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Should anyone be looking for me in person for appointments or the like, I'm afraid you won't be able to find me in Nonah any longer! Nothing against Nonah, of course, and certainly nothing against my housemates.

Our dear Ambassador Baelish offered his assistance in finding me a place of my own here in Maurtia Falls, and I have to say, it's as breathtaking as a well-formed eukaryotic cell! It also has a nice studio for my genework clients, but don't think that I won't still make housecalls for those who want it!

[ Her new address will be attached to the post. Meanwhile, Haen hums a bit, tapping her finger against her lips, before continuing. ]

Oh, and I do have a question that I'm hoping someone here with some longer tenure might be able to answer... how would one go about requesting someone from home to arrive here? And don't give me the ~official answer~ please, I already know that one! But there's so many people here with friends they know, I think there has to be something more to it.


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