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Poll #17541 Serious Poll
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In my world, the blogging platform for re-distributing content via "reblogs" is known as:

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12 (40.0%)

1 (3.3%)

Something else
3 (10.0%)

We don't have the internet
6 (20.0%)

we have the internet but we're still in the Myspace years
4 (13.3%)

We have the internet but I'm old and don't understand the question
4 (13.3%)

Did you have Michael Jackson

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19 (61.3%)

7 (22.6%)

It's Complicated
5 (16.1%)

Why is pop music in this dimension so bad? (please check all that you think may apply)

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has no tumblr, only rumblr
2 (7.4%)

imPort worship removing relevance from actual native artists
12 (44.4%)

Continued cold war aggresions limits cooperative globalization, harming the progress of human art
12 (44.4%)

Lucifer has not put out an album yet
4 (14.8%)

seriously though you guys dont even have Justin Beiber. I don't get how you can still fuck it up after a boon like that.
10 (37.0%)

If you selected "it's complicated" for question 2, please explain below.
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So, uh. Kinda a weird question, but hypothetically, if you knew that you could just... die or stop existing or whatever at pretty much any moment, like really knew it, what kind of things would you want to do? I don’t mean stuff you’d do if you didn’t have to deal with the consequences, cause you could die fifteen minutes or fifteen years from now. But what stuff would you not want to die without experiencing? Your bucket list, I guess.
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[The video comes on, just a bit crooked, to show a scrawny teenager sitting in tall grass. He gives the camera a business-like nod, and then holds up a piece of paper, covered in blocky, red writing, to the lens.]

This is my bucket list.

[Self-explanatory, from the title.]

Who can help me with any of it? [He tilts it back to scan the list again.] Like, I'm pretty sure fireworks will be pretty easy, but I don't really know where to find a red panda. [A little nose wrinkle.] ... Or a volcano.

[That's it. That's the broadcast. He gives the camera a boyish smile and a thumbs up.]


Jun. 5th, 2016 02:11 am
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[The feed opens to the very disgruntled voice of a very angry person.]

So, hey, people of this shithole of a planet. Here's a question.

How many of you are sick and fucking tired of the Porter messing with you?

Show of hands, pie charts -- hell, I'll even give anyone extra points for pictures of flipping off a government building.

I mean, I knew about the whole "Oh, hey, I feel like being a dick and teleporting you out for a few months just for a goddamn laugh" but to throw in a new useless, annoying power as well?

[There's some muffled grumbling and swearing for the next few seconds as Church presumably re-situates himself.]

Good to see it's the same shitty, annoying Porter in the same shitty, annoying world.


And uh.... does... anyone know how to get a leg unstuck from a wall?


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