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Jun. 30th, 2017 03:14 pm
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In my country, we are ruled by a king. His subjects need not vote for him because he came by the crown in some way or another. The king selects his Hand, his Small Council, holds his court, does all the business of ruling. Household positions are filled by stewards. Lords and ladies swear fealty to the crown. Trade goes on.

Without popular elections, what we are truly free of is a great deal of pointless speech-making. Is the position of ambassador truly so coveted that everyone must spend so much breath on it?

I mean nothing against those brave men and women competing for the title, of course, nor the fine speeches that have been made over this network. Conveniently, we can go back and listen to them anytime we wish... if anyone has ever wished for such a thing.

[Oh, wait, an afterthought:] And nothing against any of our current ambassadors either, I suppose. Will they begin to make speeches to compete with the speeches made before them? It's a horrible thought.

Unfamiliar as I am with such elections, I wonder how long we must suffer this process. Another fortnight? A year?


Jun. 27th, 2017 02:15 pm
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[To slouch; a lazy, drooping posture or movement. Godric seems to have mastered the art of this form on a couch that appears to be in a quiet coffee shop somewhere. An untouched cup of coffee sits steaming on the table where he's propped his communicator. He lifts his coffee as he speaks, cradling it in his hands, but doesn't take a sip.]

Do you find that your life here is an improvement or a burden? Do you find yourself valuing things you have here that you did not have back home? Or alternatively, are there things you miss that you cannot hope to find here?

And if given the choice, would you stay or go?

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Jun. 25th, 2017 06:44 am
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It is true that I have not been here overlong. But I have spent time volunteering and conversing with imPorts and natives alike, as per some extremely useful advice I was given shortly after my arrival. ImPorts are beloved here in a fashion similar to how Royalty is marvelled at in my homeland. Yet that, to me, presents a problem: to be admired without first earning it in this place does not seem fair. Whom we were born to doesn't matter so much as the deeds done in our name.

We are admired, but not known. And likewise, there is much we still do not know about this world. We are all owed answers; and we might all agree that searching them out would be easier if we were all one people rather than two.

( She looks up, green eyes brighter, keener than they'd been earlier this month when she'd addressed the network. A small smile graces her faces, and she nods her head. )

In that, my opponents and I all seem to agree. There is a disconnect here between the natives and us, and bridging that is paramount. To be beloved does not mean more cannot or should not be done.

But I disagree in the need to assemble some manner of army comprising of powerful individuals. There is being prepared, and then there is making the appearance of intimidation. Such a thing would send the wrong message to the natives, and possibly imply that we do not trust them; and that perhaps we, so admired, might not be so deserving of their trust. I would strike a balance, if elected.

If we are to take defensive measures, it should include the people who were born and raised here. And if we are to live here, we should consider their quality of life as well as our own. In a city so diverse and rich as this one, there is no reason why so many go hungry. As Ambassador, I would work in tandem with the other cities and with all of you to pool funds together so that there is a net there to fall upon should the need arise.

And I would search for answers, too. It is not enough to simply live in the world; understanding it is necessary, too.

My name is Myrcella Baratheon, and I hope you will choose me to be your Amabassor, people of De Chima.

( And with that, she smiles once more before singing off. She'd been nervous, and made notes before writing her own speech, but she feels it could have gone so much more roughly.

Whatever happens, she feels she's made a valiant effort. )


Jun. 20th, 2017 12:06 am
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[Rather than be in the actual ambassador's office for this broadcast, he's outside and in the city, overlooking the skyline of De Chima. This is his home for as long as he's here and it brings out a look of determination.]

I was given the chance to see how De Chima could thrive and be overseen by an able and intelligent ambassador. Lucy Pevensie cared about the citizens of her city and dedicated herself completely to their benefit. I promise to do the same. De Chima is full of brave heroes, not just among the imPorts but the natural citizens as well. This is the city where we can put aside where we are from and instead focus on what the future has in store for us.

Everything we do can be used for the benefit of De Chima and for everyone that resides here. The role of ambassador is to facilitate the interests of the imPorts, but there shouldn't be a divide between us and them. This is our city, all of ours and I promise to make it a city we all can call home.

My name is Jon Snow and I'm running for the ambassadorship of De Chima.
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[ Hello, imPorts! Hope you're ready for something as obnoxious and loud as it gets, because that's Magnus to a tee, and this time, his appearances matches. He's dressed in an outfit that includes an extremely well crafted bear mask, and a poorly crafted everything else - it's tight, there's a cape and claws involved, and everything is decidedly furry. If Magnus is self-conscious about this, it doesn't show on what you can still see of his face. ]

Hey, fellas! This seems like the place to advertise, so here we go - I'm officially announcing my breakthrough into the wrestling scene! We got matches goin' on every Friday night this month in Maurtia Falls - [ it's a publicity stunt, and Magnus is there mainly to fail, which he signed up for ] - and I'd be real happy if some of you came out to see my debut as I'morko enters the ring!

[ He does a bear claw gesture and a low growling sound, because godsdammit, you stick to a theme. He flexes while he does it, which works surprisingly well. He then picks up a gaudy flyer that reads:


It's gonna be a great time, so everyone should come on down. Tickets are cheap, and who doesn't want to see some guys beat the shit out of each other for an hour? Oh, and thanks to Taako for the idea. I think this is gonna work out great!

[ He peels off his mask, leaving behind some foolish looking helmet hair and a wide smile. ]

Wrestling's not going to be paying all the bills for a while - [ he seems pretty confident in his ability to become a star wrestler, but then again, with his enthusiasm and commitment to a bit, he'll fit right in ] - so I got a secondary reason for advertising on here. You need any freelance carpentry or bodyguarding work done, you just call Magnus Burnsides. Or, like, any other work. I'm flexible.

I'morko out!

[ NOTE: linked art is from HERE. ]
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I know that there have been deep concerns raised about the state of the work done by the Ambassadors. I urge you to, if you have questions, concerns, or any other matter that you suspect we may be able to assist you with, to contact us.

My office is always open to petitioners, and I am more than pleased to speak to the populace on any matter.

I thank you, especially those of De Chima, for your constancy and your support, and I urge you to contact me if you require assistance for any issue, great or small.


May. 24th, 2017 03:22 pm
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Okay, this is really embarrassing, but do any of you have remedies you recommend for stubborn insect bites? Because I've got a ton of them. It's been over a week since the swear-in, the ones that doesn't still hurt itch like crazy, and they're really not fading. Calamine lotion doesn't have much effect.

[Is she allergic to butterflies? That's the dumbest allergy ever if so.]

Actual remedies, please, not imPort healing powers unless I get really desperate. I know I should set aside my pride, but if I didn't turn to those when I was full of fresh grenade shrapnel, I'm not gonna for relief from butterfly bites. Won't do it.

[Maybe she can pass off bug bite marks as extra shrapnel scars and look even more badass.]
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[ It's probably not a video he records or posts deliberately, considering his lack of technological competence. But there he is, slouched alone on a pub patio, moping behind a cloud of cigarette smoke. He's well into a bottle of...good Lord, flavoured vodka? Birthday cake, no less?

Well. It's not like lushes can be picky. ]

Huh. Didn't think I'd make it to see another one of these days.

[ He adds his cigarette butt to the mountain on the ashtray in front of him, and lights another, muttering softly between his teeth, ]

Happy fuckin birthday to ya, Johnny.
Useless twit.

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May. 10th, 2017 06:39 pm
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[Robb is getting the hang of these machines and when he appears on the screen his eyes are large and it is obvious that he is experiencing something between excitement and fear.]

Gods...! [The image on the screen changes from a very close up look of Robb's face to a blurry black shape behind him, lying on the ground.] There is a dragon behind our house!

[He crouches down and sneaks closer, holding the communication device in front of him so everyone can see the dragon on the screen. It is black and fairly big and definitely asleep.]

It truly is a dragon! [Back to his face and when he speaks he whispers.] No one has told me about dragons living here!


002; video

May. 9th, 2017 10:23 pm
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[Video opens on the lobby of a hotel in art deco styling before James Patrick March comes into frame, wearing a tuxedo with a black cravat instead of any bowtie. He takes a look around before standing in what he seems to assume is the middle of the frame...before rethinking this and taking a few steps to the side. The camera follows. This puts him at the front desk. He puts a hand out to strike a relaxed sort of pose that definitely isn't a pose but looks like a pose that is trying so hard not to be one.]

How do I look?

[The camera man's voice is recognizable to those who have been to the Castile before, a particularly foul-mouthed bellhop who has a different name every time you ask.]

Freakishly overdressed. Like always.

Thank you. Please, tell me when you're about to start. Give a countdown, perhaps?

Nah. It's already runnin', boss.

[March's jaw tenses, his eyes have a glint. This is not the look of a happy boss. But it passes as quickly as it's there, replaced with a charming smile that comes across as completely genuine.]

Hello. My name is James Patrick March, and this is my hotel. [He gestures around, looks up.] The Hotel Castile. I've been extremely honored to meet many of you, and am positive there are many more I've yet to meet I would be just as honored by. On that note, any imPort who finds themselves in need of a place to stay in our fair city of Maurtia Falls will be granted half off any room here they'd like, standing offer as long as I captain this ship.

[His smile falls a bit, indicating a switch of topic to something more serious. And as March speaks, the video function slowly zooms in, first on his cravat, then over his head to focus on an EMERGENCY EXIT sign. March continues to speak, obviously unaware his camera man is such a little shit.]

Recently, I've come to realize there are quite a few in our population like myself. Like the people I know. I make no secret that I am a ghost, but ghosts were not all that haunted the hallways of my home. Ghosts, those beautiful creatures who needed blood to survive, witches, psychics, we had a little bit of everything! And, damn it all, I do miss it. So I would like to offer a more personal invitation to all you fantastic, lovely folks who fall into those other categories. Room and board, food and drink, simple conversation, name it, we pride ourselves on discretion and confidentiality here, and I've rather a craving to add familiarity into that list.

[The camera moves about to literally anything that is not March — it takes an interest in two women coming out of the elevator, in staff going about their business, anything happening behind him so it doesn't appear obvious that March is not really in this picture.]

I believe that was all I had to address today. Hm?

S'all you told me, Jimjam.

Charming — cut it, won't you?


[Except...he doesn't. Not immediately, anyway, the Network is treated to a good twenty seconds of one of the staff on break eating a sandwich. Nothing really fascinating, but there are some men who simply should not be trusted to record literally anything.

ooc. if it's your first time interacting with jpm please visit his permissions thank you!


May. 9th, 2017 05:49 pm
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Hello, everyone! My name's Jonathan Walsh, and this is certainly an interesting alternate version of Earth we've got here, isn't it? Now, I've been here a few days, settling in, and but I figured I should come on here and get to know everyone instead of hiding away like a hermit.

Now, I've had a lot of my questions answered already, but I have one particular topic of questioning I'd like to ask you all about, and that's registration! On the surface, from what I've seen, it doesn't look like there are any downsides, but isn't that how all sales pitches go? So I'd like to hear from all of you, registered or not. How has it been? What are the upsides, downsides, neutral sides that could be potentially a pro or con to some people? I'd like to hear your thoughts!
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It might be an odd request, but I was wondering if anyone was willing to tutor me in swordfighting. I have some experience, but I'm far from mastering it.

And maybe someone willing to help me use "the Internet", because the more I try to dwell into it by myself the more confused I become.


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