Aug. 5th, 2014

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Aug. 5th, 2014 12:11 am
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[The woman that comes on the screen is a striking figure with her bright blue eyes, ornate jewelry, and pale blue skin. Life would probably be easier for Samara if she tried to hide how she looked, but she’s used to life not being easy.]

As a Justicar I am used to receiving an unusual amount of attention. [When she speaks there’s an almost unnatural amount of calmness in her voice.] Never quite so much though. It is strange to find myself in a place where humans have such little experience with races beyond their own. [The calmness extends to that statement, although some may be able to pick up just a tiny hint of interest in her voice. Samara is actually almost curious about the reactions she gets from people. In fact, she’s curious about the reactions she will continue to get from new people.]

Strange but certainly interesting. I have found myself unusually curious as to how people will continue to adapt to my presence. [Or if they will ever adapt at all. She pauses for a second as she lifts her arm to look at the area where the tattoo is located.]

I am afraid, however, that I cannot comply with this government’s request to register with them. I have sworn an oath already and it is not to anyone of this government. [Besides she highly doubts that their values and the Code’s values would align.] The housing is appreciated, as is the offer of employment, but I will find my own way. For four hundred years I have done so and I see no reason to stop now.

one, text.

Aug. 5th, 2014 12:59 am
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My name's Scott McCall. I'm looking for anyone who's heard of Beacon Hills, CA.

[ Getting the awkward business part out of the way first, and it isn't particularly optimistic— not the first time he's tried looking for people from home. The network was kind of his last begrudging resort, but at least texting's less intimidating than skyping with a bunch of superheroes.

And okay, business done, on to way more important issues. Like registration or the tattoos or morals or ??? nah

Does this place have Disney World?

[ Only reason to go to Florida. Oh right, also: ]

And if you haven't gone to the zoo in Nonah, you should check it out.

[ Give the zoo money, animals are great. Luckily he's not getting paid for his advertising skills. ]

( OOC: info on Disney World in-game is here if anyone needs a reference! )


Aug. 5th, 2014 11:45 am
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[ It's the witching hour. And the feed is very, very dark-- except for occasion sparking from the overhead street lamp, which briefly provides scant light to the sidewalk. In the background, an attentive eye might notice at the traffic lights are out. And all the business signs. And really every thing electrical as far as one might be able to tell.

There's the sound of fingers snapping, then a blue spark comes to life before settling into a flame at the tip of Jenny Quantum's thumb. The little light illuminates her face as she lights a cigarette.

Here's a word of advice for all you newbies:

Don't get attached. Don't give a shit. Don't get comfortable. Stay focused. Stay angry.

[ She sits down on the curb and snuffs the flame out by grinding her thumb against the pavement. Her voice goes on in the dim: ]

Otherwise this place is gonna break your fucking heart.

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Aug. 5th, 2014 05:43 pm
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[ time to get in character ]

Heeeey Florida! [Oh hey, fellow imPorts, so much for a peaceful dinner time. Because that's a rather loud, rather hyper kid with a big ol' smile on his face popping up on your communicators] And North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and just about every state between California and Maine I'm assuming but these seem like the main ones. [Is he talking too fast? He's talking too fast.]

Bart here. Bart Allen. [Bart Impulse Allen, but he bites his tongue] New visitor, new face - you're welcome - tourist in name, make, and fashion. Just missing the Hawaiian shirt and camera combo. A uh- what do you call it? Impound, impress, imPort? All those im-words.

[He's starting to wave his phone around as he talks, not even fully realizing that means anyone watching the feed's gonna probably get a little motion sickness.] You know, with all the ru- traveling I've done, don't think I've spent much time in Florida. Keystone, Central, Washington the second, Rhode Island, those are my mains. Although there is this one beach in Brazil that's totally crash.

So if anyone has any tourist tips, I'm all ears! Movies to watch, places to go, those crash teleport tubes I've heard of, if there's anyone from the Justice League here, what corner store to stay away from, places to eat, places to eat that also have a twenty-four-hour option. [He's saying all of that so quickly it basically all blends together]

So yeah, hi, nice to be here. Oh! I'm in Residence 007 hah so roommates! Pretty sweet! [Look he can use retro terminology] I call dibs on the TV tonight.


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