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[ Adachi respects Dooku. He totally does! Probably not on the same level as he does Dojima, but he still has some respect for him. There are just some things, though -- some things that Dooku does that he has to mock him to hell and back for it. ]

[ Like, you know, the giant image of him up in the sky at the moment. ]

[ He's still snickering at it, even as the video starts, shaking his head in utter disbelief, before he finally turns toward the communicator and forks a thumb toward Dooku's visage up in the sky. ]

I knew his ego would get too big to contain eventually. Let's see if we can fix that!

[ The camera jostles around a bit before settling with Adachi out of the shot, and only the starry image of Dooku high above. It's a moment before Adachi's arms stretch into view... holding a pair of paper bunny ears. He holds them up so it looks like they're part of the image above, and it's very clear he came prepared for this express purpose. ]

Not enough? How about this?

[ The bunny ears go away, and a Cup of Noodles appears, the striped pattern on the cup drawn on to make it look like a crown. Up it goes, on starry Dooku's head, a crown fit for a: ]

Noodle King!

[ He's got a bunch of these; this could go on for awhile... ]


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