Apr. 8th, 2017 09:35 pm
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[ There is a grown-ass man sulking in the cafe of a Nonah Barnes & Noble. Thankfully, some kind soul explained to Strange how to turn on the video function because he's still in his 1800s finest. Even in the background of the video, there's some poor student trying to study that just can't help but look at Mr. Period Drama here with a bit of confusion.

It's entirely possible that as soon as someone mentioned the word 'stipend' and the phrase 'no, I've never heard of Gilbert Norrell before' the first thought Strange had was go to the bookstore, buy out all the books before Norrell or anyone else could. Unfortunately, the selection sucks. Like, reeeeeeally sucks.

I know that at least in my time America is still a bit uncivilized, but this is ridiculous. [ Well that certainly is someone hella British. ] There's plenty of books about magic, but rarely any of magic. And what books there are show tricks more fit for street magicians! Look at this one, [ said as he holds a Magic Tricks for Dummies type of book up to the camera. ] 'Pulling a penny from someone's ear.' It's right behind a whole chapter on card tricks, of all things.

Has someone bought up all the books of magic already? [ who has two thumbs and doesn't know how modern printing works, hint it is this guy. ] Or are they simply hiding them from casual readers? I'd be happy to provide my qualifications if needed. My name is Jonathan Strange, magician to the Duke of Wellington as well as the king of England—surely that is good enough to merit someone either in the store or over this device to actually tell me where the proper books are!
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[ Faith's been pondering this broadcast for a while, mostly the best way to go about it. She also wanted to wait for at least one more round of new arrivals to show up, to make it more difficult to narrow her identity down. Now seems as good a time as any. ]

how many got some kind of ability they didn't have @ home? —don't care what it is
—how'd you learn to use it?
—is it something actually useful?


Mar. 5th, 2017 12:36 am
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[ Tyrion tends to prefer voice simply because video at first deeply unnerved him, but even though it has taken him weeks he has finally grown used enough to the devices to be confident in their use, and he has decided therefore to send his own message out. His face, as it appears, is twisted and scarred beneath the explosion of dark beard, at odds with his tousled blond curls — but, truly the best thing about this sort of communication, his height is not apparent. ]

Good evening.

[ A pause as he considers if that was foolish: it may be evening for him now, but might not be when others watch the video ... nevertheless he perseveres. ]

I've been learning a little about the civics of this world. I must say, it makes a great deal more sense to me than simply allowing a man to rule by the mandate of his birth. And yet I cannot help but wonder if this "democratic process" works quite as well in reality as it does on paper. What is to stop one man simply rising through duplicity? By all accounts the position of an imPort Ambassadorship is effectively for life.

[ Not naming any names! Just something to consider!! It's not like there are any elections on right now, he's simply a concerned citizen.

Anyway, he seems to realize he monologued a bit and smiles ruefully.

It's very easy to get carried away speaking to these things, isn't it? I will keep my second inquiry brief: were I interested in aquiring the services of someone to safeguard my person or property, where would I best start? I would prefer someone familiar with this world's "technology" as well as skilled in combat.

[ Because he is bad. As demonstrated by the fact that he forgets to turn the video off and there is another five minutes of him quietly reading a book and sipping wine before the message ends. ]


Jan. 6th, 2017 04:11 pm
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[The communicator is either being carried by someone else, or simply floating after the man. Well dressed in his 1920s best, he is currently perusing the ‘occult’ section of a local public library. There’s a moment of silence as he traces the spine of one book, then simply begins speaking.]

How many tomes are able to be written on a subject this world clearly knows nothing about?

[He idly picks one book off the shelf- Idiot’s Guide To Protection Spells- and smirks as he flips through.]

I was something of a magical scholar- amateur, really- in my younger days. Making the utter absence of new forms to learn about here an understandable disappointment.

[The book is snapped shut, and he finally looks up to smile into the camera.]

If there are any actual witches or wizards listening, I would appreciate a moment of your time. Or, barring that, anyone that has seen magic in their lives. I’ll settle for whatever information this world can manage to scrape together.


[OOC: Also feel free to action it up in any library your character may be in. Or if you live in 009 MAURTIA FALLS come action at him for earlier/later in the day!]


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