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Jacob Taylor here. I've got an update on the investigation into the OTO. That's Otherworld Technologies Organization for the new people on the Network: they're a group that's been responsible for a lot of the bad things that have happened this year. The report is here for anyone who wants to take a look at it.

If you're going after the OTO, be careful. They're seriously bad news. But we need to keep chasing them down, before they hurt more people. The government's been supporting our operations so far: they're on our side on this one. If you find anything out, you can tell me or another member of the RISE team.

That's not the only thing I wanted to talk about, though. Last week, a friend of mine took a life in combat. He's facing the consequences for it now. I've done the same thing plenty of times, in the military and out of it. And I know some of the OTO's scientists didn't survive the raid on their cloning facility last month.

It's a heavy thing to deal with. Sometimes it's necessary. But a lot of people think imPorts are dangerous right now. If we do too much damage, we're going to risk proving them right about us. Doesn't matter if it's because we're battling bad guys.

I think this fight with the OTO is just getting started. It's not going to be the last time we have to make those kinds of choices. And we need to work together if we're going to beat them. I figure that'll be easier if we're all clear on where we stand. About what we're willing to do to get it done.

So here's what I want to ask you: would you kill, to save a life? Or is that going too far for you? And how do you want to hold people accountable for something like that?
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I have a question for the network about the power nullifying bracelets

imPorts on probation are equipped with them, I know that much but
can imPorts voluntarily use them if they want one?
Can they buy them? Is that posible?

If not, are there any other options on the market?
Thanks guys
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[ at a ridiculous hour of the night, an anonymous text, ]

What are the best ways to ask for help? I don't think I'm coping very well here but I don't know what to do about it. Thank you
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[ Leia is currently on the move, as the video feed connects to the network. The camera is a bit shaky and she's pausing to huff out a breath to blow some stray hair off her cheek that falls in front of her face. Braided and pulled to the side, the braid drapes over the front of her shoulder, long from all her years of growing out her hair on Alderaan, never once cutting it. ]

I only have a few questions. [ One glance at the screen and then she's looking away, like she's looking around, momentarily lost, confused. The camera then turns so it's facing out in front of her. ] Actually, I can't help but wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if it was done on purpose.

First things first— [ Aaaannnnd, she's on the move again. ] —baked goods. I'm currently in De Chima, is there a place nearby that specializes in baked go— excuse you! Hey!

[ Leia's jumping back out of the way of a bicyclist. They even have the nerve to ding their little bell at her; reminds her of an offended droid. Where's Threepio when she needs him? ]

Watch where you're going! I was walking here— worse than a pushy Jawa...never mind. [ Muttering. ] Anyway, if you hadn't noticed, I'm a little lost.

Princess Palace, can someone tell me if I'm even going in the right direction? I would appreciate the help. This communicator has an awful navigation system installed on it.


Sep. 10th, 2017 03:44 pm
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Don't you all feel very restricted not being able to easily take a ship to other planets? There are always unknown regions but this? Just this one tiny planet you're all stuck on and you can barely even get to your own moon?

It looks like some of my kind have even visited this planet and still you're no more advanced than flying around your own planet.

The technology here leaves a lot to be desired.
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hey guys

[You might not be able to tell this from the text alone - but it's a nervous one. Red isn't used to talking much, even when it's not out loud - it's just plain hard for him. And that's made it pretty hard for him to make friends - and not just in this world. It's something that Red has always struggled with. Forming connections with Pokémon - animals, even? That's always been easy - even more so now that he can actually talk to them. The problem is is that he still can't talk to just regular old people.]

looking 4 frnds

[No, that's not enough. He knows that's not enough. He has to say more or they're not gonna get it - deep breaths, Red.

[Alright. Here it goes.]

i dnt tlk much
can b hard 2 make them
but i have pkmn

[Spell it out, Red.]

theyre cool if u wnt 2 see them

i thnk i am p nice
try 2 b

[With that, he lets the post go - but, a moment later, an edit appears:]

i don't have to type that way if you don't like it.
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Three years ago, I arrived to this world, on this exact day. I have met many people, I've seen many go and return, though many don't remember ever being here. I have seen so much happening and I've lived through a lot. It's hard to keep a track of everything. I have done so much as well. [ and so much has been done to him, too. But he digresses ] - but I think what happened before we started arriving in 2014 is also important, and it's good to remember it from time to time.

The Porter was found in the Atlantic Ocean in 1985 and the first wave of imPorts arrived in 1986. Before this time, America was not the country you know; if you look at the history books, you won't find much information on America's 1984. Because of the extended tension between the United States and Russia, continuous attacks and an arms race, at the time there was an almost totalitarian government ruling over the country; citizens were arrested, brainwashed, they were spied on, censored and repressed at all times.

After finding the Porter and the first imPorts arrived, an imPort named Hernan Soñé, aka "Nova Man", brought to light the government's actions. From this, it snowballed: imPorts, native heroes, even some sectors of the military and the government - our current sponsors-, joined together to reform the militant corruption on going. This is why imPorts are seen as heroes: we are. We saved them from a very dark time and we helped them to have a brighter future. The reform ended around 1990's and everything worked well enough, with both native Heroes and imPorts working together to keep the country safe.

In 2008, everything changed again. There was a scientist - it's still questionable if he really was under Soviet orders. He built what he called a "Death Ray" on an island which has the name of Death Island. [ you can laugh because this sounds so silly, but it's not funny ] This ray was designed to counteract the active nanotechnology used to revive imPorts should they die.

In other words, it could kill imPorts permanently.

Seven imPorts were sent to investigate his island, most of them being teenagers and they were all killed. While the scientist was caught and taken in to custody, the imPort Benedict Katzenberg aka "Promise" executed the prisoner without orders. While he was court-martialed, the charges didn't stick, but again it was just a step to start a whole new chain of events.

A strong decline of costumed heroism and vigilante activity followed, due to accusations from imPorts, the natives, the native heroes and the government, each side claiming the death of these imPorts had happened because of the other. Heroes retired and the ones that remained became reckless, acted independently or opposed the law enforcement rather than alongside, and that caused for new laws to be made: native heroism and vigilantism became illegal, "Registered" and "Unsettled" became marks heroes had to wear, and by 2011 the government decided it was best for imPorts to go back to their home universes. Every imPort left and all native Heroes retired or went underground.

[ and finally: ] In 2014, the Porter started working again, without any notice. Lachesis infected the Porter and this world is once again receiving imPorts. That is us.

I hope this bit of history helps to explain why we are loved by most in this country, and helps us to remember this isn't just a dream. [ not for the natives, certainly. And also not for those seven imPorts who were killed back in 2008 ] If you have any questions, I can try answering. I was around when all of this was found out, but it was two years ago. My memory can be a bit shaky. [ except Kaneki has notes on everything so maybe not so much ]


Sep. 3rd, 2017 10:17 am
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Good morning everyone,
I'm supporting some continuing cleanup activity for the Nonah police, relating to the vandalism. If you see any more, or have noticed new problems come up, you can let me know. I can't imagine a party being what stops upset people from expressing their feelings like this, so...
(This offer is OK for other cities too! I've talked to each hub city's police commissioners about my offer and gotten the green light to support)

Also...if you're not feeling safe in your neighborhood, let me know. I can talk to some of the staff who assign patrol rotations and see if things can be moved around. It might not be too much, but it's something that can help.

That's all for right now I think...thank you for your support!

002 {video}

Sep. 1st, 2017 09:47 pm
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[All the video shows is a steady shot of a high school cafeteria lunch tray. It's the standard square pizza, corn niblets, milk setup, but there's the added bonus of a nicely frosted brownie in a little plastic tray.

The camera switches views to Blue's face. Her hair is over-clipped as always, and there's the added benefit today of lime green lipstick. No other makeup though, natch.]

So apparently, no matter the dimension or universe or whatever, American public schools always have the corn and square pizza.

[There's several non-imPort kids in the pack ground, watching her film an laughing their asses off. She waves them down, then picks the pizza up to take an experimental bite.


Yep. Just as terrible as always. That's comforting.


Sep. 1st, 2017 05:38 pm
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[ Coming to you live, it's one James "oh no not this asshole again" Jesse, looking frazzled, like he hasn't been sleeping all that well. Normally, he wouldn't be crowdsourcing these kinds of opinions at all, but— well, boredom and anxiety drive a man to some strange things. Still, he is, as usual, in reasonably good spirits. ]

So hey, I have a sorta kinda religious question, but not the kind I can stroll down to the local Florida megachurch and ask, you know what I mean? The kind I want some input from all of you on, because if anyone's had a weirder life than me, it's at least a third of you guys. I'm kinda, y'know, vexed by this whole dilemma that's been on my mind lately.

Now, I'm by no means an expert in any of this stuff, but I figure taking a field trip to actual Hell once and beating the kinda-devil twice gives me a leg up on the average civilian, right? And since I've been stuck here I've met like three dozen demons, and about half of 'em dress like David Bowie for some reason, but hey, who am I to judge, right? Maybe David Bowie dressed like Satan, I dunno. Anyway, demons, hellspawn, the Thin White Duke of the Bottomless Pit, actual Death, all of those I've met.

You know what I've never run into? Angels. I'm talking halos and big fluffy wings and harps — or maybe keytars, if they're feeling modern. I could even deal with Roma Downey style. Is that a thing? You know, the... the opposite of the fire and brimstone stuff. I mean, does anybody actually know?
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[The feed opens with video footage of an empty rabbit hutch, then moves to show signs of forced entry - a broken gate lock, a trampled flower. Then it flips around and Brendan's face is nothing but cold fury, which comes across equally plainly in his voice.]

If whoever stole our rabbits returns them, unharmed, in the next 48 hours, I promise you amnesty. No cops, no charges, I just want them back, no questions asked.

If you don't return them, you won't be able to run far enough, and I promise you, if you hurt them, you will never see me coming and they will never find your bodies.

You stole from the wrong fucking house if you think we're gonna let this slide.


Aug. 8th, 2017 05:55 pm
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[despite being in his robot form for the video, riptide is very clearly disturbed, but trying to cover it up with a faux grin.]

Earth is buggered!


I just found out one of the DJD is here-- Vos. Tailgate, you around? I think we gotta find out a way to cut and run.

[riptide knows, deep down, he should save the humans in a situation like this. like autobots are supposed to, like skids said to megatron, but he's too scared to even consider staying and fighting the djd. that would be suicide. he's being a coward, and he hates it.]

Everyone else! It was nice knowing you. Sorry about your planet. Maybe try to focus on space flight before the rest of the DJD show up and kill you all?

[ Video ]

Aug. 2nd, 2017 10:42 am
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[Jonathan has been moping, and now he's sitting outside in the park, sharing his thoughts.]

So...the clones are gone. Not just apprehended, but actually...you know...

Is anyone else bothered by this? I mean, they were living, conscious beings. And now they're not.


Jul. 10th, 2017 12:12 pm
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I am looking for help.

Is there anyone in Maurtia Falls who can meet me? I would like to meet some people here. Thank you

I would also like to talk to anyone who doesn't live in Maurtia Falls. It will be nice to learn names and faces. And what you do and where you have come from. My name is Nill and I will show you a picture of my face soon but I can't work out how to do it right now I'm sorry

Thank you

[ ah yes, text. the perfect medium for pretending everything is fine and you haven't been hiding in your room for almost as long as you've been here so far ]
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[There's a whooshing noise before the video comes online, and it's immediately apparent why: Jacob is flying in the sky, crouched atop a new shield-shaped glider. He's telekinetically holding the communicator away from him using his biotic powers so everyone can get a look at his new gear: black-and-grey armour, with a translucent triangular visor over his face and a utility belt around his waist. He's above the rooftops of Maurtia Falls, judging by the presence of the Helix Station structure in the background.]

Check it out! The bad guys can run, but they can't glide.

[The view spins queasily for a moment as Jacob brings the communicator back to his hand, then there's a roaring sound as he brings the glider in for a landing. When the picture re-stabilizes, Jacob is standing on solid ground again- with the glider collapsed and stowed on his back.]

Pretty nice, huh? Take it from me: if you ever need new gear, Kanaya Maryam and her group do the best work around. Reasonable prices, too.

[He spreads his arms and does a little half-turn for a moment, showing off the costume's quality, then gets down to business.]

Anyway, I'm not just making this post to show off. My name's Jacob, and I work with RISE- that's Rogue ImPort Suppression Enforcement, if you want to get technical. We're funded by the government and based out of Maurtia Falls. Our job is to help protect people and enforce the law when it comes to special threats. If you're Registered, have a clean criminal record, and want to do some good, get in contact with me or Sabriel. We're always looking for new recruits.

I also want to give a heads-up to any investigators out there: keep your eyes open for anything about the Otherworld Technologies Organization, OTO. A bunch of us have been looking into them for a while. We think they were involved in a blackout and a breakout earlier this year. And word is there are scientists going around, paying local metahumans for experiments on their powers. If you learn anything about them, let me know.

[Jacob shrugs.]

That's all I've got. Stay safe out there, everyone.

[Jacob closes the post, but also attaches a link to the OOC equivalent of this post for people interested in RISE, and to this Network post for people who weren't around for the post-blackout drama. For OOC reference, this is the latest post about OTO investigations.]


Jul. 1st, 2017 06:49 pm
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[there's a letter juuuust in view in the screen that Manabu glances down from repeatedly while addressing the camera.

his mouth twitches, trying to smother his smile while he reads.


'Mister Yuuki, we're pleased to present you with your General Education Development certificate, which fulfills high school equivalency requirements in the below listed states.' [he pauses, a little cheesy, pleased grin.

Ah-- mm, aaand...those are the places it's good...dut-dut...mm, oh [reading quickly:]--'We, we hope this will encourage you to further your academic career and reach new educational heights.'

[a beat.

So that's one thing down...Something that ought to be permanent here, in case I get punched back out of here for another couple years, haha...

Not bad, right?


Jun. 20th, 2017 12:06 am
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[Rather than be in the actual ambassador's office for this broadcast, he's outside and in the city, overlooking the skyline of De Chima. This is his home for as long as he's here and it brings out a look of determination.]

I was given the chance to see how De Chima could thrive and be overseen by an able and intelligent ambassador. Lucy Pevensie cared about the citizens of her city and dedicated herself completely to their benefit. I promise to do the same. De Chima is full of brave heroes, not just among the imPorts but the natural citizens as well. This is the city where we can put aside where we are from and instead focus on what the future has in store for us.

Everything we do can be used for the benefit of De Chima and for everyone that resides here. The role of ambassador is to facilitate the interests of the imPorts, but there shouldn't be a divide between us and them. This is our city, all of ours and I promise to make it a city we all can call home.

My name is Jon Snow and I'm running for the ambassadorship of De Chima.


Jun. 15th, 2017 04:07 pm
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I guess here's a question for the long-timers here, if you're up to killing some time...

Whatever job you had back home, one that you loved and really believed in...but doesn't work or can't happen here...if you had that, what are you doing now? Did you find something similar? Or did you discover something new you love just as much...or more?

I'd think it would be hard to get too attached, considering the circumstances...


Jun. 15th, 2017 03:44 am
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Hey, Network. I didn’t mean to go so long without posting, but it’s been, uh, a while--

[ --since shortly before he was unmasked on the network by Tony Stark’s evil alternate universe counterpart, actually. THANKS FOR THAT, BUDDY.

In deference to the new status quo, Peter is wearing one of his usual button-downs with the sleeves rolled up, but with the collar unbuttoned enough that the red of his costume peeks through. Baby steps! ]

If we haven’t met, I’m Peter Parker, also known as [ cough ] Spider-Man, and I’ve been here for a few years now, so if you’re new and have questions about how to manage this whole kidnapped-to-another-universe thing, I can try to field them. Not that you can’t ask if you’re not new, but anyway.

I've got two announcements to make--sort of a good news, bad news kind of thing.

[ Clasping his hands together: ] First, the good news! As some of you saw on a recent Majority Report, I'm going to be working with Kanaya Maryam, Norman Osborn, and Revan on our new venture to provide costumes and equipment to the superheroic masses. I'm really excited to be working with the team, and I want to thank Kanaya and Normie for bringing me on. Details at the link below, etcetera, etcetera.

[ There's an attached link which will take the curious onlooker or potential client to the project's website. ]

For the record, I'm signing on as one of the tech-heads. My job is to do everything in my power to help you use your powers most effectively and then get home safely. I've been advised in the strongest possible terms that I'm not allowed to give fashion advice under the auspices of the company--[ He may be slightly grumpy about this. His costume's a classic, Kanaya!!! ]--so for that you'll have to ask Kanaya.

cut for spider-man brand motormouthery(tm) )


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