Feb. 27th, 2017


Feb. 27th, 2017 06:16 am
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Just a few brief questions before I send you all on your merry way.

[Brief questions? Is anything ever brief with Loki? Well he does sound a bit pressed and he has opted for audio as opposed to video and text so he might truly be a mischief maker of his word.]

Question one, do you own a weapon? If you answered yes feel free to move on to question two, if not then continue to question number three if it pleases you.

[Wait, there's a list? A list and a pregnant pause.]

And by weapon let us define it thusly: an armament used to inflict damage to structures, systems, living creatures. An object you might use in battle, hunting, crime, enforcing the law, etcetera. [Does he have to spell it out? Yes he does.]

Two. Do you have a name for your weapon? If you do feel free to share that information, I'm quite curious. If you do not I feel sorry for your weapon, if you are too shy to confess your embarrassing little secret then allow me to put you at ease: my ancestreal sword is called Laeveteinn. Now you may come out of your shell and reveal your true nerd colors or what have you, you've the agency and support.

[Though anyone who knows their Norse knows that Loki's sword Laeveteinn translates pitifully into "damage twig."]

Three. Are there mythological and/or famous weapons in the world where you come from? Again, feel free to share.

[You are in a safe space, marginally, but what exactly are you driving at, Loki?]

Oh, and finally, but entierly unrelated: is sleep really for the weak?


Feb. 27th, 2017 09:00 pm
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[For once, Sadie the unofficial imPort Drunk is actually addressing the network from inside a bar. It seems to be a nice one, though, classily designed with bartenders in snappy vests and a polished bar. A sign hanging on the wall in the background welcomes imPorts.]

Darlings, in my tipsy travels across our wonderful host cities, I found the loveliest bar that I thought all of you should know about right away! Not only do they offer special deals for imPorts, they've even named some of the drinks after us! Look!

[Sadie holds the cocktail menu up to the camera, though it may be difficult to read. That's fine, Sadie is going to list some of them for you anyway.]

The Raging Bull is a powerful drink, with four types of liquor in it. Oh! And there's the Saitama Spectacular, it comes on the rocks only the ice is really an egg, which is a strange kind of garnish if you ask me. I also enjoyed the Red Rusty, which I believe is similar to Bloody Mary but with gin. And then there's the newest addition to the menu, the Taako Supreme. Isn't that clever? I do see what they did there! And then, of course, there's simply The Sadie.

Oh, there are simply too many. Here's a list! [To this network entry, she appends a link to the bar's website, which lists the many imPort themed drinks offered by the fine establishment.] Do come by and visit, and we can drink each other and to each other!

[ooc note; feel free to assume/make up your own character-themed drink on the menu, this is for sheer silliness and nothing more.]


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