Jan. 9th, 2017

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[ Newt had done his level best to avoid this eventuality since the moment he'd been given the infernal device. At best, he'd responded to these odd, electronic owl deliveries when he'd seen someone mention something that caught his attention, but honestly that had been few and far between.

Well to be honest, he'd only responded to Grind ... err Mr. Graves network communication. Beyond that, he'd kept the shiny device tucked away in the pocket of his coat and had kept his coat out of Niffler range. The problem with this would be obvious to anyone who knew Nifflers; nothing shiny was ever out of their range.

It had been a carefully played chess match between wizard and creature, but eventually Newt had been distracted and the Niffler had made the most of the opportunity as it was presented.

At first, the network would be treated to a flash of video image that briefly showed what looked to be something of a rain forest. Weird, were there rain forests in this part of the world? Then the images began to flash by more quickly, perhaps too hard to really get a good view because they certainly made little sense. A wide open plain, the rocky out cropping of a dessert, more thick forest trees.


The flashes of video feed suddenly went dark and quiet for a minute. Then it appeared again, reflecting some sort of weird, shiny cave. Another breath and a flesh colored bill loomed into the screen, tapping on the glass of the device. Soft, curious chittering and chirping noises, along with adorable snuffles came from the beak and the bright, dark eyes beyond the beak peered curiously at the screen.

This went on for about a minute, before a man's voice could be heard. ]

There you went! [ Quickly the bill and it's fuzzy owner were pulled out of range of the screen and the video jumped up into a hand, it's feed blacked out by a human palm and the microphone muffled, so whatever scolding was happened was muted. For a brief moment the video feed went from nothing, to giving a feed of a space so large that the lights within didn't seem strong enough to fill it. This image seeming to levitate and then gracefully spun around. There was a brief view of a lean figure in a white linen shirt, brown vest and matching trousers. A long fingered hand waved a ... stick perhaps. and the video feed swooped down along the figure, disappearing into the darkness of what could be assumed was a pocket.

In that moment, the device stopped sending video entirely and a voice with a British accent and a whole lot of exasperation, could be heard via audio only. ]

Uhm, yes. Sorry about that. Just dropped this device, you call it, near a duck. A very inquisitive duck.

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Good evening, USA! (◡‿◡✿) It's your good friend from Λευκάδα via Matsue, Lafcadio! Today I've been thinking hard about a subject that I'm sure all imPorts have thought very hard about... what should we do with ourselves in this new world? Normally when a person moves to a new place, they might think of it as a fresh start. That's doubly true when it's the beginning of a new year, right? New year, new me! But usually we end up falling back into the same patterns, doing the same things. Even if you move to a new city, even if the earth moves to a new position relative to the sun, even if we continue to 'move' through the temporal dimension at an ever-steady rate -- doesn't it seem like not much changes?

Maybe that's true, but I'd like to think that this place is different. After all, it's not like this is just a new city. This is a whole new world, where nothing we do has any impact on the goings-on in the worlds we came from. Furthermore, we supposedly return to our original worlds with no memories of our stay here, to the very exact moment we left off, as if nothing happened! In other words, there's no reason for us to feel bound by our pasts in this place, because our past selves have nothing to do with this world. They will continue to live out their lives at home as if nothing ever happened here. We, who live in this world, exist only briefly. Our lives began when we were ported in, and they will end when we are ported out. New life, new me! (✿ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Anyway, all of this thinking about how to go about things has me wondering about the opinions of my loyal readers! So I've decided, just this once, to have a special reader poll to gather your thoughts! Please note that poll results will have no bearing whatsoever on how I proceed, as obviously none of you are as qualified as me to make decisions! Please feel free to vote in the poll, and leave an explanation for your vote in the comments. I'm really looking forward to hearing all of your ideas.

Poll #17866 What should I do with my time?
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What's the optimal way for me to maximize my general enjoyment of life here?

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Register and become a hero employed by the US military
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Don't register and become a vigilante with an appropriately cool fake identity
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Don't worry about registration, just laze around all day like always
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Become some sort of villainous type and terrorize the general populace (also possibly get rich?)
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Other (elaborate in the comments, please!)
3 (75.0%)

As always, thank you kindly for your support -- and remember to subscribe! (〃‿〃✿)

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[Under usual circumstances, Tara would have made a video post without a second thought. But these aren't usual circumstances. She can decide how public to make her life now and she has no idea what to do about that. Not to mention no idea what to do about being alive again.

Still, staying cooped up in her room trying to figure out what to do with the new rest of her life is starting to get old. There's got to be something she can do to take her mind off things.

Despite the whirlwind in her mind, Tara's voice is utterly self-assured when she makes her audio post. It's a young woman's voice, early twenties but only barely. Her tone confident and aloof...or maybe just wary. Still absolutely polite.]

I have a few days to kill in Maurtia Falls, and I'm looking for things to do. I like art, fashion and music in particular. Something more interesting than the tourist attractions would be appreciated, though I'll take those too. Any recommendations?

[After a pause, she continues, her voice a less certain that it was before. Tara's never had much to do with animals, not even pets.]

And...does anyone know anything about therapy dogs?

[OOC: Tara will be replying with audio posts for the most part so I'll be using a mixture of masked and unmasked icons (since I don't have enough unmasked expressions yet). I'll try to compensate with text descriptions as well, but feel free to poke me if her tone is unclear. I'm happy to edit in more info as requested. Or, hey, awkward misunderstandings, those are fun too. /o/]


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