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Jul. 8th, 2017 01:28 am
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[The video clicks on, displaying an older man in a deep blue skintight suit, the red edging of a cape draping over his shoulders. A slightly raised sinuous 'S', shaped not too much unlike a deformed pentagon is visible on his chest, the color glinting yellow in the light. With the backdrop of a modern American living room- one of the houses in De Chima, for those familiar with their style and the street outside- he doesn't look so much ill at ease as he does thoroughly out of place, and somewhat distracted for a moment, before giving his full attention to the camera.]

It came to my understanding that the majority of us are from some version or another of this planet. [The words are spoken almost wryly, given his attempt to find out where he was when he first arrived. 'Florida' as an answer isn't particularly useful when you don't know what a 'Florida' is.]

For the ones who aren't, did you know anything about 'Earth' before you did? Or was everything here new to you?

As for those of you who are, how does this world differ from your own 'Earth'?

[He isn't particularly dying to know— once was already unpleasant enough— but he's still curious and is interested in learning what others have to say to these questions. He needs to be.]

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[So what happens when you cram a bunch of teenagers with godlike superpowers into a slightly crowded space and give them access to copious amounts of alcohol and the network?

The network gets spammed to hell and back, with pictures and videos of some very bad decisions being made. We're all very sorry.]

this friday night, do it all again )

[ooc note: so icly, this post is really a collection of vines and snapshots that got posted to the network over the night, but bc nobody wants to spam the network, oocly it's all under one post. icly tho, sorry people who are missing out on the party. you won't actually missing out at all.

also, the vine thread is here if anyone wants to add more to it.]
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yo. tara here. i might not have spoken to a lot of you. but there is this super annoying girl running around who seemed to recognize me, but refuses to tell me her name, and im very done with it. defining characteristics:

- dark hair
- i think shes literally dead? she cant feel pain and puts severed limbs back in the socket and is totally chill about it somehow??
- super sarcastic like, annoyingly so
- also she can MESS WITH YOUR POWERS??? like turn them off
- likes watching dinosaurs fight

please reply with any information i cant compensate you with money but i can move rocks for you and shit
or grow you a nice cactus

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Holy narcolepsy, Batman! A pandemic sleeping sickness has been sweeping the streets, dropping imPorts right and left. What sort of new medical terror is this? Where's the Prince Charming to kiss these fallen beauties out of their slumber??

As seen in on BlueTube, Bwitter, Rumblr:
W O W!!

A new viral video of an impromptu figure skating exhibition has been making the rounds on social media lately, and it is stunning. Who knew something as simple as skating could be this moving? And to see something so beautiful coming from such a cranky little kitten, astounding!

Do yourself a favor and watch it here. You won't regret it.

As seen in Bwitter, Rumblr, and all the good gossip tabloids:
Is there anything more wonderful in this world than young love?

Certainly not, if recent developments are anything to go by! What seemed to begin as an budding friendship between imPorts, students at a local middle school eagerly report, seems to have blown into a full-fledged secret romance!

According to classmates Hinami Fueguchi and Yuuto Kidou, both imPorts and students of Nonah Middle School, always seemed to have what was described as a "formal, kind of uneasy" friendship. But are things looking up? Their fellow students seem to think so!

Over the last few weeks we have been informed, some of that formality seems to have been disregarded. Though Mr. Kidou seems to have opted to remain with last names (What a gentleman!), Ms. Fueguchi is reported to have begun to call him by the nickname "Kikkun", though none of their classmates seem to be sure where exactly the nickname came from.

As if that wasn't enough to get some middle school gossip going, the two were involved in what students described as a rescue so brave and romantic, it deserves its own movie moment! With the apparitions plaguing our cities this past March, even our younger imPorts weren't spared the trouble. According to onlookers, Mr. Kidou spotted Ms. Fueguchi cornered by one and valiantly cleared out the students so he could run to her rescue! Perhaps he wanted to be the only one around to do so? What a dedicated young man!

Though the pair have denied the relationship when asked about it, classmates were insistent that it was nothing more than a cover meant to protect Mr. Kidou from the potential wrath of Ms. Fueguchi's notoriously protective older brother, Ken Kaneki. Some even reported spotting the two meeting up after classes under the guise of studying, and Mr. Kidou gifting Ms. Fueguchi with numerous treats, from sweets to lunches.

Students also reported that Ms. Fueguchi had been receiving love letters from an admirer in her locker for many months. Has the secret admirer perhaps finally come forward?

What's next for this young couple? Sign up for updates and find out!

As seen in local Maurtia Falls newspapers and heard on talk radio:
They poison them in the wild. They poison them in the park. It's hard being a pigeon in 2017. On Sunday 9th, an unprecedented number of pigeons were found poisoned in Maurtia Falls Municipal Park, done in with a squirrel or two. No other animals appeared affected. Park keepers gave no explanation for the cause, other than to say, "we condemn this impiety and lack of propriety and remain convinced the culprit made off with a dead pigeon or two."

Is it against your religion to poison pigeons in the park, imPorts? Call, bweet, or e-mail us with your comments.

As seen in national and local news:
Alfie Solomons, cooking show host extraordinaire, has been arrested for bank robbery! Shock, gasp! Though there is video proof along with witnesses (as well as a lot of whispering that this isn't the first time he's been involved in illegal dealings) and though he wasn't able to provide an alibi, he maintains his innocence, claiming that someone must have either doctored the footage and tampered with the witnesses in some way (implanting false memories, paying them off, etc.) or disguised themselves as him. Despite the best efforts of his lawyer, there was not sufficient evidence to dismiss the case outright, and so it will be proceeding to trial.

As seen national news, but no one really pays attention to it because it's in the science section:
The CDC reports that investigation into the very brief apple famine is ongoing. It is accurate to conclude that no imPort was behind the incident. Rumors that this was a biogenetic testing sample gone wrong persist, much to the dismay of the CDC and other government facilities.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from SOLAR ECLIPSE to OF THE HEART in honor of Dorian Gray's probably accidental sacrifice.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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hey, so, it might be that i'm new here. but i'm really upset that a government abducted me from my universe, implanted all kinds of shit under my skin, and is trying to use my powers for their own benefit? like, it might just be me.

but i think that's super messed up.

what's stopping us from figuring out to go back to our home universes, anyway? has anyone tried? has anyone actively defied the government? like, what happens?

...uh, i'm asking for a friend.
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New rule. No imPort is allowed to cast magic on basic household necessities.

[It appears to be a recent clip from a political commentator, an older funny looking gentleman with good comedic timing. This clip went up this morning. The feed is cut to Shadow as he appears on screen, birds chirping near by. He is wearing nothing but a red vest and a grey bandanna around his head, but also a silver colored ring around the side of his left ear.

He's in a tree, high above the ground as he makes this delivery. In the woods, it seems as the trees behind him are thick and numerous, and no sounds of people can be heard. He's near Peter Pan's camp, avoiding the onslaught of toilets. However, he has something else to talk about.]

Avast scoundrels! I be lookin' to find me a crew as to impart on a quest of riches! For that, a hearty crew needin' to be recruited! [Somehow he falls into this pirate voice pretty easily, though he doesn't seem quite able to do the gruffness any lower than his usual growl. That part's easy.

His wide toothy grin is a sheer indicator that he realizes how much scenery he's chewing, and he loves it.]

A crew and a sea worthy vessel is what I seek. So what ever lot of you dares to sail the high seas, look no further than joining me motley crew.

[And then the video feed ends, shifting into text because what the hell, Shadow? Suddenly pirate?]

How did you like that performance?
I'm completely serious. I need a pirate ship and a crew. We're going on an adventure because there's a holiday called 'talk like a pirate day' this weekend. Even gonna skip school.

First rule? No adults. Kids only, and under 18 at that.
Second rule? Unless you really need em? No powers.
Third rule? Act the part.

Now I just need to figure out how to get all the stuff. We need a ship, and pirate gear.
That's about it.

[A ping goes out to his friends and acquaintances who are under the age limit. Come play pirate, friends.]

PS Also seeking anyone who can cast magic spells and not screw it up. Please thanks.
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[SUP IMPORTS. It's been awhile, hasn't it. Four months, he realizes as his communicator loads up the queue of his own posts in looking for the "new post" option. Not since he came back to disaster central after the Flare outbreak and dragon attack.

If he were the sort to appreciate such things, he might have noted an irony in the fact that he's finally posting again soon after yet another crisis.]

...Things have been pretty tough lately. It can get pretty exhausting to deal with, so I was thinking....it might be nice if we talked about stuff we've liked about being here, or moments that stood out as happy. Or, if you're new or can't think of anything, something you wanna do while you're here.

[A beat, and then he adds:]

Figuring out how to go home totally doesn't count as an answer, by the way. 'Cause the whole idea is, if you see something on here that maybe you'd wanna do, you guys could....I dunno, figure something out? It's always more fun to do stuff with your friends, yeah?

As for me, I've met a lot of great people here. Aaaand, I guess I still really wanna check out this world's version of Disneyland.

[he's an Adult, really.]

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Sep. 1st, 2015 06:10 pm
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[It's video time with Jeff! Why can't he just do text like normal people, you ask? Because then the world wouldn't be able to see his beautiful face, duh. He's at his desk, lounging like a pro with a full glass of scotch held at eye line, managing to look somewhat thoughtful as he keeps his narrowed eyes on the alcohol before him.]

I went home like a month ago. Did one of those away for a day, lived a year things. Kinda makes you wonder what game the Porter's playing with crap like that, some weird ass brand of temptation and torture all in one.

So, real talk here, imPorts... If we all got told they didn't want us any more, that we got 24 hours to decide whether to go home or stay here forever, what would you do? Is what you built up here enough to keep you? Or are you just gonna be counting down the hours to get back and see those you left behind?

Pretty deep stuff, huh?

[He finally looks to the camera, just starting to reach to turn it off, before...]

Oh! And uh, season one of my show is drawing to a close soon. I know you've all been watching it avidly. Gotta start considering my options for next season, so wanna guest star? Got ideas? Wanna be in the crew? Hit me up. Time to make season two even better than the first. [And he's out, with a final, winning smile.]
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Does this really...is everyone really seeing this?

[The voice is soft and hoarse with tears. The voice is also unfamiliar, as is the face it belongs too. Kristin is in what is now her room, lights dimmed to near non-existence. She's been holed up in there for some time, trying to pull herself together - but her head is pounding under the weight of hundreds, thousands of details about this place she's found herself in.

But being alone isn't helping her figure all of this out, either.]

Listen, I...I really think there's been some mistake. I'm not...I'm not some hero, I'm a file clerk. I don't belong here, I belong back at the GCPD, in my room, where everything is organized exactly how I want it. Where everything makes sense.

[New tears well up, and she cringes away briefly from the camera, puling off her glasses as if somehow doing it will help this time. It doesn't.]

...Why did they pick me?
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[truth be told, Tara's pretty shaken up about everything she's hearing. she was lucky enough not to actually experience any hallucinations, but she's been keeping a careful eye on everything that people are saying they experienced. that's why she's coming to the network today in text only. there are a few people around here who know her deal, but she's still under some parts of the radar and she aims to keep it that way for as long as possible.]

jesus the christ, people actually still want to be superheroes after all this? you guys have got to be made of stronger stuff than me. or crazy. sorry, probably not the best word to use right now.

anyway what the hell. is there like a gameplan in place to prevent this stuff from happening again slash for real? whether or not all of that stuff really happened and/or if itd actually happen again, all it takes is one asshole, you know? sorry, im just a little bit freaked out by some of this. probably not a huge surprise, it would freak out anybody, but here i am i guess. whats up, maurtia falls, heres another scared teenager for your ranks.

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Jul. 11th, 2015 09:43 pm
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[alright, maybe this isn't entirely a text post. it starts out with a video, which is surprising considering who it's coming from - but there's no need to be excited, as the camera is filming nothing but sky. when an unseen person suddenly slaps a piece of paper down on top of the lens, even the hand is obscured by what's being shown. Hazel knows what she's on about.

the paper in question is a freshly minted detective's license bearing the name of one Hazel Lockwood. it sits there for several moments, like she wants everyone to drink it in, before Hazel cuts the feed and switches over to text.]

Well everyone, here it is: proof that they will let you do literally anything regardless of how well qualified you are so long as you're an imPort.

Which is to say, I'm now licensed as a detective in two worlds. If I get arrested after today, it'll be for something amazingly dramatic in the line of duty instead of bureaucratic bullshit. I think that's a fair trade.

If anyone needs any investigative work done, I'm ready to take on what I'm sure will be the total deluge of offers. I have no business cards and no way to verify any of my skills, but what I do have are flexible morals and a full twenty-four hours available to me thanks to insomnia. I only take cash.

Any complaints can be shunted off to Kaneki for enabling me to pass that goddamn test in the first place. Speaking of, Kaneki!!! I do actually have a thank you gift!! But you need to fill out a survey first.

Also obligatory hello to the new people, if only because you're clogging up the network again. I'm not someone anyone wants to know, but it feels a little silly to ignore you guys. So, hey! :D
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[Hey look, it's a video of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Well, okay, it's a video of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man off duty. So really it's just Miles.]

Okay, so, I've got this idea for something, but I'm gonna need a lot of help to pull it off.

[And then he lifts up his hand and begins counting off on his fingers.]

...And also maybe around a hundred pounds of steak, and about fifty loaves of bread. And a big room to throw a party in.

So...anyone wanna help?
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What's the longest someone's ever been here? A few years or something, right? Four? Five.

[The camera goes all skewed when Wally sets his phone down nearby. He picks up a container of Hershey's chocolate syrup and empties it into an ice cream carton before reaching for a soup spoon to eat out of it.]

Y'know what's nuts? I bet someone could live a whole life here, if they never got Ported out. If it gets stabilized or something? Like, what if somebody showed up when they were like ten, and then they lived here for fifty years? They could have kids, grandkids. Graduate, get a job, maybe do the superhero thing if they felt like it. [Shakes up a can of whipped cream and sprays it into the carton.

...keeps spraying. Until. Until it's empty.]

You could totally have a whole dual life here. Would it be a dual life if it stops existing when you go back? -but yeah, you'd be on your deathbed and then you could decide, okay, that's enough, and get Ported back home and you're ten years old again and you live whatever life back home.

[huge spoonful into the mouth] 'N 'f y'think 'bout it, [swallow] isn't the life you forget just as important as the one you actually die in? I mean, just because you go back home and don't remember your friends, they still remember you. Or I dunno, maybe it stops counting if they forget you too.

But scientifically, I mean, it doesn't. Doesn't not-count. It counts, even if people forget, because it still exists in reality. That's the cool thing about the multiverse hypothesis- I guess it's not just a hypothesis anymore, knowing what we know about here. That there's infinite possibilities, and the only reason one doesn't exist is because it just hasn't been discovered yet. I mean, it doesn't matter if you subscribe to Tegmark's levels or Greene's types, it's all still the same, right? Possibility.

Holy crap, this is great ice cream. [He turns the carton to face the camera.] See that? "Red, White and Bugles." Whoever thought of putting chips in ice cream deserves a medal. [He turns the carton back on its side and scrapes out the last of it. ...and then pours more chocolate syrup on the spoon and licks it off his hand like a pig.] Mmmm.

Anyway. I started out with the point, but I can't-


Anybody else here never wanna go back home? I know there's some of you with crappy apocalypse worlds that don't have a whole lot to offer. Or what about staying here sixty years and then just going right back to where you left off? Sixty. I think I said fifty. Whatever, not important.

Get this ice cream, it's freakin' bomb.


Jun. 20th, 2015 11:01 pm
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 Right, so. Been here long enough that I guess I can stop hoping it's all a dream. Friggin' hate it, no amount of playing with bees all day is going to make it suck any less, but that's not the point. 

Point is, I'm Sera and right now I'm bored. So, I was thinkin'...you show your face and I'll draw you. Or how I see you, anyway.

[Giggling follows the offer. Sera's caricatures will without a doubt be pretty ridiculous, and most likely vulgar in the case of adult characters. Beware of exaggerated dicks and boobs. Unless you indicate that you're not cool with that.]

And tell me what you do for fun around here while you're at it. Might as well talk while do it, yeah?

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Hello everyone! This is Chrollo, although I expect you could tell from the ID field.

As per a request by Ira Gamagori, imPort Ambassador to Nonah, I'm planning to start a database keeping track of the various abilities here and who has them. The point is to make it easier for people in a bad situation to look up and contact whomever might be able to help them. So, for example, if you come across an injured civilian, it would be easy to look up healers who might be in the area and contact them. Or if, say, you come across a fallen wire, maybe there happens to be someone in the area who's immune to electricity and can move it to a safer position.

We also thought it'd be helpful for the recently completed training facility, and so (as mentioned by the Ambassador) I've volunteered to assist by matching potential students with the trainer of their dreams! Or as close as I can manage, anyway, depending on who signs up.

That said, this is strictly voluntary. Neither I nor the ambassador is looking to make anyone uncomfortable or make them feel watched, especially with the new regulations that have been announced of late. So feel free to flip by if you're not interested.

If, however, you are interested, either in having your abilities recorded or as someone who might reference the database, I'm wondering what you'd find most useful to include. Ability, name (or codename) and location seem obvious, but is there anything else I'm missing? I'm trying to be thorough, I guess, without being invasive, so please share your thoughts if you have any.

When I'm ready to roll forward with this, I'll be setting up a text-based inbox on my communicator for forms, suggestions, requests and training inquiries. But in the meantime, if you have any suggestions, questions or comments now, I'm more than happy to hear them and talk to you about them.

Feel free to use video or voice if you prefer! I'm making use of text for easy reference reasons only.
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[ The alias attached to the entry reads only Scarlet Witch, no name given. The alias is a relic, a token from the old days when she and Pietro shouted revolution from the rooftops. After HYDRA, Wanda didn't think she had anything to fear anymore. No cell could hold her, no bullets could touch her. Together, she and Pietro were invincible. No one could hurt them again.

Then, she came here. ]

today i have learned that in america, a hero is someone who grows fat and lazy off the praises that are given to him, but he has not earned. for this, a hero will give away his freedom.

[ Though she does not fear as she once did, Wanda doesn't accept the tattoo on her wrist easily. Rather than being gunned down in the streets, the masses of "imPorts" allow themselves to be cataloged and controlled -- even those that profess to be unhappy with their enslavement. They say things like, "it could be worse," using that to justify their own slothfulness.

It could always be worse. That doesn't make it right. ]

where i am from, the avengers are so high in their tower that humans appear to them only as little ants. the complacency i see here is worse, i think.

where do i find a true hero?
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[there are two posts to the network, one after another. she's been struggling with navigating the communicator for a while now, but she thinks she's managed to bruteforce the basics of the interface. a young woman speaks up, apparently the camera's only got the top of her head in frame.]

Um... hello? Is this thing... wait... [she stops the broadcast, playing it back for herself before she starts another post. this time it's aimed properly, and she's definitely sure it's going. Cassandra's sitting outside a beachside cafe in Heropa on a bright and sunny afternoon. wearing a tacky pair of cheap sunglasses with the Flash's symbol on them - imPort tourist crap at its finest - and drinking a cold bubble tea.

best to play the naive newcomer swept up by all this hero stuff.

Hi. I'm Cassandra. I've been... lurking? [is that the word she wants...] For a few days now. Settling in. I have to say, this is... different, next to Gotham and Blüdhaven.

Hi, roommates, if you're... watching this. I haven't been around. Sorry. Between work, and... rehearsal, it's-- [she shrugs. surely they know how it is. or at least, they might think they do, which is good enough for her. looong sip from her straw.]

Anyway. I know some of the... names I've heard, but I've also heard we have... alternate universes? Even among us. What can you tell me?
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[He's back. Ah, and not much time has passed here, has it? Might as well prod at the network a little, though why not make it a bit of a game? He did have that endearing persona he used once before against... who was that again?]

[Oh well.]

when u show up here with rly cool powers u probably would feel pretty bad not using them 2 b a hero huh? (っ◞‸◟c)

ahhh but isnt that scary?? how strong do u have 2 b 2 jump a building?? all u heroes must b rly strong. wats the most heroy thing uve done here?? how can i get good at it! ᕙ(⇀‸↼!!)ᕗ

[Guess who.]

[Or don't. You can also just tell him about cool stuff you've done to make yourself a potential target and be fawned over and complimented because you're so cool.]
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[the video that pops up on the screen shows the background of a coffeehouse, definitely nothing new or unique; the blonde-haired blue-eyed teenager on the sreen also probably doesn't look like anything new, but she absolutely is. she's got a notebook just at the edge of the frame and some kind of textbook across the bottom.]

So while I'm busy not making any progress on my geology homework, I thought I'd see what this whole network thing is about. My name's Tara, and I guess I'm new in town. I live up in Maurtia Falls and, like, I hear there's a whole lot of really weird stuff going on? I don't know. I'm going to leave that stuff up to people who actually know how to hero. That was never really my thing, you know what I mean?

Anyway, what's the etiquette here? I know there's a lot of forums where people don't want you asking for help on your homework or things like that—not that I need it with this. I've always kind of dug rocks. [get it. it's a geology joke. no? nobody? okay, she'll move on.]

I just want to know what's good to talk about here. Like, if there are any unwritten rules. Which I guess means I'm asking for them to be writ. Oh yeah, and also if anybody has any cool music stories they want to talk about, I do some interning for this zine called ROCK ON!—[she throws the horns when she says it]—all caps with an exclamation point. It'd be cool if I could get them the scoop on stuff.

Okay, yeah, cool, awesome. I'm gonna get back to trying to do my work, but I'll be around. Thanks, everyone!

01 | video

May. 5th, 2015 12:47 am
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[the communicator turns on, but all it shows is the bright blue sky overhead. there's the sound of lapping waves somewhere in the distance, and then a man's voice saying and that's all there is to it. it's difficult to tell, but there might also be a small sound of someone acknowledging whatever tutorial just took place. there isn't much time to dwell on it; the view shifts, as if the communicator is being handed over to someone else, and then the feed cuts.

several hours later the same communicator makes another post, nearly identical to the first. this time the view is of somewhere in Heropa, and there is definitely a young girl's voice going oh. um, thank you before the feed is switched off once again.

twenty minutes after that post, it makes a third. this time there is an honest to god face on the video, rather than some upwards view of various locations. it's a young girl, one who is very obviously inhuman judging from the vivid blues of her skin and hair. she regards the communicator stoically, expression unreadable beyond some sort of subtle expectation in her eyes.

she stares. and stares. aaaaaand stares some more.

when it becomes clear that whatever it is she was waiting for isn't going to happen, Lapis' expression imperceptibly relaxes. she still gazes flatly into the camera, but there's the feeling that she isn't prepared to throw the comm at the wall and flee now.

and, finally, she speaks.]

I'm not going to defend this earth any more than the last one. Why is that so hard to understand?

[she's emoting now, face screwed up into something uncomfortably straddling anger and desperation. this was barely any better than the bottom of the ocean had been.]

So just leave me alone. You can't make me change my mind.

[she reaches up to turn the video off, then hesitates. her gaze drifts away from the camera as she contemplates, then decides to just go for it. her voice is softer now, less sure of herself.]

...but if you're here too, Steven, I'd like to see you.


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