Jan. 30th, 2017

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Heeeey. So. Sophie's post reminded me I needed to get off my ass and inquire about this.

With Qubit and so many others gone, originally Hermann and I'd put the wedding on hold a bit... [Lies. Quite the opposite. They rushed it. They're already married, but haven't really told everyone that. If your character hasn't already been told/seen, then the very observant might, at some point in this video (or ones Newt's been in since late December) have noticed a simple gold band on Newt's left hand when he gestures. It's not always obvious because half the time he's HOLDING the phone with his left hand. But his hands do gesture enough.] for...reasons.

[Reasons = Because they missed Qubit, not because they needed his portals]

In any case, we're going to go ahead and do it anyway and for sentimental reasons, we were kind of looking at destination wedding in Alaska. Does anyone have any portal- or teleport- related powers that they would be willing to use to safely transport groups of people that far? We can discuss compensation, or whatever. Wedding is set for March.


[[OOC: We're in need of a portal/teleporter person who can move at least a dozen or so people comfortably and safely to Alaska and back and who plans to still have their character in-game and active come late March. Thank you!]]


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