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[The feed turns on and a handsome teen with brown hair and hazel eyes, mildly muscular build, and a small, polite smile, appears on screen and sits back to more squarely look into the camera. It seems like he’s a natural at appearing on screen like this, composed, like this isn’t a big deal to him despite being brand new here.]

Hi there. My name is Richard Gansey III, though just “Gansey” is preferred.

Has anyone here heard of Henrietta, Virginia?

[Gansey still hasn't quite grasped what is going on here.

Dreamthings turned reality, demons and magic and psychics, that was what he was relatively familiar with. Not time or space travel. Or alternate dimensions.

Or the disappearance of his home.]

I can't seem to find it on a map. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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[ This time there's no movement in the background. She's reclining on what seems to be a throne of flowering greenery, and a smattering of animal bones. ]

Head count, who's dead? No, wait, actually- who's died.

Also, anyone got any spare human skulls you're looking to move? I'll take other skulls too if they look cool enough, or whatever.

( text )

Sep. 1st, 2016 10:33 am
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I'm supposed to interview imPorts for my job, I guess. I was given some questions to ask, and this seems less annoying than stopping people on the street.

1) What's your name and how long have you been here?
2) What are your powers and did you have them before?
3) Registered or not + your feelings on the issue.
4) Favorite song? I'm not sure why this matters.
5) Hobbies. Also not sure why this matters. I guess some people like to know.
6) Favorite outfit for superhero work. I suppose this is relevant?? I'm sure some things are easier to work in than others.

They seem like pretty disconnected questions to me, but I'm told fans like to know things like this.

Unrelated to my job, I'm sure there are other people here with hybrid physiology who've also had to see a doctor. Does anyone have physicians they especially like, or resources to find them? Personally speaking, I'd rather not use the government suggestions.

I suppose that's it. Thank you.
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August 26, 2016. Just because. [ He doesn't elaborate on what that means.

Calendar Man is standing his loosely fitted civvies in his place, the only thing visible is a large wall covered with several hand-drawn calendars, each year a long column with the months as the rows. Julian is standing in front of 2016, the last one, to his left is 2015, then 2014 and so on. Several dates are marked upon it, alongside names of imPorts who have told him which day they were imported.

I am working on a project with Dr. Hermann Gottlieb. We're looking for patterns in port-in dates.

[ He is careful to mention the mathematician because there is one thing that man can do for him: credibility. Certain people (cough, Spider-Man, cough cough) have refused to give him the data he wants based on the mere fact that he is a supervillain. Julian can't stand that.

He's hoping to make a good impression on his parole officer as well. She can be tricky.

I need all of you to tell me the exact date you were imported. Day, Month, Year. If necessary, an approximation will do. [ The face he makes indicates this is not the preferred option. ] But tell me if it is. Additionally, any dates in which you were ported out and later returned. Particularly if there was a significant jump in time.

[ He pauses. This next bit doesn't have to do with the project so much as his personal interest. ] The date it was in your world when you left would also be helpful. Even if your calendar doesn't match this one.

Finally. If you are interested in assisting with the project, do tell. We're looking for more.

That is all. Good day.

(( OOC: if you don't feel like threading at the moment but feel your character would give said date feel free to leave it in the comments and let me know in the header! ))


Aug. 20th, 2016 07:21 pm
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[ The Doctor gives the camera a grin and a little nod. ]

Hello network! Just have a quick question here, time to take a roll call! Who's got magical creepy healing powers?

[ this is "being subtle." Sorry Clara. There's a big grin before, ]

Oh! Also, how do you own a shop? Apparently I got promoted. I've worked in a shop before but I don't think I've ever owned one.
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[As the feed begins, you, the ever committed viewer are presented with the image of a young man reclining on a couch that he’s presently appropriated for himself. To the more studious observer this young man has some little tells that just may give way who he is. The green eyes, the dark hair, better still is all of the green and gold armor, or maybe it’s the horned headgear…or perhaps you’ve met him in another life?

And for those who haven’t had the catastrophic pleasure, the day is still very young.

For his part, the young man appears to be more amused than hindered by his current predicament, or maybe he’s just really good at hiding it.]

It took me a little while to figure out what really bothers me about this realm, I paced my lovely new quarters, home to my lovely new housemates, [wiggles his fingers at the camera, if you’re out there lovely housemates “hello”] for a full hour before it hit me suddenly!

[His eyes go wide and bright for a moment.]

It isn’t the downsizing of my power, although that is really, really inconvenient and it makes me feel very sad on the inside. [Do you see his sad face, his terrible pout, it’s an awful pout.]

It isn’t the fact that I miss The All-Mother dogging my every waking moment, because I really do not. There is only so many times that the head of one’s mother can make an appearance in the punch bowl before one throws their hands in the air and declares themselves done. I lose more neighbors that way.

[What the Hel is he going on about?]

It is possible that I do miss my brother a bit, just a bit, but shush, that’s a secret. [Not so big a secret apparently.] That’s not what’s bothering me either, can you imagine? What’s bothering me is this: who comes up with all of these super hero and super villain names? I read comic books, I know generic when it cold-cocks me. Why, just the other day I was blindsided by a heavy-handed, well-meaning doer of good, upholder of lofty justice, and I can still hear the ringing in my ears!

[Now we’re at the heart of it, the meat and potatoes, the problem to end all problems. You'll have to forgive his wild tangents, he does that sometimes.]

What’s the secret? Is there a committee of seventy-three specific people involved? Do the unwashed masses come together and vote? Or, by Odin’s empty eye socket, do you unfortunate souls choose these names yourself?

[These are serious life-altering questions here, that require your serious, consideration! And, of course, someone needs to shut him up or he will go on like this all day.]
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This - !

[is an angry wizard, actually, in a lovely little hotel room. A wizard who is only on his second glass of wine. But he seems to be referencing the movie he's waving angrily at his communicator.

It's "The Wizard of Oz".

- This is terrible! An absolute mockery, is what it is! I've had so many people bringing this up, and I think to watch it for myself, and I find - I find - right, so, the wizard is a fake. Let's address that first of all, shall we? They all go on this big quest to get to the wizard, and he's fake, but how did the people not realize that in the first place, that's what I want to know.

He doesn't even have a pointy hat.

[Rincewind waves a hand.]

It's all a bad message, is what it is! Making wizards look bad! And look, the whole thing about witches being green - I mean honestly, witches are scary enough on their own without all that. That's obviously added. And the flying monkeys -

[he shudders. Never mind, not addressing those. Those were terrifying.]

But I've certainly never heard anything about them melting with a bit of water. Even trained hydrophobes don't do that. Bloody ridiculous.

The whole thing is ridiculous, is what I'm really getting at. We're supposed to believe a scarecrow which can talk and walk about is brainless? Or what about it trying to get everyone to buy that the strange man with ribbons in his hair is "a lion"? And ignoring that whole bit about how this Dorothy person could have just clicked her heels the whole time, enchanted shoes aren't what they're cracked up to be in the first place, the University can tell you. Half of her would have probably been teleported back to Kansas faster than the other half, and that would have certainly been a bloody mess. Very gruesome.

Anyway, it was hideous and I don't understand why so many of you reference it in the first place.

[two thumbs down, says newly self-appointed movie critic Rincewind; only one and a half poorly-sequined stars.]


Jul. 31st, 2016 05:54 pm
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[The video feeds starts with a dark room, followed by a flurry of movement as Cosima rushes round turning on every light in the seemingly empty lab. When Cosima comes into the frame, she looks pale and exhausted, no amount of eye makeup can hide the dark circles under her eyes. Despite the fact that she looks less than healthy, she's moving around the lab frantically, barely stopping long enough to be seen on the feed.]

Two questions. First of all, if anyone can tell me how long I was gone for, that'd be awesome. It feels like months? Weeks? Days? I get why people seemed to be so unsure when they return from those porter glitches or whatever we're calling them.

[She stops to cough, clear her throat, and cough again.]

Second, anyone want to help me completely revamp this lab? I have some serious research that needs to get done and the quicker I get this place up to the standard of my setup back home, the better.
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If this is your cat, can you come get him, he's terrorizing my employees.

[Hey, guess what Dorian, he still has a business, stfu.]

And is it just me or has this month been particularly trying?

( voice )

Jun. 23rd, 2016 11:25 pm
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[ There's a moment of brief silence before he speaks, his voice even-toned and Russian-accented. ]

Some of you might know me as one of the candidates for De Chima Ambassador. Some of you have probably missed my involvement altogether, as it has been unfortunately minor. I'm announcing that I'm stepping down from candidacy, in an effort not to fracture the vote. If my opinion means anything to you, I'd like to encourage you to vote for Queen Lucy or Ms. Yayoi in my place, as both seem estimable, forthright women to me who will keep your best interests at heart.

Thank you.

[ And... that's it. He ends the transmission. Gregor really does hate public speaking, even if he's not bad at it. He's also lying completely about his reasons for stepping down, but none of the truth is a matter for the public. ]

[ video ]

Jun. 19th, 2016 03:47 pm
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[Goodbye to the Jesse who was a clean and successful art student, hello again to the Jesse who looks like he spent the last three nights sleeping under a bridge.]

Been thinking about this the past couple days, trying to figure out how I really feel about it, but you know what? I still feel the same as I did before:

It was shitty.

It was shitty for you guys to change us back without asking if that's what we wanted. A lot of us were better off the way we were last week. The next time something like that happens, maybe ask how we fucking feel about it.

[He just had to get that off his chest.]


Jun. 13th, 2016 04:25 pm
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[Sabriel's sitting at her desk at RISE headquarters, looking like she hasn't had a decent night's sleep for a few days.] This is Sabriel of RISE

Some people seem to have had their memories tampered with. We're still working out the cause- [Okay, Gansey told her Billy did it, but exposing a small child to retaliation is appalling. Billy can deal with the consequences one he's his proper age.]- but there is a possibility it's some sort of magic.

I know we've had some new arrivals- is there anyone here with magical skill who's interested in working with me to get to the bottom of this? If it is magic, the mage responsible has most likely anchored it to some object- if we can find out where they hid it, we can probably find a way to unravel the spell.


Jun. 13th, 2016 06:53 pm
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[Here's a small boy. He is blinking, confused, into the camera. He looks remarkably like a one Billy Kaplan, but tiny.]

Zeyde, wo bist du-

[There's a pause.]

I think I'm lost. I shouldn't have left, hello? Hello? Can you see me?

I'm looking for my grandfather. Or my brother? Or-

I lost Matthew.
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[ So, the problem with the road not taken whatever is that it started on June 10th. Which was the date of Dorian's wedding. And it's very hard for two people who enjoy feeding off attention and being the stars of the show to be the stars of the show when half the people who RSVPed for the wedding don't show up.

Dorian and Toby both probably had hissy fits. Dorian is going to continue his hissy fit over the comms.

So, what is this now? Someone messed up technology of some sort? Another one of Callaghan's whatever exploded? It might be the Cain Cabal, anyone heard from them? Perhaps it's magic, Kaplan or Peter Pan might have fucked us all over again. Because it's been a few days now and I think we're all aware that something is annoyingly wrong...again.

I suppose the question now is, who on Earth do we have to hound in order to get this mess fixed, and what sort of actions do we need to take to make certain that none of you people fuck us all up again. Personally, I'm halfway close to throttling whoever did this and, when I find out their name, am dangerously close to making that threat a reality.

[ huffy bitchy whiny hissy fit!!! Life is hard for Dorian, people don't pay attention to him!!! ]
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[the teenager in the video is wearing a green beanie. it must be new because there's still a price tag poking out behind his left ear. he beams at the camera with the slightly choreographed but earnest good nature of a closet introvert on his first day of school.

his eyes are slightly small, a telltale sign for those who fraternitize with potheads.]

Hi! I'm Joe. I guess I must have like, retrograde amnesia or something because I found this folder of brochures and stuff about a Porter and superheroes and nanomachines and whatever but I don't remember any of it from before? Anyway I just have a couple questions.

Number one. My neighbor is eleven and he told me their classroom pet just died, and I told the school I'm going to get them new ones. Then I started to think about, you know, the ethics of making animals that don't need to eat or poo. I mean, I'm not super religious, Darwinism seems kinda accurate, and even though I'm a vegan but I get that cows were just way too small for the industry before we had breeds. Mankind has been messing around with genetics for a long time. But it seems like a slippery slope, right? When does messing with life itself turn into like-- the crippling hubris that comes with the presumption of human convenience? Will Mother Nature fight back? Does the balance correct itself? You know? And is it important for eleven-year-olds to learn about cleaning poop? And if someone like, hypothetically... [he pauses with the subtlety of a bsod.] got a bird that doesn't eat or poopoo, and they decided it was unethical to give it to fifth graders, what should he do with it? And before anyone asks, it has a butthole and a mouth hole.

Okay. [he sucks in air as if he'd started to run out partway through that ramble (probably).] Okay. My other question is, does anyone else want to do a juice cleanse? Because I guess I was doing some kind of messed up diet. I lost twenty pounds and had like three hundred pills in my cabinet, but I feel super bloated and gross. Right now, I'm seriously even willing to consider wheatgrass or cod oil even though I usually can't stand the taste of fishy burps. And, you know, vegan. I could use a diet buddy. Or a group. I'm into groups. But not yoga or weights or meditation.

Hiking, I love hiking. And four-wheeling. If anyone sees an olive colored ATV with a 1984 sticker around, that's mine.

Okay get back to me. Later! [he waves enthusiastically at the camera, then hangs up.]
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[The video cuts on on a sweeping view of the city of De Chima spread out below the camera. The viewpoint doesn't change, but the scene does slowly pan across the city. At the very edges of the screen it's possible to catch flashes of bright blue and orange as feathers dip in and out of view, and there's the sound of heavy wings beating in the background.

The view shifts suddenly, the city still coasting past below, but now the camera's being held so anyone watching can see Yayoi while she talks.]

Hey. I'm pretty sure all of you are real sick of hearing a bunch of long speeches. Or dumb speeches if any of you listened to that idiot crow the other day. Speeches are boring; I get it. So all I'm going to say is that's De Chima down there, and that's the thing that matters most in this stupid mess. That city—those people. What they think of us. The whole point of an ambassador is to make them like us, right? Something like that anyway.

So don't waste your vote on some useless idiot who just wants to crown himself emperor of a city, or people who only care about being a leader for imPorts. Elect someone who can make those natives down there think we're worth more than being whatever their government wants us to be.

[There's a long pause, and then, almost as an afterthought.]

Uh. I guess I can do that. If you elect me.


Jun. 8th, 2016 07:04 pm
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[ the feed comes on to show a boy with very tall hair and a much shorter girl with scratches on her face over her eye, one looking rather cheerful and the other less so. ]

Hi hi hi everyone, I have an important question. [ he holds up a finger, tilts his head as if a thought had just occurred to him. he's so preoccupied he was going to launch himself into his spiel without even introducing himself. ] I'm being rude. I am Henry Cheng, and we were wondering —

[ the not so tall and in fact very short girl interrupts. ] We're looking for someone we know! [ she pulls a little face, looking over at Mr. Henry Cheng. ] A few people, actually. [ okay, maybe that was a little rude. she murmurs something unintelligible and takes a step back. please, proceed. ]

And that was my lovely friend Blue. [ he gestures with a flourish toward her, shoots her a wink, absolutely unbothered by the interruption or her outburst. ] As she said, we are looking for someone. Multiple someones. I'm sure this place has a list of sorts, yes? A quick way to CTRL-F a friend's name and find out their status?

[ he looks a bit more serious, then, like underneath the cheerfulness he's exhausted. his next words are very earnest. ]

We would appreciate any info. Thank you.

[ in the background, Blue begins tromping away, shedding dead leaves for some reason, and can be vaguely heard to say 'maybe we should've mentioned Gansey by name' before the video ends. ]
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[The video comes on, just a bit crooked, to show a scrawny teenager sitting in tall grass. He gives the camera a business-like nod, and then holds up a piece of paper, covered in blocky, red writing, to the lens.]

This is my bucket list.

[Self-explanatory, from the title.]

Who can help me with any of it? [He tilts it back to scan the list again.] Like, I'm pretty sure fireworks will be pretty easy, but I don't really know where to find a red panda. [A little nose wrinkle.] ... Or a volcano.

[That's it. That's the broadcast. He gives the camera a boyish smile and a thumbs up.]


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