Apr. 19th, 2017 03:35 pm
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With help from everyone who responded, I've found the shooting range in De Chima. And, with some notable generosity thanks to the Major, have managed to get a weapon more suitable for this planet. But thanks to another suggestion, I've been curious about this whole .. paint ball and laser tag thing.

What I guess I'm asking is, would anyone be interested in either of those events? Apparently you need teams of varying numbers.
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Are we... really back on Earth?

[ There's a pause, almost silence as he thinks about what he wants to say next. He was going to have to figure things out first. There was a lot different then he remembered -- which had to mean it wasn't their Earth. But was that possible? ]

I guess I should introduce myself. [ That's something Shiro would say right? Ugh. Terrible idea. ] My name is Keith, and I'm a Paladin of Voltron.

Does anyone even know what Voltron is? This was a stupid idea. [ He mutters to himself, unfortunately just loud enough for the microphone to pick up. ]

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Apr. 3rd, 2017 10:37 pm
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It has been brought to my attention that it's the 3rd today, so it's my birthday. Which means I'm one year closer to being able to legally drive! And probably closer to being able to pilot Green... although, the Princess hasn't said anything about a legal Lion piloting age. You'd think that'd be an important point to hit in the Paladin of Voltron introduction, right?

Am I looking into this too much?


Apr. 3rd, 2017 03:33 pm
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[The face that appears on camera is young and stern looking, with her white hair pulled back in a bun and a...mouse sitting comfortably on her shoulder.

It's obvious that she's stressed, but is trying to remain composed as she addresses the network.

This is Princess Allura of the planet Altea. And...I hate to admit that I am at a loss as to how to proceed with formalities, considering I have been unceremoniously brought into this dimension in the midst of an intergalactic battle with Emperor Zarkon himself.

It is imperative that I return; I cannot remain here a moment longer. The Galra Empire remains a threat, and we are so close to finally ending their reign.

[She shuts her eyes, letting out a sigh. Not of resignation, but...well, she's tired and worried, that much is certain.]

If there is anyone on this network channel who can help, anyone at all, I would appreciate hearing from you immediately. The people I have spoken to directly tell me there is no way to return, and they refuse to disclose any other information.
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[The video begins recording amidst a spray of shattered brick and a cloud of dust from which Josuke immediately emerges. Behind him, a gaping hole in the front entrance of a pharmacy mends itself back together again, brick upon brick sliding back into place, dust rising up and disappearing off the sidewalk. He looks as though he's seen better days. So has his cadet's uniform. But Josuke pays none of it any mind. He adjusts the strap of a bag he's got slung over one shoulder, and then turns his attention to the network.]

I've got no way to get to the other Porter cities quickly enough unless someone can shuffle me around, but for anyone in Heropa—

[He cuts off suddenly, something in his line of sight catching his attention — and prompting him to move with great haste. A quiet curse escapes him as he drops his phone in the process...but as it tumbles along the sidewalk ultimately landing face up, lens toward a smoking sky, the device captures Josuke's figure reaching for a red and white sign that was knocked to the ground. With a legionnaire rider practically on top of him.

Only a booming clang gives any indication of what's happened next. Someone has been struck, but it isn't clear who until a riderless horse whizzes on by and Josuke's voice returns. Loud, clear, and irritable.]

The sign reads yield, asshole.

[Hurrying back to where he'd dropped his device, he scoops it up off the curb and leans against the steel sign he's adopted for now as a weapon.]

As I was saying...I'm making rounds. For anyone in the Heropa area that needs medical supplies or someone to heal them, or even repairs made to whatever you got to defend yourselves with, just let me know. I got your back.
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[ The video clicks on to show Pidge wandering through Heropa. She's meandering through the crowds and down random streets, and would look like any other teen if not for the green lioness at her side. ]

So... this is all strange. One moment I'm being threatened by a giant warship, the next I'm in a weird underground bunker and have a glowy tattoo on my arm and sudden super powers? Which is cool, don't get me wrong, but I sorta already have a universe to save. The Galra threat isn't just going to go away because I was kidnapped.

[Pidge pauses while she maneuvers around a crowd. ]

Wait, is that why I'm here? Am I supposed to save this world... universe... whatever? The soldier guard dude who gave me all my stuff didn't really explain much. Just kinda dropped me off in an apartment and left.[ Rude. ]

I'm Pidge by the way. [ She directs a grin towards her communicator. ] And I'd really appreciate more information.
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[There's a pause, the video starts up with an almost disturbing close up of an eye before it's pulled back. It's a face some of you might call familiar, currently twisted in confusion.] Is this thing even on? [He pokes the camera, frowning now, before he shrugs.] Just one way to be sure...

Hello~! [Note the use of the “finger guns”, ladies and gentlemen.He shifts so the camera focuses on a very much mechanical, blue lion behind him.] This is Blue, she’s here with me. Not sure if any of you know about Voltron here but...yeah, I’m one of the Paladins. Not sure how that’s going to work without the rest of us...Or with Blue being that small...[He shrugs.]

Anything I should know? People...places...things to avoid? I mean I got the basics...But I think I'll trust the opinion of locals more than the "government" that dragged me here in the first place.


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