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Holy narcolepsy, Batman! A pandemic sleeping sickness has been sweeping the streets, dropping imPorts right and left. What sort of new medical terror is this? Where's the Prince Charming to kiss these fallen beauties out of their slumber??

As seen in on BlueTube, Bwitter, Rumblr:
W O W!!

A new viral video of an impromptu figure skating exhibition has been making the rounds on social media lately, and it is stunning. Who knew something as simple as skating could be this moving? And to see something so beautiful coming from such a cranky little kitten, astounding!

Do yourself a favor and watch it here. You won't regret it.

As seen in Bwitter, Rumblr, and all the good gossip tabloids:
Is there anything more wonderful in this world than young love?

Certainly not, if recent developments are anything to go by! What seemed to begin as an budding friendship between imPorts, students at a local middle school eagerly report, seems to have blown into a full-fledged secret romance!

According to classmates Hinami Fueguchi and Yuuto Kidou, both imPorts and students of Nonah Middle School, always seemed to have what was described as a "formal, kind of uneasy" friendship. But are things looking up? Their fellow students seem to think so!

Over the last few weeks we have been informed, some of that formality seems to have been disregarded. Though Mr. Kidou seems to have opted to remain with last names (What a gentleman!), Ms. Fueguchi is reported to have begun to call him by the nickname "Kikkun", though none of their classmates seem to be sure where exactly the nickname came from.

As if that wasn't enough to get some middle school gossip going, the two were involved in what students described as a rescue so brave and romantic, it deserves its own movie moment! With the apparitions plaguing our cities this past March, even our younger imPorts weren't spared the trouble. According to onlookers, Mr. Kidou spotted Ms. Fueguchi cornered by one and valiantly cleared out the students so he could run to her rescue! Perhaps he wanted to be the only one around to do so? What a dedicated young man!

Though the pair have denied the relationship when asked about it, classmates were insistent that it was nothing more than a cover meant to protect Mr. Kidou from the potential wrath of Ms. Fueguchi's notoriously protective older brother, Ken Kaneki. Some even reported spotting the two meeting up after classes under the guise of studying, and Mr. Kidou gifting Ms. Fueguchi with numerous treats, from sweets to lunches.

Students also reported that Ms. Fueguchi had been receiving love letters from an admirer in her locker for many months. Has the secret admirer perhaps finally come forward?

What's next for this young couple? Sign up for updates and find out!

As seen in local Maurtia Falls newspapers and heard on talk radio:
They poison them in the wild. They poison them in the park. It's hard being a pigeon in 2017. On Sunday 9th, an unprecedented number of pigeons were found poisoned in Maurtia Falls Municipal Park, done in with a squirrel or two. No other animals appeared affected. Park keepers gave no explanation for the cause, other than to say, "we condemn this impiety and lack of propriety and remain convinced the culprit made off with a dead pigeon or two."

Is it against your religion to poison pigeons in the park, imPorts? Call, bweet, or e-mail us with your comments.

As seen in national and local news:
Alfie Solomons, cooking show host extraordinaire, has been arrested for bank robbery! Shock, gasp! Though there is video proof along with witnesses (as well as a lot of whispering that this isn't the first time he's been involved in illegal dealings) and though he wasn't able to provide an alibi, he maintains his innocence, claiming that someone must have either doctored the footage and tampered with the witnesses in some way (implanting false memories, paying them off, etc.) or disguised themselves as him. Despite the best efforts of his lawyer, there was not sufficient evidence to dismiss the case outright, and so it will be proceeding to trial.

As seen national news, but no one really pays attention to it because it's in the science section:
The CDC reports that investigation into the very brief apple famine is ongoing. It is accurate to conclude that no imPort was behind the incident. Rumors that this was a biogenetic testing sample gone wrong persist, much to the dismay of the CDC and other government facilities.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from SOLAR ECLIPSE to OF THE HEART in honor of Dorian Gray's probably accidental sacrifice.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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I need advice on how to safely encourage an alligator to leave.

[While this is anonymous, anyone who's looking in the direction of Heropa 32 can see there's a fairly large alligator chilling on the sidewalk close to the front door. That might be what this is about.]
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[There's a pause, the video starts up with an almost disturbing close up of an eye before it's pulled back. It's a face some of you might call familiar, currently twisted in confusion.] Is this thing even on? [He pokes the camera, frowning now, before he shrugs.] Just one way to be sure...

Hello~! [Note the use of the “finger guns”, ladies and gentlemen.He shifts so the camera focuses on a very much mechanical, blue lion behind him.] This is Blue, she’s here with me. Not sure if any of you know about Voltron here but...yeah, I’m one of the Paladins. Not sure how that’s going to work without the rest of us...Or with Blue being that small...[He shrugs.]

Anything I should know? People...places...things to avoid? I mean I got the basics...But I think I'll trust the opinion of locals more than the "government" that dragged me here in the first place.
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hey, so, it might be that i'm new here. but i'm really upset that a government abducted me from my universe, implanted all kinds of shit under my skin, and is trying to use my powers for their own benefit? like, it might just be me.

but i think that's super messed up.

what's stopping us from figuring out to go back to our home universes, anyway? has anyone tried? has anyone actively defied the government? like, what happens?

...uh, i'm asking for a friend.
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[Jacob appears in the video wearing off-duty clothes: cargo pants and a tight black t-shirt, with an empty holster at his hip. Judging by the weapons and tactical gear he's surrounded by, he's making this post from Helix's armory. He's got a cloth in his hands, cleaning something that looks an awful lot like an old-fashioned ray gun, courtesy of the setting's retro-50s aesthetic.]

Hey, everyone. The year's off to a hell of a start, isn't it? For you new people out there, I'm Jacob Taylor. I work with RISE: that's a government team that helps keep order around here. I've got an announcement, and I've got a favour to ask.

The announcement is that the RISE Threat Roster is live. It's supposed to be a resource that will keep people informed of who's gunning for imPorts. I'm in charge of updating it, so if you know about any native super-criminals or terrorist groups that should be on there, let me know. No imPorts right now, though- that's a whole different issue.

[He finishes cleaning the ray gun- a reward from the government for recent heroism- and sets it down on the work table in front of him. Then he leans over the table with his palms down, resting his weight on his arms.]

That's the announcement. Here's the favour. I could use some help repairing my house in Maurtia Falls, and upgrading its security. We've had some uninvited guests lately. They made a serious mess. I'm looking to put the place back together, and to make damn sure nothing like this can happen again.

[His piece said, Jacob pushes off from the table and picks the ray gun back up, holstering it at his side.]

That's it for now. If you've got any questions about RISE or the roster, feel free to speak up. Otherwise... stay safe. Stuff like the blackout happens more often than it should.

[An IC link to the Threat Roster is attached to this post.]
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[Normally this is something Genda would never do, but from what he's figured out from just skimming the network the pool of information is a lot more widespread then just one city. That will take too long in regards to one objective.]

The standard syllabus that I've been capable of finding seems overly generic, and hardly tailored for those who did not grow up in this culture. Is this schooling mandatory or are there specialized accelerated programs specifically for those not from here?

[A few moments later, as if added as an after thought.]

Who scored the second point in the Teikoku vs. Raimon elimination match, and what was the final score?

Text 01

Feb. 3rd, 2017 06:52 pm
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Are these jobs the Americans give out for real? I thought after school coaches were all volunteers. Are people really going to pay for that?

Another question: what's the deal with America and Russia? Kind of doubt I'm going to get a straight answer out of these two.

[There's an image attached to the message—a candid shot of a pair of shameless lovebirds. Yurio can be seen at the very edge of the image looking decidedly unimpressed with them. Don't they know there are serious issues to discuss??]


Jan. 24th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Well, now that all the technomancy's up and running again, I don't suppose anyone ever got that riddle solved, did they? The actual one, mind. Not the one about why we lost lights and things in the first place.

[Rincewind taps a pencil with one hand against the open pages of a book thoughtfully, the other waving his lunch (an egg and cress sandwich) as he intones:]

"We did warn you. All of you have so much power. That comes at a cost. If you can't see in the darkness, then look to the stars.”

...I certainly don't remember any warning, and I've usually a keen memory for those.

Anyway, "power" seems a rather obvious double meaning, but it's the "looking to the stars" bit which has me curious. [a phrase which here means, "debating whether there's still sufficient enough impending threat to flee the country".]

ImPorts could be the stars - we certainly are in their TV and such, that's meaning enough. But if "power" has a double meaning, it stands to reason "stars" would as well. Were we actually supposed to be looking up at the night sky during all of that, do you think?

...I don't suppose anyone did any gazing while they were running about saving people?

[or just running, in Rincewind's case.]

2 [Video]

Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:27 pm
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That whole thing was a pain in the butt. I hope that's not a regular occurrence...

[The girl with the pointy ears and purple hair heaves a very audible sigh.] --right, though, that's besides the point! I had a question.

If you could wish for anything, anything at all, what would it be? Just out of curiosity. There's no real reason for me asking, uh, just wondering!

[Shantae is a bad liar.]
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[With a bowed head, the man on screen acknowledges his audience. His features are sharp, his smile disciplined, but however cleverly disguised his inner machinations, even on camera there is an unmistakable air of ostentation about him. How fortunate for those listening that he appears to have politely reined that in a little.]

I am Seymour Guado, a Maester of Yevon from Spira...a world that I suspect none among you are familiar with.

[Seemingly apologetic, Seymour shakes his head and offers a clear view of blue veins like a mask over his eyes and his very, very strange hair, a sort of blue-violet and horned. Behind him is the interior of his new home in Maurtia Falls, a temporarily spartan-looking abode that is also home to Luffy and Zoro.]

I cannot say that I'm pleased to find myself here as I've a great many responsibilities that require my attention where I come from, but I will nevertheless endeavor to help those in need, just as I would do back home. In fact, nothing would please me more—except, perhaps, the opportunity to become better acquainted with those of you sharing my circumstance.

[Here, he gestures towards the camera with one hand, large and manicured, with long nails barely visible for the billowy sleeve of the robe he's wearing.]

Might you introduce yourselves? And, should you have advice you wish to share, or questions that weigh heavily upon your minds, as I'm certain you must...please do not hesitate to ask. I will gladly answer to the very best of my ability.

[A final polite goodbye before, taking a step back and bowing his head above hands cupped together before him, Seymour cuts the feed.]


Dec. 28th, 2016 12:25 pm
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Gooooood aaafter-- oh, is it afternoon yet?

[Asks Maya, checking her bare wrist before she looks up and around at the Heropa park she's sitting in. She doesn't seem to find a clock.]

Whatever, afternoon. Today, I have a really funny story for ya.

[She adjusts on the bench, grinning and pushing her hair out of her face. The camera bounces a little with the movement of her leg before she realises she should steady it.]

So like-- it's 2020 where I come from. Sorta. I already lived through 2016, but today we-- well, on my today four years ago-- we were on one of the most important cases of Phoenix's career!

But you know what the best part is?

[Maya's grin turns into a more amused smirk.]

One of the interrogated witnesses... Was a parrot.
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[One December afternoon as carols and the sound of jingle bells belt from every business' speakers, filling people with Christmas cheer (and exhaustion) weeks before the actual event, one imPort posts a text to the network.]

You'd think that with there being four of us ordering at least one of us would get our name right, right?

l o l no

[Attached to the post is a selfie of teens showing off their favorite signature holiday drinks, but the focus of the picture are the names -- confidently scribbled across the cup of each drink are Grant, Kenneth, Utah, and Moore, and anybody who knows these boys will know that those are pretty much the 4kids dub version of their names at best.]

Let's pretend there's a campfire and share some stories about ways your name has been spelled or pronounced since coming here. I'm sure it's happened to a majority of us. (´。` )

((ooc: Any of the boys featured in the post -- Gran, Kidou, Endou, Ken -- may respond to you!! Likewise, feel free to threadjack and hit up anybody and consider it a shitpost free-for-all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.))
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Are you saying... somehow, you've tied yourself to the tire with tinsel?

[You can hear the incredulous facepalm in his voice.]
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[Endou is never really one to waste time when it comes to his passions. He'd spent the last few days going to the park and generally just kicked a ball around himself. It wasn't the same. It wasn't that he couldn't do it alone, he had done plenty of training by himself back in the old days, before his soccer club really picked up the same passion for soccer he had...and that's really when it hit him. A soccer club. There was only one real thing to do after that epiphany.

So it's loud and enthusiastic voice that peals out over the comms today.]

Hello! My name is Endou Mamorou, and today I'd like to talk with you about soccer! I noticed there was a really nice park, but there aren't a lot of people to play with and practicing by yourself isn't all that much today I'd like to tell you all about the amazing new soccer club I'm going to be forming! Everyone's welcome to join! Soccer is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, so I'm extending this invitation to everyone!

[There's a small pause and a bit of a weak laugh from the boy.]

I don't exactly have reservations on any fields yet, but I promise it's something I'll have ready by the time everyone's together for our first club meeting...

[Because who can resist the temptation of a soccer club! Honestly? ]

...Also the location of the club hasn't been decided yet either...but if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them! I hope you'll all come join me and share your soccer with me! Feel free to contact me in the meantime, and thank you for your time!

[The audio clips out, ending with an automated text message sent out afterwards that reads "The Captain's proverb today is...You have your own Soccer!"]


Oct. 8th, 2016 02:25 am
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My apologies for the interruption. [Lithia pauses for a moment, as if she's not quite sure the communicator is working as it should. Her world may have such technology, but it certainly isn't handed out so freely or so commonly used.] Well, I certainly hope this is actually working.

First, how trustworthy are the people who wrote those pamphlets and files? [She's just a bit creeped out by the amount of knowledge they had, plus the people who know that sort of thing either wouldn't tell or are trying to kill her, so it's a valid concern.] They certainly have some rather classified information.

Second, how safe are the things they embedded in us? These nanites I think they were called? [She's still wondering also how they accomplished that, her skin isn't exactly easy to pierce.]

And my last question, what sort of work could a person who has powers that heal and can make technology using those powers do in this place, besides apparently being a cat groomer?

Thank you for your time. Oh, I probably should also introduce myself so as not to be rude. My name is Lithia Spodumene, but I can just be called Lithia. [She knows her last name is a pain to spell and pronounce. Also, if any characters are particularly knowledgeable about geology they can certainly put together the fact that she's named after two related minerals.]
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[She didn’t exactly read the pamphlet that was given to her, but after hearing the explanation in the car about how to use the communicator she thought she’d try it out while she’s waiting for her food in downtown Heropa. She's still not sure about how the video function works so it's audio for now, but if someone were to actually see her she seems to look like she’s either: a) ruminating about something b) really needs to use the bathroom.]

… So. This creepy blue lady told me I was a hero and that they’re the good guys…

[There wasn't much thought on the latter and she only remembers the blue lighting from the lady, but the former—that’s been on her mind since the car ride.]

If that’s the case, why did they give me powers that aren’t… really super? It’s basically the same abilities I’ve always had!!

[The sound of a fist pounding on the table and the vibrations of some utensils can be heard as her voice slowly escalates.]

It’s so unfair! I wanted to be a magical girl!! Couldn’t they have at least given me transformation powers?!

[A loud slam! is heard as she face plants on the table in front of her. It might seem like she accidentally closed the network early, but after some silence she speaks up much calmer than before though still melancholy.]

Anyway, I’m not even sure who this reaches, but please tell me what kind of powers you got or if there's a chance to have a power re-do. [A pause.] --if that's okay.
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[It's early in the morning when the post goes up. The feed turns on to show a girl who looks to be about fourteen or fifteen years old. That's about the only thing 'ordinary' looking about her; the rest of her appearance is anything but -- bright blue hair, matching eyes, and a grey and white suit that makes her look like some escaped actress from a tacky sci-fi show. If she is, she sure seems to still be acting the part despite being an escapee. Arms folded across her chest, eyes narrowed at the camera as if judging it...

She sighs once before she speaks, shoulders relaxing just slightly. It's not robotic, but the way she speaks is a near monotone, serious and low-voiced.]

From one Earth to yet another -- we certainly have a ways of ending up here, although this one seems to be in a sorrier state than the last one. To think I would be recruited in such a way...

I am Ulvida from the planet Aliea. I don't know how long we will be here, but I'll be in your care.

... More importantly, while I have a few questions about surviving on this Earth, there is one I want to start with.

[And now she finally moves from her spot, picking up the camera and moving through the room she's in -- a kitchen in one of the imPort homes, from the looks of it. She doesn't linger on any one part very long, but there are three distinct places she pauses: a trash bin now full of half-finished take-out foods and 16oz bottles of soda; a sad-looking pantry that has maybe a jar of Nutella and a bunch of cup ramen; a fridge that is more empty space than food.

When the camera turns back to Ulvida, her serious expression has fallen apart to be replaced by pure exasperation.]

A certain idiot from my planet has been living here with an unacceptable lack of proper sustenance.

I am currently in the city of De Chima. I would like to know where to acquire what you would call 'groceries' on Earth.
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[ Posted to the Mirror net. After talking to a couple of people about his situation, some of them did point out Sasaki was being kept under government’s thumb. others have pointed that out before, but they never made it sound like it was a bad situation. Only recently. Everyone is so paranoid )= ]

This isn’t new and in case you didn’t know: I am biologically a ghoul and that means I can only consume humans. If you have questions, I can answer but that’s not why I’m writing this.

It’s not that difficult for a ghoul to find food, and I’m not talking about hurting people; I would never do that. You have morgues, cemeteries, suicides and humans killing each other. However, it's illegal; you cannot steal bodies, you can’t temper with murder scenes, and people wish to bury their loved ones.

The government knows my dietary needs and that's why I can’t just tell them I’ll handle my own diet - because that’s the same as telling them I’ll do something wrong. They told me if I was registered, I can have access to bodies donated to science; if I’m not registered, I don’t and thus I’d go back to the first part of the issue: they’d know I don’t have access to their food, they’d know I would have to get it somewhere else, and they’d know whatever I would do in order to get it would be considered wrong and illegal.

I’m registered because I need to eat. This is the sole reason why Kaneki was registered, and he hated it because he felt like he was pledging alliance to a government only just so he wouldn’t starve. Myself, I’m used to this because it’s the same sort of agreement I have in my world: I’m allowed to live and eat and be treated as a human, as long as I work for the CCG and obey their orders.

It’s true the government here could force me to obey them if they wanted, and I would do it. And some of you find that awful, I know. But let’s be honest, what other choice is there? What would you do in this situation? Still , the government hasn’t given anyone orders, and honestly – perks aside – I still don’t see the big difference between registered and unsettled.

So I do wonder, what’s the difference? What makes you decide you prefer to be unsettled and not registered? Or the other way around (besides the benefits). What's bad about one and another, or good?


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