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Jul. 8th, 2017 01:28 am
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[The video clicks on, displaying an older man in a deep blue skintight suit, the red edging of a cape draping over his shoulders. A slightly raised sinuous 'S', shaped not too much unlike a deformed pentagon is visible on his chest, the color glinting yellow in the light. With the backdrop of a modern American living room- one of the houses in De Chima, for those familiar with their style and the street outside- he doesn't look so much ill at ease as he does thoroughly out of place, and somewhat distracted for a moment, before giving his full attention to the camera.]

It came to my understanding that the majority of us are from some version or another of this planet. [The words are spoken almost wryly, given his attempt to find out where he was when he first arrived. 'Florida' as an answer isn't particularly useful when you don't know what a 'Florida' is.]

For the ones who aren't, did you know anything about 'Earth' before you did? Or was everything here new to you?

As for those of you who are, how does this world differ from your own 'Earth'?

[He isn't particularly dying to know— once was already unpleasant enough— but he's still curious and is interested in learning what others have to say to these questions. He needs to be.]


Jul. 1st, 2017 10:18 pm
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[The communicator is set up in such a way that the main viewpoint is pointed at a clean countertop with what looks like... several glasses of milk, except the milk is various shades of blue. Some are more white than blue, and some are more blue than white. Overall, it's a little weird.

It's a little bit weirder, when behind the row of milk, is a seven-foot robot, and then a human woman.

Hello. Because Tanith fails to acknowledge that I have perfect recollection of what milk it supposed to look like, we have to unfortunately ask you people.

[Jyn rolls her eyes, heavily, at Kay's comment, then glares up at him before deadpanning over to the camera again.]

He's malfunctioning, obviously, and doesn't know anything about anything.

I think that the perfect shade of bantha milk is this one.

[She holds up a glass somewhere in the middle of the blue spectrum.]

I drank a lot of it, fermented especially, growing up. I know it's the right color.

You know, I don't think they're going to really know what the proper color is, considering their milk is white, for some reason.

[So everyone- what do you think? The slightly more blue milk, or the slightly less blue milk? Both milks look equally gross unless you're, you know, used to that.]


Jul. 1st, 2017 06:49 pm
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[there's a letter juuuust in view in the screen that Manabu glances down from repeatedly while addressing the camera.

his mouth twitches, trying to smother his smile while he reads.


'Mister Yuuki, we're pleased to present you with your General Education Development certificate, which fulfills high school equivalency requirements in the below listed states.' [he pauses, a little cheesy, pleased grin.

Ah-- mm, aaand...those are the places it's good...dut-dut...mm, oh [reading quickly:]--'We, we hope this will encourage you to further your academic career and reach new educational heights.'

[a beat.

So that's one thing down...Something that ought to be permanent here, in case I get punched back out of here for another couple years, haha...

Not bad, right?
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Where I'm from, "righteous" means both "morally upright" and "amazing; excellent", but you're not gonna find that last one in a dictionary. A while ago, I talked to someone who understood the word as the first meaning, but not the second.

I've also had to tell people what some of the swear words I'm used to hearing mean. [Nothing like telling your seven-foot-tall robot friend about swearing, right?] And they've got swear words that I don't get either.

I guess the point of this is: what's slang like in your world? What's swearing like in your world? Would you know what I was talking about if I said fuck or asshole, or would we have to have a very awkward talk about that?

[A pause, then:] I'd also love to hear a sample, if you've got some.

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Jun. 12th, 2017 05:01 am
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( It's late, but she's been thinking about this almost continuously for a month. So when her image appears on the screen, the glasses are absent and the 'S' is displayed proudly across her chest. The look on her face is serious, because timey-wimey stuff is a pain in the neck.

And speaking of: )

Hi. So, it's been made clear as crystal to me that I've been here before, and some of you remember me.

( Whether they knew her as herself or Supergirl remains to be seen; but that's what she's trying to figure out. )

I'm wondering if you guys can let me know how many times I've been here, if we were allies. Friends? If we were at each other's throats, even. I have no idea, and that feels really weird.

Anyway, I— ( A siren sounds in the distance, and the images blurs significantly as she takes to the air. ) —oops. Gotta go!

( And the transmission ends. )

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Jun. 12th, 2017 02:31 am
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[ The feed opens up to a young woman sitting behind the counter of a flower shop. Several flower arrangements are lined up behind her, some more artfully arranged - and frankly, more gorgeous - than others.

(They're works in progress, okay?) On the bright side, she's sticking to safe combinations or single-flower bouquets, rather than branching out. ]

Hey, everyone. [ She beams into the camera; first impressions matter, after all. ] I've gotta ask, especially if you've been here a while: what's one thing you wish you'd known when you first got here?

I'm no stranger to parallel universes - trust me, living in Central City will do that to you - but it's still kind of surreal, you know? This doesn't have to be anything life-changing. It can be something small like, oh... I don't know, your new favorite coffee place?


Jun. 11th, 2017 05:03 pm
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[ Well this network post is a mess from start to finish. It opens on a blank ceiling, followed shortly by someone’s hands getting in the way of the camera. Clearly this belongs to someone who has gotten a crash course in how to use a phone but still doesn't really get the whole portable camera thing. For all that he’s clearly struggling with this damn piece of … whatever it’s made out of, he can’t help but look a little bit amused with himself. One thing he’s learned is to accept weird things as being possible even if they’re really weird. A blur of blond hair and blue eyes comes into view for a moment as he tries to line himself up where he thinks the camera is. ]

Look, this isn’t my first time waking up somewhere new and mildly terrifying. But last time I got a better welcoming party.

[ Focus, Steve. At least the swear-in helped him realize that there's basically no point to keeping most of his secrets, so he might as well introduce himself. And fess up to being super lost. ]

I'm Steve Trevor. And last I checked it was 1918, so - uh - this is all kind of overwhelming.

[ A beat. And just the slightest hint of longing. He knows it's a longshot, but he's got to ask. ]

Anyone know a gal named Diana Prince? Tall, muscular, Amazonian?
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[The screen is dark at first, and someone unseen mutters quietly enough that the words aren’t able to be made out over the sound of swishing silk. All this goes on for a few minutes, until, at last, the camera quickly pans up over a magnificent - albeit revealing - purple gown to settle on the face of a young woman, covered by a mask. She smiles triumphantly.]

Ha! I knew I’d get it right, eventually. That is, as long as this thing is on. [She squints at something on the device she holds, as if trying to discern that it is.] I’ve never run into a gadget like this before. How fascinating, to be able to communicate across a distance! And so clearly, too! [Sophia would love this weird little thing.] I knew this night would change everything… but I had no idea things would change this much.

[She grins happily, excited - and not a little nervous, at this novel situation.] Why, I never imagined I’d run into anything like this in my life! How strange this kingdom is. Strange, and exciting, and… well, a bit frightening. Of course, it’s nothing I can’t handle. [Said with all the confidence of a young person who really has no idea of what she’s doing, but is sure of herself nonetheless.] Anyhow, hello, everyone! You can all call me Cinders. I’m from a place far from here, from what I was told, and… I guess they need heroes? I don’t know that I’m much of one, but I’m certainly willing to try. [After all, if she can charm the prince the way she just did, she can do anything! Right? Right. Of course she can! Moving on.] Although, I really wasn’t expecting my shoes to pop back on after the length I threw one of them. [And here, as if to demonstrate, she ducks out of sight and rummages around her skirt a bit until she can remove a beautiful, delicate slipper, composed of leather and glass - and just a bit too small to be comfortable on her feet. Sitting back up, she displays it to the camera, curiously watching it glitter in the light as though it’s going to do a trick.] As lovely as this get-up is, I rather wish I were in my old rags. After a night like the one I’ve just had, at least I could be comfortable.

[And just like that, her slippers, mask, and ballgown vanishes in a puff of magical-looking, almost Disney-esque, smoke and glitter, showing Cinders’ face in full, and displaying some carefully patched rags, along with an old leather vest and waist-cinched the looks as if it should be falling apart. She jumps a bit and gasps, blinking for a fair few moments, confused.]

… Wait, what?!

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May. 1st, 2017 10:12 pm
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[The camera has clearly been set up on some sort of stand, facing a rather nondescript storefront that would be utterly unremarkable if not for the various streamers and ribbons somewhat haphazardly strung up on the front. A girl with far too much hair has her face right up in the screen, frowning intently at it as she fiddles with the settings; she goes in and out of focus.] Why does this always have to be so complicated...?

[Satisfied at last, she steps back.] Heelloooooooo everybody! Have you ever had a wish that deep down you really wanted to come true? Don't lie, we know you have!

Well, wish no longer! [She pauses for a moment.] I mean, keep on wishing, but... but you don't have to wish for the--

--anyway, your wishes can come true here at Shantae's Wish Palace! For a modest fee, we can grant your wishes three! Oh hey, that rhymed.

Visit us downtown today! Now hiring lawyers and, uh, suggestions for a better name. We're workshopping it.

[She takes a deep breath.] Notallwishesaregrantabletheuseofthisserviceisuptogeniediscretioncustomerscannotwishformorewishesor [she gasps for air] for more genies. Darn, I almost had it!

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May. 1st, 2017 08:50 pm
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--subject seems to have no unique properties...[The video comes into focus mid-way through, featuring Zelda hunched over a desk, furiously taking notes.

She sighs after a moment, moving to pick up something from the side of her desk—a frog.

I was really hoping there would be something special...those back home would improve speed, performance, attack...and yet, nothing. I don’t know how I’ll manage to make any useful elixir without specialized ingredients.

[She frowns, poking her amphibian specimen and laughing slightly as the frog croaked in response. She finally turns her attention to the camera.]

I don’t suppose any of you know of any animals or plants here that have special properties? Or where one might find some materials to experiment with? I would greatly appreciate any leads you might be able to provide.

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Apr. 30th, 2017 10:26 pm
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( This has been on her mind for a while; the viewer can tell. Anyone who has met or known Kara Danvers will know that she's more prone to smiling than frowning. But she is, teeth sinking into her lower lip, that telltale crinkle between her furrowed brows as she looks up, regarding her audience solemnly. )

So I... I uh. Said and did some pretty awful things during that dream world. Thing.

( Shaking her head, she glances away. )

And I need to apologize for that, to all of you. That was way out of line. I'm not sure how or if I can make it up to those of you I've hurt or been rude to, but I'd like to try.

( With baby steps. Looking back at the camera, her features ease, and she rubs the bridge of her nose. )

Does anybody want ice cream? My treat. I'll start with that.


Apr. 19th, 2017 03:35 pm
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With help from everyone who responded, I've found the shooting range in De Chima. And, with some notable generosity thanks to the Major, have managed to get a weapon more suitable for this planet. But thanks to another suggestion, I've been curious about this whole .. paint ball and laser tag thing.

What I guess I'm asking is, would anyone be interested in either of those events? Apparently you need teams of varying numbers.


Mar. 12th, 2017 09:55 pm
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[ Angus has the communicator set to video, but he hasn't realized it yet. Anyone watching this transmission will get a blurry close-up of his chin and bowtie as he fiddles with the weird little device, muttering to himself under his breath. ]

It's like a little scrying crystal... or like if a scrying crystal had a baby with a Stone of Farspeech. Huh.

Oh! It's on, I didn't-- Uh... Hello sirs and/or ma'ams!

[ He holds the communicator out at arm's length, straightens his bowtie and adjusts the collar of his sweatervest - yes, sweatervest, he's dressed like a tiny, old-fashioned nerd - and nods politely at the camera. Gotta be polite! ]

My name is Angus McDonald, and I am the World's Greatest Detective. Um... at least, I am where I'm from. I don't want to be presumptuous and assume that I'm the best one in the entire planar system, that'd be silly, but I'm the best one in my world. And I'm not being braggy, that would be rude, I'm just stating a fact.

Anyway, uh... it's nice to meet everyone, I guess I might be here for a little while. Has anybody heard of 'Haphazardous Home's Nellie Dunn's Detective Novels'? They want me to work there as an intern, and I like mystery novels, but I'd rather help solve real mysteries than help someone write stories about them.

[ How do you sign off on these things? Angus stares at the communicator for a few seconds, uncertain, and then gives a little wave. The arm that he's waving with has a large metal bracer on it that almost reaches his elbow. ]

... Thank you, goodbye!


Mar. 10th, 2017 11:55 am
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[Before hitting the button to broadcast Gemini takes a moment to rearrange her face, sculpting it into someone a little more innocent. Glasses, check, nervous smile, check, and she's ready to go.]

Um hi everyone! I uh...I'm Sarah Rainsford and I've just arrived here, here being Maurtia Falls specifically. It's a little overwhelming to suddenly be in a whole new world all alone without any friends, but I guess I'll manage. I've been given a nice job and a home so it can't be all bad right? [A weak smile, blah blah blah, there's nothing else she needs to say to establish her pseudo-character, so on to the important stuff, finding out who here might be a threat to her.]

I just wanted to know if there's anyone out there from my own world. I'm from a city called Metropolis, has anyone heard of that? Maybe Gotham? Although that's not a very nice place, but it would be kinda nice to talk to anyone from home.

[Now to see which fishes come and bite at the bait she's dangled for them.]


Mar. 3rd, 2017 08:07 pm
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[ Good evening, Mask or Menace! Jaime's back, and while he doesn't look any older, he certainly looks tired and a little sour to boot, like someone just fed him a nintendo switch cartridge real bitter pill. It was a long month. ]

So, um... hey! I'm back. That was definitely the longest I've been ported out for, but I gotta ask: what happened while I was gone? Because I got back, and all of a sudden, like, half of the people I know are gone. Dick's gone, Tadashi's gone again, Fuu's gone, Sarissa's gone, so's my Mom...

Was this just the Porter, or what?

[ It probably is - people tend to leave in waves - but it's left him feeling a little shellshocked, and it's worth searching for answers at the very least. He raises a hand to rub at the back of his neck, playing a little with the hair at the nape. ]

Um, anyway. Good to see you guys who are still here. And for all the newbies, I'm Jaime. Nice to meet you.
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[ The video starts with Kaneki sitting on an old couch, in a place that looks like an old warehouse. There are old kitchen appliances there as well, some seem to be in good shape, but most are broken and battered. He is also holding on to a file of sort, which he will be reading as he speaks ]

Last month we had a black-out and following that, someone released hundreds of criminals. Like it was mentioned before, someone heard German being spoken and Russian technology was found on the scene. Some of us decided to go after a couple of clues related to all of that, and that lead us to Liechtenstein. In Europe, yes, a Russian allied country and they speak German there. [ This was the first time he went to Europe, actually, and it was on a spy mission. There is something to say about that ]

We found a couple of things, which I believe you’d be interested in. [ he finally starts flipping through the pages of the folder he has in his hands ] The place we broke in was a laboratory and we found many references to the American technological company DARPA - known for the creation of the imPocreats that had attacked Philadelphia some months ago. The employees they referenced in these files, including those who helped creating imPocreat technology, either quit prior to the Philadelphia attacks or were fired after the fact and none of them work for DARPA. [ he looks back at the camera ] In fact, we found a few imPocreats submerged in tanks. They were experimenting on them in many different and kind of grotesque ways, but we aren’t sure what they were trying to do since there was no documentation. [ no way he is telling the network they actually stole one of those things. That’s something for later on. He is quick to go back to the file to continue reading it. ]

They also had documentation on Tony Stark's metahumans . It was mostly information that the public already knows, but it seems they have been experimenting on DNA with special interest in the idea of a metahuman gene. Along with this, we also found documentation on imPort powers, specifically what we have shown to the public before.

Finally, the foreign technology the laboratory was working on appeared to be Russian in nature. They have advanced and futuristic EMPs and Electronic Disruptors, and plans and prototypes for invisibility aeroplanes that appear to be able to achieve fuel efficiency for around-the-world journeys. [ Kaneki puts down the file and leans back in his seat, while one of his gloved hands reaches for the eyepatch covering the left eye and adjusts it ]

That's all. But if you have any questions, I can try answering. The USA government knows all of this, since we shared this information with them.

[ Note: Some sort of catch-up if you will! Misfire plot, which was followed by a Blackout and Prison break. The Prison break was investigated ICly by other characters and their findings can be found here. The mission Kaneki is talking about happened in private, but I’ve written everything down about how it all begun and what happened during it. The ImPocreat parts they stole are NOT available YET and no one but the members of this mission knows about it; this will be for a future plot, but for now it’s hidden. ]
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Well, this is just freaking appropriate.

[ John Murphy's not so cheerful introduction to the rest of the imPort community, spoken in a dry, bored drawl, expression withered. Honestly, there's some cosmic entity somewhere that's laughing their ass off at him right now. ]

If anyone wants to know how this nuclear arms race thing goes, feel free to stop by... wherever the hell I am right now. [ A glance up and around - he's somewhere in a museum in Heropa, for anyone who may recognize it, trying to brush up on history and where he is on a timeline. If this timeline is even close to what he'd been taught about Earth, before it was nuked into the dark ages. But, he's pretty sure magic powers were never part of it... ] In case you haven't already used those advanced, superhero minds of yours to guess, I'll give you a quick teaser.

A century or so of radioactive wasteland, most of the last of humanity stuck in rusty tin can in space going batshit on each other to conserve air and water, the few that survive on the ground turning into war mongering, torture happy nutjobs, and gigantic, nightmare sea worms. [ he's stopping at a plaque, reading over something, as he wryly lists off the last part, sounding more upset about that bit than the others. then, as an afterthought: ]

Also, horses with two heads. So that's kinda badass.

3 [Voice]

Feb. 10th, 2017 05:28 pm
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I'm kinda bored. Anyone want to go dancing?

Where are there good places to dance around here anyway? There was that crazy show with the weird loud "E D M" [can you hear the fingerquotes] music last month, but that's not happening all the time, right?

There aren't any dance halls or anything like that like there were back home.

( text )

Feb. 10th, 2017 02:55 pm
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[ Miraculously, Wally had managed to keep a relatively low profile since he had arrived in this strange world the other day. But with it looking more and more like his stay was going to be a potentially lengthy one, he decided it was finally time to address the network. ]

this is some world they have here. it wouldnt exactly be my first choice for where id want to spend an indefinite vacation, but i have been to worse parallel universes and dimensions before. though i could have done without the freaky tattoo and the creepy file. i also dont think im really qualified to be a time management consultant even if i do appreciate the humor behind it.

anyway, i was wondering if anyone could help a new guy out? like, is there any sights i need to see? any hip places i need to check out? anywhere i need to avoid at all costs? and, more importantly, who makes the best burger and iced mocha around here? if im going to be stuck in this world, then i might as well get the full experience.

also, i dont suppose anyone knows what a green lantern is? they are a pretty big deal where im from.

whatever help i could get would be great. thanks.
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[Cut to a desk piled high with papers and schoolbooks. They block the view for a second---at least, until his hand pushes through the pile and starts shoving them aside. Doc finally appears in view, goggles askew atop his head.]

Now that the latest calamity's past, hello! I'm glad most of you seem to be safe and sound---though I will say that a better backup plan might be in order if that stunt gets repeated. And now that it's worked, I fear it will be. An alternative power grid, perhaps? Costly and impractical everywhere, but maybe a little...

[He shakes his head, reaching down to shuffle what appears to be a stack of cover letters. Time to concentrate..]

I'm losing the train of thought already. I come to you with two questions. The first: do you know of any educational institutions that would hire this late in the year? I can offer to assist with finals, of course, but I'm hoping to fill a more permanent role.

And the second, more frivolous question: most of us know what the resurgence of red and pink heart shapes means, though I've never paid much attention to it. This year, I'm afraid it's required of me. And I wonder: as I understand it, it's a traditional day for a carefully planned date night and gift exchange between romantic partners. Are there any other nuances one should know before planning such a date?


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