Jan. 7th, 2017

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[Behold, it's a pirate. A pirate that's significantly less blood-covered than the first time he tried to use the network, and look--he's even got the camera more or less appropriately centered. Progress.]

I'm lookin' for a job.

[There's only so long one can go without money, even if there are people who give free food to imPorts sometimes.]

I can do most things, though my best skills're as a swordsman, if you need a bodyguard or security or somethin' like that.

[Sure enough, there's three (three!!!) swords sheathed at his side. What kind of swordsman fights with three swords? Well, here's your chance to find out.]

Only thing I won't do is cut down people for whatever personal grudges you might have. You can sort out that kinda shit yourselves.

--Oh yeah, and I ain't joinin' anything officially; I've already got a crew to get back to, so. I'll work for you, but it's gonna be a temporary sort of thing. Got it?

001. text.

Jan. 7th, 2017 08:09 am
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username: 01100010 01100001 01100001 .

Manipulating the science of space time seems improbable, if not impossible. If we embrace the simplified understanding provided to us via means of science-fiction, usually born of the writers with limited understanding of such concepts and working with what they understand to make sense on an artistic or entertainment level rather then scientific, then doubtless it is easier to stomach the possibility. In the past my research into such topics has inevitably lead to a multitude of fan discussions of topics, many of which devolved into trolling of varying levels of skill and intelligence. I hope that my research here does not fall victim to such tendencies, but my expectations are low.

My understanding of theories of the Einstein-Rosen bridge, however, would suggest that if two different pieces of space-time were connected then a tunnel would be formed that could lead you through billions of years, to alternate universes and dimensions, or possible result in a paradox is the leap was such that you confronted yourself in the past. How these wormholes would be linked to technology without deliberate action and control remains a point of confusion. I will conduct further research. I wondered if it would be possible for multiple bridges to verge into one central bridge, resulting in all of us arriving here.

I have never been to America before. It is as overbearing and loud as popular culture would suggest, but I like the pink lemonade.
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[ The video actually starts before it’s supposed to. It’s just a close up shot of a woman’s cleavage. And when she speaks, it’s with an English lilt -- a bit distant as though she’s calling out behind her. ]

From my understanding, these devices are supposed to put us in touch with others who arrived here in a similar manner to us.

[ A little fainter, a second voice joins the first -- a man, this time, with an accent out of a John Ford movie. ] It don't look like much to me. How's it work?

[ The camera gets pulled back to give the first shot of Maeve who is studying it thoughtfully. And then she realizes it seems to already be recording them -- the recognition lighting up on her face.. ]

It appears we’re live right now. All we have to do is talk. [ She re-positions herself to sit up a bit straighter, glancing at Teddy before nodding at the device to allow him to make the first contact.. ]

[ Teddy takes instruction well, bless him, and tips into view at her shoulder, taking a second to be caught up in the little digitised mirror image on her device. He overcomes the inherent strangeness and prompts himself to speak, trusting in Maeve's advice. ]

Evenin', [ he greets, with a nod beneath the shadow brim of his hat. ] Name's Flood, Teddy Flood. Me and the lady are looking for folks like us, or who been here even longer. We figure there's more to this place than we've been told.

[ When nothing immediately horrible happens as a result of Teddy talking, Maeve deems it safe to do the same. Sorry, Teddy. It’s easier to make you the shield. But she does appear mildly amused at Teddy’s use of ‘the lady.’ As though he’s trying to avoid the much harsher truths of what she is. ]

Oh, there’s definitely more. There’s always more. We can’t trust our kidnappers to give us the full scope, can we? So if any of you out there can be darlings and help us fill in the blanks, we would very much appreciate it. Mr. Flood here is a skilled adventurer who can aid you in all of your quests, plights, or other such nonsense. [ Hand wave. ] And as for me, well -- I’m sure you can use your imagination, can’t you?

[ She smirks, crossing one leg over the other with a deliberate, sensual slowness. ]

Do right by us and we’ll return the favor.

[ There'd been his own mild form of amusement at reference to his being an adventurer, accurate though it may be if also as euphemistic with regard to his line of work as he'd been as to hers, but the moment slides by without comment. Just the tiniest of smiles, mostly around the eyes.

Unperturbed by her offer of repayment, he nods once more at the camera, touching the brim of his hat in sign off. ]

Do wrong by us, we won't have a hell of a lot to talk about, now will we?

Come, darling. You can be more creative than that. [ Maeve says with a roll of her eyes. ] Or perhaps you can’t. [ Creativity might not be one of his higher parameters. ] I advise you all to not do wrong by us because you’ll very much wish you hadn’t. [ She flashes a sarcastic smile. ] But I believe that just about covers it.

[ Maeve’s about to end the feed, only to pause. ] Oh. One last thing. We’re looking for the people who live in… [ She looks off screen to read out the numbers. ] Nonah #005 and Maurtia Falls #008. If you live in either, could you be a dear and pop in to say hello?

1 [Video]

Jan. 7th, 2017 06:49 pm
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[When the camera comes on, all you see is a very large face; it's also upside-down. The person on the other end blinks, turning the device around, peering closely at it. She doesn't seem to realize that she's turned it on.] Why do I feel like that if I shake this thing too hard, it's going to blow up in my face?

[She pulls it back, and though the image is still upside-down, it's now clear that the face belongs to a young woman wearing an outfit resembling a bedlah. Oh, and the curtain of purple behind her? It's her hair, and there's a lot of it.] I... don't think I should trust something this small that talks. How the heck does it even work? There's no dynamo or steam generator or anything like that.

And it doesn't feel magic. [She leans back in, and audibly sniffs the device.] Doesn't smell magic, either. Boy, Uncle Mimic would have a field day with this thing.

...hey, that red light wasn't always on the front, was it? What the heck does "recording" mean?

[And realization.] Ah, crud.


Jan. 7th, 2017 07:09 pm
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[Social networking had never really been Frank's forte, even before he was declared dead to the public. When he found the communicator in his welcome package, and the explanation of the imPort network, he couldn't help but grimace. The greeter interpreted it a smile, and let him go on his way.

Now, he sits in a corner cafe, watching city life unfold around him, with the phone in his hand. A few of the posts he's found so far have actually caught his attention-- apparently some of these supervillain assholes really don't mind showing their faces. Not really a bad thing-- easier to find.

What would be harder to find, however, would be people he can trust. Especially if people here know who he is. May as well test the waters.]

So are there any good coffee shops around here? Because this Starbucks stand in tastes like shit
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[With a bowed head, the man on screen acknowledges his audience. His features are sharp, his smile disciplined, but however cleverly disguised his inner machinations, even on camera there is an unmistakable air of ostentation about him. How fortunate for those listening that he appears to have politely reined that in a little.]

I am Seymour Guado, a Maester of Yevon from Spira...a world that I suspect none among you are familiar with.

[Seemingly apologetic, Seymour shakes his head and offers a clear view of blue veins like a mask over his eyes and his very, very strange hair, a sort of blue-violet and horned. Behind him is the interior of his new home in Maurtia Falls, a temporarily spartan-looking abode that is also home to Luffy and Zoro.]

I cannot say that I'm pleased to find myself here as I've a great many responsibilities that require my attention where I come from, but I will nevertheless endeavor to help those in need, just as I would do back home. In fact, nothing would please me more—except, perhaps, the opportunity to become better acquainted with those of you sharing my circumstance.

[Here, he gestures towards the camera with one hand, large and manicured, with long nails barely visible for the billowy sleeve of the robe he's wearing.]

Might you introduce yourselves? And, should you have advice you wish to share, or questions that weigh heavily upon your minds, as I'm certain you must...please do not hesitate to ask. I will gladly answer to the very best of my ability.

[A final polite goodbye before, taking a step back and bowing his head above hands cupped together before him, Seymour cuts the feed.]
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[ The communicator is already properly situated when the video starts, a young woman framed from biceps up, silvery aviators pushed back onto the top of her head holding dark bangs out of her face. She lifts a hand and gives a wave, at ease with this technology, at least. ]

Hi, [ she begins, with a smile that's on the friendly side of polite. ] My name is Kate, I just got here in the last...batch or whatever, and I'm looking for a couple of my friends. If any of you guys are watching this, call me! For the rest of you, I put together a quick list that's attached to this message. I know it's probably annoying all of us showing up looking for people but if you have a minute to take a look, I'd really appreciate it.

They're-- [ here her smile briefly warms, and widens lopsidedly, ] --sort of distinctive? Or they usually are, anyway. I guess with the whole superhero craze here, maybe you have more than one guy running around in space pajamas, who knows!

Anyway, if you can point me to anybody on the list, I'll owe you one. Which! [ she raises a finger here and grins, excitement creeping into her voice ] I can repay in pancakes, because apparently I can do this now: [ this being the sudden appearance of a heaping stack of steaming, golden-brown pancakes, which materialize on the table in front of her, the plate they came on rattling as it lands. She frames them with her hands, Vanna White-style. ] Cool, right? I can do blueberry, too.

att: list.doc


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