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Has anyone seen Archie? [Nikolai, you're jetlagged. And, from what can be seen other than one furious teenager, somewhere in Heropa.]

That Furret of a coward had the gall to go and steal my pokemon! [Language, Niko. Language.] Took the 'balls right off my belt - all three o'them - then ran away to go hide like some useless spineless coward of a 'goon that's not even good for anything!  

Hmph. Think what you will about pokemon here, but they are classed as property in my world. He stole what's mine, and I want it back. Now. And no, I can't summon them back. I tried that already.

((OOC: Niko will be getting them back in three days, but we don't know how.))
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[Right now, text is easy to hide behind, though his spelling etc isn't the best, and he's liable to slip completely into chatspeak. To make matters worse, he hasn't actually slept at all since the night before last. There's a lot of stuff he'd really, really like to forget, thank you very much. And, he doesn't trust his voice.]

teh Ho-ohfuck is w/the world? Is that normal?

Yea, we got violense bt nthing lik that. ppl don't stab ppl.

who eles cmes from wrlds whr teh level of voilense wasn't like lst nit? [He wants to go home. Where the world makes Sense, and people don't do that stuff because, well, they just don't. Kids' Video Game Logic meets Real World Logic FTW?]

((OOC: Let me know if you'd rather handwave the chatspeak/spelling/grammar stuff!))
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[The feed opens up to a redhead teen tossing a red-and-white ball up and down with one hand. He's around the Heropa housing, numbers one and two to be exact.

Meaning he's probably just arrived.

Hmph. 'S about time someone saw I'm the Hero. [That is the biggest smirk in the history of them, that then twists into a nasty scowl.] Yet, two of my pokemon - including my sneasel- are missing, and no 'powers' will make up for that.

[Pot calling kettle black here, Niko.] Whatever. I can just replace the weaklings. There's gotta be pokemon around here; what kind of place doesn't have them? Where are they? Outside this Heropa?

Same with feeding. I doubt the local meat and blood's going to be enough for active battlers, never mind a Ghost-type. [By now the ball's in a tight, angry grip. Feeding his 'mons normally isn't an issue, what with most of them being predators and carnivores (save for berries etc because game mechanics), but now... Hmph. His haunter will just have to deal with it.

How long his attempt at being polite/civil lasts is anyone's guess, though given he wants to keep that Registered Hero Status because Perks... he'll at least try.


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