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Jun. 25th, 2017 06:44 am
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It is true that I have not been here overlong. But I have spent time volunteering and conversing with imPorts and natives alike, as per some extremely useful advice I was given shortly after my arrival. ImPorts are beloved here in a fashion similar to how Royalty is marvelled at in my homeland. Yet that, to me, presents a problem: to be admired without first earning it in this place does not seem fair. Whom we were born to doesn't matter so much as the deeds done in our name.

We are admired, but not known. And likewise, there is much we still do not know about this world. We are all owed answers; and we might all agree that searching them out would be easier if we were all one people rather than two.

( She looks up, green eyes brighter, keener than they'd been earlier this month when she'd addressed the network. A small smile graces her faces, and she nods her head. )

In that, my opponents and I all seem to agree. There is a disconnect here between the natives and us, and bridging that is paramount. To be beloved does not mean more cannot or should not be done.

But I disagree in the need to assemble some manner of army comprising of powerful individuals. There is being prepared, and then there is making the appearance of intimidation. Such a thing would send the wrong message to the natives, and possibly imply that we do not trust them; and that perhaps we, so admired, might not be so deserving of their trust. I would strike a balance, if elected.

If we are to take defensive measures, it should include the people who were born and raised here. And if we are to live here, we should consider their quality of life as well as our own. In a city so diverse and rich as this one, there is no reason why so many go hungry. As Ambassador, I would work in tandem with the other cities and with all of you to pool funds together so that there is a net there to fall upon should the need arise.

And I would search for answers, too. It is not enough to simply live in the world; understanding it is necessary, too.

My name is Myrcella Baratheon, and I hope you will choose me to be your Amabassor, people of De Chima.

( And with that, she smiles once more before singing off. She'd been nervous, and made notes before writing her own speech, but she feels it could have gone so much more roughly.

Whatever happens, she feels she's made a valiant effort. )

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Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:20 pm
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[ The camera opens on the walls of Yusuke's bedroom, and the various paintings he has hung up there. At this angle, there's a painting of a collection of porcelain masks, shattered and clumsily put back together with super glue and tape, a cautiously hopeful fox with the sun in his eyes, and something more abstract sitting unfinished on an easel. It's dark and violent, if you're one to interpret such things, with shapes that have no recognizable figure, and yet, somehow, are angry and sad.

But Yusuke seems happy enough when he talks. ]

I am working on an art project. Like this, but bigger. A mural, perhaps. I will need the help of my fellow imPorts to complete it.

[ Yusuke turns the camera around, now facing him. If you know him, or are particularly perceptive, you might notice that he looks tired under his eyes, but his demeanor is cheerful enough, and he's smiling. Probably just lost track of time working last night. ]

It is about unity, between imPorts, and between us and the community that has absorbed us. Our powers are what sets us apart from the natives, making unity difficult, but despite that, they are a blessing. So, I am looking to observe or experience powers of different kinds, for a more rounded vision than just my own. Specifically, I am looking for people with healing abilities, fire, wind or weather manipulation, things like that, but anything that you all would be willing to share would be a tremendous help, you never know where inspiration will strike. [ He taps his chin, making sure not to forget anything. ] If you are comfortable modeling, that would be ideal, but if not, you would still be a great help.

And another, unrelated question, regarding all of your home worlds. Or even this one, for those who have been here long enough.

[ Yusuke's eyes dart somewhere off camera. He's staring pretty intently at...something, and continues looking at it, even as he continues speaking. ]

How often have you known hearts to change of their own accord? Where I come from, people don't will themselves into changing. Becoming better, choosing to make up for your past mistakes...it is probably not impossible, but rare, for cruel or abusive people to suddenly decide to atone for their actions.

Do you believe people can choose to better themselves, all on their own, or is there always some sort of outside influence?

[ ooc; Yusuke's story is only half true. In addition to eventual public art projects, he is compiling resources for his Skill Card ability, for which there is an opt-out post here if you would rather not have your characters' abilities copied. Please don't hesitate to use it! ]


Jun. 5th, 2017 03:39 pm
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[Allura's sitting on the floor in her room against her bed, and the space mice, visibly sitting on top of the bed, are playing with her hair. the smallest one is giving her a very nice looking side plait, almost resembling a french braid, while the other three are just--

bunching her hair up into little poofs.

The longer I work at a place which caters to Earthling children, the more I realize they have different expectations of princesses than what is the actual reality of such a role.

[she's frowning, looking a bit annoyed because it's obvious that she's just not enjoying this assigned job. sure she likes doing hair, makeup, and dressing people up in cute sparkly outfits, but sometimes enough is enough.]

I am thinking of leaving and finding a job which does not belittle me [so says the girl who is currently getting her hair done up by mice but. whatever.] but I have to ask-- why do they insist I should find myself a "prince"? And why are they constantly asking me about my age on top of that?

Do either of those things truly matter?

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May. 10th, 2017 06:39 pm
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[Robb is getting the hang of these machines and when he appears on the screen his eyes are large and it is obvious that he is experiencing something between excitement and fear.]

Gods...! [The image on the screen changes from a very close up look of Robb's face to a blurry black shape behind him, lying on the ground.] There is a dragon behind our house!

[He crouches down and sneaks closer, holding the communication device in front of him so everyone can see the dragon on the screen. It is black and fairly big and definitely asleep.]

It truly is a dragon! [Back to his face and when he speaks he whispers.] No one has told me about dragons living here!


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May. 5th, 2017 08:54 pm
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[It takes a moment for the image to stabilize and come into focus. When it does there is weary face, wearing a stony expression. The man on the screen looks older than his 35 years, and it is hard to imagine that he has ever smiled. When he speaks his voice is just as grim.]

My name is Ned Stark. I am searching for my wife, Catelyn, and any of our children who may be here. Rob, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran, or Rickon. [He speaks each of their names clearly, pausing briefly to let them sink in. You’d better be listening, people.]

If you have met any of them and could tell me where they may be, I would be most grateful.

[There’s a flicker of emotion there, clearly visible if one is looking closely - a bone-deep sorrow in those tired eyes. He misses his family dearly. He’d do anything to have them back.]

Thank you.

[He murmurs those last words as he reaches out to turn off the camera. Because Ned Stark is too much of a man to let the whole city see him cry.]


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