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Are we... really back on Earth?

[ There's a pause, almost silence as he thinks about what he wants to say next. He was going to have to figure things out first. There was a lot different then he remembered -- which had to mean it wasn't their Earth. But was that possible? ]

I guess I should introduce myself. [ That's something Shiro would say right? Ugh. Terrible idea. ] My name is Keith, and I'm a Paladin of Voltron.

Does anyone even know what Voltron is? This was a stupid idea. [ He mutters to himself, unfortunately just loud enough for the microphone to pick up. ]

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Feb. 25th, 2017 10:05 pm
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[the feed is set to video, but Lapis seems only nominally interested in achieving a steady recording of her face. she's turned it on for another purpose, and the quality of everything else up until that point is really unimportant to her. at least gems don't have naturally shaky hands, even if the camera keeps trailing off into nothing now and then before she rights it, almost absent-mindedly.]

How long are you supposed to wait to be sure that someone's been ported out? I've seen people say stuff like 'a while', but humans and gems don't really seem to have the same idea of what a long time actually is.

I haven't seem someone who lives in this house with me for - [shit, fuck. Lapis' expression stutters into hesitance as she realizes that she has no idea how long she's been not seeing him, nor does she remember any useful earth calendar terms beyond month and year.] - I haven't really seen him lately. But he's kind of stupid and scared of me, so I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

[she gives a lopsided shrug, as if to say 'what can you do?' humans were a crazy weird little species, and she's given up trying to fix their misconceptions on a lot of things. if Hyunsoo wanted to think she was out to kill him, let him. he was the one looking dumb, not her.]

...I've got something else to ask, too.

[this is the reason that she'd switched the video on. Lapis' nose scrunches in a cross between disgust and bafflement before she swings the camera around to zero in on - the fridge?

without further ado, a little blue hand sneaks back into frame to swing the refrigerator door open. have you ever seen food left to its own devices for a little over a month, imPorts? if not, here's your prime chance to some front row seats because that is exactly what this fridge is full of.

clearly it's been a while since Hyunsoo was last here.]

Is food supposed to look like that?


Dec. 12th, 2016 07:38 pm
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(it's a cool, brisk december morning as wendy sets up the cafe as per usual. and being wendy, who is a teenager, is naturally a little off at like 4 in the morning. and also able to tap into her extreme inner weirdness. so she decides to fire up a text at a good buddy of hers.)

hey when are you gonna ask him out also do you think pigeons have feelings bc i think they are soulless monsters i mean have you seen those dead beady eyes wtf

(she is fully expecting ulvida to kill her for this and it will have been a worthwhile death.)

05 | voice

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:56 pm
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When Homeworld started investigating this system, we checked all the stars near potential colonies for stability. Everyone was really excited about this planet because its sun had a pretty decent lifespan, so we wouldn't have to do any shielding for a while.

[or. something. Lapis never really paid any particular attention to the reports that came in about earth, because why would she? it was just a little mudball in some podunk galaxy.]

Is that not how it works on this earth? I can't really think of why else you'd be trying to ration sunlight, but...it's kind of stupid. Unless you're storing it somewhere to use later it's not going to make any difference, and I really don't think humans have that kind of technology yet.

[at least not on this version of the planet, anyway. she really has no idea what 'daylight savings time' could mean aside from this, and it's got her completely mystified. that at least is a familiar feeling when it comes to humanity, even if it's not all that pleasant.]

You guys don't even have that much time to start with. Do you really need to complicate it this much?

[and if the sun is dying...why bother squabbling between insubstantial nationstates when there was such a big problem looming over them all? it was all so dumb.]
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[It's early in the morning when the post goes up. The feed turns on to show a girl who looks to be about fourteen or fifteen years old. That's about the only thing 'ordinary' looking about her; the rest of her appearance is anything but -- bright blue hair, matching eyes, and a grey and white suit that makes her look like some escaped actress from a tacky sci-fi show. If she is, she sure seems to still be acting the part despite being an escapee. Arms folded across her chest, eyes narrowed at the camera as if judging it...

She sighs once before she speaks, shoulders relaxing just slightly. It's not robotic, but the way she speaks is a near monotone, serious and low-voiced.]

From one Earth to yet another -- we certainly have a ways of ending up here, although this one seems to be in a sorrier state than the last one. To think I would be recruited in such a way...

I am Ulvida from the planet Aliea. I don't know how long we will be here, but I'll be in your care.

... More importantly, while I have a few questions about surviving on this Earth, there is one I want to start with.

[And now she finally moves from her spot, picking up the camera and moving through the room she's in -- a kitchen in one of the imPort homes, from the looks of it. She doesn't linger on any one part very long, but there are three distinct places she pauses: a trash bin now full of half-finished take-out foods and 16oz bottles of soda; a sad-looking pantry that has maybe a jar of Nutella and a bunch of cup ramen; a fridge that is more empty space than food.

When the camera turns back to Ulvida, her serious expression has fallen apart to be replaced by pure exasperation.]

A certain idiot from my planet has been living here with an unacceptable lack of proper sustenance.

I am currently in the city of De Chima. I would like to know where to acquire what you would call 'groceries' on Earth.


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