Feb. 5th, 2016 04:37 pm
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Ssoooo, I know it’s tacky to use a social media site as a confessional and all, but whatever. Most of us –if not all of us- have been through some really heavy crap and that sort of stuff builds up. A buddy of mine helped me set this up, it’s got a filter on here that you can use when you reply so it’ll strip your ID from your comment. Make you anonymous, for those of you who can’t do that yourselves. You non-hacker types, also known as law-abiding citizens. [lookin at you robin]

Anyway. I figure we can use this post to just talk about the stuff that’s really been getting to us. You can say it with your name attached, or without; whatever you want. Maybe you’ll find somebody who’s going through the same stuff as you.

My thing is that I’m [a beat of hesitation, barely there] gonna die back home in about five years, unless I figure out a way to remember this. Or stop it. And that. Sucks.

But like, your stuff doesn’t have to be something like that, you can talk about that hottie you’re crushing on in math class. Just something you wanna get off your chest. Sometimes all you need is just to know that somebody else saw it.

…if you do talk about that hottie in math class you better have pics though.

((To make a comment anonymous, just place 'anon' in the subject!))
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[ Barry knows fully well that this question should be asked over video or over voice, but with how things can be and how he knows might react to some answers, it's probably safer to just stay with text for now. ]

Does anyone believe that there's people you're just supposed to meet? I don't know if I'd call it fate, but I mean the idea that there are just some people you're supposed to know no matter what. That the universe or universes figure out a way to make everything line up even if it really shouldn't. Or it makes no sense for it to happen and yet it does anyway.

I know asking this is weird considering what happened earlier this month but...I went home and when I got back I started thinking about it. That maybe here you meet people you're supposed to and maybe at home you do and if you're lucky they somehow intersect. It's cheesy, but...sometimes you just have to wonder if certain things are supposed to be fixed in your life.
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oh look it's time for the most commercialized holiday of the year. it looks like the city is getting ready to celebrate too. Yay. Exciting. :|

I don't suppose anyone is NOT celebrating Christmas and would like a pizza party instead? At home, we have pizza (because all the restaurants close on us) and I was thinking it would be nice to just hang out and pretend Christmas doesn't exist.

Invites go to anyone who says bah humbug.
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[So this whole powerswap thing hadn't gotten off to a great start, what with the fire and the earthquake and the armed attackers. But it was cool! Cindy went home, she rested up, she learned how to not shoot fireballs from her fingertips... Her hair still kept frizzing because of the pesky lightning, but that might have also been because of the Florida humidity.

But there are still some issues.

So quick question: I think I'm bringing stuff back to life? Every time I swat a fly it jumps up and walks around again. Plus I think I made a dead rat dance. Not as fun as it sounds.

Any advice for a newbie wizard?


Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:54 am
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I think being friends with about forty thousand people warrants a network announcement. If any of you know Jaime Reyes, he's been Ported out.

Pretty smart guy told me that three months is a good amount of time to wait before assuming someone's not coming back with their memories, SO. I had a good idea of what we can do to make this a little happier, which is probably what he'd prefer anyhow. 'Cause he's a hippie.

Anybody interested, share a story about Jaime! Funny, nice, interesting- anything's fine so long as it's not depressing. Or if you don't have a story, maybe something you like about him or you could leave a message of something that you'd like to say to him. Maybe we can show him this if he gets back. Make him cry, so I can get blackmail pictures.

[A heavy pause.] Iiii don't want to make this sound like a eulogy or anything. Especially if he DOES come back, because then I'll look really stupid. But he's not from my world, so. You all know how that goes.

Jaime is...a seriously good guy. He's really a great- He's a great person. So. If you DON'T know that loser, definitely read around to what people have to say. You'll probably want to get to know him when you're done.


Nov. 5th, 2015 12:24 am
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[ so Gwen doesn't love the idea of posting to this kind of social media platform to get answers about this place, but it's not like she's going to just come out and ask for the dirty details of what the crime rate is like here. she has to play it smart, and this seems like the best way. even if she needs to make semi-smalltalk to get to that point. ehh. not smalltalk. this won't be just regular smalltalk. ]

new kid on the block here, hey. my name's gwen. i just have a few questions that weren't answered in their little welcome spiel.

1) what's the best music shop in town? if i'm gonna be stuck here, i need to invest in a drum kit or i'll go nuts. unless someone wants to just give me a kit, that'd be great too. i'm not above taking a generous musical instrument donation.

2) despite how insane this all is, the Porter decided to hook me up with the superpower that gives me the ability to find the nearest corndog. that's it, that's all it does. which is kind of amazing, don't get me wrong, but only if i know which places are actually worth visiting to get said corndogs. weigh in, street food lovers. which cart makes the best corndogs in town? in any of the towns, actually. ( yes this is vitally important to how enjoyable my time here will be )

3) what's the live music scene like here? if i'm going to be working at a radio station, i guess i need to get with the times. plus, i wouldn't hate finding people to jam with.

anyway, that's it. this is some hard-hitting stuff, i know, but i'm hoping some of you can help me out. thanks. c:


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