Jan. 24th, 2017


Jan. 24th, 2017 07:20 am
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[And here's Max, looking rather tired and frazzled. She hasn't exactly slept, in between helping as many people as she can - out of the way, mostly - and worrying over the escaped convicts. She knows that not all of them have been caught, but she breathes a sigh of relief, nonetheless.]

Well, I'm glad that's over.

[Sort of.]

Anyway, how's everybody holding up? Are you all okay? I think we handled that pretty well.

[She hopes they handled that pretty well.]

I plan on keeping an eye out for the rest of the prisoners. Just when we thought things were calming down, right?

004 Voice

Jan. 24th, 2017 09:48 am
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[The usually confident baritone voice sounds a little...unsure. He's not going to identify himself right away, but he's not actively hiding, either.]

Is there anyone out there who can breathe underwater?


Jan. 24th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Well, now that all the technomancy's up and running again, I don't suppose anyone ever got that riddle solved, did they? The actual one, mind. Not the one about why we lost lights and things in the first place.

[Rincewind taps a pencil with one hand against the open pages of a book thoughtfully, the other waving his lunch (an egg and cress sandwich) as he intones:]

"We did warn you. All of you have so much power. That comes at a cost. If you can't see in the darkness, then look to the stars.”

...I certainly don't remember any warning, and I've usually a keen memory for those.

Anyway, "power" seems a rather obvious double meaning, but it's the "looking to the stars" bit which has me curious. [a phrase which here means, "debating whether there's still sufficient enough impending threat to flee the country".]

ImPorts could be the stars - we certainly are in their TV and such, that's meaning enough. But if "power" has a double meaning, it stands to reason "stars" would as well. Were we actually supposed to be looking up at the night sky during all of that, do you think?

...I don't suppose anyone did any gazing while they were running about saving people?

[or just running, in Rincewind's case.]
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Hello, imPorts.

[It's quiet in the background - only the low murmur of a television news broadcast can be heard.]

That was a mess, wasn't it. A fucking mess. I wouldn't be surprised if the aftermath of all this impacted the imPort cities for months, especially with those criminals running loose.

[He clicks his tongue, tsk tsk.]

But did you know, my synagogue has already organized a fundraiser for the hospital here in Maurtia Falls? Yeah, can you believe it? They had the operation all set up and running not twelve hours after the power came back on, and from what I hear, they weren't alone. It's almost as if they're used to this sort of disastrous thing happening. But, well, what would I know, right; I've only been here a few months.

[This is bullshit; he's done extensive backreading, and knows how common imPort-related crises - either those caused by imPorts, or those done in reaction to imPorts - are.]

And now it's over and done with, and I suspect that no one's gonna dwell. But I have to wonder - did anyone look to the stars?

[Seriously, what had that message been about? It was weird.]


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