Jul. 23rd, 2017 05:29 am
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[There is a level of determination in him that hadn't existed during the election. Seeking a city position or power of any kind didn't sit well with him, but helping others was in his nature. Maybe not in this form, but it was more natural than the other.

He was at the edge of the De Chima forest preserve, seated in front of a farm house. For those that have been there, it's Lucy Pevensie's, now empty and quiet.]

With the election over, it's time to focus on the rest of the citizens and imPorts that are in need of help. There is a farmhouse that was used to house a number of residents, now abandoned. My sister, Sansa Stark and I have decided to purchase the home and convert it into a shelter for the homeless. It will have a vegetable garden and offer training for various skills that will help them find jobs, eventually allowing them to move into their own homes.

All of this is dependent on the good will of the citizens. We will be in need of donations, both monetary and supplies. We will also need those with construction skills to help us renovate and refurbish the farm house. You will be compensated.

My sister and I will answer any questions you might have. Thank you.
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Might someone please explain to me the appeal of drinking alcohol?

[Someone didn't have a very good time at the Swear-In ceremony last night - actually, a lot of people didn't have a very good time at the Swear-In ceremony last night, but he'll avoid any talk of angry mobs or giant fire monsters for now. That, he'll probably never make sense of - this, with some help, he just might.]
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My name is Spooky Jones, and the United States government has officially assigned me my own sex and relationship advice column called SPOOKY LOVE.

Turns out there's not much of a need for demonologists in these parts, who knew. Glad to see our tax dollars at work, though, and I'm always happy to lend a helping hand to whoever needs one.

Now that I think about it, it sort of sounds like the person who gave me this job took the saying “make love, not war” a little too literally. Not that you’ll hear me complaining. Besides, a job’s a job, am I right?

[Truth be told, Spooky has been fighting monsters for so long that the thought of completely setting that aside hasn't...really sunk in yet. But Spooky is adaptable, he is flexible in more ways than one, and he’ll roll with whatever punches this place throws at him.]

Anyway, if you guys have any questions about sex, relationships, or anything else you’re usually too embarrassed to talk about, you should totally hit me up at my website here:

[Insert link that re-directs your character to the aforementioned site]

You can’t lose, so ask anything you want. It’s completely anonymous, I promise.

[OOC: If you want your character to anonymously submit a question, reply to this post with “Spooky Love Question” in the subject line. These questions will be submitted through his off-network website, and they will be featured on his next network post.

Unless otherwise noted, all other comments will be the usual Network stuff!]
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In light of some recent developments, I think I'm gonna postpone celebrating my 19th birthday. Didn't really have any special plans this year, anyway. I mean, what do you even do to celebrate turning 19 years old? The big one was last year, and it's kinda not the same without a few familiar faces hangin' around.

[...and with one familiar face hanging around that shouldn't be. Goddamn fiancee-kissing clone.]

Anyway, uh... FanPort's coming up! Kinda excited for that.

Well, for everything that's not the cosplaying shit, anyway. Think it's possible to put a ban on your image? Not feeling like seeing more than one of me runnin' around right now. Especially not with academy graduation happening next week.

Kinda hard to believe I'm that close to being a cop. Officer Higashikata. Gotta admit, it's got a good ring to it, yeah?

[Graduation does not guarantee a job, but whatever. He's committed. He'll find work before too long. If a BOGO sale at the mall doesn't distract him, first.]


Jun. 5th, 2017 01:05 pm
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If anybody's looking for housing in Heropa (outside of the governmentally provided space), I think it's safe to say that I have a room for rent. I'd be happy to send interested parties pictures of the floor plan and current set-ups.

If finding a new roommate doesn't work out, I guess I'll be the one looking for something. I'm still considering some out-of-Florida options, but I've been here since I came to this world and travel between the imPort cities is so easy... Who knows if there's actually much to speculate about, right?

And because I like to make these addresses relevant to as many people as I can snag: Anybody have any roommate horror stories? Those can be pretty entertaining in retrospect.

( video )

Apr. 4th, 2017 09:04 pm
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[ It's taken Jean a couple tries to actually get the hang of this since technology like this doesn't exactly exist in 1983 but... she thinks she's got it, seeing her face appear on the video screen suddenly.

Or at least... she did a couple seconds ago. Now it's gone and left with a black screen?

A little more fiddling and she discovers she accidentally pushed the button to the lock screen on the thing. Getting it back up, there's a redhead looking into the camera now, holding it back some since she feels like it's a little too close. ]

Hi, sorry. [ She smiles a little and gives an awkward sort of wave. Yeah, really cool, Jean. ] Gotta say this is a little weird to be talking into a camera like this.

[ There's a bite to her bottom lip and she glances off camera for a second before she looks back with a sigh, fingers running through her red hair. ]

Anyways, I don't suppose someone could recommend the best thing for sleep? It's just been a little... difficult lately.


Mar. 31st, 2017 07:33 pm
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Choose your own adventure story.

Ready? Go!

You awaken from a deep slumber to find yourself in a forest. You have no idea how you came to be here, sprawled on ground, but at least you feel well-rested. As you sit up, you realize that you're on the edge of a wide, worn path. Ahead of you, the path forks. To the right, the path continues well-trodden and obviously more well-used. To the left, the path is still clearly visible and unobstructed, but is obviously doesn't get the same amount of use. Do you...

A. take the path to the right?
B. take the path to the left?
C. take the path away from the fork?


Mar. 3rd, 2017 08:07 pm
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[ Good evening, Mask or Menace! Jaime's back, and while he doesn't look any older, he certainly looks tired and a little sour to boot, like someone just fed him a nintendo switch cartridge real bitter pill. It was a long month. ]

So, um... hey! I'm back. That was definitely the longest I've been ported out for, but I gotta ask: what happened while I was gone? Because I got back, and all of a sudden, like, half of the people I know are gone. Dick's gone, Tadashi's gone again, Fuu's gone, Sarissa's gone, so's my Mom...

Was this just the Porter, or what?

[ It probably is - people tend to leave in waves - but it's left him feeling a little shellshocked, and it's worth searching for answers at the very least. He raises a hand to rub at the back of his neck, playing a little with the hair at the nape. ]

Um, anyway. Good to see you guys who are still here. And for all the newbies, I'm Jaime. Nice to meet you.
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Alright, I need a little help.

[Josuke is quick to the point when he addresses the network today. He may be at home, wrapped comfortably in a fuzzy blue throw blanket patterned with white stars and appearing for all the world like he's refusing to budge from his position on Heropa #004's couch, but he's nevertheless a man on a mission.]

See, I've got this friend...

[Ah, there it is. The reason for this Saturday afternoon interruption.

Josuke's even kind enough to include a picture! One he likely printed off his phone, but at least the face of one Ken Kaneki, blushing and embarrassed for some reason, is visible for all to see!]

...you probably all know him, so you know he's the kinda guy who worries more about other people than he does himself! And with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it'd be a real shame if someone as smart, kind, and good-looking as Ken spent the day all by himself, right?

Which is where you guys come in!

[As he sits up, Josuke drops the TV remote off his lap and inevitably unmutes the television set in the room which...seems to be playing some kind of telenovela? Sure, why not. At least we know where he got this wild idea from.

After a moment of scrambling to mute that again, because Spanish expletives and jealous screaming is a little distracting, Josuke continues...]

I gotta find Ken a date!

[Because that's what good friends do.]

Or better yet, a bunch of dates! Because you can't find the one if you don't put yourself out there. So, which of you lucky people wants to sign up for an all-expenses-paid evening of fun with one of America's finest?

Come on, don't be shy!
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[ The communicator is already properly situated when the video starts, a young woman framed from biceps up, silvery aviators pushed back onto the top of her head holding dark bangs out of her face. She lifts a hand and gives a wave, at ease with this technology, at least. ]

Hi, [ she begins, with a smile that's on the friendly side of polite. ] My name is Kate, I just got here in the last...batch or whatever, and I'm looking for a couple of my friends. If any of you guys are watching this, call me! For the rest of you, I put together a quick list that's attached to this message. I know it's probably annoying all of us showing up looking for people but if you have a minute to take a look, I'd really appreciate it.

They're-- [ here her smile briefly warms, and widens lopsidedly, ] --sort of distinctive? Or they usually are, anyway. I guess with the whole superhero craze here, maybe you have more than one guy running around in space pajamas, who knows!

Anyway, if you can point me to anybody on the list, I'll owe you one. Which! [ she raises a finger here and grins, excitement creeping into her voice ] I can repay in pancakes, because apparently I can do this now: [ this being the sudden appearance of a heaping stack of steaming, golden-brown pancakes, which materialize on the table in front of her, the plate they came on rattling as it lands. She frames them with her hands, Vanna White-style. ] Cool, right? I can do blueberry, too.

att: list.doc

( video )

Jan. 4th, 2017 04:49 pm
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[The new year is usually a time where everyone can relax from their hard work over the holidays. It should be a time where friends hang out and have fun. It definitely should be Nike’s favorite way of beginning the new year, but… it wasn’t. A new network post will begin with a close up of her face that has a very forced smile, one that almost yelled ‘she was going to eat someone alive in less than a minute’. It becomes even more clear the moment she begins to speak in an exasperated voice.]

Happy new year, everyone. I know I should’ve asked this before, but I never thought I’d need to do this. [And what could it be? It won’t be long until she answers.] A new year’s resolution. I heard about them. I made a few. Like for one, I will try to be more patient and not do anything too drastic, but…

What is a new year's resolution in not tying people up? )
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As seen from video recordings from nearby customers and security footage from the store.:
A local arts and crafts stir has dealt with a small stir as fangirls attempted to swarm a certain Carl Grimes while glaring at fellow imPort Enid, who was rumored to be Grimes' girlfriend as they are frequently seen together. He was seen grabbing a skein of yarn and yelling at his fangirls to go support businesses. When the fangirls scramble to get the yarn and nearly created a fight, Carl Grimes and Enid was seen running out of the store, without buying anything. So much for supporting local businesses!

As seen on TMI and various imPort and music news blogs:
The acclaimed Goddess, Persephone, has been making quite a name for herself over the past months thanks to her riotous performances across Maurtia Falls, but the concert she held last month with her fellow deity, Inanna, really took our breath away. Persephone kicked off the night with her signature riotous anthems, though thankfully this time not literally. True to description, the music was almost hard to listen to, raw in expression, and utterly incomprehensible in lyric.

And let's not forget our divine queen of the morning and evening stars, Inanna! Why this imPort held out on performing during their first visit here is a mystery, but we're all blessed that they've decided to grace us with their song this time around. It's hard to find the words to describe a song that touches you so intimately (and can lead to intimate touching!), and it doesn't help that the lyrics make no sense, but trust us when we say you've got to hear it. Whether or not you believe their story about divinity, we can all agree it's one hell of a divine experience.

As seen on BlueTube, and then exploding on Bwitter:
Having pet-related problems? Thumper getting out of control? Easter all day, every day at your house? Well, look no further than BlueTube's current trending video, showing two imPorts building what looks to be a giant rabbit-sized bunker in their backyard. The video shows imPorts Jacob Taylor and Junpei Iori constructing an intricately-designed contraption of thick metal and solid wood to house some kind of monstrous pet. To address any doubts on whether this kind of fortification is really necessary for a rabbit, the video also features footage of an enormous rabbit named ‘Sugar Ray’ terrorizing the household, gnawing on furniture and cords, biting at people, and making Junpei cower in a corner for his life.

The video is currently at over ten thousand views and still trending. Fans of DIY construction projects are applauding, while owners of ill-tempered rabbits across the country are sitting up and taking note of the potentially life-saving techniques this video demonstrates.

As seen on Rumblr and tabloid magazines:
Shocking! News that the imPort communication Network has sprung a leak! ImPorts are reported to have caused themselves EMBARRASSING and confusing conflict! No direct evidence of this has yet been published, just a lot of she-said-he-said -- but nevertheless! Speculation is heating up! Will this cause any divorces? Any tell-alls? Will Mick Rory and Len Snart elope to an ice rink located in an Hawaiian island?

(Rumblr user hawtNc0ld theorizes that this is the ideal compromise between two diametrically opposed imPorts).

Newspapers are reaching out for imPort confessions about this new technological issue. Will you be one of them?

As seen on Deddit and 4tinbras:
Conspiracy theorist Ludwig Da Vinci has taken credit for accurately predicting the imPort communication Network failures. Some argue that "technological blackouts" is a bit of a stretch, but his ardent following won't be dissuaded of Da Vinci's foresight. His next prediction? That imPorts will start spying for other countries.

A pretty serious accusation.

As seen in fashion magazines, Bwitter, or other fan related import/fashion blogs:
Some unexpected holiday magic was witnessed earlier this week at Hot Tropic! The quiet but fashionable imPort, Enid, was reported to have been seen signing an exclusive contract with the retail chain to sell her own line of jewelry. So far, no confirmation has been made as to when her line will hit shelves. Fortunately for her fans and notable fashionistas, a few exciting images of her first wave of designs have been leaked online - creating quite the buzz! Hopefully, they'll hit the market before Christmas so we can fill our stockings with some of these fabulous designs. Keep an eye out for that release date, folks, and get them while they last!

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from FADED CHEETO ORANGE to PEPPERMINT because peppermint is superior to eggnog as a festive flavor. Disagree? Discuss in the comments!

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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Okay, who knows trees around here?

[Hi, Junpei.]

I've got a situation at my house. Like a monster-sized-rabbit-trying-to-kill-me situation. And I heard from completely reliable sources that they like certain types of wood.



Just...anyone know where I can find one of--

[Beep. That's a text of a list of trees, right there.]

Bamboo (I don't think we have bamboo)

I'd really appreciate it ★ [That star right there? That's actually a sound coming out of his mouth. Yes. He knows it's weird.] You know, for the sake of my own life.
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[ Kanaya has the camera propped up somewhere, and once it turns on she moves until it's focused on her head and shoulders. ]

So! It's that time of year again, when everyone gets every ounce of spookiness out of their systems and makes a night of it. [ She shakes her hands out to illustrate. ] Probably the best holiday humans have to offer, where each of us have our own ways of celebrating. Well, I hope you'll join us for the night at Maryam Designs!

[ She steps back from the camera to show the large white room behind her, contrasting sharply against her black dress. Lengths of fabric draped across the ceiling to give it a bit more color. On one side, large tables are set up with sewing machines, and desks with computers on the other.

The whole thing looks a little fresh and unused, like the location has been set up, but none of the workers have reported in yet. Nonetheless, she stretches her arms out to present it all, clearly very proud of the whole thing.

I'd like to invite you all to help us celebrate the opening of our new studio in downtown Nonah! We'll be starting on the evening of the 30th, and continue with dinner and dancing and whatever the night has in store for us all through the witching hour. Costumes are, of course, recommended, but beyond that, the only thing you need to bring is yourself, and a willingness to have a good time.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

[ The feed cuts, and blinks back on again with Kanaya in her own office, a little more colorful and a little more lived in. Her smile is a little less sincere now and a little more thoughtful. ]

While I have you all here, I have another topic to inquire about. Has anyone else been looking into that dreadful affair at the swearing-in ceremony this month? Messy business, that, but I have difficulty accepting that it was all an accident. I've dug up a few leads, but I wouldn't mind comparing notes with anyone else investigating.

Actually, on that note, does anyone know about the Hotel Castile? [ She knows it's owned by imPorts, she's honestly just fishing before she actually looks into it in person. Say the name, see whose attention she gets. ]
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[Greetings, MoM. Fresh meat here. Here is one (1) Terry McGinnis, dressed in his usual black t-shirt and brown jacket with the large grey stripes on the arms. He seems... panicked.]

Look, I have lots of questions and things to say about being kidnapped and brought to some kind of parallel universe or something, and I'll get to all of them in a moment, but more important right now--

[Terry quickly pans the camera to the other side of the room, where a large, black Great Dane has backed himself into a corner...on the ceiling. The dog seems uncertain about his unusual situation, but isn't distressed.]

How do I get my boss' dog off the ceiling?!


Sep. 3rd, 2016 05:22 pm
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Tell me about when you realized you were in love.
And then tell me about when you realized you weren't.

Both of those have an either-or element, too, of course. Don't think you have to have both to join in.

Alternatively, if you don't have either of those... Tell me about your siblings. Or your best friend. Or your worst enemy.

Everybody has these little pieces of personal history, but nobody new you meet will ever know those parts unless you choose to share them. It's like editing your own narrative. A lot of them probably seem innocuous once you have some distance, but I love hearing about things like that. I always wished that I could see the whole of people in an instant, or that I could read them as easily as I could read books.

I can't, though, so I have to ask and hope that people are willing to share bits of themselves with me.
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It seems the Porter hasn't become any more reliable in my unplanned absence. I apologize for disappearing without making proper arrangements beforehand. For those who have been brought here in the interim three months, my name is Death the Kid, and I was previously here for eighteen months.

Should anyone here now who recognizes the term "Shibusen", please contact me immediately, and if anyone has the time to help catch me up on the events of the last three months, I'd greatly appreciate it.

[ a pause, and then: ]

... How ironic, that after having been here for 18 months, I've returned in time for my eighteenth birthday.
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[When the video to this particular post turns on, viewers can get a look at one Jaime Reyes and one Dick Grayson. Neither of them look as though they’re particularly devastated - no proud teenaged boy wants to address the crowd as a whole with red eyes - but both are notably somber.

Jaime’s the first to speak, posture held unusually still, though at the edge of the screen, it’s easy to see him fidgeting, picking at the skin at the side of his nails, an absent, insistent movement.]

Hey. Um, we’re here to talk about some port-outs today. If you’ve been here for as long as us - [he glances over at Dick, then back at the camera] - then you’re bound to get to know a few people who get ported out. And these days, it seems like people who’ve been here for a year, maybe two, are starting to get ported out. Maybe we don’t announce every single one of them, but we sure notice them. Over the past couple of months, Tadashi and Hiro got ported out, though Cass covered that one already, and so did Ellie, Minato, Shinji, Akihiko, Traci... I used to think that the longer you stayed here, the more likely it was that you’d stick around, but it looks like a lot of people who’ve been here for a while are gone now. The trends are -- well, that’s another topic. We’re here to say that that’s not all of ‘em, though.

[Dick’s posture is unusually perfect; his hands, folded in his lap, are completely still. He’s composed - too much so, for anyone who’s used to his constant movement.]

Wally went home the other day, too. Just a little over two years here. [He looks as if there’s something more he wants to say about it, but that’s all he manages, for the moment.] I don’t know about you guys, but for me? The worst part about this place is losing people. Knowing we might not see them again, and if we do, they might not remember.

But… even if they don’t, even if you both forget, it’s still important that it happened, right?
[He splays his hands a bit, still folded.] If it hurts that they’re gone, it’s only because what you had together was worth missing.

[It is a rare day that Dick Grayson is more comfortable with naked emotion than Jaime Reyes, but it seems that today’s one of those days. Jaime gives Dick a little smile, though it’s strained around the edges.]

Anyway. What we’re really getting at here, is remembering these people. Not, these people specifically, but the people who used to be here. Or people you used to have at home; we’re not exactly picky. If you got any stories you’d like other people to remember, in case you’re the one who leaves next, we’d like to hear ‘em. [He should probably say something about how important these people are, but -- no, he seems to decide against it. He clears his throat a little.] Thanks for listening.
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[This past week sucked.

After being kidnapped, insulted on his clothes, and (worst of all) realizing the words "I love soccer" left his lips, Junpei's a little stressed out. Just a bit! JUST A BIT!

So he's got a quick question for the network. And true to Junpei fashion, it's exactly what's on his mind.]


Let me know. I'll stay the hell away. Sleep on a park bench or something.

[He may or may not have a sleeping bag on a park bench right the heckie now, a red cat curled up on top of it like she suddenly owns it.]
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As seen on SNN and MSINBC:
Strange happenings in several rural towns in Alabama, New York, and Ohio -- as High Schools, Middle Schools, and even the local town government was in disarray over the past week. We received reports from social media, that something strange was happening in these towns, and we sent our own reporters to investigate. What they found, was something out of an eerie thriller, where the downtrodden and least-liked among the town had seemed to find their voices, all at once. Reports started to come in that in the schools, the social rejects were standing up, taking notice. Most students reported that all of the sudden, their schoolwork started to make more sense, but the eeriest of changes? Teenagers were reporting that they felt more confident, and more attractive than they ever had before.

Local politics were turned upside down from the surge in confidence from the people in town, and some in the town of Urbane, Ohio, reported that they'll be running for state seat in November. But just as eerily, when we sent a follow up request to many people in these towns later, they reported that things were back to normal. Some are blaming this on Russia -- and others (like Ronald Chump) seem to place the blame solely on the shoulders of imports.

Whatever the cause, most in these small towns are reporting that they're glad that their small-town life is back to normal.

As seen on all major national newspapers and online news network sites:
Following a string of what was thought to be random assaults on several imPorts this week, the crimes now have all been linked to one man. After his latest attempt to assassinate ambassador nominee Komasan, James Buchanan Barnes has been apprehended in no small part to the heroic deeds of several imPorts, including Barnaby Brooks, Jr., the Nomad, Daryl Dixon, The Midnighter, Harrison Wells, Koromaru, and others.

A veteran of the Second World War and a diehard fan of this great nation, Barnes alleges he was manipulated into believing he worked for the Soviet Union, and that the assassinations were an attempt to "instill fear in the American citizens."

He has plead guilty to the brutal assault of Ikki Minami, Yayoi Nakayama, Count Dooku, Anastasya Griffin, the attempted assassination of Komasan, and the death of Emmett Brown. Barnes will remain in prison without bail to await sentencing.

As seen on Bwitter, Rumblr, political commentary blogs, and the public imPort-frequented places in Maurtia Falls:
With the Ambassador elections entering their final stretch, Maurtia Falls candidate COUNT DOOKU has kicked his advertising into high gear in an effort to get out the vote. Professional posters bearing the Count's likeness and his platform theme are popping up in posting areas near imPort businesses and government-provided housing in Maurtia Falls. Will imPorts be swayed by Dooku's promotional blitz? Only the outcome of the voting on June 27th will tell!

As seen on major national news outlets and social media:
In a historic initiative, museums across the country have put together a collection of important, well-known and 100% American artifacts. The exhibit, “240 Years of America!”, will be visiting select cities in the upcoming weeks, including De Chima, Virginia.

The exhibit will feature personal items of various U.S. Presidents, war memorabilia from the Civil War, both World Wars and others, early Apollo space suits, clothing from every era of American fashion, and more. But the pride and joy of the exhibit is none other than the Declaration of Independence itself.

In honor of that, the De Chima Civil War Museum will be hosting an opening gala on July 4th. The gala is fancy dress, and will feature an open bar, guided tours, and fun-filled activities. The museum has announced that imPorts are granted free entrance to both the gala and the museum for the night.

“We really hope imPorts of all stripes can come and learn about what makes their adoptive country great,” said a museum spokesperson, “Nothing would make us prouder than if they could come celebrate this holiday and this country with us this Fourth of July.”

As seen in the conspiracy section of MeTube, BlueTube, and the Online History Chanel:
NBSea's conspiraSEAS documentary had a rise and a fall, but there are still true believers out there who are intent to find out the TRUTH of whether or not imPorts are harboring under the sea cover mermaid spies. These believers flock to a myriad of websites to post their speculation and evidence, but this week a particular video featuring an imPort believed to be married to one of said mermaid spies. Footage shows an investigating believer attempting to get an answer from the seahorse's mouth, showing up to Will Graham's bait shop in Heropa with camera front and center. Making no small talk, the believer launches into a barrage of questioning about whether or not April Ludgate-Graham is a mermaid, a spy, and if there are more, all while Mr. Graham continues to eat a Quasar bar.

After a solid forty-fives seconds of intense questioning and candy bar consumption, Mr. Graham answered with an amused, "There is no greater catch, for a fisherman, than a mermaid. And no greater catch, for a mermaid, than a fisherman."

This led to a painful, audio-upsetting scream from the young man behind the camera, a stream of "I knew it!"s and then attempts at further questioning Mr. Graham answered only with, "No further comment. I've said enough as is." The video goes on for a few more seconds of fervent questioning and Mr. Graham failing to toss his candy wrapper in the trash. Believers of this theory have shared the video over a thousand times, citing it as proof that all names listed are mermaids and spies protected by the government. Some skeptics have expressed disbelief that the clear sarcasm has been missed by so many people. NBSea is currently bargaining for rights to the video to use in a NEW documentary about the truth of imPorts and their mermish ways.

As seen in entertainment news, social media, blogs:
Fans of the musical Franklin! were shocked this past Tuesday, June 14th, when the George Washington costume used in the show was stolen.

“It couldn’t have just been misplaced, the wig and shoes are gone too and those were kept separate from the rest. :(” alleged the actor, Jack Christianson, on Bwitter.

An overly enthusiastic fan is suspected to have committed the theft, but so far no one has been apprehended.

As seen on Rumblr, TiMportZ, and BlueTube:
In the spirit of Ambassador elections, many posters and banners have been found on the streets of Maurtia Falls. But what makes this a more noteworthy story is that witnesses have seen local mockingbirds carrying along campaign posters in support of ambassador hopeful Petyr Baelish and hanging them up in well populated areas. Actual mocking birds! Birders from all over the state of Pennsylvania have flocked to Maurtia Falls to watch the mockingbirds in action.

"He's like a Disney Princess," said high school student Sandra Sterk. Bwitter is coming.

As seen in local newspapers and circulated on internet publications:
Heroic imPort intervention in the criminal underbelly of Maurtia Falls has long been remarked on in the media, particular in light of former Maurtia Falls Ambassador Revan's efforts to clean the city up. Largely, however, those efforts go without remark. Criminals, in these cases, face the ire of the criminal justice system, which in MF... Well, let's say it's not perfect. People fall through the cracks, paperwork gets misfiled, evidence fails to follow the correct chain of custody.

But the criminals themselves don't completely disappear.

Now there's a rumor going around that people who have been let out on bail by the MFPD are vanishing, which wouldn't be so surprising, except that the people posting their bail arrive to pick them up only to find them gone. Vanished. Two missing persons cases have been reported so far, one for Janie Bless, a teacher using her school's internationally acclaimed glee club for illegal gunrunning, and Robert AlCino, a foster father who was accused of using his three foster children to sell drugs at school. Both, arranging to be collected by family or colleagues, vanished, and accusations have been made against the MFPD that they simply aren't taking the cases seriously, or worse, are covering for some kind of gross misconduct.

A spokesman for the department had this to say: "People jump bail all the time. Filing a missing person's case as though there's some sort of boogieman out there--it's just an excuse. A way to justify putting faith in people who clearly didn't deserve it in the first place."

As seen on Hastagram, local newspapers, and social media sites:
Residents of Manhattan were surprised to see imPorts arrive in their city, searching the roofs of skyscrapers for a puzzle box, before eventually heading to the Statue of Liberty, where some sharp eyed tourists snapped photos of Sabriel using a jetpack to retrieve a puzzle box from the torch.

Witnesses aren't entirely sure what happened after she opened it an handed it to Gansey, but the pair left the area some time after that.


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