Feb. 4th, 2017

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[Normally this is something Genda would never do, but from what he's figured out from just skimming the network the pool of information is a lot more widespread then just one city. That will take too long in regards to one objective.]

The standard syllabus that I've been capable of finding seems overly generic, and hardly tailored for those who did not grow up in this culture. Is this schooling mandatory or are there specialized accelerated programs specifically for those not from here?

[A few moments later, as if added as an after thought.]

Who scored the second point in the Teikoku vs. Raimon elimination match, and what was the final score?

( video )

Feb. 4th, 2017 04:57 pm
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[ This isn't any different from the council meetings she's had with the other progenitors back in her world, it's simply... smaller. Much smaller.

Krul stares into the device that she has propped up against something, chin resting on the back of her hand with elbows on the table. Eyes of crimson blink slowly and she lifts a hand to tuck a couple of bright pink strands of hair behind a pointed ear; her expression seems almost bored. It's when she drops her chin into the palm of her hand that she smiles for a moment then, deciding to ask what's been on her mind. ]

Those of you who consume blood... [ There's a glance off to the side for a moment. ] ...how do you find it to be here? This... artificial blood?

[ Her expression changes even as she says the words ARTIFICIAL BLOOD, finding the sheer thought alone of having to consume anything man-made as disgusting but somehow not all that surprised that such a thing exists. Humans tamper with everything after all, don't they? ]

Those of you who don't... [ She smiles then, ever-so-sweetly with just a touch of something sinister behind it. ] ...would you ever donate your blood to someone in need?

[ Donate how? Well, heroes are often ones to help those in need, aren't they? So the how shouldn't really matter one way or another, right? ]
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Hey, guys! I know some of you are still in recovery mode right now after all that craziness, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet, but I have a very serious poll for everybody who has a second.

[Ruby gives a pretty good impression of someone who's in the mood to smile brightly for the internet!]

So! If you had a few days off--from work, from hero stuff, from your criminal enterprise, whatever--and you were looking for a place outside the big city to just relax and forget it all for a bit, which Porter town would you rather do that nearest to? Like, which one has the nicest views and atmospheres and "quaint little villages" and stuff you'd love to spend a quiet weekend taking in, in its surrounding area?


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