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[The video opens up to...a floor. You can tell it's a floor because while it's originally just a black screen, it's picked up a moment later and-]


Is it working?

[The camera shifts, showing Callaghan and Kotetsu - the latter fumbling with it. They are also upside down.]

I think so, but-

Pretty sure you've got it backwards, there.

Oh crap, right. Sorry. [Cue Kotetsu flipping it up as Callaghan hides a faint smile, glancing at him as Kotetsu gets them both in-frame. They look to be in an office of some sort, some papers set up on a desk behind them along with books and the like.] This right?


Cool. Okay! I'm Kotetsu Kaburagi-

-and I'm Robert Callaghan. [He looks back at the camera.] It's my pleasure to inform you all that we've finally completed a few changes for the campus. Many of you know the place as 'Xavier's School for imPorts', set outside of Heropa. [He tilts his head] We'll now be known as the Heropa Organization for imPort Education, shorthand HOPE. [And that gets a proud quirk of lips.] We'll also now be offering some college-level classes for our more advanced students, in addition to our powers training [A brief pause while he tilts his head towards Kotetsu, who grins] and general education curriculum. As always, you're welcome to stay in the dorms or commute as you'd like.

With that said, we're looking to make use of the dorms.
[He grows a little more serious] Some of you are unRegistered, like me, for whatever reasons. Regardless of those reasons, if you're finding it difficult to get by without the aid that's offered for those who do Register, we'd like to offer you a place to stay while you get your feet under you. This offer's open to anyone, regardless of age, so long as you behave yourselves and at least make an effort to make your way. If you need some advisement with where to go or what to do, we're willing to support you however we can and you can help around the school if you're having issues finding employment.

And on that subject, we're always looking for more faculty, or even staff for the non-teaching positions. If you're interested in any of this - attendance, employment, or lodging - we'd be happy to speak with you.

[[OOC; tl;dr Xavier's School for imPorts > Heropa Organization for imPort Education. Some college level classes offered. Unregistered can hang out there if you help around the place and/or just need a place to stay for a bit. Nothing really stopping Registered from doing it but you already get free shit why you need]


Nov. 27th, 2016 02:18 pm
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How many of you are shapeshifters? I know there is at least one other around. Or at least there used to be.

And Agito wants to know how many of you have ported out and then back in with a different power set! Not an alteration to a pre-existing one, but something totally different - like going from being the ultimate human calculator to being able to bite down on frozen desserts without ever getting an ice headache.

We can encrypt any conversations you want private if you want to answer but are worried about that sort of thing!

But back to the subject of shapeshifting:
I have to recommend aborting a shift ASAP if you feel like you're going to sneeze.
Especially if you aren't limited to one other form!

Thanks you!


Nov. 23rd, 2016 10:37 am
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[ Congratulations, network. Today, everyone gets a video feed of a red hover truck, something leaning more towards the sort you'd find parked out on a farm and certainly not brand new, if the handful of dents and dull patches say anything. Still, it's not too bad!

A big ol' mastiff mix is hanging out in the front seat, paws up on the windowsill as he leans out, watching whoever is taking the video in typical happy dog fashion.

And today is the day the Pevensie farm finally, finally gets a better way to travel than with the horses.

[ That would be Hawke's voice and, oh boy, does she sound delighted. ]

Because someone just got an entirely official, most definitely not fake driver's license.

[ Which, even if she makes that sound a little shady, is true. Someone, somewhere, has made the poor life choice of signing off on her road test. ]


Jul. 31st, 2016 06:54 pm
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All right. Sound off. Raise your hand, whatever.

Anybody else here got a problem with your ... new power crap suddenly doing things it really shouldn't be doing? I don't mean like shooting fire out of your ass.

I mean like suddenly that papercut you got a couple weeks back suddenly decided it would be fun to pop open again. Out of nowhere. While you're wearing white.

[He's exaggerating that last bit. He wasn't wearing white. But he thought it was necessary to add for clarification.]

[Anyone else suddenly have old injuries reappearing, long after they've been healed?]
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[ Heat Wave turns on the video, wearing his signature costume, and tries to smile a little. ]

This is convenient, isn’t it? It's like having a support group for people stolen to an alternate universe. At least that's something. [ He wonders if it’s really a good idea, though. Mixing criminals, civilians and superheroes seems like a surefire way to get things heated. But he figures it's better than nothing.

Mick got here yesterday and has been figuring out his bearings. He’s less in shock now, so he might as well introduce himself. There’s also something he wants to address, especially given some of the folks he’s noticed merchandise for around. Just in case.

My name’s Mick Rory. They call me Heat Wave. I’m a hero. [ It almost sounds, very slightly, like he’s trying to convince himself when he says that. ]

I know I wasn’t always, so I wanted to make it clear. Save us all a headache. [ Pause. ] If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. Just remember I’m one of the good guys.

[ Not sure what else to say, he’s about to turn off the camera when he remembers something important. ]

The pamphlet said Registration included health care – anyone know if that covers therapy?
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[guess who's been pretty scarce. guess who's holding the comm at what looks like a bit of an odd angle - the sky's pretty clear, but it's hard to tell where he is, it looks like he's leaning against/over a railing of some sort though - and not looking at it for a few moments before glancing down with a mixed expression.]

For those of you who aren't familiar with me, my name is Robert Callaghan. I, ah, had been working on a project for a while that I hadn't told many people about, mainly because I wasn't sure it'd work and thought it was better to keep it quiet. Even so, a lot of you felt the effects of it a couple months ago. As far as I can tell, it misfired...badly, altering what people thought was their present. I want to emphasize what happened was an accident, but...[he shakes his head, grimacing a bit]...that doesn't change the fact that it still happened, and it affected too many people, did too many things. It was supposed to - years from now, when we'd had time to test it safely and were sure it'd work - save a life. Maybe a few of them, but...at this point, it's been dissembled. It's pretty clear that the risk of a repeat of what happened...

[let lets out a huff of air. that kind of speaks for itself, really, doesn't it?]

My memory about that time's still a bit fuzzy, but I remember enough that I've spent since then until now trying to...clean up certain things. Still, this is...long overdue.


I'm sorry.

[another beat, and he looks out at - something - in the distance, before glancing back at the comm]

Like I said, I've been trying to clean up, but you can't...change the past. [his mouth twitches, as if in response to some private joke.] Still. I'm hoping most of you've recovered from it by now, but if there's some things I can help with, well...

[a few moments after that trails off? he switches off the comm, seemingly run out of things to say.]
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[ someone had been taking a break from the mentally exhausting work he had been doing (turning transdimensional theory into practical science is hard) by instead playing around with his shapeshifting.

of course it's while entertaining himself with doing Kaito impressions that Akito is suddenly hit with the answer to the question he's been struggling with for weeks. and so it's an unfamiliar-looking Akito that appears on the network, once he finishes pushing through the epiphany and past his limits. there's fresh blood under his nose, smeared halfway across his cheek and dotting the piece of paper he's holding, but he doesn't seem to notice.

he's way too focused on one thing in particular now: ]

Jii-chan, I need you to check over this for me! ...Or Hiro! Are you around?

[ he'd have filtered this if he wasn't so preoccupied, since he totally loves nerd input but this isn't something he meant for the general nerd populous.

but the more eagle-eyed nerds might be able to note that the paper he's holding is crammed full of what is most definitely some crazy advanced physics. ]

1 ¡ text.

Mar. 11th, 2016 11:18 am
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this is joseph kavinsky

[Ronan attaches a photo of a skinny teenager staring down from the top of what appears to be a suburban apartment complex.]

you only get one warning
stay the fuck away from him
dont believe any of the shit he says

i dont care if you listen
its on you not to be a stupid shit
you get one chance not to fuck up
thats more than most people ever get
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[A fan of the 5 o'clock news? Tuning into your favourite drama or sitcom? That's too bad, because the Soviets have something in mind. Abruptly, every single channel will go blank, only to be replaced with a single news channel. Some may recognize Tara Lynn Shaw, the All-American sweetheart from Channel 6 News with tastefully dyed red hair, dimples, and a big old smile. Her usual job is to reassure the American people that everything will be all right, from stories about rescued puppies to stories about heroic nurses going above and beyond the call of duty.

Her trademark dimples aren't on display today; her mood is distinctly somber, and the American flags in the background of her news station have been taken down, the backdrop replaced with a solid red. She stares into the camera, then looks down at the place cards in front of her.]

Good evening, citizens of America. This is the Soviet Union speaking. You have been left to run rampant for far too long, and we have seen great irresponsibility and suffering as a direct result of your actions. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to intervene.

We have established control over Nonah, Heropa, De Chima, and Maurtia Falls. You may not enter, nor may you leave, but you needn't worry. This is but the first step towards a more peaceful world. Provided you maintain the peace, no harm will come to you; you are instructed to simply continue going about your daily lives. You may find this change startling, but we assure you, you will feel used to it soon enough. If you do not maintain the peace, however, measures will be taken, measures that your previous government wholly failed to take.

ImPorts, you are to attend a 5-day Seminar at Cape Canaveral's Royal Mansions Resort beginning tomorrow at 10 AM sharp. This is not negotiable. You will not be harmed, but appropriate measures will be taken should you choose to be tardy or absent. The Porters will be available to you all, Registered or not; there are absolutely no excuses for your absence.

You will be weapons of the United States of America no longer.

[With that, the broadcast comes to a halt. No American news stations will be playing, but all non-topical entertainment will continue playing as normal.]

[OOC: While this post takes place on national television, please feel free to use this post to have your characters discuss this exciting new development!]
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cw implied harm to (fantastical) animal, implied drug use, probably offensive language within ??

[the picture shakes, obviously handheld. when the picture focuses, there's a dragon rampaging down the street, wings flapping, eyes blazing orange, its body built of churning smoke and fire. it has teeth, in terrifying, serrated rows, but that seems somehow less important than the impossible cycling of gas and combustion that form its flesh. the whole situation is very cloverfield. in the background, the sound of human screams rises tinny, shallow.

lower definition than the communicator video.

but there's a reason for that. a discerning eye might notice immediately: the street the monster is running down is empty of people, and there's something wrong with the buildings. not enough detail in the brick, the windows, the pavement, and beyond it, the sky a fuzzy, paint-white blank. when the camera pulls out, reality becomes clear. the city is merely a cardboard model, stylized in a way that will be familiar to some, but this time a rendering of de chima's downtown area rather than sleepy henrietta. the monster, no matter how miraculous, could fit in the size of an ordinary man's palm.

or inside of a drinking glass, as it turns out. the next moment, one such cup plunks down over the creature, trapping it like a spider in the glass. the tiny dragon immediately begins to screech in rage-- or pain; it's hard to tell, but you only need a little imagination and familiarity with fire to consider the consequences.

and then kavinsky squares the camera lens on his face. skinny white boy— young, hollow-eyed and pale, his black hair clotted with too much gel. one earring, wifebeater, probably (definitely) trying too hard, probably (undoubtedly) overly impressed by himself. there is something oddly jittery about his hands, shoulders, the swollen bloat of his dilated pupils. he sprawled inside of a bedroom, generic, unlived-in. past his shoulder, there's a television playing stadium footage of a european football game, hence the poorly dubbed soundtrack. the dragon's outrage grows fainter.

he smiles.]

Made you look.

[he winks, and cuts the feed.]
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Well, golly! Isn't technology a swell thing? I can just talk right into this like a phone, but it goes to everyone! And it has video features. Handy!

Howdy, everyone! I'm ASGORE. It sure is nice to meet you all. I would love to get to know all of you. Maybe I should start with a question? Hmm.

Why don't you tell me your favorite beverage? I'm awful fond of hot chocolate, but Golden Flower tea is my favorite! I can't wait to hear what your answer is.
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(The video clicks on, and Maps appears to be...reading? From an actual book? Possibly, but then again for those who know Maps or have talked with her at least once...it can't be a regular school book. It isn't.)

So, I almost had to come up with a 500-word essay on the dangers of lying about our neighbors from across the ocean 'cause I tried to explain to my teacher that I'd been abducted by the Russian mafia who had ties to aliens at one point but cut those ties before they went ahead with their plan to capture me and a lot of us imPorts.

Thankfully, a few others were able to convince my teacher that I was telling the truth so instead I just have to write a report on my experiences in outer space. (Which ended in Antarctica.) I have until the day after Valentine's Day, or the day after President's Day; whichever comes first.

(A beat, then she blinks.) Does it count if you explain that you found time to play a game of 'I Spy' while trapped in a giant cell with tons of other people with hardly any room to move around and had to survive on astronaut food?

(This is Maps' way of dealing with the situation at large that had occurred too recently for her and as she stated, a lot of imPorts.)

Basically, if this was back home it'd just be another random day in Gotham. No, really - it would be! The only thing that was missing was the Bat-signal shining in the skies above the city.

...Scratch that. It'd be the Bat-signal and lots and lots of police sirens, 'cause they're always busy around other parts of the city. Also, since I did have that weird space station adventure with everyone I didn't get fired from my job as a delivery girl! I just have to make sure to be extra fast with my pizza deliveries.

(Peej, you should definitely find time to teach Maps when it comes to utilizing her speed. She grins a bit before the video finally clicks off.)
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[ okay. she's been dwelling on this post for two days now, and if she keeps deleting and rewriting parts of it it's NEVER going to get posted. she has to say this somewhere, right? and, well - maybe this is a good thing. new beginnings, new first impressions - she can make this work!

all she's got to do is paste in the address.

Hey there, everyone!
My name's Alphys, and I'm a new imPort here.
To be honest, it's a little overwhelming.
I've never really done something like this before...

But as long as we're all working together,
I know it'll work just fine! :)

have an ooc cut for 800 words of garbage i just typed w h o o p s )
Just knock, and even if I'm not around my roommate should be able to answer!
Let's do our best together, everyone!

Oh, and don't pay any attention to the hero name.
I didn't understand what they were asking me for - LOL!

[ oh, thank god. she's finally got the address pasted in. she closes her eyes, hits the send button and immediately shut the communicator off, taking a good long breath once it's done. she'll look at it in a bit - right now, she needs some recovery time. ]
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[It's his second post, and Eddie's a lot more composed than last time, set up in front of the camera wearing a suit, tie, and a small smile.]

Hey everyone.

[A pause, and a slight hesitation. A fidget. Then he takes a deep breath, and throws himself into it.]

I've been kidnapped before. Snatched out of my regular life by someone stronger than I was, and held against my will for a while. So I know that, even after you get free, it can really mess with your sense of security. For a while, I was looking over my shoulder, just waiting to get snatched again.

[A pause, and he takes a deep breath, holds it for a second, glancing away, looking anywhere but the camera, and then he faces it head on, and keeps going.]

Before I came here, I was a Detective in the Central City Police Department, and here, I'm working in security. My name is Eddie Thawne. And this is a standing offer to anyone who was kidnapped, who feels unsafe and doesn't have someone else to call. If you need a walk home, someone to talk to, or an escort somewhere, just give me a call.
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[Around the time the first imPorts started trickling back into the imPort towns after their flight from the Antarctic, the network lights up with a video. There's a murmur of voices in the background, but the obvious focus of the feed is one smiling woman -- Cass. A much more subdued looking man sits drinking coffee what looks like a cafeteria table behind her, and behind both of them is an expansive room that people who actually frequent the place may recognize as the dining hall of the Xavier School for ImPorts.]

Hi guys! [Cass greets, cheerful as ever.] Usually, I'd ramble here and try to preface things, but today I'm just going to get to the point. [thank goodness]

[Stepping back, Cass turns around her camera and starts to take a video of the cafeteria around her, and what she focuses especially on is a group of tables set up like a buffet line. There's food everywhere -- trays filled with several kinds of salads, trays lined up with a bunch of sandwiches, and beyond them, plate after plate of all kinds of food.]

There's also soup cooking in the back, [she declares while turning the camera back to her, and her brightly cheerful grin softens a bit.] Professor Callaghan and I spoke while you were gone to open up Xavier for all of you -- after an ordeal like what we just had, I can only imagine how tiring it'll be to have to cook or buy and wait for food, but food is essential to healing. The doors are open to anybody who wants to come in, so come help yourself, all right? If anybody who's well enough to and want to help can help, I'm welcoming that, too. We've got a stock of blankets here, too.

The food's already ready! We'll be here all day and into tomorrow, so drop by whenever you want to. No need to sign up or pay. Just remember to share.

And... welcome back, everyone. Get some rest.

[[ooc; for those who want to thread this mingle out, there is a log over here!


Jan. 21st, 2016 07:22 pm
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[And here's Max, sounding tired and scared, but determined nonetheless.]

Can everyone hear me? This is Max Caulfield. I'm not sure this is working, but I'm gonna try it.

[A pause that's punctuated by a deep, shaky breath, and Max continues.]

We've been kidnapped. I'm sure you've already noticed by now, but I figured I'd start with that anyway. [As it turns out, Max is every bit as awkward as she usually is, if not more so.] We're not hurt... at least, not as far as I can tell. We can't use our powers. They've told us we're "property of the USSR." [Her tone more than denotes how much she thinks of that little detail, but she moves on.] But we're okay... I think. We're not injured, as far as I can tell.

They've told us we're in space, but... I don't know. A lot of us don't think that's right, but hell if I know where we are. They could be telling the truth, but they could also just be trying to scare us.

Look... I know this is a lot to deal with, but please don't do anything crazy. We're fine.

[At least for now.]

Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna try and figure more stuff out, and I know a lot of us being held over here are trying, too.
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Have any of you realized you would rather go to a friend's world than back to your own?

[ and now more upbeat-- ]

Winry-chan! I came up with some new part designs that I need help getting components for! And I need to talk to you about Benji-kun's prosthetic upgrades when you have time too, ne? He's almost outgrown the ones I made for him!

...Ah, and also! Um... Are there any shapeshifters here? Ones that can shift into multiple forms - not just one?

[ because he's kind of... stuck... ... ]

...Finally, Jiji! I need your help with something ASAP! ...Please?
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Waking up in Cape Canaveral once was enough for me
So waking up there again is definitely a way to start the day off badly!
⋆* ⁑⋆* (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆*

And thank you everyone for the holiday gifts! *。ヾ(。>v<。)ノ゙*。

Callaghan )

Raina )

001 | Video

Dec. 4th, 2015 03:25 pm
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[The video clicks on to show a young man in a black cowl whose mouth is speckled with blood. Sure, there appears to have been an attempt to clean it off before turning the feed on, but he's missed quite a few spots. No matter, Midnighter has more important things to attend to.]

Hate to break it to any of you who actually knew him, which from what I can gather is a grand total of 3 of you, but the last guy with my name is gone. Apparently whoever the hell it is that brings us here liked me better. Probably because it seems like that guy makes me look like Booster freaking Gold. For everyone else, name's Midnighter. I've already done my homework and gotten the basics, so no need for anyone to give me a big speech.

That said, two questions:

[He holds up a gloved hand, palm facing him, as he counts his questions off with his fingers. He does this mostly because he realizes his palm is also caked in blood from touching his wound. Unfortunately, there's some on the back of his glove too.]

1. When the time comes and you so graciously choose not to become a government puppet, how exactly do you get around to the other Porter cities? From what I can gather, the porters are a puppet-only privilege.

2. Where does a guy go to have some fun around here? I was just about to get into an extremely messy breakup, and I could really use the stress relief.

[Does he mean punching or partying? With him, it's impossible to tell.]

I'll also accept recommendations for a good place to eat.

Oh, and anyone with business with the other guy can take it up with me. Figure it's the least I can do.

[Rubs some of the dried blood off his mouth with a fisted hand before turning off the feed.]

((OOC: Midnighter has a permissions post, and I'd really appreciate it if you could fill it out when you get the chance. Thanks!))


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