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Jan. 29th, 2017 06:36 pm
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[ It happens to anyone, making a post thinking you're just recording a video. Or at least it's happening to Sophie, as she's currently looking at the camera with her usual worried expression, although there's something else in her eyes this time around. Something like excitement, maybe? ]

Okay, this will be the first effective testing of an... organically manufactured leaping crystal. [ Her left hand moves to clutch something on her right wrist, worry furrowing her brow for a moment. She then sighs and moves the camera around, pointing it to an open window, a rectangle of light clearly defined on the floor. ]

Set destination is an usually empty corner street on De Chima. Theory states that even if someone were standing over there we would just bump into each other. Could be worse...

[ Sighing audibly, Sophie approaches the light extending her free hand (the right one, where two bracelets can be seen wrapped around her wrist) and holds what looks like a crystal, light blue and with a single face. Light goes through it, casting a sky blue glittery curtain of light next to the golden one. ]

Here goes nothing... [ Sophie then steps in, and the screen goes all white, the only sound a distant woosh and Sophie's breathing.

The camera overcomes the flare moments later, refocusing to show a street. Outside. When Sophie speaks again, she sounds pretty pleased with herself.

Well, would you look at that.

[ And she cuts the feed. ]
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To my constituents, but also the citizens of the greater imPort community. I fear what we have had a most ardently fearful event, with the loss of light, and I assure you that we in the Ambassador's office of De Chima will be doing our utmost to find not only the cause, but also to implement a method as to better communicate in such a repeat of the event.

But as we must soldier on, I do ask you, if you should please, to answer some questions for me if you will. I should be glad of the replies, even if you think them most unreasonable, and so I must ask you to conduct your answer with utmost honesty. I should be grateful for any assistance you should bear me.

As always, I am yours in service, and will gladly hear any words, be they good, or bad, with as much humility as I am able to bear.

Most gratefully.

City of residence:

1. Did you find yourself in severe danger in the events of the loss of light?

2. Did you easily find aid in the form of shelter?

3. Did you easily find aid in the form of protection?

4. Did you easily find aid in the form of medical services?

5. Should another incident like this happen, would you like to be a part of a non-registration based network, maintained by the office of the Ambassador, to aid in the assistance of other imPorts and native citizens?

6. If yes to the above, please state your skills and your powers, if relevant.


Jan. 29th, 2017 11:18 pm
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[ Aurican is doing a school project, but his altruism doesn't always mean he understands what is really needed among human societies. ]

I have a school project. It is about how to help people.

The whole blackout made me realize just how much we all rely on the power to make our own food. Back home, my nestmates and I only have to be concerned about when the bats arrived (they always did) and we eat them. When the blackout happened, I was able to feed myself by hunting in the woods.

[ Aurican is a very neat eater, but by human standards it is still very gory. ]

But I know not everyone can do that. Not everyone can bite hard as I can or breathe fire.

I wonder if there is a way to keep together ways of food keeping without electricity. I am making a paper show off these methods can help when the next emergency comes. I ask for advice and resources.


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