
You know, I... I should've figured out what I was going to say before I came on here to say it. What I want to ask about is hard to put into words.

I, uh-- I've only been here, like, two months, and I've already had a couple of people I know up and disappear. So that's kinda a bummer, especially 'cause one of 'em's somebody from my world. [ No. Wait a second. ] Well. Somebody from my universe. Or from my dimension? Anyway! You get what I mean. She's kind of important, and a main driving force behind what we're supposed to be doing, and--

I don't know. I feel bad. Well, obviously, I'd feel kinda cruddy about that, but it's more than that. I'm torn, I guess? I wanted to enjoy all of the time of Earth I could get, but I also can't quite get my mind off of the fact that we're supposed to be halting an alien empire. Then there's the fact that this Earth isn't quite right, that the locale isn't exactly mine, and-- I dunno'. Pointless discontent, right? What can you do?

Okay. Sorry. I'm rambling. Uuuh... So. What am I looking for, here? Like... Pick-me-ups? Advice? Suggestions?

What's the best thing on Earth? To you. To do, to eat, to see... All that stuff.

And does anybody need a spare mechanic? The Elvis thing is starting to get taxing.
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What's happening, people?

I'm at my wit's frazzled end here, and I am hoping against hope that one of y'all can help.

When you've screwed up seriously with a friend, and you're being iced out, how do you break the silence? I'm losing my grip here, and the thought that we'll never again be tight hurts worse than hell.

[Not seen over text: Doc's scrunched-up face, both from the personal turmoil he's dug for himself and the furious rifling through modern reference books as he desperately tries to disguise his 'voice'.]


Aug. 5th, 2016 09:22 pm
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Out of curiosity, I am wondering if anyone who's moved around here could offer me some advice: While Heropa is a fine, sunny place, I'm finding it might be, at least for me, a lovelier place to visit than to dwell.

[ Do you know who hates the Summer in the deep south? People who wear suits and also walk just about everywhere. ]

Bearing in mind I've a business to run, I'm attempting to weigh my options with regard to picking up and moving further north, or simply attempting to find more convenient accommodations within the city limits. Any advice?


Jul. 10th, 2016 05:14 pm
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[ A Scottish accent, familiar to some, not evoking much more in the way of emotion than curiosity. ]

In light of the recent majority report -- following that fiasco with Mister Monday or whatever he was calling himself -- does it seem as though that sentence came down rather quickly? I realize this may seem a mite insensitive given the current climate and what's just occurred, but I can't help but wonder. This might be purely my own ignorance talking, but sometimes it does surprise me how different this place is from home.

What is due process in this place, exactly?
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[ MAX HAS HAD A MONTH, OKAY? And with June rolling into July and him now being short one bodyguard, having another brainwashing scare, and hearing that another friend died (but got better) he's definitely not in the best state of mind right now.

Sleep hasn't been coming easy these last few months, tonight he decides he might try to do something with the time, at least.

As the hour draws close to midnight, Max turns on the video feed. He's sitting up in bed, hair scruffy from tossing and turning, illuminated only by the light of his communicator. His eyes are tired, framed by dark circles, but he seems otherwise alert. ]

I know we can't know or control when we get ported out, but if you somehow knew and could accomplish one thing here before that happens, or at least get to do something, what would you do?
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[The video opens without ceremony to Qubit seated at a desk, his hands resting on it with fingers laced. There's some blue glow on him, as if from a large computer screen somewhere out of frame.]

Good morning, Qubit here. You may recall that a few weeks ago, I put out a call for anyone interested in being part of a super-team. This is just to follow up on that.

First off, my timing was a bit unfortunate, considering how many of us were operating with altered memories. [Himself included, though he leaves that out.] Some, severely so. So if any of you who expressed interest are longer interested, I won't hold you to any kind of commitment, but do let me know, please.

If you are still interested - or if anyone else is, either - the offer remains open. This wasn't just a flash in the pan, I've had it in the works for some time now. [Even so, when the spell wore off, it took some deliberation to decide not to withdraw the offer. But in retrospect, he's sort of grateful to Optimist Qubit for doing it. It turned out to be just the kick in the arse he needed to get this train rolling. Limiting the offer to people he knows and trusts isn't feasible, since uh. he doesn't totally trust anybody.]

The conditions outlined before still apply, naturally. No children, and no killing. With that in mind, if you want to join, let me know ASAP so we can start hashing things out. Thank you.

[He gestures to the camera, and it ends the feed. As before, all comments are ICly screened.]
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[Doc's room's a mess and his hair's even messier, so all appears to be back in order with Doc. He looks a little weary, but for someone who was dead a few days ago he seems to be just fine. He does look intensely uncomfortable, but that's all to do with the content of what he needs to say.]

Hello again to the imPort community. Dr. Brown here. I'm sure this will be obvious to any of you who know me, but I had no intention of running for De Chima's ambassadorship. I don't support the other Emmett Brown's proposals, they're entirely insane---investing in education is sensible, yes, but not to the extent of our Russian friends! Whatever that man had planned, I want no part of it.

So I'm ending the campaign effective immediately. I apologize if I frightened or disturbed anyone over the last week.
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[ The comm is obviously the Doctor's. And the background is obviously the Doctor's room in Heropa 11 (if you know what the Doctor's room looks like, that is). But there's some sort of hodge-podge device made up entirely of junk and taking up the majority of the bed. There's a fez sitting on a bedpost because the Doctor has money and Heropa has stores so the Doctor can buy hats. And the person who's grinning at the camera like a maniac is definitely not the Doctor. If it wasn't the lack of eyebrows, it's the bowtie and the fact that this Doctor looks like he'd be grumpy granddad Doctor's kid.

There's also a possum that's hanging out on his shoulders. Yeah, space granddad's affected like HELL due to the current plot.

Hellooooooo Heropa! Doctor here, or at least a Doctor, or at least a Doctor that you might not know, though that's the thing, isn't it! I don't know if you know me or not, isn't this fun? [ This Doctor does not shut up. ] But I do know that thanks to a few conversations with a few friends and a little bit of poking around here and there that some things aren't just adding up.

Now, someone mentioned magic. I don't know anything about magic, magic's not my wheelhouse, bother someone else if you want magic, but what I do know about are timelines. People who know people who've got weird memory issues, speak up! Who's affected, who's missing bits and pieces, who's backstories weirdly don't line up with your backstories, this might be a timey wimey problem and I'm the king of timey wimey.

[ There's a pause, while the possum yawns. ] Oh yes! This is Murray, by the way, he's informed me that he's quite happy with his living circumstances though he'd enjoy it if he had a few eggs. I think I'm taking Murray with me if the TARDIS ever were to show up here—he'll be new Handles.

[ another pause before ] Oh and also, I do hope that I wasn't the one who came up with the sonic sunglasses. There's nothing wrong with the screwdriver, screwdrivers are classic, screwdrivers are cool. Tell the other-Doctor if he shows up again that I'm rather put out by the changes! Right, Doctor out!
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[The man facing the camera might be familiar, or he might not. His face and voice resemble the Doc's, and the ID still reads 'Emmett Brown', but his demeanor has entirely changed. The man's hair is short and neat, he wears a prim and proper suit with conservative polo, and the eyes behind his glasses bear a stern impression, nothing like Doc's wide-eyed wonder. Perhaps strangest, his room is the vision of neutral sterility, lacking the inventive chaos and sprawling blueprints that usually surrounds him.]

Good evening, citizens. I believe this is the appropriate forum for introductions? My name is Emmett Brown and I have recently arrived in the town of De Chima. I've had a fine welcome, and I thank you, but I confess I'm troubled by some of what I've seen.

I see discord, grit and grime, compounded by the chaos these 'supernatural abilities' are said to bring, and I wonder, perhaps: if there might be a better way. You see, I'm the leader of a peaceful and thriving town, and if we're all to remain here for the time being, I believe I should offer my services to you as well. With some careful planning, we can make this town a cleaner, brighter, and happier place.

I therefore toss my proverbial hat in the ring for the role of Ambassador, and I'd be honored to receive your vote of support.

[He steeples his fingers, glasses glinting in the light.]


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