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[ The feed starts with both Sabriel and Lirael sitting on a couch, the first looking quiet and collected as usual, while the second can’t help but fidget a bit, golden mechanical fingers entwined across fleshy, pale ones. Lirael isn’t entirely sure the device is working, even, but if Sabriel says so… ]

So, is it working? Should I say something?

[ She squints at the camera, not yet convinced. ]

Yes, it’s working. Go on and say hello. [Sabriel nods encouragingly, smiling a little.]

Everyone, this is Lirael, my sister.

[ She’s not quite convinced, but Lirael sighs and waves, once. ] Hello. Yes, my name is Lirael. I have arrived recently to these lands… wherever they are supposed to be.

[ Eventually she’ll have to ask for a map, because nothing makes sense. ] You have my thanks for taking care of Sabriel. I’m glad to find her well.

So make sure you take care of my sister just as well. She didn’t grow up in Ancelstierre, so she’s not as familiar with technology. [Sabriel tosses an arm over Lirael’s shoulder.] And she may not look it, but she’s actually much younger than me. One of the Porter’s odd tricks.

I don't look that much older, I'm only nineteen... [ Lirael is about to complain about how she’s technically the older sister here, but can she really argue with such a Big Sis half hug? No, she can’t. So all Lirael does is nod and smile shyly. ]

A-anyway, that would be all. How do you go turning this th--[ Aaaaaaaaaand she turns it off. ]

((ooc: Lirael and Sabriel will be responding separately.))
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heal plz

if youre at swear in

by the fuckt busted tree youll see it

make it in 5 min otherwise rez plz

(( OOC: The boys got in a fight. First healer to respond to this post wins the prize but feel free to point and laugh. Also, no need to tag the log. We can thread it here. ))
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( HI guys. This is Sarissa. Last time she was on the network she was wearing a ridiculous shirt and was even more ridiculously drunk, a shenanigan that involved yelling at people about art and being excessively poetic. It was a mess.

Now here is Sarissa, looking a lot more serious. Her hair is pulled back into a messy bun, is wearing a dark charcoal button down, and is entirely sober. )

Uh— hi. I’m Sarissa Theron. A few of you have already had the misfortune of speaking to me, in person or on here. Usually I’m pretty obnoxious, so—

( She frowns, and pauses. No, deflecting won’t work for this, and she rolls her shoulders to get herself to focus. )

Some of you might have heard by now that I was murdered. Twice, actually. The first time was just after Thanksgiving and the second time was at the tail end of that blackout we was all in a fluster about. I lied the first time around and said I didn’t know who killed me, because…

( Her gaze drops, for a moment. ) I was scared, mostly. Thought I was protecting the people I cared about, and I thought silence was the only way to do it, because the person I was protecting them from was - is - invulnerable. That kind of backfired, but. So— here I am.

His name is Sylar, but some of you might’ve met him as Gabriel Gray. He has a kind of… hunger, or an obsession, I guess, with collecting powers. That was why he killed me the first time around, so he could take a power of mine.

( She exhales, slowly, working herself up to the next bit. ) To be perfectly clear, he’s a fuckhead and he tried to hurt people I care about to make a game outta our lives. But I think— I think despite my visceral feelings about it, what’s more important than trying to take him apart is trying to get him help. Justice, obviously, he needs to take responsibility for what he did, but just— if you find him, and if you’re able to contain someone like him, don’t hurt him or... be shit, basically. Something happened, maybe, to make him how he is and vengeance and all that aren’t gonna help him get better, they’ll just give him more rage to run on. I figure enough of us around these parts are from heaps messed up worlds or have seen messed up shit to know what that’s like, in some way.

Anyway. I’m sorry I didn’t come out and say it sooner. If you have questions or that, I’ll answer them as good as I can.

( ooc: Sylar stuff is public knowledge as of the Majority report if you want your character to be a bit familiar with it. )
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[ The kid on the video is, like, a parody of capitalism - short, rotund, jowly, with slicked-back hair and a mercenary gleam in his eye. He shoots everyone a smile that's clearly trying for confident and reassuring but which just comes out as scuzzy. ]

Good day.

[ He steeples his fingers, revealing the gleam of his silver cufflinks with their brown mahogany inlays. ]

My name is Mark Vorkosigan, CEO of PKE, LLC, a full-service investment firm. Some of you received financial compensation for your heroic actions during the black-out - congratulations. And thank you for your service. You may well be wondering, now, what to do with that money. Well. I have an easy solution for you.

Invest with PKE. As all of my investors can tell you, I guarantee a return on your investment that far exceeds what any other investment firm can offer. I can assure you that with my assistance, you'll become rich. Which, I am assured, is in its own way a blow against our Soviet enemies, because they despise material wealth.

[ Or something. Anyway. He flashes another oily smile, and then Mark out. ]
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[ The camera seems to artfully be placed on the edge of a desk. Behind the guy on screen is both an American flag, and the Virginia state flag. On the desk, at an extreme angle is the words S. 2549 ]

I know it's a little behind -- it's been a long couple of weeks since the blackout, and I meant to address everyone earlier than this, but... you know how the Senate can be, particularly at the beginning of a new session. [ A half-grin. He knows it's bullshit, but... ]

Anyway, I wanted to ask most of you who were affected the most by the blackout -- what kind of government response would you have found the most useful?

Or to any crisis, really. This isn't the first, and it won't be the last, and I want to make sure we have a plan in place to properly utilize the resources we have to make sure we all get out of this safely. Even if it's something small, it'll help.

[ A pause, and then a slight gesture. ] Obviously, I'm working on a bill, so it would help me to field the people who seem the most impacted by these sorts of things, you know?

[ He reaches to shut it off, before -- ] Oh, and for those of you who are new, welcome to your new reality. If you need anything, you can always reach out. Just because I'm a Senator for Virginia doesn't mean I'm not available for imports as a whole. I'm the only voice we have in the Federal Government, you know?
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Hello, imPorts.

[It's quiet in the background - only the low murmur of a television news broadcast can be heard.]

That was a mess, wasn't it. A fucking mess. I wouldn't be surprised if the aftermath of all this impacted the imPort cities for months, especially with those criminals running loose.

[He clicks his tongue, tsk tsk.]

But did you know, my synagogue has already organized a fundraiser for the hospital here in Maurtia Falls? Yeah, can you believe it? They had the operation all set up and running not twelve hours after the power came back on, and from what I hear, they weren't alone. It's almost as if they're used to this sort of disastrous thing happening. But, well, what would I know, right; I've only been here a few months.

[This is bullshit; he's done extensive backreading, and knows how common imPort-related crises - either those caused by imPorts, or those done in reaction to imPorts - are.]

And now it's over and done with, and I suspect that no one's gonna dwell. But I have to wonder - did anyone look to the stars?

[Seriously, what had that message been about? It was weird.]

2 [Video]

Jan. 22nd, 2017 10:27 pm
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That whole thing was a pain in the butt. I hope that's not a regular occurrence...

[The girl with the pointy ears and purple hair heaves a very audible sigh.] --right, though, that's besides the point! I had a question.

If you could wish for anything, anything at all, what would it be? Just out of curiosity. There's no real reason for me asking, uh, just wondering!

[Shantae is a bad liar.]


Jan. 21st, 2017 04:06 pm
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[Sabriel's posting this from a couch in De Chima 007. She looks better rested than she did during the blackout, and even offers the camera a polite smile.]

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone who was injured during that mess is recovering- If you need a healer, I'll do what I can. Although some of us will probably be busy tracking down those remaining escaped imPorts- but I'm getting off topic.

[Sabriel pauses, then pushes on.]

During the blackout, there was a demand for imPort healers due to a shortage of local nurses- there still is, by the way. While we can't choose the powers the Porter gives us, I can teach imPorts Charter magic- namely, how to use it to heal.

Charter magic is a form of magic in my world that doesn't require any inborn power to learn- although of course there is considerable variation in both power and aptitude among its practitioners. Those who have been baptized with a Charter mark- [And here Sabriel taps the faint symbol on her own forehead, the mark flaring at her trust before fading away just as quickly.] can learn to access the Charter and draw upon its power for various uses- to attack, to defend, to create, and most importantly, to heal.

For some reason, I can only baptize and teach imPorts. So I'm looking for students- people who want to learn how to heal, but I can teach more than that if you can be trusted to use it responsibly. [Sabriel might be an optimist, and she's been called too trusting by some, but she's not going to teach destructive Charter magic until she's sure her students won't use it for criminal or outright petty purposes.]

I need to warn you though- Charter magic requires patience and dedication to master, and the consequences of overreaching or misusing it can be disastrous to both the mage and anyone near them. But when used properly, it's both safe and useful. If anyone would like a demonstration, I'm happy to offer one in person- it tends to cause trouble for electronics.

[ooc: Sabriel can teach characters with an open power slot how to use Charter magic. This requires a power update submission, but not a port out. I have more information here.]
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[With a bowed head, the man on screen acknowledges his audience. His features are sharp, his smile disciplined, but however cleverly disguised his inner machinations, even on camera there is an unmistakable air of ostentation about him. How fortunate for those listening that he appears to have politely reined that in a little.]

I am Seymour Guado, a Maester of Yevon from Spira...a world that I suspect none among you are familiar with.

[Seemingly apologetic, Seymour shakes his head and offers a clear view of blue veins like a mask over his eyes and his very, very strange hair, a sort of blue-violet and horned. Behind him is the interior of his new home in Maurtia Falls, a temporarily spartan-looking abode that is also home to Luffy and Zoro.]

I cannot say that I'm pleased to find myself here as I've a great many responsibilities that require my attention where I come from, but I will nevertheless endeavor to help those in need, just as I would do back home. In fact, nothing would please me more—except, perhaps, the opportunity to become better acquainted with those of you sharing my circumstance.

[Here, he gestures towards the camera with one hand, large and manicured, with long nails barely visible for the billowy sleeve of the robe he's wearing.]

Might you introduce yourselves? And, should you have advice you wish to share, or questions that weigh heavily upon your minds, as I'm certain you must...please do not hesitate to ask. I will gladly answer to the very best of my ability.

[A final polite goodbye before, taking a step back and bowing his head above hands cupped together before him, Seymour cuts the feed.]
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[ The video opens on two young men sitting side by side on a couch, set up to address the camera together. One is younger, Japanese, with dark hair and glasses; he is way, way less enthused about this than the platinum blond Russian dude waving enthusiastically at the video feed. ]

Um … well … I’m … Katsuki Yuuri. [ He trails off, mumbling more about himself, but it doesn’t quite make it to the microphone. He seems wildly uncomfortable to be doing this. The last phrase sounds something like “nice to meet you” but it’s hard to tell. ]

[ The Russian chooses that moment to sling an arm around the shoulders of his embarrassed companion and lean on him a bit, his heart-shaped smile and handsome face gorgeous enough to be in a fashion magazine. He looks into the camera with no hesitation at all. ]

Hiii! [ he proclaims brightly, his Russian accent becoming more evident as he talks. ] I’m Viktor Nikiforov, and I’m Yuuri’s figure skating coach! We just finished our biggest competition of the year, the Grand Prix Final, and we just wanted to reach out to our fans to thank them all for their support!

[ Yuuri chokes at that, his next comment coming out as a squawk. ]

-- Eh!? VIktor, this is a different dimension! We don’t have fans here!

But we can get NEW fans! [ Viktor winks at the camera before he turns his head to look at Yuuri mischievously. ]

Wh - Viktor, no! We don’t know anyone! Not in public--!

[ And then the feed goes down as Yuuri manages to knock it over before Viktor throws himself at him. ]

(( OOC: Opt-in post for mushy feelings mental effect! Basically your skater boys cause some low level good feelings/romantic impulses around them. This is 100% optional and will not be referenced unless you comment to the opt-in post or specifically react to the effect in your response. ))


Jan. 6th, 2017 04:11 pm
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[The communicator is either being carried by someone else, or simply floating after the man. Well dressed in his 1920s best, he is currently perusing the ‘occult’ section of a local public library. There’s a moment of silence as he traces the spine of one book, then simply begins speaking.]

How many tomes are able to be written on a subject this world clearly knows nothing about?

[He idly picks one book off the shelf- Idiot’s Guide To Protection Spells- and smirks as he flips through.]

I was something of a magical scholar- amateur, really- in my younger days. Making the utter absence of new forms to learn about here an understandable disappointment.

[The book is snapped shut, and he finally looks up to smile into the camera.]

If there are any actual witches or wizards listening, I would appreciate a moment of your time. Or, barring that, anyone that has seen magic in their lives. I’ll settle for whatever information this world can manage to scrape together.


[OOC: Also feel free to action it up in any library your character may be in. Or if you live in 009 MAURTIA FALLS come action at him for earlier/later in the day!]


Jan. 3rd, 2017 07:18 pm
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[Some of you might recognize the unnaturally pale face peering at the screen. It's Sabriel, who has been abruptly moved back into government housing. A surprising number of newspapers and magazines are scattered about. Sabriel's been trying to catch up on what she missed.

There's also a few cardboard boxes that Sabriel hasn't moved up to her room yet.]

Apparently the Porter- or what ever's inside of it- is just as capricious as we thought. And being dragged out of one world and then back into it a few months later is- confusing. At least I don't need to learn how to deal with technology again.

[She hesitates, clearing her throat.]

For those of you I've not met yet, my name is Sabriel, fifty-third Abhorsen of the Old Kingdom. I was first Ported into this world almost two years ago, and it seems I've returned after an absence of a few months.

[Sabriel tries to smile, but doesn't quite succeed. There's something anxious in her expression, and it slips out as her demeanor becomes far less formal, her voice wavering just a little.]

I haven't been gone for too long, but- Kaneda, Magicman, Kagerou, Kid- are any of them still here?

[Then she manages a rather stiff smile, her composure returning.]

While I took some precautions before I was Ported out, I'll need a bit more time to get my affairs back in order. Hopefully that won't be too difficult.

[Sabriel pauses, then says one last thin before she posts the message.]

It's good to be back.
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As seen on all the best tabloids and celebrity gossip sites:
Sparks Fly on Ambassador's Hot Date: Who is Lu's Beau???
Who cares about some guy trying to steal the Declaration of Independence, right? Real news is what you find in gossip magazines, a few of which are running content like the above headline, splashed across a picture of a blond, curly-headed teen shielding De Chima's new ambassador from a large bald eagle-shaped firework.

An excerpt from one such article:

"They were sooo cute together," says one woman, a self-described "imPort fanatic". "I waited outside the museum for six hours just so I could see what all the imPorts were wearing, and I saw them go in together. It was like they couldn't stop smiling at each other. He's got dimples, you know."

The dimpled boyfriend is Matthew Lynch, a dreamy imPort who shared a few classes with Lucy before she graduated earlier this year. What did he have to say about the relationship?

"We're just friends," he reportedly insisted throughout the evening, but we all know what that means. Some sources say the two have been an item since April's Fanport convention, where a number of fans claim to have spotted the pair holding hands and even kissing.

(Don't forget to check out our online gallery for even more photos of Lu's STUNNING evening gown! We'll tell you all about how YOU can get her look!)

As seen on Bwitter, ImPortanment Tonight!, and all the best celebrity magazines:

Keep on the lookout! A new imPort power couple's in town, and it's tearing it apart— literally! In the early hours of the past month's 18th, De Chima received the unsavory visit of a massive red-skinned beast lady, who went on a rampage through a small portion of the city. Before much damage was done, she was joined by her larger and greener companion, though it was unclear whether his intention was to stop her from doing any more damage or taking part in it himself.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of imPorts, as well as the distraction that the massive green Hulk proved to be, the damage was limited mostly to a building that was torn down, and despite minor to mild injuries on innocent bystanders, there were no casualties, and soon after the pair vanished into the forest. As of yet, the identities of both the Hulk and his companion the illustrious Hulkette remain unknown, although the case remains open, and the authorities continue to search for them.

As seen on all major news networks and
Sixteen suspected drug dealers and small business burglars in Maurtia Falls have been laid up in the city's hospitals across the last eight days due to injuries resulting from being shot in the backside with arrows. Taking credit for these acts of vigilante justice are several members of the Maurtia Falls Daryl Dixon Fan Club the 'Crossbow Queens'. When asked for comment, the president of the club said, "Something had to be done about them. Besides, no one got killed. DARYL DIXON RULES!" The other Queens and fans gathered cheered too loudly for further questions to be asked as their president and several other members were arrested and taken into police custody.

The president of the De Chima Daryl Dixon Fan Club, 'Dixon's Demons', had this to say about the actions of her fellow fans: "Serves them right. The Crossbow Queen's ain't [censored]. Daryl's a De Chima boy. Anyone who's a real fan would be part of the Demons, not the Queens."

When asked for his opinion on what was being done by his fans, Daryl Dixon replied: "Get that [censored] camera out of my face!"

In related news, crossbow sales across the country have seen a 200% rise over their total sales in the first quarter during the last week alone. This spike of interest is expected to continue at least through the end of the summer hunting season.

As seen in THOT TOPIC ads:
Brand new coming in August! Life sized DARYL DIXON action figures, with opposable thumbs! Pre-order now!

As seen on all major national and international news networks:
Catastrophe at the "240 Years of America!" yesterday, on July 4th as the gala was interrupted by fireworks inside the museum, followed shortly by the notorious Julian Day, alias "Calendar Man".

The newly-released from parole Day attacked the gala with an Uncle Sam monster that took quite a number of fellow imPorts to take down. Day had attempted to steal several artifacts from the exhibit, including the Declaration of Independence, though all have been returned. Unfortunately, the costume stolen by Day from the popular musical Franklin! was not in recoverable condition.

Julian Day was quickly arrested and following a short hospital stay due to an injury sustained to his gluteus maximus, was then sentenced to four weeks in prison with two months of parole. While Day plead guilty to the charges related to the monster, he denied involvement in the fireworks.

The De Chima Civil War Museum suffered extensive damages and the exhibit has been cancelled. While many blame imPorts for the attack, witnesses claim it would have been much worse without all the heroes on scene and that lives were saved that day.

As seen on the website made to order, BloodOrangeBubble:
Have you ever wanted a punching bag OR a pillow with Julian Day's, AKA Calendar Man, face on it? Pre-order now! Supplies are unlimited.

As seen on all forms of viral marketing:
Have you been using a computer lately? Watching TV? Did you accidentally type "Lucifer" into your Woohoo! search bar? Or maybe search for something unrelated like "The best place to buy a sandwich in De Chima"? You did? Awesome. Because you have now found yourself accosted by one of the most irritating adverts known to man. On the computer it's one of those ads that play music and remind you that you forgot to turn on your adblock, or turn off your speakers. On TV, it's catchy, and repeated often. It's the clip that interrupts your daily play of Two Tones albums on BlueTube. It gets under your skin, until you're utterly sick of hearing about it. And so is everyone else, if the angry comments are anything to go by.

So what is this advert?

An enormous white wing cuts across the screen, there's a swooping noise. You'll probably hear that swooping noise in your dreams. And then an instrumental, not quite perfect version of AC-DC's Back in Black cuts in; the same version used during Lucifer's ImPortant! season debut, just this past week.

The voice over begins to tells you about the contents of the CD: "Finally, Hell's only angel has released the album that everyone has been waiting for. "Lucifer's Best Of" collects both live and studio recordings of songs you'll be familiar with from the crooning archangel."

As he speaks, the music changes, and viewers are afforded different clips of Lucifer in full song. "Bringing together classic live show hits like Sweet Transvestite and Big Balls as well as hits from Season 2's great upcoming soundtrack. Download the full album now, and be the first to see the music video to Karma Chameleon. Or buy the 8" vinyl, and enjoy the secret track." Like, for example, Lucifer crooning to Witchcraft. Are you sick of this advert yet? It's okay, it's almost over.

"Don't forget to pick up Season 1 of "ImPortant!" at a retailer near you, or find clips from every episode so far at ChurchOfTheMorningstar.Org".

"And he's buying a stairway to Hea--hahaha. Heaven~"

Now it's over.

You know who's to blame.

As seen on local Maurtia Falls television channels:
A rash of bloody, brutal murders have been happening, mostly targeting young men. Authorities are not revealing much, but it is believed to be imPort-related.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from SOLSTICE YELLOW to FIREWORK RED because #ThanksJulian is trending.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Jul. 9th, 2016 10:09 am
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[The video starts off centered on a dark-haired teen boy, but the real star of the show can just be seen in the bottom left of the screen. The white forepaw of a robotic lion—lion sized rather than a giant spaceship sized behemoth—is pawing at his sleeve for attention.

Keith is trying valiantly to ignore it while it picks threads loose from his shirt.]

Hello, I'm— [Whatever he might have had to say is cut short when a second robotic lion, this one blue and white, pulls itself up on the back of his chair and drops its chin right on top of his head. Maybe it's looking at the screen? Still, Keith is determined to finish this.]

I'm...Keith Kogane. I wanted to ask if it's normal for—[The first lion, red and white, stubbornly pushes its head under Keith's hand. Someone off screen laughs and makes a muffled comment, and Keith shoots a sharp look at whoever it is.] To ask if it's normal for things that came with you from home to change in size. Or other ways. Thank you.


Jul. 3rd, 2016 08:52 pm
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[Okay, so... Sabriel thinks this will work. And it's better than barging in. So. He might as well try it. Right? It can't hurt anything... or make things worse than they already are.]

[So here he is. Standing in front of the camera in all his robot glory. And... taking a deep "breath."]

I am Kagerou.

I am... not a simple machine. I was told I live in number seven, Maurita Falls. And I haven't been there. Not once.

I would -- like to try. If you live there, and are willing.

That is all. Goodbye.


[ Audio ]

Jul. 3rd, 2016 02:38 pm
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[ Alright, so this is going to be a sort of difficult post, but Sasaki needs to make it ] I wanted to let you know that Hinami was ported out. [ again. ]

As you may or not know, Hinami-chan was a ghoul- like me. Which is not surprising since she called me brother.[ they aren't blood related, but neither of them bothered to explain it ] However, back in my world I'm a Ghoul Investigator. We are tasked with the investigation, incapacitation and neutralization of ghouls- [ a beat ] I kill Ghouls. That's my job: a ghoul who kills ghouls. [ how ironic ]

And not so long before I was brought here, I had captured the SS rated ghoul Hinami Fueguchi and sent her to Cochlea prison, where is waiting for disposal. [ death. ] I didn't remember her back then. Only after I got here I started remembering, and I realized what I did: I locked up my little sister and sentenced her to death.

When I get back to my world, I still won't remember, and Hinami will still be locked up. I can only hope I will manage to do something to save her, but I don't know what will happen. That's why telling you about this is the only thing I can really do. [ there is a longer pause because he doesn't know how to say anything else, at this point ]

Some of you have met Hinami and were her friends and know she doesn't deserve any of it. It's my fault.

And I am sorry.


Jul. 1st, 2016 09:55 am
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[ It's Mark again. Remember him? He used to go by "Peter"? Clone of Miles Vorkosigan? Facetwin of Hermann Gottlieb? Anyway, he is looking a bit less like Miles today, because Mark has put on a bit of weight. He's chubbier-cheeked and jowlier, heavier-featured. Plus his hair is slicked back in a way Miles never does his hair. Basically, he is working hard to look like himself and no one else. ]

It seems we're all in need of a bit of leisure time. That's why, on July 10th, I've rented out a corporate skybox at a Washington Senators baseball game, for use of imPorts and a few local businesspeople.

[ He leans forward, and types a bit, and the video is taken over briefly by an interactive, dynamic image of the skybox he's renting, highlighting its various features. ]

The box is located on the third base line, with an excellent view of the whole field. It'll have buffet-style catering - [ Very important, as far as Mark is concerned. ] An open bar with an in-box bartender, a private restroom, in-suite pool table, and cushioned reclining seats. Completely air conditioned, so you can watch the game in comfort as well as style. And there might even be a chance to meet some of the players themselves at an exclusive post-game autograph session.

[ And the graphic switches to a panning video of a super "trendy, cool" party bus. This kid has like no taste. At all. ]

As if that's not enough, I've also chartered a bus between De Chima and the stadium. This chartered bus is the height of luxury, with reclining seats, mood lighting, and an in-bus drink and snack service. It'll leave from the De Chima imPort housing a few hours before the game.

[ And then the video switches back to him. He offers the camera a rather oily businessman smile. ]

And here's the part you might like best - it's free to imPorts. The only cost to you will be the money you bring to tip the bartender and bus driver, and the cost of the souvenirs you might want to buy to commemorate this evening. Courtesy of my full-service investment firm, PKE. Remember that PKE is available for all your investment needs, both short-term and long-term. If you're looking for luxury and executive treatment, invest PKE.

[ What he is not mentioning, of course, is that this is not exactly a charity endeavor: those "local businesspeople" he mentioned are actually people who are paying $2500 a head for the privilege of schmoozing with imPorts. But, hey, who cares! Everybody wins, right...? ]


Jun. 27th, 2016 09:41 pm
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Recent events have me thinking.

[ Stark says, taking a sip from his cup, before he focuses back on a camera. It's a lot more HD than your usual import camera -- then again, nothing but the best for Tony Stark. ]

In recent months, we've had people showing up, different times, completely different people, and now there's word of people sticking around. That's different, it's never happened before. [ A pause, a sip. ] But who knows, it could be a fluke, right? Or maybe I don't have complete data. Anyone else heard of anything like that happening?

I mean, that's as an aside. I've... I've seen a lot of people hold themselves responsible -- myself included -- for things that someone who isn't them did. Either a person they become, a person they were and aren't anymore -- or a completely different person.

Would you hold them responsible? After my...unfortunate incident I found people were holding me responsible for things that this -- different version of me had done. Is that a constant? Should people be held accountable for things that they weren't necessarily guilty of? If I'm ported out tomorrow, would the Tony Stark that replaces me be held accountable for anything I did over my time here?

[ Another pause then. His finger drums against the glass. ] Anyone have any thoughts?
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In my world, the blogging platform for re-distributing content via "reblogs" is known as:

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12 (40.0%)

1 (3.3%)

Something else
3 (10.0%)

We don't have the internet
6 (20.0%)

we have the internet but we're still in the Myspace years
4 (13.3%)

We have the internet but I'm old and don't understand the question
4 (13.3%)

Did you have Michael Jackson

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19 (61.3%)

7 (22.6%)

It's Complicated
5 (16.1%)

Why is pop music in this dimension so bad? (please check all that you think may apply)

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has no tumblr, only rumblr
2 (7.4%)

imPort worship removing relevance from actual native artists
12 (44.4%)

Continued cold war aggresions limits cooperative globalization, harming the progress of human art
12 (44.4%)

Lucifer has not put out an album yet
4 (14.8%)

seriously though you guys dont even have Justin Beiber. I don't get how you can still fuck it up after a boon like that.
10 (37.0%)

If you selected "it's complicated" for question 2, please explain below.


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