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I'm usually all one for using this thing for communication only and serious blah blah blah but someone tell me:

What's up with all the sudden and unrelenting amount of royalty?


Mar. 5th, 2017 06:23 pm
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[ Well, Kyle's been having a time of it back home. He's come back a little wiser, a lot stronger, and with giant ears. And fangs. And unwieldy black claws. They're actually making texting kind of hard, but it's better than video or audio right now. He's not letting this freak show go on display in front of the entire network. But he does need help from them, sssoooo... ]

got a question for everyone
or maybe the ladies
whoever is ok!
Im kinda in need of a really good nail salon
like hardcore veteran manicurist

Id really appreciate any recs thx


Dec. 18th, 2016 07:56 pm
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[ Most of the imPort community will receive a notification on their devices about a new network post. An image is posted with a very minimal amount of unaccompanied text. ]

large-ish image under cut )


Dec. 6th, 2016 10:00 pm
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Hey, imports. [ Mitchell waves at the camera, a duck of his head, and the smile shows that he's pretty pleased as punch, and for good reason. ]

I'm sure those of you in Virginia have already heard, given that elections were about a week ago, but my opponent conceded yesterday, so... I can finally share the good news.

But with that kind of good news comes work, and... well, I'm always the kind of person who's ready to put it in, but...what I'm really looking for, is an idea for who else is. Going to DC requires a lot of things, and thankfully, I've got some experience in building a staff -- even if it's not senatorial. I have a chief of staff, but... there's a lot more spaces to fill, and I don't want this to be just the best in the business, I want it to be imports, first and foremost. So I guess... this is something of a call to arms. You don't have to leave where you're living, but you'd have to work in DC, and...that's not exactly the place for the faint of heart, you know? I won't say it's a glamorous job, and you'll probably hear a lot of shit you wish you hadn't heard, but... but it's good work.

And don't let age dissuade you. If you're younger, and you still want to work with us, I'm setting up an internship program for young imports to sign on with us too. I feel like we have some of the most mature kids in the country, and I want everyone else to see it too.

[ But. ]

Anyway. I want to thank everyone who helped out, or supported us so far, but that was just the preliminary work, when we hit it in January, we're going to really get started.

[ A pause. ] And, you know, I say this a lot, but... my door's always open. If you want to tell me there's something you want to see done... or maybe just want to see me get my hands into something, just... let me know. I'll do what I can.

[ A pause. ] And I expect you all to hold me accountable, too. If shit goes down, or if we do something you don't like, or I'm...not able to stop something. I still want to hear your opinions. Anytime, anywhere.


Nov. 5th, 2016 07:12 pm
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[ The video shows an incredibly gangly young man in a black aviator's jacket and dark clothing. Black and skulls are all the rage for this kid, and he tops off the aesthetic by having a long, black sword in view of the camera, albeit set off to one side. He could be intimidating, perhaps ... if not for the array of miniatures also set in front of the camera. Nico is just a big ol' nerd.

He's slightly red when he addresses the camera; the color looks odd on his pallid cheeks. ]

My name's Nico di Angelo. [ A beat. His eyes track offscreen; he's clearly reading off a notecard of some kind. ] I'm a half-blood - or a demigod, whatever you want to call it. Son of Hades. [ Better to get that out of the way now before making this kind of request. ] I was here a while back, so if you met me before I'm the same guy. And ... um ...

[ Gods, just get on with it. Why is it so hard to ask such a simple question? ]

Does anyone want to get a roleplaying campaign together? I - er - I'm mostly familiar with Myths and Mazes, but I can build stuff for any kind of d20 based system. I like making up that kind of stuff. I've got three people so far but I can take up to three more.
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[ Earlier this week, news reports were pumping up the Virginia Senate election, reporting that things were heating up. Democratic Incumbent Janet Stankavich spent the last two weeks slamming Import Candidate Hundred for actions enacted by other imports over the last month. She made the case recently that if other long-term import candidates can snap, what guarantee do the American people have that he also will not snap?

Which is why Hundred is on the network today. And all networks, actually -- if you've turned on a TV in the last 48 hours, he's gone from having the news covering protests at his campaign events, to actually showing up on the news. A lot of it is the same old, same old. Lots of statements about import solidarity, about how they were working to move on, but...

Some of it was clear -- about how you can't hold an entire community accountable for one person's actions. Just like when there were lone attackers from any other group. But there were still the facts, weren't there?

And while Mitchell had said time and time again on the local Virginia news circuits -- and they'd been picked up plenty by the larger news organizations from the sheer... historic nature of the vote, Mitchell still knows he has to speak to his people, if he doesn't want to lose any votes.

Hey, Imports.

I, ah, I know most of you know, but we have some new faces around here, so let me just formally introduce myself. I'm Mitchell Hundred -- former ambassador to the city of De Chima. Like a quickly diminishing number of us, I came from a world before this called the City, where I was the Mayor.

Before that I was both the Mayor of New York City, the Ambassador to the United Nations, and, [ A beat, here. He rarely talks about this ] Vice President of the United States. I promise, I'm not just throwing out my resumé for no good reason. If you're in Virginia, I'm going through one of the toughest resume processes around -- I'm running to be a Senator in the United States Senate -- and election day is just two weeks away. The reason I'm rearing my ugly head is to remind you -- remind all of you -- that just because you're an import here, doesn't mean you can't vote. We have the right to vote, as imports of voting age, and just like any other time, I'm encouraging each and every one of you to vote. [ A momentary pause. ] Even if it's for my opponent.

And if you're in Virginia, I really do hope you all will roll out the vote for me, but beyond that... I also need help.

If you've paid attention, I've slipped a little in the polls since... everything that happened last month. Not by much, within the margin of error, but... [ A hopeful grin. ] I'd like to have your voices, if I could.

We need to get the word out to other voters in Virginia, about what our stories are... where we come from, what our perspectives are. Most people haven't seen an import in their life, and while they've seen plenty of me... it's easy to dehumanize us when the only person going around door to door are politicians in suits who've been working this whole time to earn their vote. I think they would... do well, to hear from you. So what I'm asking for is your volunteerism, and time -- beyond just your vote. Even if you don't live in Virginia, you can still help us, share your stories, share who you are, maybe come out and go door to door with us. We need to let people know that there's nothing to be afraid of, and I promise that while I'm in the position, I'm not going to just be fighting for Virginia, but as the only import Senator, I want to use my powers to help us as a whole, and help with legislation to that effect.

So, uh, in short, if you want to sign up, you can check out my campaign website, it's attached to this long-winded speech, and as always, thanks for listening.
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[Hello, everyone, and welcome to what may well be the Blue Beetle's first - and possibly last - ever video post! He's clearly in uniform, and frankly looks a little inhuman; his red-yellow lenses glow faintly, even though he's posting from a rooftop out in the sunshine, he's conspicuously noseless, and he's covered from head to toe in a blue and black carapace armour. When he speaks, his voice is calm and measured; he's clearly been thinking about this for a long time, and it's something he wants to get out right, even if his speech is a little marred by the fact that he's speaking through a faintly robotic filter.]

Hi, everyone. Um, some of you might know me, even if I don't talk here a whole lot, but just in case -- I'm the Blue Beetle. Not my real name, for the record, but plenty of us superheroes still do the codename thing, even here. But that's not what I'm here to talk about! I wanna talk about powers.

See, as far as I can tell, we all get powers when we get here, unless we already had some back home, and now? Even the people who were born here have them. It's especially hard for people who got dangerous powers. Some people try and use them for good, and other people just try to ignore them, and others try to master them by themselves, but this kind of thing isn't something you should have to tackle by yourself.

Where I'm from, there are a lot of people with powers. We call them metahumans. And sometimes when they try to tackle these things by themselves, it works out just fine! A lot of the time, though? It doesn't. Especially when they go out and use them to try and do a lot of good, and I know that's what people here are doing too. Maybe it seems like it's not a big deal from the outside, but it is. That's how a lot of people wind up dead. [He pauses, just for a moment, and inhales quickly before continuing.] It's how a lot of people I know wound up dead. It's not something to take lightly. I know I didn't have a lot of help - I didn't ask for a lot of help - when I started out, and if I did? Things would have gone a lot smoother.

But I'm not trying to lecture anyone! I know a lot of people here have been doing this for a lot longer than me, [he admits, flashing a quick smile at the screen, teeth white and human behind his mask.] This is just me making an offer. If you're trying to break into what people like me do, or if you're trying to figure out your powers, don't do it alone. If you're not worried about yourself, at least think of other people -- if you've got some strong powers going on, without training, it's really, really easy to hurt other people accidentally. If you guys want help, I'll do that, the best I can. And if I can't, I have a feeling there's a lot of others who'd be willing to help too.

So, um... yeah. I guess that's it! Didn't... really think about how I was going to end this.

[He blinks at the communicator, suddenly awkward before clearing his throat and saying:] Bye!
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Looking for:

Security. Powered.
Bartender. Powered.
Professional choreographer, experience with necromancy a plus
Professional necromancer
Architectural consultant- power and necromancy experience still probably a plus

Inquire by falling to your knees screaming in tongues and ripping out your hair, replying to this posting, or DMing Constantine


Sep. 17th, 2016 04:39 pm
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[Bianca is looking just a bit stained- nothing too bad, just tired, and she's recording this in what looks to be a large classroom, a variety of people behind her listening to an instructor give direction on how to perform CPR.

Several CPR dummies are visible, and there's one on the table next to Bianca.]

Hi, everyone. I was hoping to do this after I went through all the certification processes here, but with everything happening now is as good a time as any.

I don't think there aren't very many of us here who have medical training, or at least the kind that's up to date and useful as an emergency responder. Paramedic work isn't the same kind of thing I'm used to doing in the ER, for example.

[She's been keeping busy. The training for paramedic and the job she was assigned to is keeping her busy.]

I ended up in a discussion last month with the director of emergency services at the main hospital here in Heropa because of this and it went from there.

While they can't grant certification that hasn't been earned, they can waive the fees for everything from basic first aid and CPR classes to the paramedic course.

With everything that's going on- especially right now- if anyone can spare the time, you should consider doing at least the basic courses.

It can make a big difference at the end of the day.

[Along with the video, there's also a bunch of links to various organizations and schools that provide all of those classes in the imPort cities,  as well as what each state has for their basic  requirements. She did the research!]
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( she's relying on the relative anonymity of text, even though Emma can't exactly hide who she is, when the network tracks every user. still, she can't help herself, and in a town full of others that just got a heaping helping of powers they didn't ask for, it seems like a good time to ask. )

how do you handle having powers that are so much bigger than you?
how do you control it, so nobody ends up hurt?
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[ The camera opens on a girl in some seriously Glam Goth attire (think: chainmail hoodie and lots of skulls). She's waving her arms in front of her- something else must be holding up her phone- and there's movement around her. What are those, plants? Huge writhing vines, bursting out of the earth. She turns and looks to the camera, pausing for a moment. ]

Hey there dissatisfied youth of America. Ready to regret your country's irresponsible use of reality warping bullshit? 'cause I sure am. They don't give a shit about me, and they sure don't give a shit about you, so fuck 'em. Let's party. Time, date, and location to be made obvious.

Cover is 20$ if you can afford it. First hit's free if you can't. Bring extra food and clothes if you've got extra food and clothes. Take extra food and clothes if you don't. Dress ready to walk, and let me know if you'll need mobility accommodations on your way down to hell. Everyone's invited, yeah?

[ Then she starts moving her hands again, and the vines start moving once more. There's a great din suddenly as they begin dropping huge boulders and mounds of earth next to her. ]

And hey, anyone in the tights and capes crowd know a way home? Now's the time to share it before I make myself comfortable. One chance to send me back to hell before I raise it here. Got it? One chance.


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