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[ There's not a whole lot that's remarkable about the video feed outside its grey-skinned subject. From what's visible in the background, it's one of the more popular burger/malt joints around Cape Canaveral. There isn't any food in sight-- but there is a newspaper on the table, visible just off to the side.

Karkat doesn't look happy! In other news, water is wet.

I've been told I have a tendency to overreact when it comes to minor inconveniences. [ Scare quotes, on "minor". ] It's been suggested to me on multiple occasions that I chill out, or calm my rumble spheres, or, and I'm paraphrasing here, shut your fluttering face-flap before I cram my fist in it, you howling, feculent dumbfuck. And, okay, I guess they might have a slight point. Maybe I do have a tendency to overreact! I will grant that it's possible misplacing a pair of socks probably wasn't cause for a full-blown conniption.

[ He picks up the newspaper here, and moves it into the camera's view, before zooming in on the date printed on the front. September! ]

But misplacing an entire.



[ There's the sound of tearing paper and-- well. That's a waste of a perfectly good newspaper. He probably didn't even read it.

There's now a very attractive view of Karkat's many sharp teeth while he howls into the communicator--

What the fresh-fried FUCK did I do to incur THIS bullshit?!

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