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[And here is Max, bright red and looking extremely sheepish.]

Uh, so... how do you make it up to the neighbors for a noise complaint? I had some friends, and my girlfriend, come over and it got pretty loud. I mean, I'm not going to do it again, but I still feel really badly. Does anyone have any ideas?

[Chloe, John, and the Doctor are terrible influences, film at 11.]

I usually play music at home, but I haven't had anyone else here with me, and things sort of got out of hand.

[Understatement of the decade.]
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G'day g'day, this is Sarissa Theron, local hero and devastatingly good looking rural.

( She seems in a better mood than last time she posted, and better form - and sure, she is, but it's also Sarissa trying very very ahrd to be Okay, and definitely not actually being Okay. Still, there's a healthy flush to her cheeks, and unlike last time she's got a smear of mud on her cheek and is looking like she's been working outside. Wherever she is, she's definitely in a field, and there's a shed nearby. )

I know, two posts from me, in one month? Overkill, definitely. But this is so important. Or, should I say,

( and she grins, brightly, before turning the camera... ) sow important?

( Yes, viewers. In-frame is a very large sow, pink with black patches. Around her are nine little piglets, varied from all pink to speckled to covered in patches, and one that is totally black. )

I just rescued these guys from a bit of a situation. Got them a special shed and I just finished the fences on the fields a couple days ago, so good timing, but I gotta head back into town to pick up some more supplies and that. If anyone has any fruit and veggies or pig feed or straw or - I mean, anything that you wanna donate to the rescue pig extravaganza, lemme know.

( A thumbs up; she is so excited. Pigs!!! ) And I need help coming up with names, because they can't all be Hamlet or Francis Bacon.
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[A brief but official Public Service Announcement, from your local brand-new Autopsy Technician.]

Whoever's been calling the morgue asking to buy bodies? We legally can't sell them to you, and it's getting really annoying and creepy, so just stop.

... Please.
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[ The video starts with Kaneki sitting on an old couch, in a place that looks like an old warehouse. There are old kitchen appliances there as well, some seem to be in good shape, but most are broken and battered. He is also holding on to a file of sort, which he will be reading as he speaks ]

Last month we had a black-out and following that, someone released hundreds of criminals. Like it was mentioned before, someone heard German being spoken and Russian technology was found on the scene. Some of us decided to go after a couple of clues related to all of that, and that lead us to Liechtenstein. In Europe, yes, a Russian allied country and they speak German there. [ This was the first time he went to Europe, actually, and it was on a spy mission. There is something to say about that ]

We found a couple of things, which I believe you’d be interested in. [ he finally starts flipping through the pages of the folder he has in his hands ] The place we broke in was a laboratory and we found many references to the American technological company DARPA - known for the creation of the imPocreats that had attacked Philadelphia some months ago. The employees they referenced in these files, including those who helped creating imPocreat technology, either quit prior to the Philadelphia attacks or were fired after the fact and none of them work for DARPA. [ he looks back at the camera ] In fact, we found a few imPocreats submerged in tanks. They were experimenting on them in many different and kind of grotesque ways, but we aren’t sure what they were trying to do since there was no documentation. [ no way he is telling the network they actually stole one of those things. That’s something for later on. He is quick to go back to the file to continue reading it. ]

They also had documentation on Tony Stark's metahumans . It was mostly information that the public already knows, but it seems they have been experimenting on DNA with special interest in the idea of a metahuman gene. Along with this, we also found documentation on imPort powers, specifically what we have shown to the public before.

Finally, the foreign technology the laboratory was working on appeared to be Russian in nature. They have advanced and futuristic EMPs and Electronic Disruptors, and plans and prototypes for invisibility aeroplanes that appear to be able to achieve fuel efficiency for around-the-world journeys. [ Kaneki puts down the file and leans back in his seat, while one of his gloved hands reaches for the eyepatch covering the left eye and adjusts it ]

That's all. But if you have any questions, I can try answering. The USA government knows all of this, since we shared this information with them.

[ Note: Some sort of catch-up if you will! Misfire plot, which was followed by a Blackout and Prison break. The Prison break was investigated ICly by other characters and their findings can be found here. The mission Kaneki is talking about happened in private, but I’ve written everything down about how it all begun and what happened during it. The ImPocreat parts they stole are NOT available YET and no one but the members of this mission knows about it; this will be for a future plot, but for now it’s hidden. ]


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