Jan. 2nd, 2017

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[Seems Yuu has calmed and mellowed somewhat considerably since last he purposely addressed the network himself proper. Recovered from the Porter pulling Mika back home, only through having the vampire return to him again. Still, regardless of how or why he's managing it, he is. A lot better than a few months ago. He seems in better spirits this time when he addresses the network.]

Hey everyone. Ah, happy New Year. Since that's today, I guess. But ah, seems like everyone's been enjoying themselves. [Probably an understatement, given the celebrations going on pretty much since Christmas.]

Anyway. I had a couple questions, if anyone's able to help. First off is that I guess I have been wondering, since the holidays recently and all, what everyone else celebrates back home? We're from all over, and different times, right? So, some of us probably do celebrate things differently. I guess I'm just kind of curious.

That and -- I don't suppose there's a way to block powers, like, one power specifically? I know there's the nullifiers but don't they work on all powers? It's just one of mine I want to deal with. If there is anything. I dunno, that's if there is anything, or any sort of power someone has that might help. Otherwise, I'll deal with it. I have been already for a while anyway.

[He's just more nervous about the whole seraph thing after hearing more about Nagoya since Mika initially showed up and all. He doesn't want to potentially lose control like that. Doesn't want to unintentionally end up hurting his friends when he loses control often in order to or some sort of desire, desperation, to save them.]
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[ Hinami looks so unimpressed it should win an award, given how docilely cheerful she usually is.

That face is the face of a girl who is Done With This Bullshit. ]

I thought the fan club they made for Onii-chan, the "Kennibals" was weird enough, but this...

What even is a "cannibaby"? I might still be in middle school to catch up but I'm fifteen, technically.  [ Attached is a link to a badly made fan site. Pretend it's filled with actual content and plenty of speculation on OMG HOW DOES SHE HAVE SO MANY GUY FRIENDS BUT SHE'S NOT DATING THEM??? and the KAneki-Hinami sibling relationship. ]

Is there any way to get this stuff taken down? It's really dumb. And creepy.

If they send fanfiction like they did to Onii-chan...


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