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{It matters not where he travels; Thranduil stands out. Every inch of him screams Elven and King if one has some experience with such descriptors. His expression is grim and his voice is heavy, measured:}

There are dead to bury and rifts to mend. I cannot tarry long or I will add to their suffering.

{The Greenwood should never be without a King.}

I am Thranduil, son of Oropher, and King of the Greenwood. {More commonly called Mirkwood now, sadly.} Show me the path I must take and I shall set my feet upon it before the sun sets on this day.

And I do not wish to hear that I am in "another world". There is only one Arda and though I have never seen structures of this sort decorating her lands, I have not traveled the full length and breadth of her. {Yes, it must be nonsense. He scowls to put off those who might give him said explanation, but deep down he is frightened it is true.}
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[ Hello, imPorts! Hope you're ready for something as obnoxious and loud as it gets, because that's Magnus to a tee, and this time, his appearances matches. He's dressed in an outfit that includes an extremely well crafted bear mask, and a poorly crafted everything else - it's tight, there's a cape and claws involved, and everything is decidedly furry. If Magnus is self-conscious about this, it doesn't show on what you can still see of his face. ]

Hey, fellas! This seems like the place to advertise, so here we go - I'm officially announcing my breakthrough into the wrestling scene! We got matches goin' on every Friday night this month in Maurtia Falls - [ it's a publicity stunt, and Magnus is there mainly to fail, which he signed up for ] - and I'd be real happy if some of you came out to see my debut as I'morko enters the ring!

[ He does a bear claw gesture and a low growling sound, because godsdammit, you stick to a theme. He flexes while he does it, which works surprisingly well. He then picks up a gaudy flyer that reads:


It's gonna be a great time, so everyone should come on down. Tickets are cheap, and who doesn't want to see some guys beat the shit out of each other for an hour? Oh, and thanks to Taako for the idea. I think this is gonna work out great!

[ He peels off his mask, leaving behind some foolish looking helmet hair and a wide smile. ]

Wrestling's not going to be paying all the bills for a while - [ he seems pretty confident in his ability to become a star wrestler, but then again, with his enthusiasm and commitment to a bit, he'll fit right in ] - so I got a secondary reason for advertising on here. You need any freelance carpentry or bodyguarding work done, you just call Magnus Burnsides. Or, like, any other work. I'm flexible.

I'morko out!

[ NOTE: linked art is from HERE. ]

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[ Hello, Masks and Menaces! The guy who's looking right at you right now is, to be honest, sort of an eyesore of a man; he's huge, with absolutely enormous red sideburns, scarred, and wearing something that looks a little like a red spacesuit. At odds with the spacesuit is the fact that he has some pretty obviously medieval weapons strapped to his back (a crossbow and axe for the curious), mingling with (non-functional) robot arms that are also strapped to his back. ]

Hail and well met and all that junk, uh - not that I'm not into this whole hero thing, 'cause fuck yeah to all that, obviously, but I'm kind of in a hurry? I was in the middle of a... thing. A really, really important thing, actually.

[ The boy's got Rustic Hospitality coming out of his ears, but charisma isn't his strong suit.

Then, hurriedly, remembering his whole two manners, he rambles off - ]
Oh yeah, I'm Magnus Burnsides, you can also call me The Hammer if you want, this is Steven, and he's great, - [ he holds up a perfect sphere filled with water and a goldfish who stares vacantly at the screen ] - annnnnnnnd thanks in advance for your help.

[ There! That was polite as fuck! Except then his attention snaps to the side as he sees something not even a man on a mission can ignore. ]

--holy shit, a dog.

[ And the screen goes black as the communicator is duly shoved into his pocket. It's not turned off, but nothing more interesting is said unless you're really into listening to dudes espouse about how much he loves this dog in particular. Once someone pipes up, he'll remember the communicator again. ]


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