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For all of you new arrivals and even for some of the older ones, I have a bit of a public service announcement if you will.

[ It's Maeve's voice, but the video is focused on her walking through imPort housing unit Nonah #005. The house is in various states of pet disarray -- shredded furniture, curtains, and carpeting come into view. There is pet fur all over that roombas can only do so much about. And there are a large variety of toys strewn out across the floor. The video focuses on the six cats in the room -- a calico, a white bengal, a munchkin, a havana, and two indeterminable breeds. ]

Think twice about getting a pet in this world. I know it may seem like a fine idea at the time, but this is the sort of thing you leave behind. And what becomes of these poor animals? How many of them wind up displaced because imPorts went back to their homes? We are temporary in this world. These creatures are permanent.

[ Maeve moves on from the room, heading out the sliding glass doors to the koi pond, focusing in on it. The pond is clean and well kept, but it's still more animals that are here that need to be tended to. ]

I had the misfortune of inheriting all of this after the port out of my housemates.

[ Going back inside, Maeve heads upstairs and pushes open a door in order to showcase a fish tank with a red-tailed shark and three imProcreats -- a dragprawn, a lamabama, and a blickablake. These things are essentially pokemon without the demands of having to be fed. ]

If anyone was friends with the Iron Bull, Ken Amada, Kaneda or Tetsuo and wants to adopt any of them, it would be greatly appreciated. Hell, even if you weren't friends and can offer them the attention they deserve, then take them. I'm keeping them fed and cleaning up after them, but I don't have time for much else beyond that. I'm a busy woman, after all.

[ Maeve leaves, heading to her own room and closing the door behind her to turn the video to herself. ]

To end this on a more upbeat note, I work as a manager at the bar Merlotte's in De Chima. As a warm welcome on behalf of new imPort ambassador Sam Merlotte, I'd like to offer any new arrivals a drink on the house. But if you're an older imPort and you sweet talk me well enough, I might consider offering you a drink on me.

» voice

Jul. 9th, 2017 04:27 am
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Hello? Is this meant to be spoken into? There is no circular apparatus by which to dial a number—

Ah. The light says "recording." Good. I have a question: which of these cities is most in need of help? Eventually I'll see to all, but those most in need should be helped first. I've heard gossip on the street while strolling of riots, blackouts and a shortage of food. Is that everywhere, or simply in the place called De Chima?

( Diana repeats this messages in a dozen different languages, just in case. There's a long pause afterward, and then she says quietly: )

Peace seems to elude this world. I must wonder if he survived.

( He being her half-brother, of course. Though she doesn't elaborate. )


Jul. 4th, 2017 10:35 pm
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Why are terrible books popular?

Look around, I'm sure you'll find examples of bad writing. Books that are an agony to force oneself to keep reading. Books that tell you nothing you didn't already know. Shockingly dreadful novels can become classics, to boot. The most popular works suffer from pages of bad writing, yet are regarded as saving reading.

That's hardly true, is it? Not if people don't expand their horizons and cling to their, ah, fandoms.


Now. Might you name the books you love and hate? I would also like to hear examples of literature from this world that you enjoy or consider dire, if you would.
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[The video opens to the interior of his personal office, towering at the top of Wayne Enterprises headquarters in De Chima. At his desk, Bruce Wayne sits at the foreground of a sprawling cityscape, dressed in one of his many bespoken heather gray suits.]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and holder of the Wayne Foundation charitable organization here in De Chima. After nearly a year here, the influences of the Cold War are more apparent to me than they've ever been. Though we stand in a modern age, the unfinished business of the late 1940s survive. The fear of conflict, and division not only of post-war Europe, but here at home.

We live in a difficult and dangerous world, and there are no easy or magical solutions. Both imPort and native citizens alike look around and see social inequality and injustice, but we must seek diplomatic solutions before resorting to warring with each other. And while force must always be an option, it should be be considered a last resort. While we must be relentless in combating against enemies both foreign and domestic, neither of us can bear the burden of fighting it alone. We should all be a part of a united coalition, led and sustained by forces here that have the means to protect themselves.

It wasn't entirely too long ago that I thought I could protect the world by myself, but I was wrong. Working together, staying together, as a team, we would be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice. Organizations like R.I.S.E. have the right idea, but it's one that needs to be expanded upon. Back home, my world is protected by the Justice League, a strike force comprised of the world's mightiest heroes. Stalwart protectors of life, and a defense against all threats-- terrestrial and extra-terrestrial alike.

Through a group like this, it's my hope that we can relieve the financial burden of emergency management during a crisis, paving a way for the creation of a peace dividend; public money available to cities for other, very necessary purposes like education and health care, and a way to continue the efforts that Ambassadors Pevensie and Senator Hundred have worked so hard to establish. We were told when we first arrived here that we were going to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I think, up until now, a lot of us feel like that hasn't quite happened yet.

If elected, I hope that you're all ready to change that.
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[The post is headed with an icon, source unknown.]

Hello. It's nice to meet all of you. I am the one they call Alibaba. Or I would be if I wasn't dragged from home to a place where I have no reputation.

I'll make this simple. I'm looking to make a deal--information is what I need. Specifically, I want to know more about this porting process.

I don't expect anyone to be able to tell me how it works, but anything you might know would be...helpful. I would be especially interested in speaking with anyone that was able to go home before being brought back.

You can answer freely or we can see if we can reach a deal that works for both of us. I'll be waiting.


May. 29th, 2017 04:38 pm
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[The Major isn't wearing her usual provocative attire today, but rather the khaki dress uniform of a JSDF officer.]

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, ostensibly a day to honor those who died during military service, though it seems to mostly be an excuse for cookouts. I didn't serve in the American army, but I did fight alongside plenty of American soldiers during World War IV, many of whom didn't survive.

How many others here have been in the military? Whether it's the American armed forces or a military that doesn't even exist here, I'm sure we've all lost comrades. I'm going to visit some of the cemeteries around Maurtia Falls and put flowers on the graves of soldiers who may not have surviving families. Maybe you'd like to join me, or do the same in your city of choice.


May. 5th, 2017 07:16 pm
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I've been wondering- [Sabriel's voice is even, thoughtful, but just a bit hesitant.]

What happens after people die, in your worlds? I know what happens in mine, and I have... something of an idea of what happens in this world. There's some sort of afterlife here, but it's inaccessible to any imPort, living or dead. Perhaps that's part of why we're able to be revived and the locals aren't- because we can't pass into this worlds hereafter. [Sabriel's voice shifts, taking on a tone of somber authority.]

In mine... Death is a river with no shores. It starts at the boundary with Life, then flows through nine precincts, each marked by a gate- its current guides all who enter it to follow it, to let it carry them past the Ninth gate, from which none have returned. Those who fight the current, who seek to return to a world that is no longer their own, and linger in Death, seeking to return to Life... the current warps them, and in time, they lose their humanity, growing in power in the process. All they remember is their desire to return to life, at any cost.

[And Sabriel's tone becomes deliberately chipper, like she's forcing a smile.]I understand that some of you come from worlds with similar troubles, though others are blessedly free of such problems. In either case, I'm curious. Is their magic tied to Death in your worlds, or is it just something people have to deal with through mundane methods?

( text )

May. 2nd, 2017 05:23 pm
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For those of you who were once human and are no longer, regardless of how long it's been, do you wish to go back to that fragile state or stay as you currently are? Whatever that is.

Or, for the humans, would you be so willing to give up your humanity for whatever power or little perk you might get from being some other... thing?

[ Just consider her a very old vampire who is confused with the number of those she comes across who seem ashamed-- unhappy even or not having fully accepted what they are. Self-love is important, right? ]


Apr. 19th, 2017 09:07 am
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[He's had plenty of time to toy with this gizmo (all technical terms, thank you mental projection of Kay that's moved back into his brain now that it's not too painful because there's a real Kay again, shush), but still hasn't put himself on it for more than a brief response to Catelyn Stark.

For all his well-[founded?]-honed mistrust of open networks, it has chastened him that he could have found Jyn and Kay much more quickly if he'd used it from the start. For all the research he does, it's unignorable that he's wasting a huge amount of this powerful resource by relegating himself to observer, not participant.

…And there's one or two other imPorts he's learned about that… have caught his attention. He's wondering if he'll catch theirs.

So, network, hello: months after his arrival (albeit a good percent of them spent unconscious): Human. Male. Age hard to tell: either in his thirties-forties or face prematurely hollowed and lined. Hair: dark, cut as if by himself with a tool not meant for such use and no mirror. Eyes: several galaxies' worth. Shirt doesn't look like anything specific to those who wouldn't know the style, instantly recognizable as Corellian to those who would.

Then he smiles—in a way that seems entirely effortless, genuine, and engaged—and some of the agedness falls away. The eyes crinkle and sparkle. He seems approachable and warm. Even the haircut is transformed into seeming less unloved and more boyish. It gives this stranger the face of a friend.

His accent, when he speaks, sounds Hispanic to Earth American ears.]

I was wondering, if you're willing to share—

[on an open network, though that's not necessarily a good barometer of the network itself]

Are you still in the job you were assigned? Yes or no, how is it going for you?

I've read the introductory material on this. I'm wondering about personal experiences.

[He's tried to go beyond the official literature, including as much of the backlog as he could find or slice. Which is also why he doesn't repeat Godric's question (to which the answers were exceedingly helpful—and a few that sent a shiver up his spine. But pull it together, don't apply superstitious thought to the superstitious thoughts: that's what common cosmological models do).

As if in afterthought, and as if with self-conscious awkwardness, he adds]

…and hello. My name's Cassian.


Apr. 6th, 2017 12:08 am
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[In frame: a young woman, seemingly in her early 20's, though the weariness of her gaze and the downward turn of her lips would suggest someone who's much older. Or, perhaps, someone young who's been forced to grow too much, too quickly. She doesn't say anything right away, looking like she's gathering her thoughts and is regretting having not done so before recording. She inhales a quiet breath, huffs it out through her nose.]

Jyn Erso here. [She clenches her jaw, purses her lips. She absent-mindedly taps her finger on the glowing tattoo under her skin.] The last thing I remember is - light. Bright light. Heat and energy and light. [Her gaze is unfocused, mind elsewhere as she remembers.] We'd been fighting, on Scarif. We - [Her voice hitches in her throat, which she tries to clear. When she speaks again, her voice is hoarse and worn.] I don't know if anyone got away. I don't know if anyone lived. But they'd followed me down to the beach. I'm the reason they - [Another breath through her nostrils as she steels her nerves and her eyes go cold.] The fact of the matter is, I'm here, and I'm not sure why. And all I really want to do right now is shoot the ever-living kriff out of something, preferably something inhuman and non-sentient, like a dummy. I'm in some place called - De Chima? It isn't its own planet, which is - that's a different story all together, and just - look, if anyone knows where I can find something like that, please let me know. [A few more seconds of silence before the video goes black.]
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[ The video actually starts before it’s supposed to. It’s just a close up shot of a woman’s cleavage. And when she speaks, it’s with an English lilt -- a bit distant as though she’s calling out behind her. ]

From my understanding, these devices are supposed to put us in touch with others who arrived here in a similar manner to us.

[ A little fainter, a second voice joins the first -- a man, this time, with an accent out of a John Ford movie. ] It don't look like much to me. How's it work?

[ The camera gets pulled back to give the first shot of Maeve who is studying it thoughtfully. And then she realizes it seems to already be recording them -- the recognition lighting up on her face.. ]

It appears we’re live right now. All we have to do is talk. [ She re-positions herself to sit up a bit straighter, glancing at Teddy before nodding at the device to allow him to make the first contact.. ]

[ Teddy takes instruction well, bless him, and tips into view at her shoulder, taking a second to be caught up in the little digitised mirror image on her device. He overcomes the inherent strangeness and prompts himself to speak, trusting in Maeve's advice. ]

Evenin', [ he greets, with a nod beneath the shadow brim of his hat. ] Name's Flood, Teddy Flood. Me and the lady are looking for folks like us, or who been here even longer. We figure there's more to this place than we've been told.

[ When nothing immediately horrible happens as a result of Teddy talking, Maeve deems it safe to do the same. Sorry, Teddy. It’s easier to make you the shield. But she does appear mildly amused at Teddy’s use of ‘the lady.’ As though he’s trying to avoid the much harsher truths of what she is. ]

Oh, there’s definitely more. There’s always more. We can’t trust our kidnappers to give us the full scope, can we? So if any of you out there can be darlings and help us fill in the blanks, we would very much appreciate it. Mr. Flood here is a skilled adventurer who can aid you in all of your quests, plights, or other such nonsense. [ Hand wave. ] And as for me, well -- I’m sure you can use your imagination, can’t you?

[ She smirks, crossing one leg over the other with a deliberate, sensual slowness. ]

Do right by us and we’ll return the favor.

[ There'd been his own mild form of amusement at reference to his being an adventurer, accurate though it may be if also as euphemistic with regard to his line of work as he'd been as to hers, but the moment slides by without comment. Just the tiniest of smiles, mostly around the eyes.

Unperturbed by her offer of repayment, he nods once more at the camera, touching the brim of his hat in sign off. ]

Do wrong by us, we won't have a hell of a lot to talk about, now will we?

Come, darling. You can be more creative than that. [ Maeve says with a roll of her eyes. ] Or perhaps you can’t. [ Creativity might not be one of his higher parameters. ] I advise you all to not do wrong by us because you’ll very much wish you hadn’t. [ She flashes a sarcastic smile. ] But I believe that just about covers it.

[ Maeve’s about to end the feed, only to pause. ] Oh. One last thing. We’re looking for the people who live in… [ She looks off screen to read out the numbers. ] Nonah #005 and Maurtia Falls #008. If you live in either, could you be a dear and pop in to say hello?
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I’m looking to rob a bank or two.

[ The man in black’s voice is low, rough with age and smoke through whatever farcical discretion ‘anonymity’ provides. ]

Could use a lookout, maybe a driver. 80/20 split. Negotiable, depending on what you have to offer, [ he elaborates, deadly serious and with enough of a drawl to ring distinct to any ears with a mind to pick him out of a lineup, later. ]

Interested parties inquire within.

[ OOC: All replies will be anonymous unless otherwise indicated. ]


Dec. 12th, 2016 01:02 pm
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I hope everyone enjoyed their time in the Vivarium at last month's swear-in if you went. It seems like it went off alright! I've been doing some more work on it since then, so if anyone wants to be a bug tester, let me know.

What do you all do to have fun in winter? Not necessarily about the holidays. It's been a while since I was top-side for this length of time, much less anywhere with snow.
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Tetsuo's gone.

[It's the hardest thing Kaneda's ever been able to admit, and a large part of him didn't even want to make this broadcast. Something about how this was his business, or how it meant admitting defeat in his search for his best friend and family. His voice lacks the confidence it usually has, the undertone almost a soft squeak, as if he's trying to hold back tears.

That may explain why this is audio.]

You know.

For anyone that was looking, or whatever.

[There's an audible inhale and exhale, gloves covering his mouth as he thinks some things over.] So...I'll be taking over Neo Tokyo til I can kick his ass for ditching me with it. You know how to find me.

[No they don't.]


Nov. 23rd, 2016 10:37 am
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[ Congratulations, network. Today, everyone gets a video feed of a red hover truck, something leaning more towards the sort you'd find parked out on a farm and certainly not brand new, if the handful of dents and dull patches say anything. Still, it's not too bad!

A big ol' mastiff mix is hanging out in the front seat, paws up on the windowsill as he leans out, watching whoever is taking the video in typical happy dog fashion.

And today is the day the Pevensie farm finally, finally gets a better way to travel than with the horses.

[ That would be Hawke's voice and, oh boy, does she sound delighted. ]

Because someone just got an entirely official, most definitely not fake driver's license.

[ Which, even if she makes that sound a little shady, is true. Someone, somewhere, has made the poor life choice of signing off on her road test. ]


Nov. 7th, 2016 11:07 am
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[ The feed opens on an unusual sight -- three of the Normandy's crew (former and current) squeezed together to fit in front of the camera. It's a tough fit since none of the space marines are small men, but they manage. Shepard, in the middle, speaks up first. ]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Shepard. [ He's unusually formal, posture straight and gaze evenly directed at the camera. ] Some of the Normandy’s crew have been Ported out over the last few months, and it's been long enough that we don't think they're coming back. Justicar Samara, Thane Krios, Garrus Vakarian, and Jeff Moreau.

[Jacob leans forward a bit as he puts in his contribution, short and direct.]

Some of you knew those names. Those of you who didn’t, you can trust me when I tell you this place is a hell of a lot worse off without them.

[ Kaidan is squished to the right, just barely in the screen -- Jacob and Shepard take most of the space up, and he isn’t exactly fighting for screen time, but when he pipes up, he leans a little closer toward Shepard to do it. ]

We’ve been pretty lucky so far, haven’t we? Every time someone’s left -- like Shepard -- they’ve come back, so we wanted to give people time, before we actually said something…

That’s nice, fellas, but--

cut for space nerds embarrassing themselves )
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[ Sei is...confused. He's been confused since his arrival, under a deluge of new information when he's reeling from still existing, nonetheless supposedly being in another world.

Is this even truly another world at all? He'd never been outside Oval Tower in Platinum Jail. This could simply be what the world outside of Midorijima was.

But he's seen no COILs, no ALLMATEs...and he hadn't been able to pick up on any fragmented pieces of himself like he normally would.

He sits outside of De Chima's assigned housing, seated against a wall and looking exhausted. He's remarkably frail-looking and pale, like just getting out of the car he was brought in took all of the energy he had.

It was remarkably close to the truth, and he's definitely regretting turning down the concerned driver's offer of assistance in getting to #008. He'd been so entranced at the idea of seeing the world around him that he'd blatantly ignored how little energy he knew he had.

So unless someone deigns to help him, Sei's going to be seated against that wall for quite a while.

Nonetheless, some time later he's managed his way into #008, collapsed onto the couch in the living room with no intentions (or ability) to move (sorry housemates!). This means it's time to look over the network. It might be easier to do it using pieces of himself sent into the communicator, but... How can he be sure of where he is, and that if he was able to return, Toue was not? How could he be sure he could not be traced by him here, using that? He may not resent Toue, no, but it does not mean he wishes to return.

The ID reads Captive Princess.]

they say this is a world other than our own. however, i have never seen the world outside of the limits of midorijima in any form, nor the world outside of oval tower personally. so i have to wonder if the lack of technology i am familiar with means this is true, or if i am more tired and confused than i believed at first, and lost in a world i never knew to start.

either way, it should be impossible for me to be here. when one's consciousness is destroyed, it should not be possible for it to return. when one's body is now the container for another's consciousness, one should not have that body any longer.

i suppose all i can do in that case is ask if those words are familiar to anyone. midorijima, platinum jail, oval tower. toue inc.

...i suppose, also, that if i am truly here to stay, i should inquire about what one would do if they wanted to improve their health and stamina. with the caveat that said health is extremely poor, and normal methods are likely too strenuous to be considered.

[ He's not going to be able to explore this world like he wants if he can't make it from a car to a house, after all. ]

thank you.

14, Video

Oct. 22nd, 2016 04:01 pm
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[The woman on the video is tall and stern-looking, with blue eyes that kind of make you feel cold just by looking at them.]

This is Major-General Olivier Mira Armstrong. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the commander of RISE: Rogue Import Suppression Enforcement. We're an imPort-run group that works with the local law enforcement to police our own, and handle crises that local, unpowered officers can't. We're headquartered out of Helix Station in Maurtia Falls, and were instrumental in fighting back the Soviet occupation some months ago.

The whims of the device that brings us here and sends us home have left my staff limited. I need new recruits, both those willing to confront potential rogue imPorts, and those willing to bring them to justice via trials.

That is all. Armstrong out.


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